The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

torsion box plywood cutaway sing core lowes home improvement warehouseABOUT SING PRODUCTS

1 Sing Core®

Sing Core® is the high precision (within +/- .006 tolerance) base material that is the secret inside every Sing Core product. This patented interior Sing Core is not available, except under license by the truckload to participating manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

2 Sing Sandwich

lightweight high strength engineered plywood torsion box sandwich panelsExperience unprecedented true green, lightweight and high strength technology with the Sing Sandwich Panel, consisting of patented Sing Core® sandwiched between two stress skins which makes all Sing Core® products stronger than steel (660 PSI). A Sing Sandwich Panel can host any flat building material as its exterior surface material, making it the one of the most high performance composite materials of the future. Sing Sandwich has Sing Core® exposed edges.

  • Use Sing Sandwich as alternative to following core material (click here to see comparison Sing Core vs. other types of core)
  • Balsa wood core, plywood core, particle board core, MDF core, plastic core, aluminum honeycomb core, paper core, cardboard core, foam core

Sing Sandwich type of skin:

Sing Sandwich comes with a plywood surface material which is easy to works with in any wood shop and is becoming a common commodity in many millworks. The plywood surface material is easily bonded to other surface materials using standard wood glue and can be cold pressed, vacuum pressed, hot pressed, cut, sliced or ripped just like standard bood-based materials in your shop.

Use directly as

Shelf, tiny house, pallet, dunnage, sandwich panel walls, sandwich panel roofing,

The less expensive, lighter weight Sing Sandwich can build anything that can be built with Sing Panel.

Galvanized steel equipment enclosures

3 Sing Panel, Post and Beam

aluminum-honeycomb-panelsThe patented torsion box composite technology is completed by adding solid edges to the Sing Sandwich to form a solid lightweight Sing Panel structure superseding precision and performance of other sandwich panels and honeycomb panels. Standard edges are inch-and-a-half solid wood but could be architecturally specified to be any known material possible. Using T Slot as your solid edge increases the versatility of the Sing Panel exponentially and is also available in Post and Beam configurations.

By shape and size

2 x 12 Plank, shelf, beam, post, under 4 x 8, 4 x 8, Larger than 4 x 8, Post and Beam

By functionality

Engineered wood and engineered plywood, sheet goods. Sing wood: Sing honeycomb hardwood, butcher block, Sing plank

Large Sing pivot french door panelPost and Beam: Double I joist, Sing beam, and post

T slot panel, T slot post and beam, T Slot DoorsT Slot Modular Buildings, T Slot Modular Components

By surface material

Sing wood base panel with various skins; plywood, sheet goods, wood stave, wood plank, engineered wood

Sing ferrous metal: Cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, and galvanized steel.

Sing non ferrous metal: Aluminum & aluminum alloys honeycomb material aluminium, Copper, Brass, Lead, Stainless Steel

HPL and plastic: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, FRP panel, FRP post and beam.

Concrete and cement, Stone


Sing Panel Applications

Anything made with Sing Panels could be made with inexpensive Sing Sandwich.

21 ft. tall pivot door

21 ft. tall pivot door

Building Components


Tiny House

Home Systems


Trade Show

  • Trade show Booths
    • Double decker displays
    • Large trade show displays
    • Modular trade show systems
    • T slot panel trade show systems
    • Portable trade show booths
  • Trade Show Walls
    • Solid trade show walls
    • Natural wood trade show walls
    • Laminate trade show walls
    • Fiberglass / FRP trade show walls
    • Aluminum trade show walls
    • Modular trade show walls
    • Cam lock trade show walls
  • Trade Show Floors
  • Trade show stairs and staircases


  • Aircraft / Aerospace
  • Boating / Marine / Yachts
  • Rail / Train
  • Trucks / Trailers
  • RV / Camping

Material Handling

  • Crates
  • Dunnage
  • Support base
  • Warehouse shelving
  • Miscellany
    • Lifts
    • Ramps
    • Cranes


  • Signs
  • Billboards
  • Theater screens
  • Digital display screens
  • Sign boards
  • Artisan canvas
  • Magnetic sign boards
  • Large white boards
  • Large blackboards
  • Dry erase walls
  • Sandwich sign boards


  • Industrial
    • Industrial parks
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Factories
    • Airfields
  • Door Mfg
    • Door manufacturers
      • Large door manufacturers
      • Standard door manufacturers
      • Specialty door manufacturers
      • Garage door manufacturers
      • Large door builders
      • Hangar door builders
      • Warehouse door builders
    • Millworks
    • Custom door makers
    • Woodworkers
      • Artisans
  • Hospitality
    • Hotels
    • Motels
    • Restaurant
      • Bar / Lounge
      • Banquet
  • Veneer Industry/Veneer Laminate Industry
  • Composite Laminator
  • Agricultural
  • Temporary or Portable Accommodation
  • Sing post and beam structure
  • Sing Log Homes

See your local

for more information about using Sing Core in your next project.



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Bi Fold Doors

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Door skin choice (type)

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Princess Diana Museum Exhibit

Ceiling panels


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Guggenheim Gallery Brookly New York Sing Museum Panels Before AfterFloor and Stage

Portable stage, portable floor, stage floor, portable stage floor, choir riser, mezzanine floor, loft floor, raised floor, commercial raised floor, lightweight floor, movable floor.


Trade Show

trade show booth, display booth, panel display booth system, panel display board system, display cases, display tables, display booth flooring, display booth furniture, display booth walls, trade show booth furniture, trade show booth walls. Tradeshow booth wall panels, tradeshow booth wood flooring, tradeshow booth wall system, display booth wall panels, display booth wood flooring, display booth wall system

Cut to size engineer plywood as furniture components for collapsible modular furnitureFurniture

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Park bench, school bench, church bench, hospital bench, shop bench, aluminum bench, metal bench, lightweight bench, interior bench, exterior bench, weatherproof bench, outdoor bench.

Tables and desks

Drafting table, metal table, banquet tables, folding table, table top, heavy duty table, table base, table leg, outdoor table, BBQ post and beam structure.

Restaurant Institution Furniture

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Elevator panels, elevators.

Boat and Marine Industry

Boat builder supply material, marine panel, marine bulkheads

Industrial and Material Handling

Mezzanine rack, material handling, display rack, industry rack, shelving unit, wall shelf, shipping container, heavy duty pallet, oversized heavy duty pallet, industrial shop cart on wheels, industrial load wood shelving cart, service cart with cabinet, car ramp, utility trailer ramp.


Liquid transport tank, water storage tank, portable water tank, fiber glass tank, aluminum tank


Swimming pool cover, hot tub cover, lap pool cover, moveable floors and covers.

Temporary or Portable Accommodation

Tiny House

Sing post and beam structure

Building System

Clean rooms, digital x-ray systems, modular implant building tiny house, small cabin, small house, post and beam structure, CMM rooms, cold storage rooms, controlled & critical environments, guard booths, interior and exterior cladding, panel house,tiny house on the trailer, tea house, garden shed, pole barn, garage, tiny house design, prefab pump house, ice fishing house, hunting cabin, refrigerate truck body, Johnson refrigerated truck body, lofts , loft design idea, conversion warehouse, factory loft, shipping container, honeycomb panel enclosures clean room floor, walls and ceilings.

architects-material-suuportArchitectural Applications

Architectural, Cladding, Screening

Acoustic Insulation

custom shapes, large custom panels, curved honeycomb panels, false beam, sign graphic displays panels, Signage, self adhesive surfaces, sandwich board panel, sign display, dry erase board, sandwich board, outdoor sandwich board, trade show crate, booth panels, sign panels, pool covers for swimming pools, & Jacuzzi cover industry. Shelving, lightweight strong shelf, long span shelf, garage warehouse shelving, industrial strength shelving, storage shelving rack, garage work table, bench, heavy duty shelving, garage storage rack, inlay work, exotic hardwood, and fine veneer butcher block, chopping block, stainless work table, counter top. See: Architectural Application Photos


Clean room walls, cleanrooms, cold storage rooms, controlled & critical environments, digital x-ray systems, equipment enclosures, inspection rooms, laboratories, machine enclosures, nano technology, reflector panels, sporting electronics.

millworkers-woodworkers-woodcraftsmen-woodworking-professionalsWood Working Shop

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Sing Core Attributes

large insulated moveable modular wall panels for winery wine makingSliding, French, Pivot, Carriage, Flush, Pocket, Exterior, Interior, Overhead Garage, Barn, Bi-fold, Cold Storage, Truck, and Standard

Lightweight, sandwich honeycomb, torsion box, true flat , non warp, solution for non warped door, and problem solved non warped door

Modular, portable, collapsible, foldable, movable, retractable, flat pack, and knock down

Large, oversize, big, custom, contemporary, and modern

Easy to repair, repairable, free repair, and lifetime guarantee

FRP, plastic, specialty, marine plywood, exterior plywood, solid wood, hardwood, entry, wood, exterior, metal, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized, aluminum, fiberglass, HPL, magnesium board, ceramic, cement board, painted, interior and glass

Commercial, Residential, and Industrial

Insulated sound dampening

Bullet proof, fire retardant, sound deadening, sound dampening, sound proof, acoustic, and security

Help Us Design

We are looking for design/build folks who are creative and what to develop the following products to continue our exploration of possibilities:

1 Portable stair

2 Truck camper made of T slot


Shelf, shelves construction work table, assembly table, bench, table platform, construction, grid, router table beams, work bench top, door, honeycomb plywood, desk, wall shelving, bracket shelving, modular shelf, wall mount book case, block wall shelf, spine wall shelf, s wall shelf, box shelves, floating shelf, torsion box shelf, torsion box bench, torsion construction, torsion box honeycomb, wood torsion box, sandwich torsion box, sandwich sing core, sing sandwich panel, super sandwich panel.

Honeycomb composite panels

Stainless steel honeycomb panels

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FRP honeycomb product, FRP beam, FRP honeycomb beam, FRP beam connector,