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Large Doors by Sing Core

We often mention how amazing Sing Core is for making large, or even massive doors. However, what kind of claim would that be if we couldn’t back it up with proof? In this article we will go over three amazing and massive doors that were made possible by Sing Core, as well as why Sing Core panels are the best, and often the only choice to make large doors possible.

Laserfiche Dual Sliding Doors

The first example of large doors we’ll cover is a set of two sliding doors made for the Laserfiche headquarters in California. The largest of these doors is 102 inches tall by 118 inches wide, or 8.5 feet tall by 9.8 feet wide. The designers and installation crew did an amazing job with these beautiful doors, especially given their unique case of closing off the corner of the room as opposed to a more traditional sliding door setup. You can read more about this project here.

University of Idaho Arena Door

Another recent project that yielded a massive and gorgeous door was this crowd control door for the Idaho Central Arena. This large door measures in at 89.5 inches tall and 120.5 inches wide, or approximately 7.5 feet tall by 10 feet wide. This door acts as both an access point and a traffic control mechanism. When closed, this door simply seals off an area, but by opening it and positioning it as desired, you can divert the massive crowds within the arena onto a new route. Due to its use in a high traffic area, it also needs to be more sturdy and durable than a traditional door, which was made easy with Sing Core. You can read more about this project here.

Giant Pink Door

Though we’ve shown this door off before, it simply can’t be left off of this list. It is a perfect example of a large custom door that simply would not have been possible without Sing Core. This door is 156 inches tall by 36 inches wide, or 13 feet tall by 3 feet wide. In addition to this door’s unique and massive size, it also needed one key feature of Sing Core panels: to be lightweight. This door, unlike most large doors, is mounted on hinges. Typically large doors use rollers or a pivot mechanism, however not this one. As such, it had to be incredibly lightweight for its size, as hinges are far more likely to bend, break, or otherwise develop problems if they are supporting a lot of weight. This door, like all Sing Core doors, is very light compared to traditional options, and yet sacrifices none of the strength.

There are many reasons why you may want to use Sing Core for your large doors, but ultimately what makes our product special is its superior strength, high quality, and low weight. In addition, our panels will never warp or bend, which large doors are especially prone to. Warping is a quick way to permanently ruin a door, but with Sing Core, you can rest easy knowing that it will never happen. In fact, we offer a 50 Year Warp-Free Guarantee as a testament to that fact.

Use Sing Core for your large custom doors, and witness the difference and ease as a result!

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Award Winning Project at the University of Idaho

Sing Core Provides Crowd Control Door

The University of Idaho recently had this beautiful crowd control pivot door installed which opens to access the arena and control foot traffic.

Idaho Central Arena

The Idaho Central Arena sees tens of thousands of people for numerous events, and features a basketball court, concert halls, and more. As such, the arena has heavy foot traffic during events, and was in need of a solution. With this crowd control door, they are able to keep an area closed off, then by opening the door instead divert crowds into the desired area. This large, high quality door needed to be lightweight, sturdy, and guaranteed to hold up to heavy traffic, and as such was designed with Sing Core.

What is a Crowd Control Door?

A crowd control door is one of the many functions of pivot doors. Aside from the usual open and close nature, crowd control doors are built to very precise specifications so that, when opened and positioned as intended, direct the flow of people away from one path and onto another. In this case, directing them into the area to watch the game.

Given the intense amount of traffic that crowd control doors see on a daily basis, they can’t ever crack, warp, or bend. If the do, they not only becomes non-functional, but they also become compromises in other essential areas, and lose their safety and traffic-diverting effects. That is why the University of Idaho went with Sing Core.

Proud to be a Part of the Project.

The University of Idaho used Sing Core for their door because we make strong, lightweight, and durable door and wall panels. We are proud to be a part of the arena project, and honored that they chose us to help bring this amazing building to life. The University and design team deserve the Structural Award they’ve received.

How Can You Get a Large Sing Core Door?

Sing Core specializes in making large custom doors possible, and we would love to help bring your project to life! You can learn more about our product on our website, and when you’re ready to get your perfect door started, click the orange pricing button at the top of our webpages.

We look forward to working with you to design another beautiful door!