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Ice Fishing House

Note: This is an archived page and is no longer available. For current information visit us online at:

The Sing Ice Fishing House is a marvel in the Minnesota Ice Fishing community. Sing Ice Fishing Shanty is guaranteed to give you the protection from the elements, while maximizing your ice fishing experience.

The Sing Ice Fishing House sets up in less than 10 minutes, and disassembles in 5. The Sing ice fishing shanty weighs in at 160 pounds and has built-in handles, so that you can easily relocate your ice fishing structure, with ease.

sing-ice-fishing-house-shanty-minnesotaAdvantages of the Sing Ice Fishing House:

  • Weather resistant
  • Pre-insulated
  • Strongest aerospace composite material
  • Can be light tight for dark house use
  • Fast set up: Less than 10 minutes
  • Rapid disassembly: 5 minutes
  • Built-in handles for easy moving
  • 4 ft x 8 ft footprint
  • Lightweight: 160 lbs
  • Ships in flat-pack

This Sing ice fishing shelter is hade of patented super-strong space-age lightweight panels, like the ones used in aeronautic design, except these are much stronger and pre-insulated for a more enjoyable ice fishing experience.  You can heat the interior with very little energy expended, i.e. a candle.

You can be as comfortable as you like by outfitting your Sing ice fishing shack as much or as little as you like, so that it is either rustic or your home away from home. There is plenty of room to comfortably stand and stretch out to sleep.


Regular Price: $1,500, Sale Price: $750

50% Off Special

The 4×8 footprint gives you plenty of room to fish and commiserate with your fishing partners.

With the Sing Ice Fishing House you can start fishing faster, stay out longer and easily relocate your shelter to follow the fish.

insulated-ice-fishing-house-shanty-lightweight-160-lbsWhen you’re not fishing on the ice, your Sing Ice Fishing House can also be used as:

  • Warming house
  • Camper / sleeper
  • Storage Shed
  • Work station
  • Dark House
  • Emergency housing
  • Playhouse
  • Hydroponic growing station
  • Tool shed

Materials are shipped flat (see photo), can quickly and easily be assembled, disassembled for relocation of storage. Includes all components

ice-fishing-house-ships-and-breaks-down-flat-160-lbsIncludes: 10 pcs 2 inch x 12 inch x 8 ft Sing lumber

5 pcs 4 ft x 8 ft x 1 inch Sing Sandwich panel

How to Buy

To order Sing Ice Fishing Houses submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

High End Upscale Fishing Houses

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE Ice Fishing Houses are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

This structure could not be built for 10 times the price if built with the equivalent aeronautic industry material, even then, the structure would not have the built-in insulation or superior strength of the patented Sing Core composite material used in the construction of this unit.