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Weatherproof Water Tight Wood Door

True Raise Panel Doors

True Raised Panel D

For exterior applications Sing Core wood doors are not only built true flat and designed to stay flat for centuries but they can also be virtually impervious to extreme weather conditions remaining watertight and will not warp, bend or twist over time thanks to our patented new door technology.

Some care must be taken in the selection of materials and substrate to achieve the desired results of your weatherproof and water tight wood door that can include free lite opening cutouts for glass insertion and combined with true raised panel doors for unlimited design options.

Marine grade plywood is an excellent exterior surface material, and augmenting surface treatments for sealing from the elements is also suggested as part of the solution for your water tight or weather proof expectations.

Architects seek out Sing Core for problem-solving for doors that exceed the demand that can be met by other door manufacturers, and commonly provide custom solutions for blast doors, bulletproof applications, underwater usages and extreme weather doors including hurricane doors*.

The key to designing the right door, is by clearly defining your expectations, so that Sing Core can provide you with a door that meets and exceeds your specifications, and thereby can be covered by our limited lifetime guarantee for your specific application. See our Clients List to see our high-end friends that trust us for their problem solutions.

10×12 ft 3″ thick warp-free 1/8″ oak 520 lbs

Raising the Bar for Exterior Doors

rot-resitant-will-not-rot-warp-bend-twist-building-material-lifetime-guaranteeExterior doors routinely breakdown over time, leading to expensive maintenance, repair of replacement, but Sing Core weather proof and water tight doors are designed to exceed the expectations that you have learned to settle for in the past.

Sing Core is an extremely resilient material and is resistant to deterioration and/or rot even when exposed to the elements untreated.

Even without coating, Sing Core sandwich panels outlast plywood, solid wood, MDF, and particle board. Plywood and engineered wood rot and crack because of the weak glue layers. Sing Core panels last because the patented core material keeps the panels flat through torsion box technology, and therefore doesn’t allow the panel to crack, warp or twist.

As an alternative to weatherproof and watertight wood doors, Sing Aluminum and Fiberglass panels are ideal for outdoor applications for effective eco wood treatment.

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*Customer will need to perform lab tests to certify hurricane rating for local code compliance.