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Wooden Sliding Door

Introducing the next generation of warp-free wooden sliding door with Sing Core inside. A genuine hybrid of old world and new space-age technologies melded together to create a uniquely new type of wooden sliding door which is changing the way a door, especially a large wooden sliding door is made.

Your wood sliding door could have all the attributes of wood sliding door products which are pre-configured and manufactured with Sing Core inside which yields the result of producing the best sliding wood doors possessing the following characteristics:

 Eco-friendly Wooden Sliding Door
 Lightweight Wooden Sliding Door
 High Strength Wooden Sliding Door
 Fully Insulated Wooden Sliding Door
 Warp-free Wooden Sliding Door
 Sustainable Wooden Sliding Door

This is the only way to build an Eco-friendly wooden sliding door of any size which is lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound-for-pound, which is fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control. When you build a wooden sliding door with Sing Core inside you can have the only sustainable wooden sliding door in the world that can be

Guaranteed True Flat for 50 Years

Let there be no mistake, this is the only way to build an interior sliding door, closet sliding door, barn door, exterior slider door, or any other type of large wooden sliding doors which can have the best door guarantee in the world, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent pending warp-free core technology for 50-year guarantees for sliding wood doors.

Until the invention of Sing Core, wooden sliding doors and barn doors were notorious for presenting problems for architects, designers, engineers, custom door manufacturers, installers, and door maintenance contractors due to warping following installation.

Why Is My Wooden Sliding Door Warping?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of natural wood grain. Left to itself it will move as it adjusts to the environmental conditions which surround it. Especially frustrating, are sliding patio doors, and external wooden sliding doors which have one side of the door exposed one hundred percent to the weather.

This is a certain recipe for wooden sliding door disaster because a warped wooden sliding door can be potentially useless if it warps to the degree that it may not be easily slid back and forth, and in cases when such a sliding wooden door requires a degree of security, may not be able to be closed, latched, or locked.

That’s why contemporary architects and designers are increasingly specifying “Sing Core inside” their wooden sliding door designs as the premiere solution to for all your potential wooden sliding door problems.

Nobody intentionally specifies or installs barn doors, sliding closet doors, or sliding carriage doors with the intent of having them fail, require regular heavy maintenance, or sliding door repair. Pre-engineering your sliding doors with Sing Core inside ensures you have the best, most cost effective and sustainable sliding door system available in the world today.

Modern Sliding Patio Doors

The most comprehensive modern sliding patio doors with the highest precision featured in the most expensive homes, commercial, and industrial locations around the world are guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years because they know there is no other way to manufacture such a sliding patio door.

Modern Sliding Barn Doors

Modern sliding barn doors are the most unique of all wooden sliding door designs as they are increasingly featured in modern interior designs and decorative treatments without compromising functionality or longevity.

Your wooden barn door can have all the benefits of having Sing Core inside your sliding barn doors by contacting your favorite door company, millwork, or custom door manufacturer who knows how to make a sliding barn door that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

10×12 ft 3″ thick warp-free 1/8″ oak 520 lbs

Now you, too, can have the best sliding wooden door system in the world.

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