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Tiny House Drivers Wanted

Sing Core is building tiny houses for individuals who seek only the best Eco-friendly Tiny House that is lightweight, high-strength and withstand the test of time.


In keeping with the Earth-friendliness of the Sing Tiny House, making the world a better place and creating opportunities for locals, we are reaching out to the community-at-large in search of deliverers with trucks to deliver our Tiny Houses to various locations.

What does it take to be a Tiny House Driver?

Basically, you will need to have your own truck with a trailer hitch. Requirements are minimal as Sing Tiny Houses only weigh 2600 pounds (other tiny houses can weigh up to 10,000 lbs or more) reducing fuel consumption and are easy to tow.


Deliveries will be arranged on an independent contract basis, including gas, food and hotel accommodations.


If you are interested in becoming a Sing Tiny House driver, please contact us and join the Sing Team today.

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Tiny House News

Expires August 25th, 2017

Upscale High-end Tiny House

Many people, who stick their toe in the water of the Tiny House movement, are lulled by the inexpensive option(s) associated with living affordably in a structure that is a fraction of the square footage of a larger home. To some this makes perfect sense and is an Eco-friendly approach to living more simply for [Click here for more…]

Folding Modular House Competition

Four years ago a company introduced a concept that was recently presented to Sing Core. An excellent idea that did not work out well due to not having access to the adequate building materials.

This aluminum shelter was a great idea and design, being unfolded and assembled quickly is a magnificent concept for a temporary [Click here for more…]

Anything is Possible with Sing Sandwich Panel

The Sing Sandwich panel is a true revolution in the building materials industry and may be the most significant technological breakthrough in the last Century.

No other building material is so versatile with attributes that carry over into your product creation enabling you to build anything lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

Stop being limited by [Click here for more…]

Sing Sandwich Panel Half Price Sale

You will be surprised by the insulated Eco-friendly, light weight, super-strength Sing Sandwich panel.

Standard sizes, thicknesses, faces and quantities are limited to those listed. For other dimensions and/or options please complete our online price quote for a price.

Standard Sing Sandwich Panel Details:

Dimension: 4 ft x 8 ft Thickness (your choice): 1 inch, 1.52 inch [Click here for more…]

Tiny House Mobile Small Home on Wheels

Patented Sing Panels have been used in many industries such as home building, boat building even in the aircraft industry.

Making its way to the forefront recently are advancements being recognized by the tiny house community. These tiny house designs are springing up all over the United States (and the world) in the smallest footprints [Click here for more…]

Tiny House Industry News

What kind of tiny house you should consider to build?

We are the world’s best large door manufacturer in the world, our inventor Peter sing has a heart after the Tiny House market and is helping the Tiny House community to build Tiny Houses that are

Easy to build Lightweight High strength Eco-friendly Visually attractive [Click here for more…]

Tiny House

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Tiny House FAQ How to Build Assembly & Connection Assembly Instruction. Technical Information Media. Tiny House Gallery Tiny House Videos Tiny House News Links. Tiny House Links Industrial Links Clients List Pricing. Standard Pricing Order Form See our [Click here for more…]

Tiny House Links

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Tiny House Blogs

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Design and Build Tiny Houses

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Tiny House Gallery

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Tiny House How to Build

Sing Tiny House: How to build a Tiny House completely with Insulated Sing Honeycomb Panels. Step Step 1. Lie Sing Honeycomb panels on top of a treated timber foundation frame and fasten with screws.

Step 2. Connect floor and wall panels together using glue and screws. Step 3. Remove bits of honeycomb core to [Click here for more…]

Tiny House FAQ

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Tiny House FAQ. 1) How can I get Sing Panels to use in my Tiny House? The demand for Sing Sandwich Panels in tiny house building is huge, be aware that we do not sell to end-users, only wholesale.

Contact your local sheet goods supplier or lumber yard [Click here for more…]

Ice Fishing House

The Sing Ice Fishing House is a marvel in the Minnesota Ice Fishing community. Sing Ice Fishing Shanty is guaranteed to give you the protection from the elements, while maximizing your ice fishing experience.

The Sing Ice Fishing House sets up in less than 10 minutes, and disassembles in 5. The Sing ice fishing shanty [Click here for more…]

Tiny House Holiday Discount Layaway

Get the materials to build your insulated Tiny House at huge discounts, if you place your order using our holiday layaway offer.

SAVE 50% Place your order by December 31st, and get our year-end holiday savings rate. Regular price: $6 per sq ft Holiday Layaway Price: $3 per sq ft [Click here for more…]

Smallest House in the World

The Smallest House in the World can have all the conveniences of home in such a small space:

Assembles quickly (easily in 10 minutes) Small quality living space Insulated floor and walls Easy to heat Very strong (can survive hurricane or earthquake) Plenty of headroom for Standing Exercising Pacing Plenty of room area to stretch [Click here for more…]