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Hangar Doors

Aluminum-honeycomb-panel-applications-aerospace-aircraft-nasa-boeingSing Core makes the best most high performance airplane hangar doors for all types of aircraft. The unique application calls for the doors on your airplane hangar to be impervious to weather conditions requiring high-strength. Our experience with high-end aerospace clientele indicate that they also seek us out for lightweight hangar doors that will not warp, bend or twist.

Thanks to patented Sing Core in the heart of our hangar doors, we are able to deliver the only Eco-friendly insulated lightweight high-strength airplane hangar slide doors that will not fail over time.

Sing airplane hangar doors weigh a fraction of the weight of other aircraft hangar doors yet are stronger than steel pound for pound yielding increased durability and can be certified to not fail for 50 years. That’s why we work with the top aerospace companies, like NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa and the branches of the United States military to solve their issues of large exterior sliding doors as well as any industrial door.

sing-core-aerospace-lightweight-high-strength-true-flat-eco-friendlyWhether you need high performance hangar doors for your personal airplane hangar, helicopter or any other type of aircraft hangar, Sing hangar doors are warranted to be the best high performance aircraft hangar doors in terms of lightweight and high strength, reducing wear and tear on the airplane hangar, installation and maintenance costs over time.

Sing lightweight hangar doors can also be installed using less manpower, equipment costs and in less time than other aircraft hangar doors.

All Sing Airport Hangar Doors are fully insulated for temperature control, sound deadening qualities and come in a variety of options to meet your security and design specifications.

Sing Lightweight Aluminum Hangar Doors

sing-core-used-in-aerospace-international-aircraft-lightweight-high-strength-tru-flatSing Lightweight Fiberglass Hangar Doors

Sing Lightweight Steel Hangar Doors

Sing Telescoping Sliding Hangar Doors

Sing Sloping Hangar Doors (single slope or double slopes)

Sing Hangar Doors are used for protection from extreme weather and the elements, maintenance, repair, manufacture, assembly and storage of aircraft on airfields, aircraft carriers and ships and large factory buildings.