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Sing Panels with Plumbing and Wire Chase

sing-panel-horizontal-embedded-cable-chase-wire-chase-plumbing-chaseCustom Sing Panels can be manufactured to your architectural specifications which may include special chases for plumbers to route hot and cold water feeds via plumbing or electricians to run electrical wiring, communications and security through a patented Sing panel.

Surface mount conduit and exterior chases can be added to Sing panels as they are, though many users of our patented insulation reinforced torsion box core prefer to use embedded wiring chase of for water supply pre-installed plumbing chase.

Embedded Chases

Embedded chases can be placed at specified locations prior to manufacturing your Sing panel to meet the specific requirement of the job at hand, accommodating communications center needs or the special needs of inplant offices, clean rooms, temporary warehousing, watch towers, guard shacks, portable classrooms, spa expansions, home theaters or any application where running utilities, like electricity, wiring and/or cables or plumbing inside and through your Sing panel may be advantageous.

Common horizontal chases are specified at 16 inches and 45 inches from the base, while the most common location for a vertical chase is in the center of the Sing panel. Regardless, every Sing panel is custom manufactured in our factory, and we can have your wire chase or plumbing pre-installed within your panels at any location specified.

How to Specify Wire Chase Locations

sing-panel-embedded-cable-chase-wire-chase-plumbing-chaseIt is easy to have your embedded chases pre-installed at the proper locations. All you have to do is to be certain to disclose the precise locations and sizes of your wire chase (plumbing chase or cable chase). We will provide you with an architectural drawing of your panel before your custom Sing panel is built for you to confirm the chase’s location.

No Loss of R Value

To preserve the R-value of your Sing panel it is advisable to have the cable chase filled with spray foam insulation after pulling the wires or routing the plumbing through the embedded channels. Likewise, if a channel is not used, it should also be filled with foam insulation prior to final assembly, unless insulation properties are not necessary for your application.

Panel Chase Options

Although many options abound for electricians and plumbers to install access to services, another popular method includes running cable, wire and plumbing through panel connectors that run the length of your standard Sing panels, or alternatively running services through the floor.

Many creative options are available for adding access to water, electricity and communications without having the necessity of pre-installed chases being embedded in your Sing panels.

Economy Chase Options

An emerging value-minded approach to inexpensive reinforced structural insulated panels is to obtain two economy 1.5 inch Sing Panels. Prior to gluing them together to make a single 3 inch panel, simply router out where you want your chase channel to be, then adhere the two panels together. This is an inexpensive option discovered by price conscious tiny house builders.