These hinged doors are located in the most dynamic and forward-thinking auction house in the world with annual sales of over $1.3 Billion.

Also known as Jib Doors, these hidden or invisible doors have to be perfectly straight to blend into the wall. Thanks to Sing Core’s inherit characteristics, these doors are lightweight, very strong and backed by the industry’s only 50 year warp-free warranty.

As you can see the hardware is flush and barely visible to the eye. This is thanks to Harmon Hinges.


The Wilmette Hardware Harmon Hinge allows an architect, millworker or designer to create a clean pocketed opening in his millwork plan. This hinge is also referred to as a pocketed pivot hinge. When the door is in the open position, it is contained in a pocketed section of the millwork creating a concealed panel. In both the open and closed position, no hinge ‘barrel’ projects further than the face of the door.



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