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Big Problem in the World the Sing Solution

The big problem in the world, today, is that our world is in trouble from the basics. The strength of America is declining due to the deterioration of the basic needs of the family. 1 – Shelter, 2 – Food, and 3 – Love of family.


Inventor Peter Sing insists that shelter is the most important because without a safe and dignified place to live, the familial love has no place to grow. This homelessness or housing crisis is a growing problem in America which does not only affect the financially disadvantaged but the gainfully employed in population-dense metropolitan areas where living space is hard to come by.


It is a basic human need to have access to food, good food and nutrition is an expense that the family must be able to fulfill. In most cases, that causes the need for extra financial support, so parents work two or three jobs to support the family. With all that extra work away from home, there is less time and resourced for the third basic need,


Mr. Sing sees the declining love of family to be one of the biggest concerns for our society and fears that this will greatly affect the lives of Americans and those of our worldwide neighbors. How that will impact the future of America and the world has yet to be seen, but this is something that cannot go on ignored or neglected.

“I have a good job but have to live in my van”


Homelessness is on the rise, and we’re not just talking about financially disadvantaged. Even people with good jobs in metropolitan areas often cannot find adequate housing due to lack of space, and the less space there is in the community, the more expensive it is to live and work there.

There is a Chinese saying that home is first.

You cannot manage a country if you cannot manage your home.

Inventor Peter Sing believes that we must

1. Manage our homes first
2. Then manage the country
3. And make the world a better place to live

So, Mr. Sing is backing up his desire to help make the world a better place by offering up his Sing Core building material invention, which is mostly reserved for projects conducted by billionaires, to be included in efforts to address the housing crisis in the United States.

New ADU Policies are Paving the Way

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. These are additional living areas designated for use on a preexisting lot. Many cities, counties, and states are loosening the reigns for these alternative living spaces which is helping to ease the current housing crisis.

So, now, a homeowner could add a tiny house or some variation of a tiny home in the back yard and offer the space for rent. This helps the homeowner with their mortgage and makes housing available for someone who desperately needs it.

Mr. Sing explains,

“To rent a one-bedroom apartment downtown is $3,000-a-month or a studio is $2,500. What hard-working family provider can afford to pay so much for rent and still support and adequately have a loving environment for family? But you could afford to rent an ADU in a good neighborhood and save half or more in living expenses.”

In Sing’s scenario, everyone wins.

Homeowner Gets $

The homeowner receives regular revenue to help with the mortgage or raising his or her own family.

Renter Saves $

The ADU renter gets a place to call home that is safe, secure, and near work.

More Time for Family

This relieves enough pressure to allow both the homeowner and the renter to enjoy more time with family, and the renter need not worry about a 2-hour commute to and from work.

Having a good place to live and maximizing your living expenditures does not necessarily mean that the family will be prepared to move right into a more healthful loving relationship, but it does provide the sacred space necessary to allow such growth to take place.


A Radical Concept

Leading edge inventor of Sing Core, a lightweight high strength fully insulated building material normally reserved for use by projects spearheaded by billionaires, is priced well beyond being useful in housing solutions working class alternative housing. That is, until Sing’s latest offering.

This new approach to building flexible and expandable ADUs is getting Sing excited about making his revolutionary patented and patent-pending building materials available to the masses to address this current need in America.

Start with the Heart

Just as Sing believes that the heart of the family is the place to start in the healing of America, so it is with his radical new approach to expandable housing which is already sprinkling across the backyards of homes all over the world. In this case, the heart is the kitchen/bathroom.

Sing is proposing that the kitchen/bathroom unit is the central unit or box around which the remainder of the structure is to be built.

Add Loving Space

Around the heart (kitchen/bathroom) add as many of Sing’s boxes as you need to provide the loving space that is required by the family being provided for. Individual boxes can be added one-at-a-time as needed, or entire units can be pre-built and shipped as one set of nested boxes that telescope out side-to-side, or periscope up three or four stories.

More Space per SF

This helps deflect the issues of sprawling for space, as square footage need not be limited to the ADU structure’s footprint for Sing’s patented building material is so much lighter and stronger than any other stick-built structure that it cannot only be expanded outward but upward, many stories, without fear of buckling under the pressure.

Need more space? Add another story.

Now, you can have enough living space to accommodate a family who has the propensity to use the extra time and space to establish an interconnected loving family unit.

Rolls Royce of ADU

Sing’s product is perfect for the backyards found in upscale communities not only because it is stronger than steel and built to last, but it is the very same material used almost exclusively by billionaires. And it is only due to this unparalleled strength to weight ratio that Sing’s structures can be built quickly and can sustain many stories in height. “You cannot build a castle on the sand.” Sing Core is the strong foundation for you to build your castle.

Greater Earning Potential

It takes an out-of-the-box thinker, like Peter Sing, to take this radical new approach even another level deeper. He is opening up the opportunity for others to participate in his project as well and allowing others with the appropriate skills to crowd manufacture these revolutionary ADUs.

Check out this custom tiny house made entirely of Sing Core panels!

Click here to learn more about this unique application

Building Opportunities

Many opportunities are available for builders. Not just homebuilders, but anyone with the adequate space, tools, resources, and skills necessary to build these Sing ADUs. Sing can deliver the base materials to your location, where any skilled partner can assemble and finish the units.

Open to the Right People

This opportunity is not for everyone, only those who have the space, tools, knowledge, and skill necessary to follow through in the most competent manner. It could be a retired husband and wife, a family, or some other type of team working together for the greater good.

Sing wants to not only put his patented building materials in the hands of the people but also allow them to enjoy the financial rewards and pride of workmanship that craftspeople have when they know they have helped to create a beautiful product that help provide a beautiful home for a beautiful family and a better tomorrow for everyone.

All it Takes is an Email

That’s it. If you like this project, then like and share it around the world. And if you are compelled to contribute to this new Sing Core projects, then you can opt-in by sending an email directly to the inventor, Peter Sing at to see what part you can play in the new future of American families for a better world for us all to live in.


We are looking to empower the right people for the right jobs to see this project through. If you are, or know of, someone who would be a perfect part of this team, then please contact us as well. We are looking for

Wood Workers









Land Managers



Mortgage Finance



Please share this with your friends and let us know if there is anything we can do. We value your input.

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Emergency Quarantine Capsules

Co-vid 19 and other strains of Coronavirus are sweeping nations, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake.   The more we know about this particular illness, the more we recognizing quarantining and isolation as some of the most effective techniques in lowering the rate of transmission.  In light of increasing global need for biological containment and “social distancing” procedures, SingCore is offering up our technology for free or at cost for the benefit of the entire planet! Our patented core – when combined with veneer faces – is capable of creating simple, low cost, portable, insulated, fast built, temporary and semi-permanent structures. We envision expedited construction of emergency villages in fields or stadiums, where every quarantined individual is provided with a comfortable and economical tiny house “capsule”.

Our Newest Building Material

Inventor, Peter Sing, is offering his latest technology for building emergency quarantine capsules to help fight the battle against the coronavirus and the increasing complications associated with quarantine and looming shelter in place directives. What is this new technology?


Imagine being able to assemble an insulated weatherproof concrete mini fortress in just minutes. You can do that with Sing’s newest technology which utilizes the full potential of Sing’s patented core as well as new patent-pending manufacturing techniques.

Sing’s modular concrete panels can come pre-fabricated with pre-installed wire and water chases built in and ready to go.

Easy to Assemble

As with Sing’s other modular building systems, everything assembles quickly and easily.

Just layout the panels around the floor, tip them up and lock them into place. Slide on and anchor the roof, and you’re done.

These structural concrete panels can be easily stacked and shipped from one location to another, assembled, disassembled, and reassembled as necessary, and flat packed for storage when not in use.

Our Proposal

SingCore is capable of mass producing 2’x8′ veneer panels in quantity.  At less than 1/3rd the weight of wood, our ultra strong panels can be easily transported to sites in need of emergency shelters.

With simple tools and some basic skills, such as the ability to nail or screw 1″ thick wood together, volunteers or construction professionals will be able to put together a single capsule in 10 – 20 minutes.  The modular nature of our designs means you have the ability to make structures exactly the size you need.

SingCore is willing to provide economical panels at the cost of producing them at our facility in Sunny McCleary, Washington. We are also willing to share our proprietary technology with other manufactures or volunteers, provided they furnish us with a written contract limiting use of SingCore to disaster relief situations.


Low Cost and Environmentally Friendly

SingCore’s veneer panels are so cheap and effective because of their sparing use of natural materials. Less than 10% of the actual panel is wood, yet the total construction is stronger than steel pound for pound. Using an aerospace inspired patented and patent pending design, we are able to maximize the natural strength of veneer. And, at the same time, allow maximal room for internal insulation.

Sing veneer core leverages the ultra efficient production methods veneer manufacturing to reduce waste. Unlike lumber, which is sawn and produces mountains of saw dust waste, veneer is shaved from the log, by a saw that works like a giant pencil sharpener. Veneer produces almost no waste, and is very energy efficient to produce.

Internally, our 3.5 R / inch to 6.5 R / inch insulation value comes from recycled and recyclable light weight foam.


Fits the Need at Hand

For production efficiency and speed to the field, SingCore proposes to mass produce 2′ x 8′ panels as a raw material. These panels are suitable for fast construction on site in to a number of much needed structures, including:

  • Modular external emergency shelter
  • Indoor or outdoor “quarantine capsules”
  • Privacy walls
  • Examination rooms
  • Room within a room

SingCore quarantine capsules allow you to turn existing factory space, sports arenas, fields, warehouses, gyms, or literally any indoor or outdoor space in to an instant network of private rooms. With the goal of preventing infectious disease, the lightweight, high strength nature of the panels means safe and strong structures can be assembled with no structural engineering or construction skill.

Accessible by the “every man,” a great option is to choose SingCore quarantine capsules for families with one or more sick individuals.  A family could then build a mini room in or outside of their home to quarantine the sick within the family unit itself.


We Need Your Help

SingCore is ready and waiting with the technology and the ability to put our panels in mass production. Our hope is to use leverage our ground breaking technology to save our children and our children’s children, from undue suffering and sickness.

But we can’t do it alone! We need your support to start production. This includes:

  • Direct funding for panels at cost
  • Donations of materials
  • Volunteers to manufacture panels and construct quarantine capsules around the country
  • Manufactures willing to implement an emergency capsule production line

No contribution is too small. Contact SingCore today, and see how you can help mitigate this pandemic, and all future pandemics to come.


What Separates Sing Panels from Competing Products?


[table id=8 /]

Lightweight panels allow for easy transport

Lightweight panels allow for easy transport

Uncompromising Portability

Virus outbreaks and other unforeseeable crises often require fast evacuation.  Because Sing Panels can be customized to fit nearly any footprint, yet they can be assembled and disassembled with little to no effort, they are the ideal building material for structures that can be moved and transported in a moments notice.

Tiny houses using Sing Panels are so light they can be transported anywhere even with the smallest vehicles on the market.

Whether floods, hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, the Coronavirus, or other viruses, you may need to pack up and move in an instant.  We have the solutions you need to get out of a crowded area before disaster strikes.  For building small living spaces, our panels offer you the strongest, most stable, lightest weight, easiest to work with system on the market.  And because our panels are so light compared to any competing product, you can stack, pack, and rack them for the most hassle-free handling, whether you are assembling, transporting, or storing them.  Now, with Sing Panels, you can accommodate living situations that would not be achievable with any other building material.  There has never been a better time to carry out your tiny house plans than now!


Better than an RV

The standard go to for getting out of town in emergencies is the RV.  In side by side comparisons, Sing Panel methods come out ahead every single time.  First, an RV can’t be modified.  The original footprint of the RV is what you are stuck with for life.  Since Sing Panels are modular, you can build any size, any shape to fit in any area, for any number of residents.  Second, customizability is king.  No system is more customizable than Sing Panels.  You can have any skin.  You can paint them any color.  You can also adapt them for any sort of hardware.  With an RV, you are stuck with only what is available from the manufacturer.  Sing Panels go where no RV has gone before.  RV’s are limited to traveling on roads.  Because Sing Panels can be assembled and disassembled with ease, you can take them places you could never reach with an RV.

two story foldable tiny house

two story foldable tiny house

Beating the Coronavirus

The only way to beat the Coronavirus is by maintaining the appropriate distance, 6 feet or more in social settings.  But there are many people with compromised immune systems who must take even greater precautions.  They may have to maintain greater distances and live away from people who are potentially affected.  It is also important that people who become infected live away from others in an isolated setting.  This is called “isolation” and there is no better way to experience “isolation” than in a tiny house built with Sing Panels.  With these panels, you can build any size structure to accommodate all of your needs.  You can install running water or electricity.  You can combine structures to create bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.  Just because there is a virus outbreak, does not mean you have to stop living.  You can still live in style while this whole problem blows over.


Help Where it is Most Needed

Because our panels are lighter weight, thus easier to handle and transport, you are able to ship and transport them to various areas, across the country, even across the world.  They can also be moved to remote areas where larger vehicles can’t even go, by using 4-wheelers and trailers.  They can even be carried by hand.  This would be nearly impossible with many other types of building materials.

In many cases, the Coronavirus has pushed people into taking drastic measures.  People are advised to flee the most crowded areas and dwell in spots where they have little to no contact with other people.  This means constructions sites might be further off the beaten path, even in remote areas of the forests or mountains.  Because of the increased strength, dimensional stability, durability, and lightweight nature of our panels, they can be much more easily brought into those areas for assembly.

When you use Sing Panels, you have the peace of mind that you can build your structures wherever you want to, whenever you need to, allowing you the absolute best possible projection from Coronavirus.


100% Handmade in the USA

What’s even better, all SingCore products are 100% Handmade in the USA by our skilled, dedicated workers.  This means anything you purchase from us will go 100% toward helping the US economy.  Instead of sending money overseas or helping to outsource the jobs of hard working Americans.

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Tiny House TV Show

Build your Tiny House out of Sing Core and join us on our next Tiny House TV Show!

Maybe it’s your turn to be the new tiny house TV sensation. If you want to join us on our next Tiny House TV show, all you have to do is to purchase your Sing Tiny House Kit in the month on August and let us know you want to be on the TV show.

You can be the next star of tiny house TV show with Sing Core.

We’re looking to show the world how fast and easy it can be to build a tiny house using Sing Core, and demonstrate how downsizing from the unsustainable excess of full sized homes is an effective and earth-friendly approach to living your best life.

If you’re really interested in living a more responsible lifestyle in your Sing tiny house and you would like to be featured on our next upcoming TV show, let us know.

We’d like to help you share and tell your tiny house story to the world for a better tomorrow.

Contact us and let us know you would like to be on the next Tiny House TV Show.

The Sky’s the Limit

If you’re ready to pull the trigger, we’ll help to make sure your Tiny House adventure is a hit, and we will make it as quick, easy and painless on you as possible. You want this to be a great TV show, and so do you.

We want to empower you to share your tiny house story with the world via our television show.

The world is primed, as we are receiving calls from around the world from people, just like you, who want to be the change we’d like to see in the world.

Celebrate your reduced carbon footprint with us on our next national and international TV show and let your GREEN flag fly.

Select from any of our Tiny House Kits (which are on sale for half-price, right now) or, make all your tiny house dreams come true with a custom tiny house build. Either way, your DIY tiny house can help to set the pace for a better world through living simply.

Tiny house living is a radically new approach to living a better life through downsizing.

There’s no better time to build your tiny house than right now and start having a positive impact on the world which we all share.


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How to Build a Tiny House Photos

There are many ways to build a Sing Tiny House. Here’s an step-by-step example of a highly energy efficient tiny house with R-27 walls being built from scratch.


How to Build a Tiny House Photos

3X Sing Tiny House Completed

24 Sing Core Tiny House floor plan

Fill out my online form.

Tiny House News

See Also:


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Shop Tiny House

Breaking News

Sing Core took the Seattle Home Show by storm in 2019 by introducing a new concept in Tiny House building and design. This year Sing Core rolled out a two-and-a-half story tiny house that would be too tall to transfer via public highways. That is, unless the top folded down upon itself so as to offer ease of transport without having to get special transport of permits.

Dimensions: 10′ x 16′, 14′ tall, folds to 10′ tall

Price: $39,000.00

50% off Show Model: $19,500.00

(contact Ivan at (360) 495-3577)

Just move to wherever you want your new multiple story tiny house and unfold the top. Can you do more that two-and-a-half stories with your tiny house? Only if you use lightweight high strength Sing Core inside your structure can you raise your tiny house to the sky. Small tiny house footprint many times the living space. Any time you want to expand, all you have to do is add another story to your existing tiny house.

You may enjoy our Seattle Home Show 2019 specials, and get a two-and-a-half story tall tiny house or our single slant roof tiny  house to have for your own enjoyment.

Prices for pick up only, may be delivered by tilt-bed trailer at extra charge.

Dimensions: 8’6 x 14’5, 10′ tall

Price: $19,500

50% off Show Model: $9,750.00
(contact Ivan at (360) 495-3577)

These are our most popular requests for Tiny House panels. The basic sets of Sing Panels are standard for these particular sizes. The kits include all panels necessary for a single-story tiny house for floor, walls and roof (roof does not have roofing material). Additional Sing Panels for interior room separation(s), cabinetry or countertops are not included in the following kits. Plans and designs are also not included; it is assumed that you, your architect or contractor already have the design and features worked out.

We love the Tiny House movement and offer our high-end Sing Panels at an incredible discount in support of all Tiny House dreamers and builders but do not provide R&D services. If you have any questions see our Tiny House FAQ where you will find the answers to the most common questions

SingCore Tiny Houses are well insulated, lightweight, and stronger than any other tiny house on the market. The open space interior allows you to determine your own layout.

Large Tiny Home

Our Tiny House measures 10 foot wide by 16 foot long by 16 foot tall. The upper walls fold down so that even on a trailer the entire unit is under 14’, allowing it to be towed with ease on the highway and maneuvered in tight spaces. It allows you to maintain a smaller footprint on Earth, turning 160 ft2 footprint into almost 400 ft2 of livable space by simply adding a loft on the upper floor. Four upper floor awning windows open to let the breeze through, while seven double-hung windows throughout the home let in plenty of light and offer screened airflow for summertime comfort. The interior windows are trimmed with solid mahogany, with lightweight SingCore stools at each of the awning windows providing plenty of space to set plants.

The interior and exterior are painted with eco-friendly primer.

Nobody else can build a 16’ tall tiny home that can be towed on the highway.

We will ship it anywhere in the United States on a tilt trailer.

Medium Tiny Home

102” x 173” exterior dimensions 117” sloping to 98” tall

Two double-hung windows (30.5” x 39.75” window in front, 35.5” x 47.5” rear window). Mahogany trim, both interior and exterior. Ondura roofing panels installed on top of synthetic roof underlayment. SingCore door installed with mahogany trim and aluminum threshold.

Benefits of using Sing Panels for tiny home construction

  • Improved insulation and reduced thermal bridging – no need for framing when using Sing Panels to construct a tiny home, so there is no thermal bridging and no need for an extra thermal break
  • Structural strength is built in to the wall
  • Fully customizable – windows, doors, spaces for ventilation can all be cut directly into the panels without compromising their overall strength
  • Specific wall thickness to adjust R value

What we sell

  • Panels
    • Build any shape
  • Already-built tiny home
    • Unfinished with no bathroom or kitchen, to be filled out how people want, loft can be added
    • 1) $9900
    • 2) $19900

8x8-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourself8 ft x 8 ft Tiny House Kit

Tiny House Lightweight Insulated Structural Panel Kit

Stronger than Steel, Lighter than Wood. The easiest method to build an insulated small house is by using patented Sing Tiny House panels! Earth friendly living is the spirit of the Tiny House dwelling movement whether you are living off the grid or under the code radar. Click Here

8x12-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourself8 ft x 12 ft Tiny House Kit

What better way to build Tiny Houses than with Eco-friendly Sing Panels?
Patented Sing Tiny house panels have features that are far superior than any other building material while being Eco-friendly, lightweight, super-strong and easy to assemble. No additional framing is necessary due to internal torsion box frame. Click Here

8x16-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourself8 ft x 16 ft Tiny House Kit

Sing helps you build your house simply and quickly, so you can start living
Sing Tiny House Panels are also used for wood sheds, living spaces, guest houses, ticket booths, pump houses, studios, disaster relief structures, utility sheds, playhouses, espresso stands and any other small building needs. They travel safely, construct quickly, and look beautiful. Click Here

8x20-Tiny-House-DIY-Kit-do-it-yourself8 ft x 20 ft Tiny House Kit


Simple and Quick. Sing Panels are user friendly


They weigh less than a third as much as an equivalent slab of sheet rock, so you can easily and safely construct your home in a few hours. Our prefabricated panels include insulation, framing and interior and exterior siding. Our thin sandwich panel walls give you more space inside your home. Click Here


8 ft x 24 ft Tiny House Kit


Your Tiny House will be structurally sound and perfectly smooth


Sing Tiny Houses are structurally superior to traditional 2” x 6” framed structures because the glue we use for the sandwich panels covers the entire surface area and creates a stronger bond than nails ever could. This will save thousands of nails and over time will ensure the structural integrity of your Tiny House. Sing Panels have precision to within .007 of an inch.  Click Here


These are our most popular requests for Tiny House panels. The basic sets of Sing Panels are standard for these particular sizes. The kits include all panels necessary for a single-story tiny house for floor, walls and roof (roof does not have roofing material). Additional Sing Panels for interior room separation(s), cabinetry or countertops are not included in the following kits. Plans and designs are also not included; it is assumed that you, your architect or contractor already have the design and features worked out.

To further support our friends in the Tiny House Community we are currently offering our Tiny House Kits at 50% savingsoffer to help you start your tiny house project today.

We love the Tiny House movement and offer our high-end Sing Panels at an incredible discount in support of all Tiny House dreamers and builders but do not provide R&D services. If you have any questions see our Tiny House FAQ where you will find the answers to the most common questions.

Yes, Sing Core does make the best reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) for use in Tiny House applications as walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. We have a huge desire to support the tiny house industry but be aware that we only offer Sing Panels for tiny house construction to professional distribution channels. Since we offer no support for our products (besides what is readily available via our web site). Our operation is not setup to sell our products to people in need of retail customer service. We suggest that you seek answers to any questions about how to use Sing panels by consulting with your engineer, architect, builder or contractor.


Note: We do occasionally offer products direct to the do it yourselfer, like Tiny House panel Kits or Tiny House Surplus Panels. Though we may provide you with the materials, we offer no how-to support to the DIY enthusiast except that which is available via our Tiny House FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other online resources.