The Sing Sandwich panel is a true revolution in the building materials industry and may be the most significant technological breakthrough in the last Century.

No other building material is so versatile with attributes that carry over into your product creation enabling you to build anything lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

Stop being limited by statistics represented by outdated building materials… Build anything… and bring your dreams to life with Sing Sandwich panels – On Sale Now.  The applications are virtually unlimited!

You Can Create Anything in Any Size with Sing Sandwich Panels is Easy as A, B, C

A. Add your own skin

Using Sing Sandwich as substrate you can cold-press nearly any flat exterior surface material to achieve your specifications in both appearance and performance while maintaining high strength and lightweight characteristics.

B. Band the edges

The Sing Sandwich has open edges so that the Sing Core material and wood torsion box material is exposed to the naked eye. Simple edge-banding is easy and hides the exposed patented core and take on the appearance of solid wood (or material of choice).

C. Combine for any size

Instead of ordering expensive large sandwich panels, you can combine several standard-sized (4×8) Sing Sandwich Panels, joining them yourself to create any size desired and saving you the added expense of custom manufactured oversized panels.

D. Designs come to life

With the increased versatility of Sing Sandwich panel’s ability to take on any characteristics that you desire, by simply covering, edge-banding and assembling to make any size required, you have unlimited options to truly create anything you want.

Here are some photos of what people are making with Sing Sandwich panels… What will you do?

Only Sing Core’s Sandwich Panel can make all your dreams come to life*. See Applications for more ideas.

* = Especially designs that would have been limited due to the heavy weight or weakness of previously available building materials.