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News – Sing Core

The World’s Best Trade Show Booth Guaranteed

Patented Sing Core has been the secret ingredient in come of the most innovative trade show booths in the world, offering trade show exhibitors the characteristics they desire. The unique attributes of Sing Core always deliver peak performance standards when it comes to these specific areas: • Lightweight • High Strength • True Flat • Eco-friendly Upscale trade [… click here for more…]

Tiny House Mobile Small Home on Wheels

Patented Sing Panels have been used in many industries such as home building, boat building even in the aircraft industry. Making its way to the forefront recently are advancements being recognized by the tiny house community. These tiny house designs are springing up all over the United States (and the world) in the smallest footprints [… click here for more…]

Sing Sound Proof Solutions

Though we do not do the design, we do provide the architects, engineers and contractors with the best material for them to work with. The back bone of our function is to provide the sound proof industry with floor-to-ceiling patented structural material (Sing Core panels, posts, beams and modular components) to help them bring their dreams to life [… click here for more…]

Greater Sliding Doors

One of the greatest attributes of your sliding door is the actual performance of the sliding sliding door. Certainly, upon installation, your wood sliding door or interior pocket doors may perform superbly… but for how long? It may be important for you to seek out how to make a sliding door that has a high [… click here for more…]

Big Sliding and Oversized Doors The Most Popular Sing Applications

Sing products have hundreds of applications but sliding doors and oversize doors are the most popular. Why does Sing Core make more oversize sliding and big doors than anything else? Because only Sing Doors are 1. True flat It’s a challenge for people in the building industry to build oversize large doors and big sliding doors that [… click here for more…]

True Flat 25 Foot Long Conference Table

Sing Core is the solution for design challenges, such as this one. True flat technology is based on expertise in building long conference tables that can be guaranteed true flat and stay flat. This composite science includes the proper proportions of Sing Core, aluminum and/or other materials based on your requirements or specifications. In this way each Sing conference table is a work [… click here for more…]

Metal Fabrication

Sing Core technology is changing the face of traditional metal fabrication industries. Imagine the new Sing Metal building material that is lightweight, stronger than steel and Eco-friendly. This new technology is safe, sane and sustainable approach to replacing standard metal fabrication/welding methods without compromising strength; with the added benefits of being lightweight. No health [… click here for more…]

Sing Modern Sliding Barn Door

Free Shipping Sing Modern Sliding Barn Door 101 Introductory Special Most Sing sliding doors are sold to the most expensive homes in USA and abroad, but this is not the inventor Peter Sing’s goal. This special door is designed to introduce Sing products to the world in an effort to reach every [… click here for more…]

More People Switching from Overhead Garage Doors to Carriage Doors

We are celebrating the wave of people who are making the change from standard overhead garage doors to the more elegant, energy efficient, lightweight, high-strength and Eco-friendly Sing Carriage Doors. We also appreciate the garage door industry, especially the overhead garage door professionals, who have become our distributors or recommend patented Sing Core Carriage Doors to their [… click here for more…]

The Best Door

It is a very particular sort of individual who searches for the best door. This is not your average door buyer, who is looking for a door to simply block a view, or to achieve some sense of privacy. No, these discerning clients, designers, architects and homeowners seek attributes far beyond what would be [… click here for more…]

$58 Door vs $580 Door Comparison

Compare our $58 Paint Grade Sing Core Door to their $580 Door When you’re in search of the best door possible it is important to compare Sing Core doors to expensive alternatives. We say, Heavy does not mean strong Lightweight does not mean weak Most expensive does not mean higher functionality Sing Core doors give [… click here for more…]

Win the Bid

New patented door technology teams up with you to win large quantity door contracts even if you have a small work force We can build any style/type of door by the thousands as high end door blanks in matter of days or even completed doors ready to install. See: Sing Core door clients Sing Core [… click here for more…]

Flush Wood Doors

Add simple beauty and elegant appearance of a solid wood flush door to your home without having to sacrifice the qualities of a highly-engineered architectural wood flush door. Sing Core flush wood doors feature natural and composite construction materials that embrace true green manufacturing processes and you can take pride in knowing that your Eco-friendly [… click here for more…]

Sliding Barn Door

Sing Core interior barn doors are a bold fashion statement used by architects and designers that add elegance and beauty to nearly any environment with increased functionality due to the attributes of being lightweight, stronger than steel and Eco-friendly. With Sing Core sliding barn doors, it is much easier on installation and expenses when hanging [… click here for more…]

Operable Partitions Curtain Wall Room Dividers

Whether your specifications are for commercial or residential, Sing Core’s architectural panels are technologically advanced building materials offering superior performance in every category when compared to  traditional metals, wood, and other composite products, offering a superior alternative to traditional room partitions. Case Study Comparison: Traditional Partition Wall Panel Sing Core Partition Wall Panel Height: 25 ft [… click here for more…]

Sing for the World

Philanthropists and organizations reach out to Sing Core for disaster and economic relief at home and abroad in third-world countries. Inventor, Peter Sing, offers a better solution for a better world. Inventor, Peter Sing, is partnering with worldwide philanthropists and organizations to fight the effects of economically depressed countries and areas to overcome poverty, poor [… click here for more…]

Foam Panels

Structural Reinforced Foam Panels Introducing Sing Foam Panels; a new age in foam panels that offers all the advantages of foam panels i.e., lightweight, easy to use, insulated and acoustical dampening, etc… but now you can enjoy the structural integrity that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound due to our patented torsion box structure core. See [… click here for more…]

Lightweight Structural Marine Honeycomb Sandwich Plywood for Boat Builders

Sing Core introduces the next generation of marine building supplies. No other core building material is more versatile than Sing Core. Boat builders report composite materials have been flooding the marine industry for years, but tend to fail under rigorous testing or deteriorate over time. Enter Sing Core, the revolutionary Eco-friendly boat building structural panel [… click here for more…]

New Record for True Flat

True : having all the expected or necessary qualities of a specified type of person or thing Flat : being or characterized by a horizontal line or tracing without peaks or depressions Architectural standard for true flat: ¼ inch deflection for an 8 foot span. True flat technology is based on expertise in building anything that can be guaranteed [… click here for more…]

Lightweight MDF

Building materials such as plywood, MDF, particle board, LVL, Parallam and laminated beams are standard building materials that have been around for years. The newest technology on the forefront of evolutionary building materials includes honeycomb composite materials, like those used in the aircraft industry. Introducing Lightweight MDF Sing Core is raising the bar [… click here for more…]

New Doormaking Technology

If you Google Image Search honeycomb core door, lightweight core door or sing core door, you will see who the players are in this new generation of door manufacturing technology. Sing Core is Available for All Door Manufacturers Newly patented Sing Core has contacted over 100 of the best door manufacturers in the [… click here for more…]

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