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Consumer Reports Pivot Door Consumer Report

In side-by-side comparisons different types of pivot doors are rated according to their performance in many categories including energy efficiency, installation, safety and available materials.

The most popular pivot doors are made of Sing Core, fiberglass (FRP), steel, aluminum and wood (solid and/or composite).

Sing Core Fiberglass Steel Aluminum Wood Stile & Rail Glass
Energy Efficiency x x x x x
Ease of Install x x x x x
Safety x x x x
Surface Material x x x x x
Oversize x x x x x
Affordable x x x
Glass Options x
Maintenance x x x x
Lightweight x x x x x
Warp-free x x x
Insulation x x x x
Sound Deadening x x x x x
Eco-friendly x x x x x x
Thickness Available x x x x x x
Fast Turnaround x x x x x x

Energy Efficiency: Sing Core’s built-in torsion box structure is more dimensionally stable than a standard stick-framed structure and they are pre-insulated for energy efficiency.

Ease of Install: Quick and easy installation. No heavy equipment or high-skilled labor necessary. Assembles fast with ease and seamless installation in a snap.

Safety: When compared to other materials Sing Core weighs much less, as much as 50% less, or more. Which means fewer injuries on the job site and at home. Safety, security and the lightweight means your children are less likely to suffer injury from door pinching.

Surface Material: Available in many different exteriors including (but not limited to) aluminum, cement board, cold roll steel, concrete, ceramic tile, fiber glass, galvanize metal, glass, MDF, metal, plastic, plywood, solid wood, stainless steel, etc…

Size: And when it comes to big pivot doors over 5-0 by 8-0, our custom oversize pivot doors continue to deliver the best results enjoyed by the top millworks and door companies in the world service the most demanding high-end users.

Affordable: Until now, pivot doors have generally been too expensive for the average homeowner to consider, but one pivot door core material is changing all that. Sing Core manufactures an Eco-friendly pivot door core material used by the most high-end architects, designers, door manufacturers, millworks and contractors for building the best pivot doors in the world.

Glass Options: Sing pivot door is basically a Sing Panel (that can be any size) custom cut for your window lights (without compromising the strength) to achieve your desired results, and can even be used to duplicate the exact appearance of any other door (and have been used in antique restorations).

Maintenance: Large doors are heavy, requiring heavy duty hardware and cause extra stress on the frame and structure. Warped doors are a common occurrence associated with large doors. This can be annoying for the end user due to the constant maintenance calls required for dealing with the warping door (though it is good for the door service business).

Lightweight: No more heavy sliding doors or pivot doors weighing in at 1,000 lbs. or more. Now you can make a pivot door – even floor to ceiling oversized large pivot door – that can be less than 20% the weight of a traditional pivot door (as little as 4 lbs. per sq. ft.) which means longer maintenance-free performance and less expensive hardware (and less door and hardware repair).

Non-warp: Say, “Goodbye,” to your warped door. Only patented Sing Core enables door manufacturers to create doors that are true flat (far exceeding AWI standards for flatness) and are guaranteed to stay flat – not warp, bend, twist or cup – for a full fifty years.

Insulation: Your Sing pivot door is pre-insulated using pre-built torsion box panels (aka Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel RSIP) and never worry about damage, compromise or loss due to mold or mildew. Insulation value R3.5 to R6.5 per inch (or more according to architectural specifications).

Sound Deadening: Standard Sing pivot doors are equivalent to STC 13-to-30 depending on the materials selected by the client.

Eco-friendly: The structure of Sing Core is 100% natural and renewable vertical grain wood fiber. There simply is no other core material that is more natural or renewable than Sing Core’s structural material. The material is manufactured in the USA with less energy and less waste than other materials.

Thickness available: Sing pivot doors are available in any thickness up to 8 inches, or more depending on architectural specifications.

Easy to machine: Sing Core is easy to work with in the shop or on-site for sawing, sanding, adding solid wood implants, gluing, cutting and fastening.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 48 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fiberglass pivot doors

The good news: Inexpensive, weather resistant, usually insulated, can look like real wood, do not dent or rust.

The Bad news: Not impact resistant, can crack over time. Limited to 5 ft. wide & 8 ft. tall size

Steel pivot doors

The good news: Inexpensive, more security, weather resistant, low maintenance, paintable and energy efficient.

The Bad news: Weather resistance breaks down over time (cold and heat can move around or through the door slab), hard to fix if dented or damaged, may deteriorate rapidly or rust if not properly maintained and you can’t stain steel doors. Limited to 5 ft. wide & 8 ft. tall size

Aluminum pivot doors

The good news: Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment.

The Bad news: Aluminum won’t rust, but it does pit and the powder coat finish can be damaged. No insulation. Limited to 5 ft. wide & 8 ft. tall size

Wood pivot doors

The good news: Best at resisting wear and tear, least likely to dent. Scratches can easily be repaired.

The Bad news: Expensive, require regular maintenance or varnishing to maintain appearance. Shorter warranties than other types of front doors. Limited to 5 ft. wide & 8 ft. tall size

Sing pivot doors

The good news: Available in any size, any style, any flat surface material. Sing Pivot Doors can be full structure guaranteed including non-warp for 50 years.

The Bad news: Your pivot door core may not be Sing Core.