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Insulated Wall Panels

When it comes to insulated wall panels, one company is head and shoulders above the rest. SingCore insulated wall panels are the only Eco-friendly lightweight high strength insulated wall panels imbued with climate control and sound deadening characteristics helping to create the best solutions for wall partitions.


There’s never been an easier or more sustainable solution for semi permanent walls than SingCore’s insulated wall panels, which thanks to their high performance patented structure which is more high precision (+/- .006 in.) lightweight (a fraction the weight of other solid insulated wall panel core materials) and stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound.

Insulated Wall Panel Insulation Materials

For discriminating architects, artisans, builders and contractors, Sing insulated wall panels can be customized to feature the rigid interior insulation material to maximize the R-value of your insulated wall panels for the use they were intended such as room partitions, temporary walls, walls, moveable walls, temporary walls, operable partitions, curtain wall room dividers, wooden room dividers, or room dividers, Eco friendly room divider.

All our insulated wall panels are manufactured by hand in our custom insulated wall panel manufacturing facility nestled into the pristine Pacific Northwest of Washington State.

Sing cam lock panels

Ease of Assembly

You get to select any of the many methods of assembling your insulated wall panels. We do not lock you in to any particular connection method as every situation and application for Sing insulated wall panels is completely unique as are the connection methods specified for any particular insulated wall panel application.

You can completely manage the connection method you desire, or we can custom manufacture your insulated wall panel system to be pre-configured with your connection method built in to each insulated wall panel.

Some of the more sought after insulated wall panel connection methods include using cam lock insulated panels which connect easily and completely. The only tool necessary for connecting two or more insulated wall panels is a simple Allen wrench. And because each Sing insulated wall panel is so lightweight, on person can easily assemble insulated panel walls.

Another high end connection method includes integrating Sing T-slot Panels.

Insulated Interior Wall Panels

For inside the home, restaurant, store, hotel, factory, yacht or government facility, the Sing insulated wall panel solution is the primary problem-solver when it comes to strength, reliability and ease of use. When not in use, these insulated interior wall panels pack flat for easy storage and can feature any flat building material on the exterior surfaces to match any interior design.


Exterior Insulated Wall Panels

You never know where you’re going to find Sing insulated wall panels, as they could be beneath the sea (US Navy) or in outer space (NASA) and anywhere in between. Exterior insulated wall panels can be custom designed and built to architectural specifications to endure any climate (even Arctic expeditions) and are reusable and easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and store.

How Can I Get Your Insulated Wall Panels?

It’s easy, if you’re an architect, millwork or other commercial or industrial manufacturing facility you will likely qualify for a wholesale account and can click here for pricing. Otherwise, you can get your Sing insulated wall panels at any supplier or retailer where you find insulated panels for sale. All you have to do is to specify that you want, “SingCore inside,” and we will handle the rest. Homeowners, click here.