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Lightweight Architectural Stone Veneer Panels

Granite colors of stone veneer wall panels smooth surface material insulated lightweight high strength bWe’re proud to be the best resource for the only Eco-friendly lightweight architectural stone veneer panels that are stronger than steel pound for pound. This enables architects and museum designers to develop large permanent, temporary or moveable large natural stone panel walls, wall systems, large oversized stone doors, stone sliding doors or pivot doors.

What makes these architectural stone veneer panels different from other stone wall systems is not only the weight (the weight could utilize a traditional honeycomb panel which only has a strength of 10 to 100 PSI, while ours clocks in at an incredible 660 PSI) but also high strength. Sing Core enables you to have a one-piece solid frameless polished stone wall panel due to the insulated torsion box structure; no need to build a stick frame.

Find Sing Architectural Stone Veneer Panels in aircraft interiors, yachts, motorcoach, home furnishings, appliances and many more applications.

Featuring Marble and Granite

Marble and granite veneer interiors lightweight high strength panelsLightweight Architectural Granite Veneer Panels

Our Sing Panels covered in natural granite stone veneer surface material including all granite colors. Sing Core uses thin-sliced granite rock cut from the highest quality granite slabs to make lightweight architectural stone veneer panels that are used for everything from large granite doors, granite sliding doors, granite pivot doors, granite wall panels and granite counter tops. This approach to granite kitchen design greatly reduces the cost of granite counter tops.

The most popular Sing granite colors include white granite and black granite and Sing granite veneer is available in most types of granite.

Granite prices vary according to the market cost of the natural granite stone at the time of quotation making granite price quotes time sensitive for granite and marble.

Lightweight Architectural Marble Veneer Panels

Marble and granite veneer lightweight high strength panel wall systemsSing Core’s marble stone is cut from the best marble slabs to make the best Eco-friendly lightweight architectural marble veneer panels. Our most popular marble panel color is white marble.

Our stone veneer is cut thin to give the best value for your natural stone expenditure while reducing the natural product requirements of your project and you enjoy the benefits of Sing Core’s built in structure to support your stone walls or stone façade.

Natural stone veneers are used to make Sing architectural veneer panels using thin veneer stone. The thin stone is precision cut from marble mother stone slabs resulting in creating a new level of high precision excellence in both the stone and surface.

Mill works and upscale contractors are already versed and have the necessary expertise to effectively install Sing Core’s stone veneer panels.

Lightweight Architectural Concrete Veneer Panels

Stone veneer panels for custom aircraft interior designs lightweight high strengthLong before Sing Core introduced the best lightweight high strength stone panels our concrete panels were utilized around the world in art and architectural concrete panels. Using our patented core substrate moves our newest version of our concrete veneer panels to yet another level.

Lightweight concrete veneer panels are an excellent alternative to heavy rock walls that break down over time due to masonry fault. The smooth, flat manufactured stone veneer surface material is less likely to fail or break because Sing Core has an incredible structural integrity (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound). The concrete stone face is made from a high quality stone veneer for a sleek concrete surface appearance for increased flexibility.

Interior stone veneer panels made with concrete offers the designers, architects and contractors more flexibility in their designs. Why not join the ranks of the most exclusive architects and millworks who rely on Sing Core’s veneer rock and concrete veneer panels made of the best architectural stone veneer available.

Eco-friendly rock veneer panels are changing the architecture of the building industry in industrial, commercial and high-end residential applications working with qualified engineers and contractors who know how to install stone veneer panels.

Stone veneer panels for custom yacht interior designs lightweight high strengthLightweight Architectural Travertine Veneer Panels

An accelerated trend in Sing stone veneer panels is the travertine architectural veneer panel. We use only the best travertine stone for our travertine veneer to use in these lightweight, high strength stone veneer panels.

Our engineered process includes the adherence of a thin stone veneer cut from travertine allowing us to work with a thin natural rock veneer cut from quality stone. We use the best architectural stone for our patented Sing stone products so that you can rest assured that your stone panel walls are made with real stone combined with our new technology for the most pleasing end results.

Architectural stone veneer wall panels featuring travertine stone veneer is increasing production standards in both quality and quantity resulting in the top of the line modern wall panel that is increasingly becoming the most requested of all Sing stone veneer products.

Lightweight Architectural Slate Veneer Panels

Marble and granite veneer aircraft interiors lightweight high strength panelsIf you’re looking for a high precision lightweight high strength slate veneer panel that is composite manufactured with our patented Sing Core, then you’re looking for the best way to create the highest performance insulated slate wall panels.

Sing architectural slate veneer panels for walls allow you to enjoy the added benefits of sound deadening qualities and an effective insulation value of R3.5 to R6.5 per inch depending on your architectural specifications.

Your Sing stone veneer interior wall made with slate veneer panels will offer sound results in both separation of space and increased privacy due to sound proofing attributes of the insulation that is part of the wall to wall structure core that helps to round out the unparalleled high strength (660 PSI) unique to the Sing Core substrate.

Accept no substitutes, specify Sing Architectural Veneer Panels to assure your clients the highest quality and performance in real stone veneer panels that are the only lightweight stone veneer panels that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Keep in mind that Sing Architectural Veneer Panels are available in any available flat stone material available including, sandstone veneer, onyx veneer, and others.