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Best Wood Veneer Substrate

One of the most unique design elements in contemporary architecture and design includes the use of wood veneer as an artistic outlet and creative expression as an alternative to solid wood. Doing so increases unique design characteristics exponentially, due to nearly unlimited matching options to create a one-of-a-kind wood grain Objet d’art as a feature presentation piece. Not only is wood veneer just as beautiful as solid wood, but it is a green approach to modern building and design due to the responsible use of natural wood grains.

High-end millworks who specialize in the most exclusive veneer work for the least cost inhibited clientele must have not only the artistic eye but have a keen sense of detail and a great deal of expertise to create one of these masterpieces flawlessly, and they have many methods that they use to assemble and manufacture the veneer while maintaining strength, precision, and to guarantee the overall performance over time for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Woodworkers who take on veneer projects must use a substrate to apply the veneer to. Particleboard and plywood are the most common for general use though they may not meet the needs of more discerning clients. Cabinet-grade plywood and MDO are considered upgrades to particleboard and standard-grade ply. And most upscale millworks prefer the smooth surface of MDF to adhere their veneer to.

When using thin veneers, the smallest imperfections in the substrate are magnified on the surface area, so most high-quality jobs are cross-banded for a more satisfactory and natural overall appearance.

In basic cabinetry and furniture making, these are reasonable solutions for substrate due to there being plenty of reinforcement and supporting structure throughout the piece.

Architects and designers who have experience with creating veneer art realize that there are limitations when using veneer designs when factoring in size. If a piece features a span greater than 8 feet in any direction, many challenges begin to arise when trying to manifest the artist’s vision in the real world.

The most common obstacles to creating large spanning veneer projects, like large doors or conference room tables, are heavy weight, decreased dimensional stability, and increase surface flaws.

Surface flaws become apparent anywhere there may be a seam in the substrate material. Carefully pre-finishing and treating the surface material will conceal the seams upon creation of the piece, but any movement in the piece may expose the seam which will become immediately apparent on the surface area and may lead to delamination of the surface material, resulting in product failure.

The country’s biggest and best veneer artists and architectural door manufacturers know that there is an alternative for veneer projects of large to massive size, and for their most important projects they specify Sing Core as the best wood veneer substrate.

The Best Wood Veneer Substrate

For years, since inventor Peter Sing introduced his patented Sing Core to millworks and high-end large door manufacturers, his veneer substrate has been the flawless answer to the questions and challenges facing architects and designers who have overcome the obstacles to long spanning veneer designs.

This unique hybrid composite core consists of a small (2 to 3 inch) metric torsion box made of vertical wood grain fiber, where the cell voids are filled with rigid foam sandwiched between smooth MDF faces for an incredibly lightweight and dimensionally stable high precision base for veneering.

Sing’s core is so substantial that it sports tolerances of +/- .006 in. and is guaranteed not to warp, bend twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.

With such a high-precision non-warping substrate, seams will not fail due to movement, and the longevity of the beauty of your creation is preserved over time.

This is the answer that the millworks and veneer shops have been looking for to address the inherent problems associate with large spanning veneer projects for clients who demand the best and will not settle for less.

Therefore, Sing Core is considered the best veneer substrate in the world, and why it can be found inside the most expensive and oversized veneer artistry in multi-million-dollar estates, corporate and industrial projects, museums, and ultra-chic installations.

If your veneer project requires flawless excellence, high precision, and long fail-free service life, you should use the best veneer substrate, so that you and your clients can rest assured because there is Sing Core inside.


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The Secret Disclosure of Non-warping Wood vs. Veneers Revealed

Lowes Home Improvement Sing Core pre built torsion box panels Pro DeskWe are so excited to disclose the details of the secrets that we have discovered enabling some of our finest clients to achieve the highest performance in large wood stave products guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

The reason the secret has never been revealed before is due to it never being possible to create a perfectly straight large wood stave product. Wood will move (warp) or fail due to its nature; that is, until we accomplished creating non-warping products for two of our most exclusive clients.

Wood Veneer

Lightweight wood veneer torsion box substrate high strength Lowes Home ImprovementPrior to this, wood veneer was the only option for even hoping to have a mostly flat surface, but this is still an issue when attempting to cover a long span. For instance, in an oversize large wooden table or oversized wood door, if warping is a concern, wood veneer adequately deals with the tendency of thicker wood grain surface material to move and vary over time and distance.

While wood veneer is handy, it will not survive damage very well and may not be repairable, like a solid wood stave.

We understand the advantages and nature of all types of veneers while working hand-in-hand with the veneer industry.

The Problem

Two separate clients from different locations of the United States sought us out to solve this problem:

Large doors that are often extremely heavy and often fail due to the excessive weight causing strain on the hardware and structure and warping compromising the door’s sealing capabilities.

architects-material-suuportBoth clients expected a lightweight solution that was not only as warp-proof as possible but could maintain the highest degree of tolerance for flatness across the surface area. They were servicing high-end customers who understand the limitations of traditional building materials yet enthusiastically willing and able to finance the discovery of new methods to provide a no-fail solution.

The Solution Case Study

In these recent scenarios, one client requested solid mahogany wood stave while the other desired stainless steel 12 ft. x 10 ft. true flat doors. Both present their own share of challenges.

We were honored to take on the challenges – as we have always been when helping all our clients – and never more excited to know that we had overcome the challenges and achieved an entirely new level of high precision and high performance. So high, in fact, that even we had never attempted such a high standard challenge before.

sitting on large 12 ft x 10 ft mahogany pivot door in factory

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high precision doors laser accuracyThe Results

We were able to produce high performance lightweight doors that were stronger than steel pound for pound, had the highest tolerance (the core approximately within .006 inch) and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years!

That creates a new standard for the most precision high performance large doors made of hardwood or any other flat building material.

The Secret Revealed

Sing core torsion box plywood lowes home improvement warehouseThe only way we could have achieved such high precision and high performance is due to the secret ingredient in the door’s core material: Sing Core. With patented Sing Core in the heart of these doors we were able to achieve these unprecedented standard results.

The secret of Sing Core lies in its unique reinforced vertical grain torsion box honeycomb core. There is no other Eco-friendly honeycomb panel material made in the USA that is lightweight, so strong (660 PSI) and can traverse long spans with little or no deflection. See comparison.

Secret Infused Applications

The-Louvre-Pyramid-Museum-Paris-FranceNow that we have achieved the results that were previously not possible by any known building technology, it is easy to see that a door could also be a wall. Laid flat; could be a floor, ceiling, roof, table or countertop.

How could you apply this technology to other applications?

Sustainable Longevity

Using patented Sing Core in practically anything can add life to products and projects that previously had a relatively short life expectancy were disposable and created a high demand on waste resources.
Consider using Sing Core in your next project for a better world.

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Veneer Companies Manufacturers Sales

Sing Core is a committed supporter of the veneer industry as we work closely with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as being the most impressive substrate ever invented for the lamination of wood veneers. It’s as if Sing Core and the veneer industry are almost inseparable.

As patented Sing Core becomes more prevalent throughout the world of engineered plywood and high-end lightweight composites, the best architects and millworks rely on Sing Core to deliver a laminated veneer product that is lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

Sing Core has the unique ability to deliver a wood veneer panel that can be more than 40 ft. long and 10 ft. wide (limited only by transportation method) that is lighter in weight (the veneer accounts for 90% of the total weight), stronger than steel pound for pound (can reach over 1000 PSI) and proudly massively sustainable – designed to last for centuries – using our true green technology.

True flat Sing veneer panels are true flat, not just at the time of delivery but will stay flat for life guaranteed. Sing Core substrate can be hot or cold pressed to achieve or exceed your required or desired specifications. Only

Sing veneer wood panels can be warranted against bend, warp, twist, cup or rot as are constant issues associated with wood veneer products.

High-end users of veneer may need Sing Core. Tell me more …

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