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Big Warp-free Perfect Curves On Top of the World

What do you want in your door to be straight and true, keenly and perfectly curved, or to reach the highest heights?

Sing Core enables architects and designers to see their creative ideas come to life, especially in terms of making the largest contemporary modern doors, out of any material you want, and (here’s the best part), be guaranteed to be true flat and warp-free for 50 years.

Big does not have to mean heavy, nor does it mean that you have to fear that your magnificent creation will fail due to warp. No need to worry, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending warp-free large architectural door solutions.

Big Warp-free Doors

The fact is, nobody can make an Eco-friendly lightweight door that is stronger than steel and can be guaranteed not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. Not unless it has Sing Core inside.

Look how perfectly straight these big doors are.

Perfectly Curved Doors?

But what if your creative juices got flowing and you dreamed of having a perfectly curved door?

At first blush, you might think that was the absolute opposite of a warp-free door, but the designer is dead serious about the curve in this door remaining just as accurate and true over time. Look at this perfectly curved door.

Even if curved, Sing Core can guarantee this door to keep its curvature over time, guaranteed for 50 years.

Sing Doors Reach the Highest Door Height in America

Top floor of One World Trade Center has "Sing Core inside."

If that wasn’t enough, you will find the tallest doors on the top floor of the tallest building in the United States of America reaching the highest height on the 89th floor of World Trade Center One’s Freedom Tower in New York, NY.

14' Tall Oak Doors in One World Trade Center

The creation of these doors were entrusted to inventor Peter Sing’s True Flat Team to create these one of a kind warp free tall pivot doors which are proudly made in America as our commitment to exercise our individuality and pride in American ingenuity.

Whether your vision start from the ground up or reaches for the stars, Sing Core can help you get from here to there, guaranteed for 50 years.

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The Best Large Doors in the World



Built to last centuries, guaranteed for 50 years





Sing Core helps the best door companies, architects, and millworks build the best doors.  Doors with Sing Core inside are built to last centuries, and they are guaranteed for 50 years.

We are proud to provide one of the longest lists of happy customers in the world.  All of those customers now possess the most prestigious large size doors, which are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

14' Tall Oak Doors in One World Trade Center

Reaching for the stars from the tallest doorway heights of the tallest building in the USA

The most successful, biggest, best, and most well-known door companies and millworks in America rely on Sing Core to provide them with the lightweight warp-free door cores that can support extreme over-sized doors, accommodate added materials (for sound proofing or fire rating), and offer strength ratings which are, pound for pound, stronger than steel.

Sing Core could not make such claims, unless we backed up our words with the highest performance results in the industry.


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You can rest assured that your door with Sing Core inside will forever be the best investment you will make, with many years of sustained performance and sustainability.

Eco-friendly Sing Core is fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control.








The best doors in the world have Sing Core inside







When you’re looking at an extravagant large pivot door, sliding door, pocket door, or an elegant French door that towers over your head, remember that we don’t build doors.


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We get calls everyday from homeowners wanting to add Sing Doors to their own homes, magnificent over-sized, large doors like the ones they see on our Website or in the most luxurious, over the top, locations all over the world, where Sing Core doors have been finished and installed. We do not do this, because we do not finish or install the doors. Only the best door companies in the world do this. You need to contact your favorite door company.

What we do is to supply the best millworks and door manufacturers, and the most prestigious architects in the United States with our handcrafted warp-free custom door blanks, ready to finish and install.  Their expert finishing touches are a major part of why doors with Sing Core Inside look so beautiful.  Without their expertise, Sing Core looks just like plain wood panel.

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Homeowners who would like Sing Core doors in their own homes can contact an architect or millwork to order, finish, and install the doors for them.







What Makes Sing Core Doors Different?






We have the best patented and patent-pending methods to create the largest, most lightweight, most insulated Eco-friendly most doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.  Sing Core uses the only door manufacturing methods which can deliver these extreme results in the largest, most high precision modern doors featuring any contemporary material, because conventional large wood grain doors are prone to warping and a host of other problems, including excess weight.







How Do You Build a Sing Door?







If you’re a custom door manufacturer, you start with a Sing Core door blank and build your large pivot door, large sliding door, large pocket door, or huge French door just like you would any other door that you build. Having Sing Core warp-free door substrate inside your door makes all the difference in the world.

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Our modular door system is by far the best in the world!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 25-Foot-Door-Unfinished-large-huge-sliding-door-scale.jpg

Before finishing

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is finished-large-tech-firm-hu.jpg





We aren’t able to show the final door because of copyright information.


One of a Kind Sing Doors






Keep in mind that no two doors with Sing Core inside are exactly the same (except in the case of large bulk door orders).

Every door with Sing Core inside features a uniquely engineered base door material which is manufactured to exacting standards taking into account all the details of the application associated with each door.






Attention to Detail






Attention to detail is the method of ensuring that each Sing Door can be guaranteed for flawless performance and longevity by taking into account where the door will reside when it is installed. What will the climate conditions be? Will it be installed inside, outdoors, or will it be a front door with one side exposed to the elements and the other to the structure’s interior?


Will your large exterior door be facing North, South, East, or West? What materials will be used on the exterior of the door? Will the surface material need to match other doors featured in the project?

Large over-sized wooden doors present their own set of challenges because every different species of wood grain has its own propensity to shift with changes environmental changes, like temperature and humidity.  Sing Core inside as well as the stiffening and anti-warp configuration in the door substrate will have to be uniquely matched to any difference in door size.







Sing Core is not a one size fits all solution







That’s why you find Sing Doors featured inside the most expensive homes, commercial, and industrial locations in the United States and around the world.


It’s no easy job to make a warp-free large door, especially if it is door of enormous proportion which needs to remain dimensionally stable and warp-free over time, but as the most prestigious millworks and custom door manufacturers already know, Sing Core is the only way these results can be achieved.







Sing Core Solved the Problem







Sing Core has solved all of the problems associated with manufacturing large over-sized doors of all kinds.  Door designers and engineers no longer have to deal with the problems of weight to strength ratios, or having to worry about how to transport, handle, or install large heavy doors.

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Doors with Sing Core inside are not only lighter in weight than other solid core doors but they are high precision (hosting .006 inch tolerances) and stronger than steel (660 PSI or more) pound for pound.







How Can You Get a Sing Door?







All you have to do is to go to your favorite custom door manufacturer or local millwork and tell them what kind of door you want being sure to tell them you want,








“Sing Core inside your door.”








We will work with them hand-in-hand to design the perfect door to your specifications.


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With Sing Core
You Can Have Your
Dream Door






Make your door dreams come true with Sing Core inside your door.