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Sing Core in the Summer: How Does Sing Core Hold Up to the Heat?

Summer is a season that brings fun and adventure, as well as extreme weather and heat. While many people are out basking in the sun, few rarely consider the effect that it has on their home. The intense heat and increased sun exposure can be a nightmare for structures, particularly doors. Increased heat can cause doors to warp and increased sun exposure leads to peeling and separation of layers.

With a Sing Core door, however, these worries become a thing of the past. Unlike the other options, Sing Core doors will never warp, bend, or become otherwise deformed. Temperature and moisture fluctuations are often what causes this warping, but due to our patented honeycomb core, all Sing Core panels are completely safe from warping. In addition, other doors may peel or delaminate in the heat due to poor quality adhesives used during their application. Sing Core uses high grade industrial adhesives for our panels, so you can be certain our doors will not start to separate in the heat.

It is also important to consider the heat inside your house, not just outside of it. Climate control is an important aspect to comfort and, in some areas, safety. Being able to accurately adjust the temperature inside your home is crucial to healthy and comfortable living. Unfortunately, most doors simply are not made with this in mind. They are either hollow or filled with poor quality materials, meaning they do not properly insulate your home. This means that when you cool your home, a large portion of the cool air will flow outside, wasting energy and lowering the effectiveness of your air conditioning. Proper insulation is essential to a quality climate control system for this reason. The honeycomb core inside every Sing Core panel consists of hardwood and high quality insulation, providing a much more effective barrier for your home and keeping your controlled climate inside and the hot air outside.

Another benefit of Sing Core panels during the summer heat is how easy they are to transport and install due to their lightweight nature. While this may be a more minor, short term benefit, it is still significant in those processes. A Sing Core door weighs a fraction of the other doors on the market, and yet doesn’t sacrifice any strength in order to do so. This makes transportation less costly and easier, and installing can be done far less difficult and taxing.

Summer is many people’s favorite season, and understandably so. It can quickly become an issue, though, if your home or office isn’t built to handle it. If your client lives in a region where summers get incredibly hot or humid, they are at an even greater risk of door related problems in the heat. Consider using Sing Core for year-round quality doors, and for the only 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee on the market. We look forward to hearing from you!