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Free non warp door conultation non warping doors guaranteed no fail for 50 yearsFree Consultation

Free Non-warp Consultation

True Flat Challenge. We do not sell finished doors, but provide door planks to door industries and mill workers with patented Sing Core panels to build the most true flat, insulated premium doors in the world guaranteed. Warping is a challenge for high-end door makers. However, premium Sing Doors are highly insulated doors that will NOT warp, bend or twist. Premium Sing Doors made of patented Sing Core materials and special… -> READ MORE

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flat1 – Doors

The Only 50 Year Non-warp and Structure Guarantee

How to build the best door. Sing door blanks are the best foundation for building the best doors. The Sing American French Door is revolutionizing the American modern door industry. Using Sing door blanks adds unparalleled core value to your doors; with it any size of door can be built that will not warp, bend or twist. The technology that enables door manufacturers to build Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength doors was invented and is… -> READ MORE

Best big door guaranteed insulated wood doors lightweight high strength pivot doors2 – Doors

The Best Big Door Guaranteed

We are always excited to set a new world record for perfectly flat large doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years. No other door manufacturer has been able to do this, yet this week, we have come to the rescue of some of our most demanding high-end clients to enable them to deliver two of the best large doors that have ever been manufactured on planet earth. We invite you to join us in celebrating… -> READ MORE

Hot rolled steel sliding folding lightweight high strength doors3 – Doors

Hot Rolled Steel Doors

Sing Core brings an Eco-friendly approach to working with large spans of hot rolled steel with less weight and more strength than plain steel pound for pound, revolutionizing the steel fabrication process. In fact, we are best known for our large hot rolled steel metal doors and hot rolled steel wall panels. Our patented rolled steel panels feature custom metal fabrication uses high grade formaldehyde free adhesives instead of the more destructive welding… -> READ MORE

Best Large Door Guaranteed4 – Doors

How to Build a Sing Door

There is no doubt that Sing Core is responsible for the best doors in the world that can be built in any size for any functional purpose that can be guaranteed to not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full fifty years of regular use, even though Sing Core does not build doors. Some individuals can be confused when they visit Sing Core and expect to just buy a pre-hung door that is the best door in the world, only to find that Sing Core does not… -> READ MORE

How to build a portable floor lightwight high strength insulated modular5 – Floors

How to Build a Portable Floor

Here at Sing Core, we are contacted regularly by the most particular clients who seek only the best lightweight, high-strength portable floors made to the exacting architectural specifications. By using Sing Core to build a portable floor, even a low-priced (built with standard sing Sandwich panels) do-it-yourself raised floor you will be miles ahead of other modular floor systems. Just because you’re using our reinforced torsion box composite… -> READ MORE

Assembly of storage unit in trade show display lightweight high strength6 – Walls

How to Build a Wall for Trade Show

Due to the unique characteristics of patented Sing trade show display components (lightweight, high-strength and true flat), it has never been easier for you to design your own custom trade show displays. What’s more is that all of the components can easily be flat-packed for convenient packaging, shipping and storage. We can even provide custom trade show display carts for packaging and shipping your trade show booth components… -> READ MORE

Create a beautiful cloud ceiling with Sing Sandwich panels from Lowes7 – Ceilings

Sing Panels Make Great Ceilings

Our patented Sing panels make great coffered ceilings, ceiling clouds, box beam ceilings, and tegular ceilings. Our patented Sing core contains a torsion box in the SIP panel which greatly improves the structure.  Our panels are also called sandwich panels, honeycomb panels and lightweight panels. To order Sing panels for your ceiling project, please see our pricing page. Sing Ceiling Core. You can finish Sing Core with any load-bearing facial… -> READ MORE

Add the elegance of solid wood butcher block to any project lightweight high strength8 – Wood

Sing Wood Panels Available in Butcher Block

All Sing products come in your choice of external surface material (or “skin”). Our most popular include a variety of wood-based coverings to achieve the performance and visual aesthetics you desire per your specifications. Premium Sing Panels can have any natural wood surface material and be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. Available in Sing Butcher Block. Sing Wood Panels are available in nearly any… -> READ MORE

sing aerospace 19 – Aerospace

Aerospace Technology Torsion Box Panels

You might be as surprised, as much as we are, to find that many leading-edge technologically advanced transportation manufacturers who build the most high-tech aircraft, boat and train vehicles and containers often use old technology in the ground support of the manufacturing process. Industry-wide, aerospace, marine, mass transit, rail and trucking industries are now starting to upgrade ground support systems for their manufacturing process… -> READ MORE

Non warping door blanks in the news at Sing Core lightweight high strength10 – Doors

Guaranteed Non-warp Door Blanks

For years, Sing Core has been the only company in the United States who has been consistently providing custom door manufacturers with non-warping door solution for exotic doors of any size (up to 37 ft.) regardless of exterior surface material. Using patented Sing Core, any door can be made in any style of any material in any size that can be guaranteed to be true flat (well above AIA standards for flatness) and not to warp for 50 years… -> READ MORE

huge extreme edge pivot doors in seattle center for architecture design sing core11 – Doors

Seattle Center for Architecture & Design

Green building materials are the focus point of every architecture design now-a-days. As the home of the architect and design community for State of Washington, which is the leader in high tech and advanced materials playground for searching the planet for green, earth-friendly products is essential for this new home for all designers and architects. In the temple of Seattle’s Center for Architecture & Design, the evergreen state sets the standard… -> READ MORE

Amazon jet blue big box theater t slot display panels lightweight high strength12 – Walls

Amazon Jet Blue Big Box Promo

In the news Jet Blue will be offering free Wi-Fi and streaming Amazon Prime in-flight movies and television shows. The Jet Blue/Amazon partnership is calling this new aerospace technology, Fly-Fi. As part of the Amazon and Jet Blue promotional campaign, in typical Amazon-style, they have designed and built a huge Amazon big box to roll out the idea while inviting passengers to test drive the new concept. The giant Amazon shipping box… -> READ MORE

Rumney guggenheim gallery new york insulated museum panels lightweight high strength13 – Walls

Rumney Guggenheim Gallery

Not strangers to supporting the greater artists’ community with lightweight, high strength Sing Panels for use as art canvases of a rather large size, Sing Core was called upon by the designers of the Rumney Guggenheim Gallery in Brooklyn, New York to overcome some of the challenges due to weight and size ratios throughout the renovation of the former Williamsburg Bank building located at 834 Driggs Avenue. The race was on for Santiago… -> READ MORE

T slot panel insulated light weight high strength aluminum stronger than steel14 – Walls

T Slot Panel

The Sing T Slot Panel is an extraordinary composite of leading edge technologies resulting in a nearly unlimited variety of configurations. The good news: You can create to your heart’s content ~ and ~ much of the work has already been done, because most (if not all) of the imaginable components have already been designed for integration with the Sing T Slot Panel. Standard Sing T Slot Panels come packed with insulated rated at R3.5 per square… -> READ MORE

Hot rolled steel panels any size insulated lightweight high strength honeycomb15 – Doors

Hot Rolled Steel Panels

Sing Core brings an Eco-friendly approach to working with large spans of hot rolled steel with less weight and more strength than plain steel pound for pound, revolutionizing the steel fabrication process. In fact, we are best known for our large hot rolled steel metal doors and hot rolled steel wall panels. Our patented rolled steel panels feature custom metal fabrication uses high grade formaldehyde free adhesives instead of the more destructive… -> READ MORE

How to attach wood planks to sing panels vdeo vacuum press non warping wood stave panels for large pivot doors16 – Wood

How to Attach Wood Planks to Sing Panels

Sing Panels are so versatile, you can do just about anything with them. As a matter of fact, prepare to adjust your thinking, because thanks to Sing Wood Planks you can say Goodbye to Tongue and Groove. Tongue and groove joinery is designed to keep wood planks flat when attaching because wood moves. Natural wood (or most any wood product) tends to warp, bend or twist due to environmental changes. Not necessary when… -> READ MORE

Pre hung flush honeycomb door

17 – Doors

Architectural Door Specifications

General Specifications. Standard insulated flush door pre hung door marine grade plywood fiberglass aluminumStandard Sing Core doors are manufactured with patented Sing Core material as the base interior substrate of the door. The Sing Core substrate material is created using a vertical grain natural wood torsion box design while the traditionally empty voids are filled wall to wall with recycled foam. The foam material is available in various… -> READ MORE

The worlds best gourmet cutting board non warp worlds best cutting board18 – Wood

World’s Best Cutting Board

Why do we use Sing honeycomb to build the Best Gourmet Cutting Boards in the world? Only the Sing Gourmet Cutting Board features a true flat cutting surface that creates a natural suction, clinging to your counter-top like it was meant to without rubber runners. The cutting surface is so smooth and quiet. Use your Gourmet Cutting Board for cold cuts, vegetables, cheese, meats, fish and poultry. Unique uses for your Gourmet Cutting… -> READ MORE

How to build a Sing Core tiny house19 – Tiny House

How to Build an Insulated Tiny House

There are many ways to build a Sing Tiny House. Here’s an step-by-step example of a highly energy efficient tiny house with R-27 walls being built from scratch. How to Build a Tiny House Videos & How to Build a Tiny House Photos. Free Tiny House eBook, Tiny House How to Build, How to Design, Order and Build your Tiny House, Tiny House Builders, Design and Build Tiny Houses, Summer Fun Project Build an Insulated Mildew-free Shed… -> READ MORE


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T Slot Doors

Sing T Slot Doors are based on the same T Slot Panel system that is used in our T Slot Panel Modular Buildings and caters to the most high end structurally sound engineers and contractors serving major industrial clients, including aerospace and military applications.

t slot panel sliding door lightweight stronger than steelThe stringent demands of these clients include high precision technology that is lightweight, high strength and damage resistant; all the same reasons why anyone seeks out Sing Core to deal with the challenges of strength and weight issues that face users of all other traditional building materials.

The Sing t slot system uses all the same components that are already in use throughout the t slot extrusion community. Very little custom engineering will ever have to be done because all the necessary t slot components and t slot accessories are already well known and have impressive track records in the industry.

Why Use a Sing T Slot Door?

Sing T Slot Doors are specified by architects who are well familiar with the special attributes associated with Sing T Slot Panels and this t slot system can accommodate t slot doors of any size.

T Slot Sliding Doors

Sing T Slot Sliding Doors are extremely high precision thanks to the patented core (.006 inch tolerance) that provides a rock solid substrate for a superior sliding door that outperforms any other sliding door even in the most strenuous applications that are insulated and stronger than steel (+600 PSI) pound-for-pound.

High performance T Slot Sliding Doors means ease of installation and little (if no) maintenance over the service life of the lightweight t slot sliding door.

t slot wall panels and t slot sliding door as t slot componentsT Slot Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are one of the fastest growing types of doors in our product arena. Pivot doors present a unique set of challenges that Sing T Slot Pivot Doors are the perfect solution for. For instance pivot doors are usually oversized. Big doors are usually heavier, requiring extra engineering and heavy duty hardware that tends to require regular maintenance and will fail over time.

Large pivot doors also have a tendency to fail (not long after installation) due to warping resulting in seal compromise. Any door is less effective once the seal loses its accuracy. That’s why the Sing T Slot Pivot door solution is perfect for those who seek only the best pivot doors made.

Large T Slot Doors

One of the tremendous features of super large doors, like those used in factories, airplane hangars, military installations and large industrial projects, the problem with size is not a burden for Sing Core because it is our specialty.

Another advantage of using the Sing’s t slot system is to utilize the advantage of modular large door design because even though Sing Core can manufacture a door of any size (up to 50 feet) shipping can become problematic.

Using the Sing t slot system, large doors of any size can be shipped in t slot modules that can be assembled and installed on site without compromising high precision and can still be covered by our 50 year guarantee not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail.

T Slot Training Facility

US Navy Training Facility Outfitted with Sing T Slot Panels

Modular T Slot Doors

Sing modular t slot doors are reduced to manageable t slot door components (t slot panels) that can be easily flat packed and shipped via truck to any location for installation.

See also: Sing Modular Buildings and Enclosures