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The Highest Grade MDF in the Industry

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a popular material, especially because it can be precision sanded and remain very smooth which is an excellent surface area to treat, paint, or apply other materials, anything from vinyl and Masonite® to natural wood grain and metals. The upside to this material is wide open, while the downside presents a challenge.

The biggest problem with MDF is that it is not very stable or strong. The phrase we hear commonly is, “we love it, but it warps like…” (add expletive).

Patented Sing Core and our warp-free technologies enable us to provide millworks and artisans with a high end MDF surfaced material which is lightweight, high strength, and extremely dimensionally stable. Now, you, too, can have the highest grade MDF in the industry to use in your most important high precision projects without risk of failure.

This technology moves the smooth surfaced material which can easily be high precision sanded to a whole new level!

That’s why you find this revolutionary newly invented patented and patent pending warp-free technology atop the tallest building in the United States of America.

Now you can have a warp-free large MDF panel which our clients use to apply almost any laminate surface because it is so smooth, and you can even apply natural wood grain, and it can still be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Sing Core is the secret weapon used by the top millworks, large furniture designers, and the biggest and best door companies, to keep their MDF straight and true.

It is not uncommon to find Sing’s patented MDF-solution inside the most prestigious locations around the world and from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

large pocket door panel perfect straight

In fact, this is the business arena where patented sing Core shines: If you have a problem keeping it straight, inventor Peter Sing’s core and his True Flat Team can provide you with a rock solid hybrid composite core covered heel to toe in MDF which can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

No other Eco-friendly lightweight material can achieve such feats.

Here is a photo of the inventor standing on a 13 ft span of his core suspended between two sawhorses.

You can see even at only one inch thick there is very little deflection.

And if that weren’t enough, here’s two people standing on a 20 ft span.

Even though Sing’s patented insulation reinforced vertical grain torsion box core is often compared to honeycomb core materials, it’s plain to see that no other lightweight honeycomb core material can compare.

Whether Sing’s core is used as substrate inside panels, posts, and beams, or as warp-free door core, you will find architects, designers, and engineers empowered by having access to the most revolutionary building material which is changing the way things are made.

You will find the most famous door companies in the world entering the field of large custom door making, which they would not have even considered prior to the invention of Sing Core. Why? Because everyone knows that once a door exceeds 7 ft tall and/or three and a half feet wide, you’re looking for problems, for which now there is a solution.

That solution is Sing Core MDF, the highest grade MDF in the industry today.


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AB Ply or MDF Paintgrade

There are 2 of the most popular types of paintgrade options available for your architectural door specs from Sing Core, and each includes patented Sing technologies to maximize the potential of these formats, ensuring you can enjoy the only

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Sing Core Paintgrade Door Blanks

  • Made from multiple layers of wood veneer, AB plywood is a strong wood fiber material.
  • AB plywood is water resistant and good for use in exterior door applications.
  • AB plywood face grain can be easily stained.
  • AB plywood holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give the screws something to hold onto.
  • AB plywood is an excellent substrate for applying natural wood stave, wood planks, or other materials.
  • Warp-free MDF is lighter in weight and stronger than other MDF.
  • The surface of MDF is very smooth which makes it great surface for painting.
  • MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.
  • Because of the smooth edges, you can use a router to create decorative edges.
  • Warp-free MDF is excellent substrate for applying veneers or other thin laminates.

.020 Walnut Veneer over extremely smooth Warp-free MDF

The most popular and least expensive is AB Ply.

Warp-free AB Ply

Our AB Ply is used in oversized exterior door applications and is constructed using water resistant adhesive using an A-grade veneer face, C-grade inner plies, and a B-grade back which is used for securing patented Sing Core. AB plywood, is a better grade of plywood, commonly used in cabinetry, where the backside need not be presentation quality.

16 ft Tall Billionaire’s Teak plank front Door on Warp-free AB plywood

Only AB plywood door blanks with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Generally, “AB” designation means that it will be free of knots in their outer layers, though color variations and a few healthy intergrown knots may occur infrequently. If there are any pin knots, they would only a few mm in diameter.

The A refers to the best side which is a furniture grade veneer and B the opposite side. Plywoods with grades A and B are used for finishing purposes.

The A-grade side is the highest quality veneer and most sheets will be free of flaws resulting in a plywood surface that is smooth and can be prepped and painted easily.

Warp-free MDF Guaranteed True Flat for 50 Years

Warp-free MDF

Sing Core’s MDF is not your father’s MDF. Inventor Peter Sing has developed a method or creating a perfectly smooth surface, which is a well-known characteristic of MDF, which is lightweight MDF and will not warp. Moving due to lack of strength, especially amidst long spans, is also a well-known characteristic of MDF.

Sing uses a combination of patented and patent-pending technologies which result in the only large warp-free MDF door blanks in the door industry. That’s why Sing Core is known for creating the highest grade MDF in the door industry.

When making big doors, like the large oversized doors which Sing Core is famous for, to try to use MDF without Sing Core inside would be like building a door with a giant noodle, granted the surface would still be smooth as can be.

Because MDF is not water resistant it is not recommended for exterior applications, so avoid specifying MDF for large entry doors due to its inherit weakness, instead spec AB plywood as your base material instead.

Due to the smoothest surface area material, MDF can easily be painted, or used as underlayment for thin veneers, vinyl, or other laminations.

16 ft tall White Oak veneer pivot doors on warp-free MDF top floor World Trade Center

In fact, all the most high-end veneer-work done by Sing Core uses this warp-free MDF solution as underlayment for the perfect veneering for which they are known. See: How to Make the Best High-end Veneer Doors. Likewise, their high-end millworks and door companies who apply their own laminates, they order this material as their gold standard.

On the other hand, if your intention is to add natural wood planks, then AB plywood is preferred substrate, especially for exterior doors.

While AB plywood and MDF are the most popular there are many other skin types for plywood, paintgrade, and others.

Now, maybe you have a better idea about why architects spec Sing Core

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Lightweight MDF

Building materials such as plywood, MDF, particle board, LVL, Parallam and laminated beams are standard building materials that have been around for years. The newest technology on the forefront of evolutionary building materials includes honeycomb composite materials, like those used in the aircraft industry.

Introducing Lightweight MDF

lightweight-mdf-sing-panelsSing Core is raising the bar for composite building materials by combining the best technology with more traditional materials resulting in super hybrids, such as lightweight plywood, lightweight MDF, lightweight particle board, honeycomb plywood, honeycomb MDF and honeycomb particle board that all have superior structural strength.

Lightweight MDF Characteristics

Available in any size; – in any length, any width, any thickness

Lighter weight. Reduce the weight of not only MDF, but any building material by replacing its core with sing Core (which weighs little more than air). 4 x8 sheets easily managed by one person

Superior strength. Inserting and fusing sing Core to MDF or any other surface material greatly increases strength and structural integrity due to the patented foam-infused vertical wood grain torsion box design

Insulated. Pre-insulated Sing Core provides benefits such as R-values starting at R3 to R6.5 and up, sound-deadening qualities

Exterior material options. While MDF is a common exterior material for effective use of sandwiching Sing Core it can be fused with nearly any building material including aluminum, concrete, FRP, plywood or stainless steel just to name a few.

Eco-friendly. Manufactured in the USA with low-energy production, no toxic waste, formaldehyde-free glue, natural wood fiber torsion box and recycled foam

Longevity. In a world when most building materials are disposable, Sing Core outperforms any other building material and the resulting products can last centuries.

Lightweight Composite Technology

lightweight-mdf-bookshelvesSing Core composite materials are many times stronger than those used by Boeing and in Air Bus and are available to you at a fraction of the price. See our comparison table.

4 x 8 sheets of MDF are very heavy and difficult to manage on the table saw in millwork environments and can be associated with on-the-job injuries due to the weight issue, as well as on the construction site if using several people to move, manipulate or install the MDF product. Sing Core’s composite MDF is lightweight and combats the problems associated with MDF’s density. While MDF is an excellent building material it is simply too heavy for large applications or widths unless fused with Sing Core making it a more structurally sound and lightweight fiber board.

Imagine the possibilities of a single person being able to work with a couple of 4×8 sheets of MDF at a time, a material with almost endless applications matching your requirements and specifications including moisture resistant, fire retardant and even bullet-proof.

Take the Google Challenge

Google search lightweight panel, lightweight door core, lightweight furniture, and you will see how this new technology is impacting the manufacture of structural materials especially in terms of lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendliness.

Sing Core is isotropic (having identical values of a property in all directions) and adds superior strength to MDF materials that is bonded with making it easier to manage and adds strength to longer spans of MDF, where an unsupported MDF might fail without the patented vertical grain torsion box structure.

Now you can use Medium Density Fiberboard with confidence when infused with Sing Core. Eco-friendly Sing Core greatly enhances the structural integrity of the MDF without adding formaldehyde and reduces the overall weight of the MDF making it an extremely effective building material.

When it comes to composite materials, Sing Core’s Lightweight MDF is head and shoulders above the rest and competitively priced to gain wide acceptance by forward-thinking plywood distributors and millworks.

Introducing Sing Core to your customers and clients will increase customer satisfaction by giving them the technological and sustainable edge that helps to make the world a better place.


How to BuyMetal Composite Sing Core panels are true straight, light and strong.

To order Sing MDF Panels submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE MDF Panels are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.