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New York Museums, Mansions, High Rise Condos

tokyo japan sing coreWhat do museums, mansions and metropolitan high rise condos have in common?

In the most densely populated cities, like New York City, these structures in particular require the building material specifications that are unique to Sing Core. These locales are the primary shipping destination for the world’s most Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength building material, where you will find the best doors in New York, even atop the One World Trade Center.

You will find Sing Core deep inside the Rumney Guggenheim Gallery in Brooklyn New York.

Though New York is our number one market, this technology is also applicable and available everywhere from Hong Kong and Tokyo to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

New york mansions luxury homes

High End Beauty and Performance

Check out this 38.5 million dollar estate which features Sing Core doors throughout the interior and exterior. Eco-friendly, proudly made in the USA and exported throughout the world.

The Most Popular Sing Applications

The lightweight and high strength aspects of Sing Core products are in high demand amongst designers and builders of the most high end real estate, like high rise condos and penthouses, mansions and luxury homes. Luxury real estate, like million dollar homes, depend on the insulated and warp-free attributes of Sing Core to deliver the results expected by the demanding homeowners in their dream homes.

beautiful large modern pivot door exterior non warp insulated pivot doorPivot Door

Pivot doors are of primary importance and Sing Core pivot door substrate is the only pivot door base material that can ensure that pivot doors (especially large pivot doors) can achieve high performance while still remaining lighter in weight than other pivot doors.

No one wants to spend ten to fifty thousand dollars on a large entrance door that is going to warp or fail, requiring constant maintenance, repair or periodic replacement.

Only pivot doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for fifty years.

Room dividers sliding door style insulated sound deadening room division NYCSliding Door

High end large sliding doors are costly and can host expensive or exotic woods. Natural wood is in the highest demand in mansions and luxury homes because of its innate natural beauty. Nothing is more elegant that the beauty of natural wood grain. Likewise, nothing is more problematic.

Natural wood grain warps, bends and twists due to its natural properties. If a sliding door (especially a large sliding door) warps, it can compromise the hardware, surface finish, and the structure itself. Plus a sliding door what warps can be impossible to maintain a good seal for separation between rooms, when used as a sliding room divider, or interior and exterior, for energy savings and protection from the elements.

Only sliding doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Guggenheim Gallery Brookly New York Sing Museum Panels Before AfterMuseum Walls

New York museums and the best museums in the most predominant cities in the United States depend on Sing Core to provide them with the most Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength warp-free museum wall panels, which can be quickly set up, dismantled, stored, finished, refinished, repaired and reassembled over and over again, without fail.

It is these same attributes that makes Sing modular trade show panels the most high-end solution for discriminating exhibitors at the most exclusive trade show displays in the world.


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Amazon Jet Blue Big Box Theater JFK

New York, NY

In the news Jet Blue will be offering free Wi-Fi and streaming Amazon Prime in-flight movies and television shows. The Jet Blue/Amazon partnership is calling this new aerospace technology, Fly-Fi.

Amazon Jet Blue big box theater at JFK airport terminal

As part of the Amazon and Jet Blue promotional campaign, in typical Amazon-style, they have designed and built a huge Amazon big box to roll out the idea while inviting passengers to test drive the new concept.

The giant Amazon shipping box is really getting the attention and at first sight even a layperson might ask, “How did they build such a monstrosity without any visible structure?”

When designing the display the forward-thinking Seattle-based design team had particular challenges with building an insulated modular structure ten feet tall that would appear as if it were built of cardboard, but have structural integrity while remaining lightweight and portable.

It’s no surprise that the search for solving the problems associated with weight and strength in building materials that they would find their solution in Sing Core, like other high-end architects and designers.

10 ft tall Amazon shipping box theater display insulated modular portableThe design included a ten foot tall structure with no visible posts and beams to allow passengers to watch streaming media in this temporary movie theater to be located inside Terminal 5 at New York City’s JFK airport.

The design also included a separate area for children to sample original Amazon programming and to have hands-on interaction with Kindle devices designed for the younger audience.

The temporary theater is based on Sing Core Trade Show Displays in combination with their patented T-Slot Panel to accomplish the feat of creating a pop up insulated entertainment environment inside the busy airport with 10 foot tall walls that are only one-and-a-half inches thick without any additional framing. The results are simply staggering.

Stop by Amazon’s Box Theater at the John F. Kennedy International Airport to see what all the excitement is about.

Fast & Easy Assembly

The fascination with Sing Core’s display solutions is not simply the lightweight (weighing-in at a fraction of the weight of other traditional building materials) or high strength (660 PSI; stronger than steel pound-for-pound) but the speed of assembly and disassembly of a portable structure. The modular components rely of quick, high precision connection methods that will not fail when in use, or be subject to damage when being reused time and time again.


Images courtesy Amazon

Airport Art Exhibit Pivoting Museum Display Walls

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Room Partitions Temporary Wall

Temporary wall room partition prefabricated portable room dividers lightweight high strengthSing room partitions, office partitions and bathroom partitions are the top-of-the-line in lightweight, high strength insulated temporary wall systems in New York City though we ship throughout the United States and Canada daily, as well as exporting for International projects.

What makes Sing modular wall panels such a great solution is that they are not only lighter in weight than other systems and stronger (than steel pound for pound) but the built-in insulation reduces energy costs and provides sound-deadening qualities. Not to mention the ease of set-up and tear-down in temporary applications.

Whether you’re making a flow wall or partition wall, prefabricated Sing modular wall panels give you the best results in the least amount of time while yielding the highest performance and satisfaction.

Using Eco-friendly Sing sandwich panel as your room partition are not only responsibly sustainable but give you the added convenience of having a portable wall with acoustic treatment characteristics.

Suitable for all your needs

With our free standing room dividers, you can easily move these walls to your liking. With SingCore, you can create different room styles for each occasion. Click here to learn what you can create with SingCore.

Pivoting wall materials art gallery nyc wall panel ideasSing Room Dividers NYC

If you’re looking for temporary walls NYC, you’re bound to discover the Sing solution in the best Manhattan pressurized walls. In NYC, temporary walls are having a huge impact on the socio-economic structure of NYC, separating a single room into two useable spaces, or turning one bedroom into two and making better use of available space in private homes and commercial businesses.

You might be surprised to learn that approximately 50% of all our out-bound shipping goes to New York City, where you will find Sing portable room dividers as the best temporary wall nyc. With a little ingenuity you can create your own pressurized wall in NYC.

Pressurized walls give the end user the ability to create modern room dividers that could be used as everything from a party wall to office room dividers. The applications are so varied that they include stage walls used in theater performances, art displays or use as a fake wall for effective concealment.

Manhattan pressurized walls bookcase room dividers nyc lightweightIn the Home

Sing Insulated Panel Functional Wall Divider Unit Lightweight High StrengthYour Sing wood room dividers enable you to quickly and easily have a movable wall that acts as a modern room divider that can be created as needed anytime, anywhere in any configuration that helps to maximize the space inside your home. One of the more popular ways to conceal a room division is with a lightweight, high-strength bookshelf room divider (no permit necessary because it is classified as furniture).

Increase privacy and security on demand with your patented Sing panel sound-deadening room divider.

In the Office

Sing Modular wall panels help to reconfigure your workspace by offering a high precision office partition that can be assembled as folding partitions, wooden room dividers or demountable partitions as needed. Use them as one of the ways to ways to divide a room or rapidly constructed cubicle panels or moveable walls.

Commercial / Industrial

In commercial and industrial applications Sing modular wall panels are made with insulated wall materials that excel as either an interior wall or exterior wall depending on the exterior finish of your room divider wall which can be modified to match your specifications.

Modular wall panels room dividers nyc fake wall temporary pressure wall nycImagine having a lightweight, high strength sound proof wall that can function as operable partitions or demising walls for standalone use, in conjunction with your modular building systems or inplant offices.

How to Build a Temporary Wall

You might be surprised to discover how fast and easy it is to build a temporary wall using Sing modular wall panels that instantly create pressurized wall space dividers that could provide you with added benefits of having sound proof room dividers made of Sing’s prefab walls. See: How to Build a Temporary Wall for more information on how you can easily build contemporary room dividers as you do it yourself.