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Sing Core is a committed supporter of the veneer industry as we work closely with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as being the most impressive substrate ever invented for the lamination of wood veneers. It’s as if Sing Core and the veneer industry are almost inseparable.

As patented Sing Core becomes more prevalent throughout the world of engineered plywood and high-end lightweight composites, the best architects and millworks rely on Sing Core to deliver a laminated veneer product that is lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

Sing Core has the unique ability to deliver a wood veneer panel that can be more than 40 ft. long and 10 ft. wide (limited only by transportation method) that is lighter in weight (the veneer accounts for 90% of the total weight), stronger than steel pound for pound (can reach over 1000 PSI) and proudly massively sustainable – designed to last for centuries – using our true green technology.

True flat Sing veneer panels are true flat, not just at the time of delivery but will stay flat for life guaranteed. Sing Core substrate can be hot or cold pressed to achieve or exceed your required or desired specifications. Only

Sing veneer wood panels can be warranted against bend, warp, twist, cup or rot as are constant issues associated with wood veneer products.

High-end users of veneer may need Sing Core. Tell me more …

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