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Interior Sliding Partition Doors

Interior sliding partition doors are all the rage these days when maximizing and consolidating space is of high importance. Nobody knows that better than our friends in New York, where most of our sliding room dividers are installed to quickly create an insulated sound deadening room partition.

Interior Sliding Partition Doors

Our premiere interior sliding partition doors allow anyone to reconfigure living space quickly and easily using sliding partition doors with patented Sing Core inside. You can easily add a sliding hanging door using inexpensive barn door hardware to create a separation between rooms, or you can divide an entire room in half by using multiple sliding barn doors in a side-by-side configuration to create separate rooms, then open them back up when you want to access the entire space again.

Interior sliding partition doors can take on many appearances, as sliding doors, or many doors can be assembled as a modular moveable partition wall on site and installed without the heavy equipment necessary to hang an enormous sliding room divider and room partition.

What makes interior sliding partition doors with Sing Core inside so in demand in NYC?

The demand is greatest in NYC due to the city’s tendency to grow upward. Tenants are discovering new ways to divide up the living space, and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to divide office space. Installing a sliding room divider or room partition is an inexpensive approach. Bit when your room dividers’ doors have Sing Core inside, you enjoy other benefits that can not be achieved any other way.

Inventor, Peter Sing, has provided to room partition industry his patented Sing Core material to make the best interior sliding partition doors in the industry. Here are the characteristics you can expect,

1 – Lightweight. Sing Core is a lightweight solid hybrid sliding partition door that weighs in at a fraction of any other wood-based solid core door, making it easier to handle, maneuver, and install.

2 – High Strength. Even though a sliding partition wall with Sing Core inside is lightweight, it is not weak, as Sing’s patented core is stronger than steel pound-for-pound and has been independently University rated at 660 PSI, and is used in impact door applications.

3 – High Precision. Sing’s patented core is one of the highest precision cores in the industry sporting +/- .006 in. tolerances, which is of concern for the high-end projects, like the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the country.

4 – No Size Limit. Floor to ceiling, no problem, 20 to 50 ft. wide, no problem. Due to Sing’s lightweight, high strength, and high precision, the largest door companies and best millworks in America are able to make enormous sliding partition doors of any size.

5 – Fully Insulated. Sing’s hybrid solid core doors are fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control, which is used in soundproof and refrigeration applications. Tenants enjoy the insulation for controlling heating and cooling while increasing privacy and security.

6 – Any Type of Door. A door with Sing Core inside could appear as any type of door for the prefect aesthetics and could be made of any desired flat building material. Most common are natural wood grain, MDF, and metals.

7 – Warp-free. The most impressive characteristic of Sing’s room divider doors is that they are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. Undoubtedly, to date, there has been no way to build such an impervious non-warping door. That is, unless you use Sing’s core.

The biggest door companies and best millworks in the USA use Sing’s patented core, especially in their projects calling for doors that are over 4-0 8-0, because they say,

“There is no other way to do it.”

If you are an architect, designer, or door engineer, and you are considering sliding door room dividers for your next project, you would be well advised to spec Sing Core inside your high end and modern sliding doors used as partitions, or operable partitions and movable walls for flawless performance over time.

And don’t forget, it is the only way to create a sliding door with a,

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, fail, twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure) for 50-years.


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The Best Doors in New York

We love it. Ever since the inventor of SingCore relocated his factory 3,000 miles away to Washington state from New York, still we find most of our shipments of doors, shipping outbound all the way back to New York. It’s fascinating that we sell more doors in New York than any other geographic area in the United States.

warp free the door nyc large upstate door the door new york manhattan door

We Love NYC

When it comes to the best door NYC architects and door manufacturers can be so particular that they are more than willing to have their western door materials shipped across the country all the way from the East coast to the West Coast, no problem.

The NYC Door Problem

Q: Why, you might ask, do NYC door contractors seek SingCore door materials to create the best doors in New York?

A: All doors in NYC warp (especially if they’re oversized) and new yorkers ain’t takin’ it no more.

They say things like, “Don’t even think about selling me your cheap warping doors.”

If you ask any New York door company if they have any door they can sell you a NYC door that doesn’t warp, the standard reply is, “Yes, but if I tell you, I’d have to build one with door core from SingCore.”

The last thing you want in your exterior door in upstate New York, is for it to warp and twist not long after installation, compromising your separation from the elements. Oh, sure, you can call the door man to come and fix your warped door, but what you really want is a door that doesn’t fail. Hello?

Although warp-free doors are enjoyed by their end-users by reducing or eliminating door maintenance costs, the door contractors in New York are a little less pleased as they are losing a great deal of their door maintenance contracts.

So, if you’re looking for a new exterior door, it might be a good idea to alternative doors that eliminate the need for extraneous maintenance occurring during changes of the seasons in New York, eliminating the need for door repair NYC.

And you might like to know that since SingCore doors are lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound, we are helping make door installation NYC a breeze. And there’s change in the breeze permeating the greater New York area, spreading through Boston doors and could be raising the bar for every New Jersey door.

Large sliding manhattan door best new york door NYC doors penthouse crane

Check out the warp-free wood doors springing up everywhere throughout the greater New York area. Though you might find these revolutionary warp-free wood doors in a high-end New York museum, mansions, high rise condo, penthouse, or luxury spa in Manhattan, more and more you find warp-free sliding doors popping up in residences and townhouses all over New York, available from your favorite New York sliding door company and asking for non-warping SingCore inside.

The hottest new custom doors NYC have SingCore inside as well as even more doors of New York and ultimately the best door in Manhattan that outperforms any traditional door in New York.

Sing custom wood doors New York are available from your favorite New York door store or New York sliding door company.

Shouldn’t your New York door have SingCore inside?

Want to see a door with SingCore inside? Consider stopping by a recent Manhattan installation site.

Also New York room dividers and temporary walls increasingly feature SingCore inside, not unlike the museum walls inside this art gallery in Brooklyn, New York. You can’t even travel via the John F. Kennedy International Airport without finding SingCore inside.