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Sing Core Referral Program Pays $500+

Sing Core Referral Program

Introducing the Sing Core referral program. After you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a special tracking code which enables you to invite others to take advantage of either of two offers which appeal to separate target audiences.

Referral Program Pays $500+

refer-a-friendWhen our affiliates refer a customer to Sing Core via their coded link, we track your referral for 90 days. If your referral submits a price quote at any time within 90 days of your click, you get full credit for that sale, after the product(s) have been paid for and received by the client.

There are two Sing Core affiliate opportunities. 

#1 – Promote Sing Doors and/or Panels

#2 – Make $500 for Recruiting Sing Mfg

#1 – Promote Sing Doors and/or Panels

Pays $500 or 10% (whichever is greater) per first time sale made by first-time buyer.
Sing Doors and Panels are the only Eco-friendly lightweight (1/3 or less the weight of other wood-based products) and high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) made with Sing Core inside which are high precision (+/- .006 in.) and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, regardless of the size (could be huge).
Primarily used in high-end residential (multimillion-dollar homes), military applications, security, commercial, industrial, and scientific industries.
Affiliates paid on client’s first order, following shipment and receipt of order.

#2 – Make $500 for Recruiting Sing Furniture Maker

Pays $500 per person recruited as a Sing Furniture Manufacturer.
Sing Furniture Makers are home-based businesses. The incorporate the basic woodworking skills of local craftspeople to assemble, sell, and distribute patented Sing furniture made of modular furniture components.
Participants desiring to participate in the Sing Furniture Maker Program, pay $4,000 for kit to start, affiliate gets paid $500 for referring new Sing Furniture Maker. Sing Furniture Makers gets $12,000 (or more) worth of furniture to assemble and get paid, as many times as they want, with new incentives to pay less or make more along the way.
3 to 4 weeks delivery. Referral fee paid following receipt of kit by SFM.

Contact Sing Core

Whether you are participating in our referral Reward Program or acting as a Sing Core Customer Representative, you must contact Sing Core prior to referring or representing to ensure that you receive the proper credit for your efforts.




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Your Turn to Earn with Sing Tiny House

Make Money While You Sleep

In keeping with their commitment to make the world a better place and support local economies, Sing Core is inviting you to join the team for a better world by promoting their patented Eco-friendly lightweight, insulated building material that is stronger than steel pound for pound.

This revolutionary material can be used to build and entire house, everything inside and out of your home (see the many applications).

How Does It Work?

Simply sign up for a referral account and we will keep track of the results from your social media, facebook, twitter, web site and blog links as you help us to spread the word about Sing Core. Any time one of your people clicks through your coded link on our web site, you will be credited. When they make a purchase, you will be awarded 10% of the sale.

Your referral will be tracked for 30 days to ensure that you are credited with 10% of the sale. You can view your stats live in your referral-area at Sing Core and we will be announcing your successful campaigns discretely. For more information, see: How it Works Your could even earn a Free Tiny House.

Easy: Have Fun – Get Paid

Using you multi-media skills, you can tell the world about Sing Panels to build Tiny Houses. The Sing Tiny House is a big ticket item. You could easily earn a week’s worth of income from a single sale by referring Sing Core via your Internet marketing efforts.

It is easy because you are promoting the easiest way to build the strongest, lightweight, Eco-friendly home, plus: We’re offering 50% Off to the buyers ensuring the best product at the best price.

Because we want everyone to be able to have a Sing Tiny House, regardless of socio-economic status, we’ve initiated a 24 month interest-free layaway program with a s little as 5% down; making it even easier, leading to higher conversion rates, which helps the world and your pocketbook.

Click here for more information on our Referral Program.