Not strangers to supporting the greater artists’ community with lightweight, high strength Sing Panels for use as art canvases of a rather large size, Sing Core was called upon by the designers of the Rumney Guggenheim Gallery in Brooklyn, New York to overcome some of the challenges due to weight and size ratios throughout the renovation of the former Williamsburg Bank building located at 834 Driggs Avenue.

Rumney Guggenheim Gallery Williamsburgh Savings Bank

The race was on for Santiago Rumney Guggenheim (great-grandson of legendary arts patron Peggy Guggenheim) to rehab the former bank building built in 1875, transforming it into a luxurious gallery to showcase exclusive works of art in Brooklyn by the October 8, 2015 opening night debut.

Sing Core was honored to solve the architectural problems associated with size vs. weight and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

The Little House Moral Turgeman Rumney Guggenheim October 8 2015

Amongst the art that was introduced on opening night, we were quite impressed with The Little House exhibit by Moral Turgeman, a 20 x 24 piece of work that takes our tiny house concept to a whole new level, leaving art enthusiasts breathless at the mirrored surfaces and offering a unique experience for attendees to explore Turgeman’s visionary interpretation from the inside out.

Olivia Steele Heart Core Rumney Guggenheim Gallery Brooklyn New York

Inventor Peter Sing is a fan of neon lights; and it was an honor to see Olivia Steele’s neon art in full regalia on Rumney Guggenheim’s menu opening night. As a matter of fact once piece by Olivia Steele was nearly a tribute to Sing’s Sing Core entitiled, “Heart Core.”

Transforming the Space

Empty Williamsburg Bank building pre Rumney Guggenheim Gallery transformation

To make Guggenheim’s dream of having an elegant place to bring works of art to New York, he had to re-create the wide open pallet of the bank building into an almost liquid piece of art itself.

The answer to having space that could change shape and form on-demand included Sing’s lightweight Museum Panels that can be moved, connected and slide-mounted. Using Sing’s cam-lock assembly method, panels can be linked together to make any size wall, and due to the light weight and high strength, an enormous space, like Guggenheim’s gallery, can be completely designed and redesigned on-the-fly with very little labor involved.

You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be Guggenheim Gallery Olivia Steele

Every Sing Museum Panel in the Guggenheim Gallery served up art on its walls like a silver platter.

Showcasing the art on inventor Peter Sing’s works of art was the perfect solution for architect Rita Eng AIA of David Scott Parker Architects who was in charge of the former bank building’s metamorphosis into the evolving art gallery.

Sing’s museum panels are built to last for centuries, are the strongest, lightweight and eco-friendly wall panels ever invented; only Sing’s panels are non-warping and can be guaranteed true flat for 50 years, which is by far the best warranty.