Woodstaves (a narrow length of wood “stave” with a slightly beveled edge) can be utilized to form the exterior of Sing Core. These can be used to replace other types of solid wood building materials.

Standard wood stave exterior measures:

  • 1/8”

Using Sing Core with wood staves is ecologically responsible doe to having the same appearance as solid wood by using fewer natural resources.

Other benefits include:

  • Material is stronger than (steel) solid wood
  • Lighter in weight than solid wood
  • Remains straight and flat
  • Rot, warp and twist resistant

Using Sing Core with wood staves reduces:

  • Energy consumption
  • Production costs
  • Labor costs
  • Shipping costs
  • Maintenance
  • Waste


Standard Hard Wood Stave Options

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

Other thicknesses of wood stave may be available upon request, in nearly any wood species.

See also: Sing solid wood stave doors