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Cam Lock Structural Insulated Panel Camlock Panels

cam lock fittings insulated cam lock panels cam lock fastenersSing Panels can come with optional cam lock installation for quick and easy panel assembly using cam lock fasteners embedded within for reinforced sip construction is one of the many ways to join Sing Panels.

Each patented reinforced structural insulated panel can have the necessary cam lock fittings pre-installed for rapid set-up and tear-down of your temporary walls.

The cam latch is and effective use of camlocks for use in these Eco-friendly panels that are the lightest weight and highest strength of modular cam lock panel available that can be fully guaranteed to be true flat and stay flat for 50 years without fail.

Cam Lock Panels

Sing Core is proud to partner with Norse to provide rapid Sing Panel connection methods that are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble for fast set up and tear down. Easier than turning a screw. Click here for more information.

What is a Cam Lock?

cam lock for cam lock panel insulated connectorsA cam lock is a device that is embedded at precise locations alongside the edges of our patented reinforced structural insulated panel. The cam lock fasteners come in pairs; a male cam lock latch and a female cam lock receptacle.

Two panels can be placed side by side and with a simple turn of a cam lock key or Allen wrench, the cam lock latch grasps the opposing cam lock pin and pulls the panel in tight for secure cam lock coupling. See: Cam Lock Panels with Cam Locks by Norse.

How to Install a Cam Lock

Most of the high end millworks that we supply our reinforced structural insulated panels to (see clients list) install the each camlock in their woodworking shop.

Sing Core offers pre-installation of cam locks to our clients’ specifications. Standard sized cam lock panels have two cam locks installed; one at the top and one at the bottom of the panel. The two cam lock design is most common for trade show panels.

Museums, on the other hand, may use much larger panels with either three cam locks installed; top and bottom with another cam lock installed in the middle, while others specify that the center cam lock be replaced with a small biscuit-style joint.

Though we do not design cam lock panels, we do build them to your specifications.

Trade Show Cam Lock Panels

cam lock panel assembly of trade show booth with insulated cam lock panelsBy far, the most popular use of our reinforced structural insulated panel is in the trade show industry. The demand for our cam lock Sing Panel is growing because unlike other panels available on the market today, our patented insulated torsion box structure offers the following benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Sound deadening
  • Any size or configuration
  • Any exterior material
  • Reduced cost for shipping and handling
  • Fast construction / disassembly
  • Can be guaranteed flat for 50 years
  • Eco-friendly

Our cam lock panel has the best high performance cam lock parts to deliver the cam lock power that our clients expect. Regardless of your cam lock expectations or desires, our panels can be completely customized to meet your specifications.

Any type or style of cam lock can be specified for installation into your Sing cam lock panels.