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Exterior Door Skins

Looking for exterior doors? Some are known to be better than others. You might know what you want, but is that the right exterior door skins to use on a door which may present challenges not long after installation?

The exterior surface material of your door (referred to as “door skin”) is a huge decision to make. While you might absolutely be able to see a particular type of door in your mind’s eye, you may find the door you’ve set your sights on will offer you far more problems than aesthetic beauty. Definitely worth considering before you settle on your decision to select certain exterior door skins over others.

For instance, some flat building materials that you might like to use as exterior door skins may be sensitive to changes in the environment and may have a problem facing the elements or extreme weather conditions. The good news is, new external finishing products are emerging regularly to help protect underlying surface materials from moisture penetration. Galvanized metal skin would be good exterior skin for applications near saltwater, and it can be painted! FRP provides protection from moisture as well. Wood stave skin provides much more protection than veneer skins.

These new technologies can be helpful in protecting metals that might rust or natural woods which might soak up rain, like a sponge.


The world’s best millworks are fully up to speed on all these latest technologies which help to protect your exterior door objet d’art from the elements. This helps solve one-half of the dilemmas which face door engineers and technicians. Then, there is the other half: Door warp.

Pretty much, all doors warp to some degree, so the American Woodworking Institute has established a standard for doors, which basically says that any door which does not deflect over one-quarter inch over a seven-foot-span is straight. Any deflection over a quarter of an inch would be considered as “door warp.”

All doors, door jambs, and door hardware take this ¼” variance of “straightness” into account in the design of all the adjoining components.

That’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending Sing Core comes in.

With the advent of Sing Core’s warp-free door blanks, the top door manufacturers in the world can create oversized exterior doors of any size which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. This is an unparalleled 50-year warp-free guarantee which was unheard of in the door industry previously.

There is little doubt that natural wood grain poses the greatest challenge for door warping in exterior door application. As beautiful as wood grain is, it is notorious for moving according to environmental changes. No matter how well you protect it from the weather by sealing the door completely (which is an important part of the process) wooden doors will warp, unless they have Sing Core inside.

Sing’s groundbreaking technology empowers architects to spec the most contemporary architectural doors made of ornate wood grains in any size, even large oversized doors, that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years, and Peter Sing puts his signature on the line.

Most of the most contemporary architects are willing to spec a sixteen- to twenty-foot-tall door with Sing Core inside without hesitation, though other industrial aerospace and military projects could feature large sliding doors reaching 70 ft. tall and over 200 ft. wide.

No matter what size your large sliding door is, if its 100 percent exposed to the weather, you don’t want it to warp, and there’s only one way to create such a warp-free door, and that’s with Sing Core inside.

Now, you can have natural wood grain skins on your exterior doors without fear of failure for the most sustainable exterior doors ever made in the USA and guaranteed for 50 years.

Wood Grain Exterior Door Skins

Not limited to wood grain doors (which are the most challenging), you may also use any other available flat building material and receive the same high precision and 50-year guarantee.

Other Exterior Door Skins

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Exterior Door Blanks

Singcoretabletop Patented SingCore makes the best exterior door blanks in the United States of America. Architects, designers, contractors, millworks and door companies come to SingCore for exterior door blanks that outperform other door blanks used in exterior doors.

Why SingCore Exterior Door Blanks?

The answer is

If you want the best exterior door
Start with the best exterior door core

insulated exterior bi fold warp free door blanks stringer than steelSingCore exterior door blanks are the only door substrate with SingCore inside. Exterior doors of any size with SingCore inside are lightweight, high strength, insulated exterior doors that can be made with any door skin material, including outdoor wooden doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for fifty years.

Oversized Entry Doors

When it comes to large oversized doors, Sing door blanks help high end millworks and door companies to supply their clients with the biggest doors with full confidence of providing a oversized exterior that will not fail. Until SingCore exterior door blanks, the common response of door manufacturers was

We don’t build oversized doors

Lightweight high strength reclaimed cedar carriage doorsLarge doors were any door over seven feet tall or three-and-a-half feet wide. Why? Because they warp; but if they were built not to warp they would be too heavy, causing regular maintenance calls for hardware repair and the heavy door caused extra stress and strain on the both the structure and the frame. Either way, big doors were a headache for both the door company and the end user.

When using Sing exterior door blanks, any exterior doors – even exterior wood doors – can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Outdoor Wooden Doors

A wood exterior door is problematic due to the nature of the wood grain itself. The grain will either expand or contract due to changes in the environment and change in temperature or moisture will cause the wood to move this way or that. Moving or warping exterior wood doors compromise the door seal, and could prevent the exterior door from latching properly, or in extreme cases, closing at all.

copper door skin exterior door blanks oversized entry doorsSing exterior door blanks are wood door skin panels that prevent the failure of any door regardless of exposure to the elements if made with professional warp-free SingCore with wood stave applied using the patented non-warping process.

Door Skin

Patented SingCore can host any exterior door skin material – not just solid wood stave – a welcomed feature to any designer or full service custom door builder. Sind you are not limited to wood door skin panels, your doors can be made of any flat building material, such as aluminum, cold rolled steel, concrete, copper, fiberglass/FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, metal or stainless steel, just to name a few.

Of course, now you can make doors of any available natural wood species warp-free with SingCore inside.

Insulated Exterior Doors

Another unique feature and added benefit of having SingCore inside your oversized entry doors is being able to enjoy having insulated exterior doors which means better energy savings and climate control. Also, because Sing exterior door blanks are packed wall to wall with rigid insulation as part of the torsion box composite solid door blank adding sound dampening qualities for added safety and security at no extra charge; all part of the design.

wood door skin blank door oversized entry doors exterior door blanksSolid Core Door Blanks

Sing exterior door blanks are a solid core door material made of natural vertical wood grain torsion box/foam composite yielding exceptional displays of strength with unparalleled resistance to deflection and warping. SingCore is so strong, that it was rated at over 660 PSI when independently tested by the University of Washington. That’s stronger than steel, pound for pound.

The inventor says, “Kick any other door and you break the door. Kick a Sing door and break your leg.”

Don’t break a leg, but do specify “SingCore inside,” when you want the best exterior door of any size that is insulated, lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed for a full fifty years.