True : having all the expected or necessary qualities of a specified type of person or thing

Flat : being or characterized by a horizontal line or tracing without peaks or depressions

Architectural standard for true flat: ¼ inch deflection for an 8 foot span.

True flat technology is based on expertise in building anything that can be guaranteed true flat and stay flat. This composite science includes the proper proportions of Sing Core, aluminum and/or other materials based on your requirements or specifications. In this way each Sing item is a work of art.

#1 Best Seller: Oversize Doors

80% of the doors we sell are true flat large oversize doors (over 4 ft. x 8 ft.),
though we do specialize in 5% regular-sized doors.

#2 Best Seller: Sliding Door

25-foot-long-oak-wood-stave-table-lightweight-high-strength-true-flat-guaranteedThe Sing Core standard: Less than 1/4th inch deflection over a 16 foot span, or perfectly straight and flat; and your true flat sliding doors, pocket doors or any type of large flat door of any size  will stay flat for years to come.

Sing Core is a new patented core as alternative for conventional aluminum core, plastic, balsa and other wood base core, but more Eco-friendly with higher strength, less weight and low cost. See table of comparison.

Sing Core is used by leading millworks in major cities for high-end door applications, especially for oversize large doors, doors made of Sing Core will be true flat and stay flat for decades to come. See our Clients List.

so-true-flat-you-can-see-the-flatness-with-the-naked-eye-perfect-flat-line-of-sightNew World Record and definition of true flat: We provide our customers with 16 foot tall doors with less than 1/4th inch of deflection. This means a simple line-of-sight test with the naked eye clearly reveals the new standard. Google image search: true flat door

To find a mill work or door manufacturer to build a large true flat door is a challenge for architects, door manufacturers, millworks and general contractors, especially if the door is over 8 feet tall. We have recently acquired more precision true flat technology for door and large panel applications since the last time you purchased from us.

The new Patented Sing Core door technology provides the solutions to achieving a perfectly straight big sliding door by using aluminum which does not soak moisture as most wood based door planks. It is difficult to remain flat due to moisture change when using MDF or even plywood to build large size doors. Using stable aluminum as door substrate you will have the true flat and strong base to use as a paint grade door or add other layers of material to build high-end wood grain doors. (When used as substrate for wood skin this Sing aluminum eliminates the requirement of acclimatization.)

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatProfessional Sing Core is the only door substrate material in the World that can create a true flat door of any size (up to 50 feet) that is lightweight, high-strength, certified-professional that will stay flat for 50 years.

This is where Sing Core technology shines… and think of the impact these revolutionary building materials will have on your designs.

Imagine no longer being limited by weight issues, of having structural integrity over long spans, and being able to design and build creations that will last for centuries without failing, all by using this newly patented Eco-friendly material that is made, right here, in the USA.

Whether you’re creating a work of art that requires a large door, or a massive project that requires superior structural integrity, we want to help your dream come to life.

We also build high-quality, well-insulated, sound-deadening, high-strength, lightweight regular interior and exterior door blanks for door manufacturers and millworks made of wood, metal and FRP for high end door applications.

Use of this revolutionary new material is not limited to doors, but can also be used as tables, walls, roofs, even post and beam. For the strongest flat and lightweight doors and can replace traditional materials, like solid wood, metal, plastic FRP and concrete, while increasing both precision and performance in unlimited applications.