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November 22nd 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!


Another beautiful door from our happy customer.

Patented and patent-pending Sing Core guarantees non-warping for 50 years.



November 18th 2022

Winter is here.

Sing Core sliding doors will keep your room warm. If you need factory doors, barn doors, or garage doors, Sing Core has you covered.

No overhead garage door can be as airtight as Sing Core. Guaranteed.

If you’re curious to see Peter Sing’s other earth-friendly inventions, click here and click here to see why.



November 10th 2022

Custom garage door from a top millwork company on the East Coast.

Sing Core sliding doors will keep your room warm. If you need factory doors, barn doors, or garage doors, Sing Core has you covered.

You cannot buy such a lightweight, high-strength, non-warp, and fully insulated door like this from regular garage door dealer.
The only patented door technology that offers a 50 year guarantee.



November 3rd 2022

Check out these beautiful doors from another happy customer.

Sing Core is the only door company to offer a 50 year warp-free guarantee for any size door.

If you like what you see, share it with a friend!



October 27th 2022

This photo is fresh from one of our happy clients. There is beauty in simplicity.
Sing Core can do that for you.

We are the most innovative door core company in the world.



October 21st 2022

Sing Core has developed a new method for creating raised panel doors that is as fast as 1-2-3.

Any size, guaranteed non-warp

From Sing Core panel to raised panel door or stile and rail door in less than two minutes. Reduce your labor costs, increase your production, and build the best door.

If you would like to know our secrets, send us a message.



October 14th 2022

Take a look at this masterpiece crafted by one of our clients. No, it isn’t a glass door, but mirrors secured to our patented substrate.

If you look closely at the gap between the doors, you can see it is perfectly even from top to bottom.
Glass is heavy but Sing Core substrate is very strong yet lightweight making the two the perfect combination.



October 5th 2022

Sing Core’s innovative team has created the quickest and easiest method to build an outstanding stile and rail door.

We guarantee you have never seen any door technology like this invention before.

Click here to learn more about our innovation.



September 23rd 2022

Sing Core produces the best high strength and high precision non-warp substrate so that you can build the best large sliding doors in the world.

If you can design it, Sing Core can create it!
Click here to learn more.



September 1st 2022

At Sing Core, we pride ourselves on being able to produce the most stable, lightweight, and precise substrate for oversized doors.

Our technologies are always evolving and adapting to help millworkers and door manufacturers produce the most highly rated high-end doors. Click here to read more.


Sing Core is the most innovative door substrate manufacturer, supporting door manufacturers and millwork companies to build the high-end large door for most unique homes in the world. We work with architects, millworks, door manufacturers, and general contractors only.
We do not service retail door companies.



August 2022

These doors were impossible to keep straight, now they have a 50-year warp-free guarantee. Click here to see for yourself how the impossible was made possible by reimagining these doors with Sing Core inside.

See why Sing Core is trusted to do the heavy lifting on the most challenging jobs, backed by many patented and patent-pending technologies.



July 2022

The best Sing Core applications:
We supply millwork and door companies with the best substrate to build oversized high-end doors.

Click the video see beautiful architectural doors using Sing Core’s Substrate.

Check out this video about some of our many Sing Core applications and other revolutionary inventions.

Click to see our Sing Core applications and other revolutionary inventions.



May 2022

As the new door season kicks off, check out the current trends at Sing Core.

Plus see latest trends such as horizontal grooved doors, curved doors, CNC carved doors, and more…



April 2022

Ever want to build a large stile and rail door that will not fail?

We are always helping our clients build the best doors in the world, now introducing fail-free stile and rails with our new patented stile and rail core.
Put this powerful door tech to work for you and imagine the possibilities.
See our new patented and patent-pending stile and rail door technologies.



March 2022

We are looking for people to add to our Best Tiny House Team.
This may be a perfect opportunity for you or someone you know who loves tiny houses as much as we do.

Interested? Click here.
Let’s talk about how we can help each other make the world a better place one tiny house at a time.



February 2022

These doors were impossible to keep straight, now they have a 50-year warp-free guarantee. Click here to see for yourself how the impossible was made possible by reimagining these doors with Sing Core inside.

See why Sing Core is trusted to do the heavy lifting on the most challenging jobs, backed by many patented and patent-pending solutions.



January 2022

This Sing Core beautiful stile and rail designed door has been standing for well over 10 years exposed to the weather.

There has been no warping or delamination. You can use our methods to triple your production without increasing labor costs.

Click here for more information on our stile and rail doors.



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Sing Core Update

We produce patented and patent-pending door blanks for high end door manufacturers and mill works in the industry.
Sing Core door blanks are most popularly used for large sliding doors, pocket doors, pivot doors, hinge doors, and carriage doors. Most commonly we create door blanks for doors that are 8 ft. to 20 ft. tall, and range from 4 ft. to 25 ft. wide.

On average, how much do Sing Core panels weigh?
approximately 2-3 lbs. per square foot. If you double the thickness, you quadruple the strength while increasing the weight by only 5-10%.

How straight is a Sing Core panel really?
We guarantee the same or better than the AWI standard. We are always able to achieve the most dimensionally stable reinforced insulated panel than any other door core. This includes very large and thin doors which pose the most challenge to remain straight. Only our patented and patent-pending technology is able to achieve this. If other door manufacturers are unable to guarantee your doors, please contact us. We will be able to ensure your doors will be straight before we even produce it for you. We are the most experienced non-warp, high strength, and lightweight door panel manufacturer in the world.

What kind of skins do you offer?
The most popular skins we offer include veneer, wood stave, metal, MDF/paintgrade, or marine plywood for exterior applications.

What type of style or design door can you make with Sing Core?
You can add trim or moulding to create a design or can use a CNC machine to carve any design you can imagine, from classic 6 panel styles to complex artistic designs with or without light openings. The possible designs are endless, but Sing Core creates the strongest lightweight and non-warping door panels in the industry. Every door comes guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing.

What type of home uses Sing Core door panels?
Our door panels are used in a wide variety of applications, but most commonly in high-end luxury homes; homes over 8 million dollars for our extremely large door panels.

What type of trade professionals does Sing Core service?
Architects for luxury homes, high-end millworks, nationwide high-end door manufacturers, and general contractors with access to a millwork. We do not sell our products to home owners.

What’s new besides providing the best large door blanks?
We are starting to build standard sized unfinished door blanks for door manufacturers for them to build affordable high-end stile and rail doors. We have been producing MDF skinned paintgrade door blanks in large quantities. Our production line is capable of building hundreds of standard door blanks per day. If interested, send us a schedule of the doors for your project and we will be able to make your door panels at an affordable price; including your large doors. We don’t and are not capable to build doors, we just supply the most straight, non-warping, high strength, lightweight door panel for door manufacturers or millworks to build the highest quality doors at an affordable price.

Who does Sing Core sell their products to?
Most Sing Core door panels are sold because they are specified by high-end architects while designing their multi-million dollar projects or by top millwork companies building high-end doors for very demanding luxury homes.  Luxury homes often require large doors for various applications in the home; Sing Core large door panels could be used for sliding doors, pocket doors, or pivot doors that need high precision, high-strength, lightweight, and non-warping door cores.

A millwork company that has been using our patented door technology for over 10 years told us, ‘We have not had any issues with our doors since switching to Sing Core.’  Before, even if they are the top door company in the USA, oftentimes they would face recalls which is their worst nightmare.  With our Sing Core innovations and revolutionary technology, we can offer the only 50 year guarantee in the door industry.  They love our 50 year guarantee, as most manufacturers in the industry only offer 1 year guarantee or no guarantee at all.  Call us if you would like to have that peace of mind.  We provide the best door panels and peace of mind in the high-end large door industry.

We also work with general contractors to provide Sing Core unfinished door panels to their designated millwork to properly finish their doors.

We do not sell finished doors.  We do not sell our door panels or substrates to people outside of the building industry’s door designers and manufacturers.  We do not sell to homeowners or door distributors.

Architects Love Sing Core
Architects spec Sing Core in their huge doors because they trust Sing Core to provide the high-precision, lightweight and dimensional stability, which makes them look good when it comes to these oversized egress points, building credibility with their clients. They know there is no known door construction method that can accomplish such a feat.

Let us know if you are interested to learn how to build any style or design of door with Sing Core panels using a CNC machine subcontractor. You can find CNC subcontractors by searching the internet with phrases like “CNC wood co-op” or “CNC wood shop for rent.” You can find CNC shops to be rented if you are or know a CNC operator. See picture of possible doors you could build by using other wood working machines and talents.

Besides very large doors, standard doors in large quantity, Sing Core technology proves to be useful for all different industries. Click here to see the endless applications of patented and patent pending Sing Core.

High-end doors are often sold for tens of thousands of dollars and should last a lifetime. Door companies usually do not offer any guarantees for doors over 10 ft., the most they offer could be 1 year only. Sing Core will provide a written guarantee for 50 years. This is why Sing Core is recommended by our fellow door manufacturers to use our products. Let your friends and associates know that we are ready to service your needs if you are looking for peace of mind for any large door project you may have.

Sing Core is the best lightweight, high strength, non-warping material. Our product uses our patented and patent-pending technology to solve the issues associated with high-end large doors; not only in the US but in the worldwide – especially Europe. Often times, when a customer is building a $10 million and up house and use other door technologies, they tend to warp over time. This same customer then comes to Sing Core to solve their problems. No one else can create a door like this that can remain straight, and we guarantee it for 50 years.

When talking to a door company you have to ask questions like, “What is your guarantee against warping?” or “How long is your guarantee?”

Warping is the biggest issue in large doors besides weight issues or insufficient strength.

Often times you find out that the other doors companies do not offer guarantees for doors over 10 ft. and sometimes they have an issue guaranteeing doors that are less than 10 ft. The best guarantee they may offer is for only one year.

Lets say you have a $15-25 million dollar home and the doors are only guaranteed for one year. If you have problems with them and call the company after one year they will tell you that you no longer have any guarantee.

Do you want to deal with that kind of door or do you want to rest easy with Sing Core?

We guarantee our doors for 50 years. If the door does not last 50 years, then why would you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for doors that aren’t reliable?

Sing Core has a deal with most high-end door companies in the US.

Our performance shows. We haven’t had a single door fail.

When a door fails, everyone panics; from the architect to the millwork to the general contractor and especially the high-end clientele. ‘It’s not just about the money, but the reputation.’

At Sing Core, we keep your reputation. No body else in the world can the issues with large doors.

You are a high-end professional, you do not want people to call you and complain that their doors have failed. We know how you can panic if a high-end customer complains. We can help you sleep better by avoiding the trouble a head of time.

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Hot Press Veneer Professionals

Hot Press Veneer Professionals are More Successful and Profitable with Sing Core

For years, Sing Core has been providing high-end local and nationwide hot press veneer professionals with premium core material that eliminates the need for crossbanding.

Let’s face it, nothing can compete with the beauty and elegance of a perfectly hot-pressed panel, and for that sweet-spot in the marketplace, those clients that demand the best and are willing to pay for it. The manufacturers and millworks that have Sing Core inside their hot-pressed products are making bank by specializing in these ultra-high-end projects.

For general contractors, we recommend using your local millwork to lay veneer, as it requires a skilled professional.

From the Inventor of Sing Core

Sing Core Inventor Peter Sing

Sing Core Inventor Peter Sing

I get asked by hot press veneer shops, if we are in competition with them? And the answer is, “No.” Even though we are specified by architects all over the country in large veneer projects, and mostly in huge veneer doors, we do not do the veneer. What we do is to provide our substrate to the best hot press veneer professionals we know. If a contractor contacts us first because we were spec’d on the job, we have him tell us which veneer company he wants us to work with, and my team is willing to help match up the best material and veneer services if they ask us for their advice, and that’s what we do.

I have invented patented and patent-pending solutions for high precision veneer projects that take the pain out of the challenges normally associated with big, long-spanning high-end jobs, anywhere from the San Francisco MOMA to the top of the World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower.

The top reasons the architects specify Sing Core is because

  1. We use only the best hot-press veneer companies to apply the best veneers, because I understand that doing veneering really great is an art, and we suggest only using the best artist, as you would on any important project.
  2. My company does what we do best, that is to provide the best substrate for veneer specialists to lay high quality veneer with the best guarantees in the woodworking industry.
  3. The people and companies that I work with are the best in their field and they don’t have to worry anymore about if this will work or how to solve problems associated with weight, dimensional stability, warping, or long lifespan. We’ve spent years in R&D to make sure that the biggest doors in the world do not have to warp anymore, and the biggest door companies trust me to make it so. In the last 10 years, they have not reported a single failed door, even including doors of immense size. Not one.
  4. My core is stronger than steel pound for pound and less than 1/3 the weight of doors made of solid wood core. Sing Core provides a high precision strong full bonding surface for veneering to that is so smooth crossbanding is not required. How high precision? Try +/- .oo6 inch, compare that to any other core material.
  5. Sing Core has insulation for enjoying warmth in Winter and cool Summers, is sound deadening for peace and quiet, and more dimensionally stable than other type of core such as foam core, honeycomb core, wood-based core.

You may not see everything we do because it is hidden deep inside the door or panel, but it’s there and many people can sleep soundly at night knowing that we have done all the hard work in advance, so that you don’t have to worry about endless maintenance calls.

I am so proud of my invention, that I put my name on it: Sing Core

~ Peter Sing

What makes a hot-pressed panel worth so much more with Sing Core inside?

Architects are increasingly specifying their large high-end hot pressed veneer panelized walls, features, and doors have Sing Core inside (accounting for about one-third of all our products which are sent to the greater New York-area). The contractors generally contact Sing Core directly first, due to being specified. Though Sing Core does not actually do the veneering. Sing Core provides the high precision substrate that is shipped 3,000 miles from the manufacturing location in Washington State, to the high end millwork in New York (or wherever the nearest hot press specialist is near the construction site) to do the veneering there.

You will find Sing Core inside high-end hot pressed veneered ceilings, walls, floor, and doors in the most demanding architectural designs and projects.


Why must architects and designers go through such an unusual process to meet the needs of these high production and precision projects? According to those who are specifying and using Sing Core in their projects,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

Large Size Concept Consideration

In an age when the biggest projects often include large spanning surface areas wrapped in beautiful wood veneer, the large scope of such a project is problematic. You are dealing with immense spans of material which is difficult to maintain straight and true, because at that size, most material will begin to move with changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental variations. Sing Core is the only known method of keeping these spans straight and true. That is why the biggest door companies use Sing Core inside their doors that are over 9 ft. tall, because it doesn’t take much movement in a large door to render it inoperable. Then you do not have a door, you have an obstacle, or a bowed wall that needs to be dealt with. This leads to Sing Core’s primary function in these huge projects,

Warp-Free Hot Pressed Veneer

Particularly in high-end designs featuring the beauty of hot pressed veneer, the last thing you want is your project to express variances or changes. The desire is to have a completely flat surface that can span great length without warping. This is what Sing Core provides. It is the reason large doors (even extremely large doors) are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, because they have Sing Core inside.

Highest Precision

High precision is a sought-after attribute of some of the most demanding clients, and Sing Core’s high precision (+/- .006 tolerance) gives them the high end performance that your clients are willing to pay extra for.

Lightweight Veneer Panels

Hot pressed veneer panels with Sing Core inside weigh less, not much more than a hollow core panel, but feature a fully insulated warp-free solid hybrid core that is 100% surface-area bondable.  We do not provide hardware or veneering.  If asked to lay veneer, we subcontract out to the best veneering professionals.

100% Surface Bondable

That means, no weak spots like you might see in honeycomb-type cores, which offer only 10% or less surface bonding area. This full-bonded surface area inside the panel eliminates delamination over time.

Fully Insulated Veneer Panels

The insulation value is important in high-end hot pressed veneer applications for both climate control and sound deadening capabilities within expansive structure designs.

Less Expensive to Deploy and Install

Keeping these hot pressed veneer panels lightweight translates to less expensive shipping, handling, and hardware. They are easier to and less expensive to transport, manage and install on site with fewer risk of injuries, even if the panel is exceptionally large.



50-Year Guarantee

The non-warping hybrid core allows large door companies to build large doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail, including delamination.

We Do Not Veneer

We always recommend using your local veneering professionals for custom veneer doors. We do not provide veneer or install it.  It is our policy to subcontract veneering jobs to the best veneering professionals in the USA.

If you offer hot-pressed veneer services or cold-press veneering to your clientele, your highest paying customers will gladly pay you more if your panels have Sing Core inside.

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Wholesale White Oak And Walnut Exterior Door

Wholesale White Oak Exterior Door With Walnut Inlay

The surplus exterior door has 1/8″ hardwood covering both sides and is comprised of patented Sing Core lightweight core. Having Sing Core inside means that this door is dimensionally stable and crafted with the highest precision. Sing Core inside keeps weight down while preventing warping and is backed by the same 50 year guarantee! Pictured is the White Oak skin with Walnut inlays. Measures a whopping 48″ x 88″ x 2.25″! This door sells for over $6,000, but you can get one today for only $1,900 if you act now. This door only comes in one size at this time, but can be trimmed up to 2″ on each side.

The Only 50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

We work with patented Sing Core to bring you an Eco-friendly exterior door that can be easily installed, that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening capabilities. And the best part? Your standard exterior door is fully guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Includes unfinished door slab only.

Scroll down for more information.

*see below for lead time and rush information


What is included in your order:

Purchase includes the unfinished door slab.




This door slab can be used with pivoting hardware, hinging hardware, or even sliding hardware.

The door slab has a solid wood perimeter that can be trimmed up to 2″ on each side, allowing the door to be anywhere from 48″x 88″ to 44″x 84.”

Lead time


Surplus lead time is 2 weeks. Standard lead time is 6-10 weeks. Rush orders will be accepted and charged accordingly. For more information, click here.




You have the option to customize however you would like. If this is something you are interested in, please make a note in your estimate submission. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


Phone: (360) 495-3577



This section is to help in determining what options to choose for your very own Sing Core exterior door.

Choosing the right door size

There are two main measurements to know when choosing the best fit for your new door.


Rough Opening

The rough opening is the space in the bare wall before a frame and door are installed or replaced.


Frame size

The door frame size involves measuring the width of the bare wall before the door or frame is installed, leaving about 1/2″ extra for better fitment. You also need to consider how thick the frame itself need to be to support the door of your choice.

Choosing the perfect skin

Modern doors are available in a wide array of skin options. This exterior door is available in MDF or Wood, the species currently available is White Oak, White Oak with a Walnut inlay, or Hard Maple. See below for examples.

Rush Options

A link to the rush options page is in the Lead Time section above or can be found here. Rush Options

Shipping Information


Our doors are shipped freight. We work with many freight companies to get you the door you need. Shipping times will vary depending on where you are located.

Every order is shipped from our factory in McCleary, Washington.

Ready to order?

*sold to trade professionals only

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Over-Sized Cabinetry

Are you thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets or cabinet doors?

Well look no further! Sing Core can help you design and create the best new cabinet doors. Cabinet doors for framed cabinets must be larger than the cabinet opening to look right and close properly. Sing Core builds custom cabinet doors and is your source for cabinet door, cabinet doors, cabinet drawer box, cabinet drawer boxes, cabinet drawer front, cabinet drawer fronts. Whether you want to replace the cabinet doors or the whole cabinet, then we have you covered. You can choose what material you want for your oversize cabinet doors. We can craft your cabinets or cabinet doors from which ever material you may choose.

Usually, cabinets along with their doors consist of plywood and/or medium density fiberboard (MDF). The issue is, plywood is unstable and MDF weighs too much. In many online forums, cabinetmakers suggest alternatives, and that is where Sing Core comes in. Sing Core makes top-quality panels that are extremely lightweight without compromising strength. Our panels weight about a third of traditional materials. This being said, our cabinets or cabinet doors are among the lightest replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be purchased today. Some skin options include, but aren’t limited to, paint grade hard maple, red oak, cherry, birch, pine, etc… Skin options include more than just wood skins, one can opt for aluminum, steel, formica, HPL, MDF, and much much more. Choose the right skin that adds a graphic punch to your kitchen and bath cabinets! We offer decorative over-sized cabinets and doors. If you are looking to purchase cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your project, you came to the right place! We can build for the larger, wider cabinet doors, or for the standard sizes. No matter what your need is, we can help you remodel with confidence.

Purchase unfinished cabinet doors, cabinet door, custom wood, maple wood cabinet door. As is true of raised panel cabinet doors, slab doors can be constructed in many ways, and the construction methods used here at Sing Core are designed to save you time and money when finishing and installing your brand new cabinets or cabinet doors. For those who are interested in buying our cabinets or cabinet doors, you have come to the right place. You can get in contact with a salesperson by checking out our “pricing” page here, or you may have noticed the orange button on the top right-hand side of our web page. The pricing page will have you input your information about your project, but don’t worry, once you are connected with a salesperson we can customize your project however you want. Even if you are not interested in cabinets or cabinet doors, check out the other web pages we have. Sing Core specializes in over-sized hinge, pivot, sliding, or carriage doors. If you are in need over lightweight, strong, and non-warping panels, then look no further! Sing Core can provide any size panel you may need and can apply any skin you may choose! The possibilities are endless!

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Guaranteed Warp Free for 50 Years

The pride and joy of our SingCore brand is the fact that we are confident enough to offer an unmatched 50 year guarantee on all our professional level products.

Built to Last

SingCore uses a space age proprietary core design, inspired by the high tech construction techniques pioneered by the aerospace industry. Our core material is an exceptionally high strength combination sustainable wood, high density high insulation foam, aluminum, and love. Because of our precision construction practices and intricate production machinery, we are confident that our doors will be here to last.

We are so confident, in fact, that we offer the only 50 year guarantee in the industry. This warrantee applies to all our “professional” level products, which is the default level of construction for our doors, and other architectural panel products.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are confident in the perfect flat performance of doors over 4×8 feet. This includes exceptionally large doors, some exceeding 30′ in length. For SingCore, there is no door too big or too small. We are confident that no matter what we make, it will survive.

Exceptional in All Climates

From extreme cold, to extreme heat. Dry to damp. Or even extremely wind storm situations. Our SingCore panels will survive the test.

The unique qualities of our “honeycomb” construction methodology guarantee the structural stability of our panels in a wide variety of demanding applications. Our unfinished panels, where properly handled and installed, are set to last a lifetime:

  • Extreme temperature differentials
  • High wind load
  • Damp or marine environments
  • Very dry climates
  • Freezing temperatures

With proper design in combination with your expert door installation and finishing skills, our panels are able to go where most other fear to tread.

A History of Excellence

SingCore is a company with decades of combined experience in high end oversize doors including: pivot doors, sliding doors, carriage doors, pocket doors, hinge doors, man doors, and more. Our skills have been put to the test in many extreme door situations including:

Seattle AIA Center for Architecture and Design

aia seattle doors We are proud to have token part in the construction of extremely large pivot doors / moveable walls for the meeting space of the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design. These massive doors loom large in the center, and provide a functional centerpiece for the meeting space design. More info on our work with the Seattle CAD.

One World Trade Center, New York

Top floor of One World Trade Center has "Sing Core inside."A project built by some of the most renowned millworks in the country, our contribution to the construction of the One World Trade Center in New York was two pairs of 16′ tall pivot door panels for installation in the China Sky Center. These massive white oak pivot doors are trusted by our clients in New York to last in the high traffic commercial environment, as a center piece of the room design. Coming in at only 220 lbs each, these doors are amazingly light for their size. More info on our work with the One World Trade Center.

Let SingCore Back You Up

We here at SingCore are ready to hear about your next project. No door is too big or too small for our crack team of door panel experts. Contact us with your project details today!

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Tru Flat & Warp Free

At SingCore, our panels’ exacting level of straightness is our product’s defining quality. SingCore doors, oversize doors, and architectural panels will not warp under any circumstances (see our best in the industry warrantee for more information). When you need a perfectly flat panel, then you need SingCore in your project.

Straight as an Arrow

Our team of precision technicians employ top of the line technology to work to a 5 thousandths of an inch during the detailed construction process of our professional level door and architectural panels. This combination of space age aerospace technology and good old fashioned wood working prowess has birthed the flattest and truest panels in the industry.

One look along the length of a Sing panel is enough to prove to the experienced craftsman than SingCore is something special to work with.

An Industry Leading Tru Flat Guarantee

SingCore products are exceptional when used with tight tolerance applications such as hidden doors and pocket doors. Our precision manufacturing process leaves you with a product fit exactly for your needs, and our industry leading “Tru Flat” guarantee provides you with the confidence that your finished product will last for decades to come.

Here a SingCore, we are so confident in our product that we have taken the exceptional step of offering an unsurpassed 50-year warrantee on all our professional level products. This includes custom doors, including oversize doors 8′ and over. Even 30′ doors are supplied with this iron clad coverage. For us, there is no door too large.

SingCore Will Not Warp

The reason we can be so confident about our Sing panels is that we have the history and expertise to know that SingCore will not warp under any circumstances. And, if it does warp, then it will return to perfect straight with proper handling and acclimatization. SingCore has been proven to be likely to handle a wide range of extreme conditions including:

  • Very hot or cold climates
  • Exterior application in the Sun
  • Storm rated or hurricane doors
  • Heavy wind loads
  • Extreme dry or humid conditions
  • Naval or marine usages
  • High noise and high vibration
  • And so much more

Amazingly Flat

So often our clients wonder just how we are able to sell a product like SingCore. And, the secret is our manufacturing techniques. We spare no expense when it comes to having the right equipment for the job, and the right people to get the job done. Our small team of dedicated custom panel manufacturing experts have decades of experience and engineering prowess.

Your panels are amazingly flat.

 – SingCore Customer

How to Using SingCore in Your Next Project

All we need to know is the length, width, and thickness of the panels that you need for your project. And let our experts do the rest. The fastest way to get started with SingCore is to submit details of your project via our online estimating system, which ask you everything we need to know, and hook you up with a knowledgable sales person to help you choose the right panels for your project.

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High Strength

Exceptionally Strong Light Weight Curved Door Strength TestSingCore doors and panels are the pinnacle of strength. Our patented and patent pending technology combines techniques of the aerospace industry with high precision wood working methodologies. The result is a eco friendly panel that boasts strength greater than 600PSI, being stronger than steel pound for pound.

Forget Everything You Know About Doors

Our leading edge door panels put everything you know about oversize door panels to the test. Our torsion box technology allows us to build large door panels of almost any size, without any fear of door warpage or strength issues.

Your door panels are amazing strong yet light!

 – SingCore Customer

Panels made with SingCore inside have a strong sounding ring when struct with a hammer. To clients, they feel and act like a solid door, but still retain the sound proofing, thermal insulation, and easy to use qualities of a foam core door.

Stronger than Steel

Thanks to tests by engineers at the University of Washington, we are able to certify the structural integrity of our SingCore door panels to be greater than 600 PSI. Our patented core material his seen use in a variety of architectural specifications, including:

  • Oversize pivot doors
  • Oversize sliding doors
  • “Movable Wall” applications
  • Ceiling and wall panels
  • Bunches, tables, and office furniture
  • And more…

The high quality of our large door core material means our panels may see use in high demand situations, including:

  • Storm rated doors / hurricane doors
  • Hanger doors and other aerospace applications
  • Fire rated doors
  • Sound proof doors
  • Stone, steel, or other heavy weight door finishes

By weight, our panels are some of the strongest on the market, which is why they have a clear advantage over everything else out there.

Factory Slider Strong Strength Test

So Stiff It Makes You Sing!

The perfect straightness of our panels is almost guaranteed in many situations. This makes our Sing door panels suitable for use in places were typical doors would be over worked. Pivot doors are a great example of a potentially demanding situation where SingCore really shines.

Because of the exceptional strength of SingCore panels, the single pivot point provided by the two pivot hinges will not lead to a potential for warping or bending under load.

Swing doors with long spans work perfectly well with SingCore inside. Panel sag is not a problem when you upgrade to a SingCore door with your next project.

The key to our system is the inclusion of our proprietary stiffening technology, pressed inside our “honeycomb” core. These horizontal and vertical stiffeners are custom designed for your specific door size, weight, and application. Correct placement by our crack design team can mean the difference between a saggy door and a finish product that makes your clients sing!

How to Specify SingCore for Your Next Project

SingCore is easy to include in your next project. We work on a panel by panel basis. All we need is the finished length, width, and thickness of the door panel for your project. Then, we build a custom panel to directly meet your needs and strength requirements.


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Benefits of SingCore Doors and Panels

SingCore is a miraculous product with a wide range of applications and applicability. Because of the unique nature of our product, there is much to say about the best qualities of the material. Below or our top 7 reasons to buy SingCore for your next high end door, architectural, or spec project.

Light Weight

SingCore panels are amazingly light weight. At about 1/3rd the weight of a comparable wooden panel, you will be amazed how easy it is to hang and handle our panels. Build functional, durable, and incredibly large doors with readily available door hardware.

Read more about the lightness of SingCore doors and panels.


High Strength

Made of wood and foam, our patented SingCore material has been tested to be stronger than steel at over 600 PSI. Suitable for structural use and with a proven track record, SingCore may just be the most versatile door core and building material on the market.

Read more about the strength of SingCore doors and panels.


True Flat

Built by a team of specialized and talented craftsmen, SingCore panels are perfectly flat like no material you have seen before. Resistant to thermal and humidity based warping, you can count on our core to hold up in the most challenging architectural applications.

Read more about the flatness of SingCore doors and panels.


Guaranteed Warp Free for 50 Years

Here at SingCore, we stand by our product. With a rock solid commitment that remains unmatched in the industry, you can rest assured that our panels will remain structurally sound for the lifetime of the product. Especially when it comes to large and oversized doors, why take the risk when you can go with SingCore

Read more about our 50 year guarantee.


Insulated and Sound Proof

The extreme strength and lightness of our patented panel core comes from the optimum configuration of wooden “honeycomb” cells in the structure. Leaving plenty of room for high insulation value and sound deadening foam. Our panels are suitable for external use in high efficiency structures, use as exterior wall, and can be built to meet sound proofing specifications.

Read more about our insulated sound proof SingCore doors and panels.


SingCore’s one of a kind production techniques combine with modern material science to produce an environmentally friendly, low VOC, formaldehyde free product. Our panels are light on materials, and promote eco-friendly practices.

Read more about our eco-friendly SingCore doors and panels.


Made in the USA

SingCore is a proud American company. Headquartered and built locally in McCleary, Washington, we ship to millworks, and construction sites all across the country. From Seattle, to Florida; Beverly Hills to the World Trade Center in New York, our panels are becoming and American icon.

Read more about our All-American SingCore doors and panels.


SingCore, You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

SingCore is a once in a lifetime product that is working to change the face of the construction industry across the United States and across the world!

How can we help your product succeed? Contact SingCore today and receive a free “Tru Flat” consultation to see how our technology can give your next project that special something.