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How to Design Order and Build your Carriage Door

Carriage Doors


Custom doors without the custom pricing

Sing Core produces carriage doors at overhead door prices. Your door doesn’t have to be made of steel to be strong. Sing Core doors are stronger, lighter and more stylish than ordinary steel doors. Sing offers pricing competitive with steel doors and quality superior to wooden doors.

torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel

Patented Sing Core: We put a torsion box in the SIP panel to make it better. The other names for our panels include sandwich panel, honeycomb panel and lightweight panel.

Patented Sing Core 16′ Bi-Fold Carriage Door

Insulated, Sandwich, Honeycomb, Lightweight, Carriage Door made of Sing Core. Will stay True Flat.
Certified Sing Core Door Builder

Rob Jones

Best Overhead Door


Sing Honeycomb 16’x7′ Bi-fold Door Detail (Click for larger Preview)

Quick and Simple Installation

Installing a Sing Core carriage door is an easy home improvement.

  • -Only a few hinges

  • No motor or springs required

  • Lightweight panels


Strength and Security

Sing Core carriage doors are the front line of home protection. The torsion box core holds the door panels flat so that they will not warp and sag like ordinary wood.

-Manual lock bar

-No theft by remote

-Resistant to puncture

-Resists dings and dents

Insulated and Energy Efficient

Sing Core carriage doors are perfect for converted garages.

-No drafts
-Seals with rubber gasket

-EPS foam results in R-Value of 3.5/sq. inch

-Urethane results in R-value of 6.5/sq. inch


Beauty and Style

Don’t settle for heavy, bulky, unattractive overhead doors. Choose beautiful wood grain carriage doors to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Sing Core carriage doors are fully customizable. Customer adds trim, paint, windows, and hardware.

Sing Core door panels are great for millwork shops and door manufacturers. Exclusive pricing is available to distributors and retailers.

-Natural wood finish

-Ready for paint

-Truly flat

-Resists water


Customization Options

Choose from any of the following:

-1/8,” 1/4,” or 3/8” hardwood plywood

-Luan exterior comes standard

-EPS foam comes standard

-1-3/4” standard total thickness

*Please speak to a Sing Core representative regarding options such as marine-grade plywood exterior or urethane foam for better insulation

(click for larger view)


Order Custom Sizes:

To order custom door sizes, please submit a work order form. We’ll respond to you with a quote within two business days.


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Case Study

Date: January 2012

Client: K.B.

Location: California

Product: Sing Door Panels

Challenge: Kevin wanted large carriage doors that fit his building without leaving drafty gaps.

Sing Solution: Only Sing door panels were strong enough and beautiful enough to serve his purposes. Our panels are precise and resistant to twist and warping, so they will remain a true fit for the door frame.


Customer Q&A:

What did you think of the panels when they arrived?

They looked just as I expected. High quality workmanship and to my exact specifications.

What was it like working with them to get the design you wanted?

Very easy to work with. The panels were totally flat and square.

What did you think of the panel’s weight in comparison to their size?

Weight came in as expected which is very light compared to a solid wood door.

Do you think that our garage door panels are equal in strength to

standard garage panels?

I think these panels are stronger than standard garage doors. Definitely stiffer.

If you were to do another project similar to this would you buy our

garage door core panels again?


Would you tell other people where you got your door cores from?


Please tell us in your own words about your experience with our panels.

I have nothing to complain about with regards to the entire experience. Customer service while ordering the doors was top notch. Price was great. Shipping/delivery was easy. Fabrication of my doors was straightforward.