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Hot Press Veneer Professionals

Hot Press Veneer Professionals are More Successful and Profitable with Sing Core

For years, Sing Core has been providing high-end local and nationwide hot press veneer professionals with premium core material that eliminates the need for crossbanding.

Let’s face it, nothing can compete with the beauty and elegance of a perfectly hot-pressed panel, and for that sweet-spot in the marketplace, those clients that demand the best and are willing to pay for it. The manufacturers and millworks that have Sing Core inside their hot-pressed products are making bank by specializing in these ultra-high-end projects.

Hot Press Veneer Professionals

From the Inventor of Sing Core

Sing Core Inventor Peter Sing

Sing Core Inventor Peter Sing

I get asked by hot press veneer shops, if we are in competition with them? And the answer is, “No.” Even though we are specified by architects all over the country in large veneer projects, and mostly in huge veneer doors, we do not do the veneer. What we do is to provide our substrate to the best hot press veneer professionals we know. If a contractor contacts us first because we were spec’d on the job, we have him tell us which veneer company he wants us to work with, and my team is willing to help match up the best material and veneer services if they ask us for their advice, and that’s what we do.

I have invented patented and patent-pending solutions for high precision veneer projects that take the pain out of the challenges normally associated with big, long-spanning high-end jobs, anywhere from the San Francisco MOMA to the top of the World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower.

The top reasons the architects specify Sing Core is because

  1. We use only the best hot-press veneer companies to apply the best veneers, because I understand that doing veneering really great is an art, and we suggest only using the best artist, as you would on any important project.
  2. My company does what we do best, that is to provide the best substrate for veneer specialists to lay high quality veneer with the best guarantees in the woodworking industry.
  3. The people and companies that I work with are the best in their field and they don’t have to worry anymore about if this will work or how to solve problems associated with weight, dimensional stability, warping, or long lifespan. We’ve spent years in R&D to make sure that the biggest doors in the world do not have to warp anymore, and the biggest door companies trust me to make it so. In the last 10 years, they have not reported a single failed door, even including doors of immense size. Not one.
  4. My core is stronger than steel pound for pound and less than 1/3 the weight of doors made of solid wood core. Sing Core provides a high precision strong full bonding surface for veneering to that is so smooth crossbanding is not required. How high precision? Try +/- .oo6 inch, compare that to any other core material.
  5. Sing Core has insulation for enjoying warmth in Winter and cool Summers, is sound deadening for peace and quiet, and more dimensionally stable than other type of core such as foam core, honeycomb core, wood-based core.

You may not see everything we do because it is hidden deep inside the door or panel, but it’s there and many people can sleep soundly at night knowing that we have done all the hard work in advance, so that you don’t have to worry about endless maintenance calls.

I am so proud of my invention, that I put my name on it: Sing Core

~ Peter Sing

What makes a hot-pressed panel worth so much more with Sing Core inside?

Architects are increasingly specifying their large high-end hot pressed veneer panelized walls, features, and doors have Sing Core inside (accounting for about one-third of all our products which are sent to the greater New York-area). The contractors generally contact Sing Core directly first, due to being specified. Though Sing Core does not actually do the veneering. Sing Core provides the high precision substrate that is shipped 3,000 miles from the manufacturing location in Washington State, to the high end millwork in New York (or wherever the nearest hot press specialist is near the construction site) to do the veneering there.

You will find Sing Core inside high-end hot pressed veneered ceilings, walls, floor, and doors in the most demanding architectural designs and projects.


Why must architects and designers go through such an unusual process to meet the needs of these high production and precision projects? According to those who are specifying and using Sing Core in their projects,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

Large Size Concept Consideration

In an age when the biggest projects often include large spanning surface areas wrapped in beautiful wood veneer, the large scope of such a project is problematic. You are dealing with immense spans of material which is difficult to maintain straight and true, because at that size, most material will begin to move with changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental variations. Sing Core is the only known method of keeping these spans straight and true. That is why the biggest door companies use Sing Core inside their doors that are over 9 ft. tall, because it doesn’t take much movement in a large door to render it inoperable. Then you do not have a door, you have an obstacle, or a bowed wall that needs to be dealt with. This leads to Sing Core’s primary function in these huge projects,

Warp-Free Hot Pressed Veneer

Particularly in high-end designs featuring the beauty of hot pressed veneer, the last thing you want is your project to express variances or changes. The desire is to have a completely flat surface that can span great length without warping. This is what Sing Core provides. It is the reason large doors (even extremely large doors) are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, because they have Sing Core inside.

Highest Precision

High precision is a sought-after attribute of some of the most demanding clients, and Sing Core’s high precision (+/- .006 tolerance) gives them the high end performance that your clients are willing to pay extra for.

Lightweight Veneer Panels

Hot pressed veneer panels with Sing Core inside weigh less, not much more than a hollow core panel, but feature a fully insulated warp-free solid hybrid core that is 100% surface-area bondable.

100% Surface Bondable

That means, no weak spots like you might see in honeycomb-type cores, which offer only 10% or less surface bonding area. This full-bonded surface area inside the panel eliminates delamination over time.

Fully Insulated Veneer Panels

The insulation value is important in high-end hot pressed veneer applications for both climate control and sound deadening capabilities within expansive structure designs.

Less Expensive to Deploy and Install

Keeping these hot pressed veneer panels lightweight translates to less expensive shipping, handling, and hardware. They are easier to and less expensive to transport, manage and install on site with fewer risk of injuries, even if the panel is exceptionally large.



50-Year Guarantee

The non-warping hybrid core allows large door companies to build large doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail, including delamination.

We Do Not Veneer

We always recommend using your local veneering professionals for custom veneer doors. We do not provide veneer or install it.  It is our policy to subcontract veneering jobs to the best veneering professionals in the USA.

If you offer hot-pressed veneer services or cold-press veneering to your clientele, your highest paying customers will gladly pay you more if your panels have Sing Core inside.

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Veneer Contractors and Laminators

Sing Core works to support veneer and lamination industries for critical large-scale jobs that would otherwise be too complicated to manage or may run into problems when the product begins to move.

For years, Sing Core has been providing the best veneer and lamination companies to keep their large, oversized products straight and true without fear of warping.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core

13 ft. x 1 in. thick panel without deflection

Only inventor Peter Sing’s warp-free veneer substrate can keep your veneers and laminations from warping over time. This is especially important in free-standing applications, such as temporary walls, display walls, and large doors of any size.

When your veneers or laminations are applied to any flat surface, like a wall or a floor, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to unexpected movement, but these free-standing applications are always a problem when trying to keep your product straight.

The application for which Sing Core is unsurpassed in superior performance is that of large doors. Door companies that long ago refused to make large doors due to the liability of warping not long after installation, are now making the biggest doors available to their custom clientele. That’s why architects spec Sing Core inside. See The Secret Revealed: How to Keep Large Doors Straight.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Only large doors with Sing’s patented Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including structure.

We Don’t Eat Your Lunch

At Sing Core, we are known for the elegantly beautiful huge doors that people first think of when they hear the name, Sing Core. Even though these are the products that people associate with Sing Core,

We Do Not Build Doors

We only provide the best millworks and door companies with the warp-free doors substrate. Our customers are the one’s who have our door cores finished, veneered, or laminated. We only provide the substrate. Our clients are the ones that make the doors look so amazing.

We Need You and Your Services

When an architect or contractor in your area specifies “Sing Core inside” whatever job is at hand, we do not do the veneer or laminate. We send our work to you.

We are constantly on the lookout for new laminators and veneer shops to add these materials to our core for the architects and contractors who have spec’d our material.

If It is Too Big, We Got You

If you’ve got a project that is at risk of warping in the field, we can supply you directly with our core for you to apply your materials to.

In the event that you end up taking a project that is too big for your presses, Sing Core can help you with that as well.

Extra Large Wood Stave Lamination

The one in-house lamination service that we provide to the lamination and veneer industries is to offer wood stave lamination of products that exceed the capacity of your presses, so now, you too can offer your products to your clients which are of great size.

All this, and you can pass on our 50-year warp-free guarantee to your clients.

Contact Us

Contact us if you can provide your veneer or lamination service to us on the behalf of our clients in your geographical area or if we can provide you with our warp-free substrate on the behalf of your most distinguished clientele.

Join our long list of partners across the USA. You do what you do best, combined with our doing what we do best, for the best possible outcomes in the world… Guaranteed for 50 years.


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High-end Veneer Doors

Sing Core specializes in increasing the performance, durability, and customer satisfaction in high-end veneer work in custom veneer doors of any size which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, including full structure warranty. No other method of manufacturing a large high-performance veneer door can achieve these results.

It all starts deep within the structure of any veneer door with Sing Core inside. Sing Core is the patented brainchild of inventor Peter Sing who conceived of the structure core which revolutionized the way doors were made.

Sing’s invention is basically a vertical grain torsion box core with small grid structure where the grid voids, which are usually left open in traditional torsion box, are filled with rigid foam insulation.

This composite base material is pressed between to stress skins to create Sing’s lightweight high strength high-end veneer door core.

The biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers love it, and you will find them using Sing Core inside all their high-end custom large veneer doors. And that’s why you’ll find them at the top of the tallest building in the United States of America, World Trade Center 1‘s Freedom Tower.

16' Tall Oak Doors in One World Trade Center

Telegraphing and Crossbanding

The most environmentally conscious way to create a veneer door is with a thin veneer material, such as 0.020-inch veneer. The only problem with this thin veneer is telegraphing.

It is normal to crossband veneer, which basically doubles the price of the veneer, to prevent telegraphing.

Not necessary with Sing’s super-smooth veneer door blanks. He uses his patented veneer door technology to create an extremely smooth surface to lay veneer on flawlessly by using a thin later of MDF to accommodate the lamination of a thin veneer.

Problem solved.

Large Oversized Veneer Doors

When architects spec an architectural veneer door, if it is a very large door (anything over 8 ft tall or 4 ft wide) they are far better off going with a thin wood stave surface. Wood stave consists of wood planks cut into thicknesses of 1/8 to 1/4 -inch thickness. Then this solid wood is applied to Sing’s door blanks.

Veneer is normally limited in available lengths, whereas planks of specific wood species are generally available in longer lengths. This can accommodate the long length necessary for a vertical grain veneer door design.

Plus, if it’s done right, your high-precision large wood stave door with Sing’s core inside looks just like a solid wood door. Only it weighs far less than any other solid core door, and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

And no other door can come backed with such an impressive guarantee.

Even though Sing’s doors are desired by nearly everyone, to have such a door may be cost-prohibitive for most. It is more common to find high-end veneer doors with Sing Core inside in the most expensive homes in the USA. You may find them used in scientific research, and anywhere in the world, from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and anywhere in between.

Once you’ve experienced a high-end veneer door of such magnitude, you will agree with the professionals who insist on using Sing’s patented solutions, that,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

Sing Core is the only way to build a big veneer door that can be guaranteed for 50 years. The only way.

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Veneer Door

Veneer doors are the most responsible use of natural resources because the declining supply of available natural wood grains are mediated by slicing very thin layers of grain into sheets of natural material which can be applied to a flat surface, such as plywood, panels, or used as door skins.

Most Popular Veneer Doors

While the various wood grain varieties of doors change, some veneer types are more popular than others around the USA. Right now, the two most popular wood veneer doors are,

Walnut Veneer Doors       and       Oak Veneer Doors

Walnut and oak veneers are tied for first place in the world of veneer doors, followed by maple, birch, teak, mahogany, cherry, ash, cedar, and pine veneer doors, in that order.

A veneer door is indeed beautiful, but this elegance is only skin deep. The attributes of the veneer door’s underlayment are the key which greatly enhances or diminishes the appeal of your veneer door, which is the best predictor of your veneer door’s performance over time.

Veneer is an excellent way to build a standard-sized door, but when you are reaching for door heights which pass the 8 foot mark or widths that are greater than three-and-a-half feet wide, you start running into the risk of door failure.

Even if you run into a problem with a standard sized door, it’s not too much of a problem, because factories (most offshore) are churning these out by the thousands every day. So, when your door fails, you just run down to your local hardware store and buy an inexpensive replacement door and you are back in business. This is often less expensive than hiring a millwork to service or repair your veneer door.

Large Veneer Door

Large veneer doors are an entirely different animal. These oversized doors do not come off of a conveyor belt. They are usually a one-off build by a highly skilled artisan or team of craftsmen who are building these big veneered doors according to engineered architectural specifications.

There are many things to take into consideration for a large door with a natural wood veneer on it. The first consideration is the veneer, itself. How thick is it? What will the substrate be made of? How will it be applied to the substrate. If, laminated, what is the method used, what adhesive will be applied, and how long will the lamination last, before it starts to delaminate?

Wood veneered doors are more commonly used indoors, as the thin veneer is not well-suited for exposure to the elements, such as in a large front door application. In this case, you would be better off using a thicker surface material such as an eighth to a quarter inch-thick wood stave skin (planks) for exterior doors.

Most importantly, you want to pay close attention to how the door will be made from the inside out, especially in large veneer doors over a standard 3-0 7-0 door? Why? Because they will warp. Almost any material used in building an oversized veneer door will move according to variations in the environment where the door resides.

I say, “almost,” because there is one way to build a large veneer door that will not warp.

Warp-free Veneer Door

If there’s one thing that the high-end custom veneer door manufacturers know, it’s that if it’s large and, “If it doesn’t have Sing Core inside, there’s no warranty.” Why? Because all large veneer doors move. That is to say, they warp, bend, twist, or delaminate, because they do not have Sing Core inside. All due to the movement of the door over time which breaks down all the necessary components and compromises the operation of the door.

Thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s invention of his engineered composite hybrid warp-free veneer door core, doors can be made to remain straight and true for years to come. They are also the lightest weight strongest (stronger than steel pound for pound) door blanks in the world which are also fully insulated for added sound deadening and climate control capabilities.

Even though Sing says, “We do not build doors,” he is responsible for some of the biggest most beautiful doors in the world that deliver the highest precision (Sing’s core boasts +/- .006-in. tolerances) most sustainable doors in the world with unsurpassed longevity. Each door with Sing’s core inside can be backed by Sing’s unprecedented,

50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

This is the truth. Sing guarantees his doors to remain warp-free for 50 years. He has been providing the biggest and best door companies in the nation with warp-free door core. And if you ask these door companies, “Why?” They answer,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

There is no other way to build a big veneer door that will not warp without Sing’s core. That’s why we rely on Peter Sing’s invention to deliver the goods. And, as Sing says, “If it wasn’t true. If I couldn’t do it, even once, I could never offer that guarantee again.” And he’s still here without even one warped door in ten years.

How do you get Sing Core?

Increasingly, Architects are specifying Sing Core in all their high end essential large door projects. But if you want one, all you have to do is to go to your local millwork or large custom door manufacturer, and tell them what you want, but be sure to tell them, “I want Sing Core inside,” and leave the rest up to us.

It takes a village to build a large veneered door.

Architects and engineer’s work on the concept and the design, then there are the door companies and millworks who are responsible for the hardware and finishing aesthetics, and finally fine craftsmen hang and install the door.

Your veneer door with Sing Core inside is a one of a kind work of art.

That’s why you find Sing’s core in the tallest doors in the tallest building, on the top floor of the Freedom Tower at World Trade Center in New York, and anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA).

Let us help bring your dream door to life.

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How to Make the Best High-end Veneer Doors

If you approach the most prestigious millworks in the world and ask them how to make the best high-end veneer doors in the world, you are likely to receive a response which references Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending veneer door technologies and his Master Quality Door Veneer Surfaces.

9 ft Tall Oversized Exterior Walnut Veneer Door 50 yr Guarantee

Wood veneer doors are growing in popularity due to the design features which are available in matching grain orientation on the faces of the door. The most popular orientation is called “book match” which orients leaves of veneer opened alongside each other in alternating pairs, like opening a book, where the left leaf mirrors the leaf on the right.

Book matched veneer doors are followed by “slip match” veneer doors, where the grain orientation of the leaves all face the same direction alongside one another.

There are other types of veneer matching which includes “end match,” where veneer leaves are mirrored end to end, “reverse slip match” which alternates veneer strips flipped end to end, which greatly reduces any mirroring effect, producing a more natural result. “Random match,” which shuffles all the pieces and creates a more unique succession of veneers placed side by side.

Then, there is “blueprint” which is sequential veneer from a single source to cover an entire area. Complete rooms are the most impressive when they are blueprint veneered. Some jobs include matching blueprint door skins as well. Proceed with caution, making sure there is enough source material to complete the job, and there is no room for mistakes.

Beyond these veneer matching options; special matches can be made to create a desired artistic result for high-end architectural veneer doors.

These matching capabilities are unique to veneer because veneer is sliced so thin that there is grain duplication which can be matched or mismatched according to an artist’s or designer’s vision.

High-end Large Alt-matched Walnut Wood Veneer Door

Veneer Door Problems

When tasked with bringing a veneer door to life, the production team can run into problems associated with building veneer door as specified while achieving high precision high-end results which the most demanding exclusive door clients find highly desired and valuable.

1. Perfectly Smooth Veneer Problem

High end veneer doors need to be perfectly smooth. Because the veneer skins are so thin, you will notice “telegraphing” on the skin surface. The term telegraphing refers to essentially the bleeding-through of any of the under-laying surface, which will impact the viewable surface area of the veneer.

If you apply veneer directly to a plywood surface, for instance, in the right light, you will be able to see the terrain of the plywood through the thin veneer.

In large doors, it can be extremely difficult to find a large enough piece of smooth underlayment material, so if there are seams in the material under the veneer, this would also telegraph through to the surface.

One way to achieve a perfectly smooth surface is to use LVL (which is commonly used by most standard door manufacturers underneath wood veneers) or MDF which are smooth but heavy, and both are limited in size availability. So, if your high-end veneer door is oversized (over 4 x 8 or 5 x 10) it can be impossible to find a single seamless product.

2. High Precision Veneer Problem

High precision is a moving target when approaching the design and production of a veneer door. The surface material may be elegantly fashioned, but if the product which the door is made out of has a tendency to move, then you could be in trouble when the door warps, causing inconvenience and potentially expensive regular maintenance and repairs in the field over time.

Due to the nature of standard door building technologies, the AIA allows for ¼” variances for a 7 ft. span of a door. Door manufacturers and door hardware manufacturers allow for these variances in mounting and hardware. If a door exceeds movement over ¼” along any 7 ft. span, the result is a warped door, which can easily be compromised or fail altogether.

White Oak Veneer Pivot Door 50 Yr Guarantee

Veneer Door Solutions

Thanks to Peter Sing’s True Flat Team, you can have your high-end veneer door problems solved in a way that increases your credibility as you deliver the highest results imaginable with your most particular high-end clients.

1. Perfectly Smooth Veneer Solution

Sing’s True Flat team works hand in hand with your favorite door manufacturer, millwork, or custom door manufacturer to provide a perfectly flat, smooth surface for applying your favorite veneer to.

For years, Sing’s factory located in the pristine pacific Northwest in Washington State, has been providing the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world with large smooth surfaces for applying veneers for wood doors. Sometimes Sing’s factory applies the veneers, and in other cases Sing only provides the substrate in the form of door blanks to which the door companies apply their own veneers to.

Seamless technology. Thanks to Sing’s patented veneer door core, his factory is able to provide a perfectly flat surface hosting undetectable seam(s). While seams may be unavoidable due to the large size or a particular door, Sing has the patented technology to create an unfinished door blank veneer substrate that will not move, period.

Once the substrate is prefinished and primed, seams are undetectable. While this may be of concern for other veneer door substrates, such as LVL or MDF, this is not a problem for becoming detectable later, because Sing’s veneer door substrates are built not to move, at all.

2. High Precision Veneer Solution

Sing’s patented veneer doors core substrate is built to the highest precision standards (+/- .006 in. tolerances) which means a lot to those special clients who have the highest expectations (like military, science, technology, and aerospace industries). Why not deliver this same high level of precision to your clients who deserve the best?

In fact, Sing’s veneer door blanks, whether they are pre-skinned with wood veneer or veneered by your favorite door building professional, are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Huge Maple Veneer Pivot Door 99 x 87 x 1.75 Looks Like Solid Wood

Warp-free Maple Veneer Pivot Door 99 x 87 x 1.75

50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

Sing’s veneer door blank core substrates are such a massive improvement to previous veneer door building technologies he builds his veneer door substrates to last for centuries, but guarantees each one to 50 years of fail free operation, including warpage, and full structure warranty, including veneer lamination, if his company provides the veneer lamination.

“No other company could do it!”

… is what the biggest door manufacturers in the world say, and that’s why their doors, at least their custom big veneer doors have Sing Core inside. Just like the tallest doors in the tallest building in the United States of America at One World Trade Center, your doors could reach new heights in veneer door manufacturing backed by the only 50-year Non-warp and Structure Guarantee.

How Can I Get a Sing Veneer Door?

Admittedly, says Sing, “We don’t build doors,” as they only provide the best materials to the door companies, millworks, and high-end custom door manufacturers to build the best doors. So, if you want a Sing veneer door, all you have to do is to contact your favorite door manufacturer and tell them you want, “Sing Core inside,” your veneer door.

Then Sing and his True Flat Team will work in concert with your people to provide you with the best veneer door in the world, guaranteed for 50 years.

See also: The Secret Disclosure of Non-warping vs. Veneers Revealed


Veneer Door Photos