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Lightweight Strong 3/4 inch MDF Torsion Box Cabinetry Panels

Sing Sandwich cutaway exposing patented Sing CorePatented Sing Core is bringing the latest development in lightweight and high strength technology to visit the cabinet industry. Imagine being able to use a lightweight building material that is commensurate with high-tech aerospace technology at 20 percent of the price.

This new cabinetry alternative to MDF 4×8 sheets delivers many times the strength of solid MDF at a fraction of the weight with no headaches. Sing MDF cabinetry panels come in 4×8 and 5×12 sizes in convenient 3/4 inch thickness.

How are 3/4 inch Sing cabinetry panels made?

Start with patented Sing torsion box (2×3 inch grid size) where the voids are filled with recycled rigid foam insulation wall to wall with and sandwich it all between two sheets of 1/8 inch MDF and bond it altogether with formaldehyde-free adhesives for an Eco-friendly lightweight high strength composite MDF panels that out performs any other lightweight building material in terms of strength, weight and longevity.

Compare to other lightweight panel material

Compared to any other lightweight panel building material, like honeycomb panels made of paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, cardboard, or even high-tech aerospace panels (costing five times as much per sheet) Sing 3/4 inch cabinetry panels are a bargain at twice the price.

Secret Ingredient Inside

High precision lightweight high strength warp resistant insulated reinforced torsion box Sing Core high performanceThe secret ingredient inside the Sing 3/4 inch cabinetry panels is the torsion box composite core that is the same product used by the US Navy and other high tech industrial applications where strength and weight are both considerations. This is the same technology used to build large doors – of any size or style – that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full 50- years.

Imagine having this material inside your cabinetry and/or furniture… Say, “goodbye,” to disposable furniture and heavy cabinetry which are highly desirable qualities sought in aircraft, marine and recreational vehicle platforms for both less weight and less maintenance over time.

Lightweight high performance cabinetmaking material

Lightweight Sing Bookcases

Lightweight Sing Bookcases

Even though plywood and particleboard are fairly standard fare in cabinet shops around the world, certain high end cabinet makers are seeking to embrace this new technology which is the perfect combination of old (torsion box) and new (composite) fine woodworking craftsmanship. Plus (as you undoubtedly already know) both plywood and particle board are heavy and prone to warp and rot; unlike Sing 3/4 inch torsion box cabinetry panels.

Structural integrity

The structural integrity of these hybrid cabinetry panels surpasses anything know in the affordable lightweight composite material and is increasingly finding its place amongst the transportation and general construction categories as an impressive upgrade alternative to plywood or other materials.

Built-in insulation

Sing composite cabinetry panels feature built in insulation (the rigid foam insulation filling the torsion box voids) that is a unique added feature whether you are building cabinets and/or other furniture.

Easy to work with

Standard woodworking tools are all that is required to take full advantage of Sing cabinetry panels, treat them just like you would any standard 4×8 piece of 3/4 inch panel.
Sing cabinetry panels are revolutionizing the industry as they are increasingly being found as a standard commodity in cabinet shops, millworks and furniture manufacturers throughout the United States and the world.


Sing cabinetry panels have unfinished (exposed, i.e. you can see the core) edges. This is easily remedied by adding edge trim, or closing the edge by any method desired. Also, the core material can easily be routered to accommodate insertion of wood implants where desired or necessary.

Simply CNC router out Sing Cabinetry Panels to insert any desired material.

Made in the USA

Eco-friendly Sing cabinetry panels are proudly made in the USA

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Kitchen Cabinets Non Warping Custom Cabinets

Lowes kitchen cabinets torsion box panel countertops cabinet substrateHere, at Sing Core, we have staff dedicated to solving the problems associated with high end custom cabinets, butcher block island, kitchen island table and wood furniture for the best clients. For the masses, cheap kitchen cabinets work fine due to their standardized sizes not requiring much continuous material. The problems associated with kitchen cabinets do not become apparent until you start to play with the dimensions and increasing the raw material.

The most exquisite cabinet makers know how to make cabinet doors that will not warp, bend, twist or fail – up to a point. Once the door sizing gets to a certain threshold, you will begin to have problems associated with a warped cabinet door.

Lowes knotty alder kitchen cabinetsFor the most part, cabinet shops specializing in custom cabinets do not see these extreme sizes except for in very exclusive contemporary interior designs and the large size is both elegant and impressive. As beautiful as these large luxury kitchen cabinets can be, having tall cabinet door warp is not a good thing for the client and does not reflect well upon the cabinet maker.

The same is true for any unsupported span of raw material in cabinet doors, large kitchen island tables or wood furnishings. At some point, the material itself will lead to failure due to warping wood or other building material. Many materials have been used in an attempt to prevent warping kitchen cabinets, like melamine, laminate cabinets, MDF cabinets, plywood cabinet doors and even resorting to aluminum cabinet doors to address the warped cabinet door issue.

Solid Wood Cabinets

By far the most popular high end clients prefer the look and feel of solid wood cabinets. Of the many wood species that are trending in growing popularity include:

  1. High end luxury kitchen cabinets custom kitchen designs millworks cabinetryOak cabinets
  2. Maple cabinets
  3. Hickory cabinets
  4. Cherry wood cabinets
  5. Knotty pine cabinets
  6. Pine cabinets
  7. Walnut kitchen cabinets
  8. Bamboo kitchen cabinets
  9. Birch cabinet doors
  10. Teak cabinet doors

In most cases, solid wood cabinets function well over a period of time, if they are of standard size. If your custom cabinets are rather large and include large spans of solid wood, it will bend, warp or twist; such is the nature inherit with the natural grain in the wood fiber.

How to Fix a Warped Cabinet Door

high tech kitchen butcher block lightweight high strength guaranteedMany methods are within the reach of custom cabinet manufacturers to address the warping issues associated with tall wood storage cabinets and they are well-versed in how to replace cabinet doors. Regardless of the method(s) used for the warped cabinet door intervention, the first order of business is to make a house call to remove the cabinet door (or doors) in question and transport it to the cabinet maker’s shop for fixing cabinet doors.

Cabinet making and the art of building kitchen cabinet doors is a highly skilled sector of the woodworking trade. They would not endeavor to take a large wood cabinet job unless they were qualified to address the challenges with large cabinets with doors. They are fully qualified and they have specific department personnel trained in how to fix a warped cabinet door.

You can be assured that the same cabinet manufacturer who built your cabinets knows how to straighten a warped cabinet door. A variety of options are available including fixing the cabinet door, resurfacing the cabinet door or replacing the warped cabinet door.

Non warping Tall Cabinet Solution

lightweight panel honeycomb high strength butcherblock restaurant furniture kitchen islandUsing a material, like Sing Core, in the composition of the cabinetmaking process is an excellent way to deliver a high-end solution that will not fail, with high precision and performance and can be guaranteed true flat and to stay flat for 50 years.

On top of having a non-warping large oversize cabinet solution that can be guaranteed to warp, bend, twist, cop or otherwise fail, you also get the added value of the best kitchen cabinet, kitchen countertop, kitchen island or kitchen furniture that is

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Insulated
  • Warp proof
  • Rot resistant

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

High end kitchen cabinetry custom millwork kitchen cabinetsWe have heard from many avid do it yourselfers who have successfully figured out how to build their own large kitchen cabinet themselves using patented Sing products.

Granted, using Sing Core for your DIY cabinetmaking efforts is beyond rudimentary skills, it doesn’t take long for a good do it yourself woodworker to figure out how to maximize the insulated reinforced torsion box structure material and their particular woodworking skills.

They are also successfully building kitchen countertops, large rolling kitchen islands and a variety of kitchen wood furniture.

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Kitchen Cabinets Lightweight Torsion Box Stronger than Steel


High end kitchen cabinetry custom millwork kitchen cabinetsHigh-end Kitchen Cabinet Solution


torsion box animationSing Kitchen Cabinets

Our staff is dedicated in solving the problems associated with high end custom cabinets, butcher block island, kitchen island table and wood furniture for the best clients. If you want to find out more click here.

A Stronger, Lightweight Cabinet-making Material

Lowes kitchen cabinets torsion box panel countertops cabinet substrateThe most exclusive homeowners in the United States (and the world) have their kitchen cabinets custom manufactured to their specifications. The homeowners along with their architects and interior designers create their own one-of-a-kind kitchen experience by not having to let a mass manufacturing factory dictate what their options might be for their kitchens.

The Sing torsion box panel is the perfect material for building the ultimate high-end kitchen. Some of the features of the contemporary kitchen design includes larger than normal kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors that can be up to ten feet tall and floating counter tops that can span ten to twenty feet with little or no structural support.

That’s where the Sing torsion box panels come in. Cabinet makers and high-end millworks use it to accomplish what may have been nothing short of impossible prior to only a number of years ago.

University of Washington independent testing Sing Core 660 PSI stronger than steelsing-wood-eco-friendly-butcher-block-table-topThese patented panels feature a natural vertical wood-grain torsion box inner structure that is supported wall-to-wall by an insulating, rigid foam resulting in an unprecedented lightweight and high strength material that was independently tested at the University of Washington at 660 PSI (that’s stronger than steel pound for pound).

Building large, oversize kitchen components using traditional wood-based building materials will likely result in the warping, bending, twisting and rapid general deterioration of the structures and kitchen’s cabinet doors over time, especially the large ones.

That’s why the most prestigious clients come to us to supply them with the secret ingredient that makes their customers so happy to have such high precision kitchen cabinets, counter tops and other kitchen components that can be guaranteed to not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

High end luxury kitchen cabinets custom kitchen designs millworks cabinetryThe Most Elegant Luxury Kitchens

When you walk into a million dollar home (or multi-million dollar home), you might be surprised to find Sing Core deep inside the kitchen components keeping everything perfectly straight and true flat for fifty years.

Some high-end kitchen projects include large kitchen cabinet doors, counter tops, china hutches, liquor cabinets, huge kitchen pantries and kitchen islands with the highest precision and performance standards of any known building material.

Solid Wood Stave Kitchen Cabinets

Your custom Sing torsion box panels can have any exterior surface material, for the craftsman with a high level of woodworking expertise, one can now design and build exotic wood cabinets at a fraction of the cost with higher precision than is possible with solid wood or wood veneers, and high performance that cannot be matched by any other building material. Click to learn the secret.

Lowes cherry kitchen cabinetsSome of our most popular solid wood stave kitchen cabinets are:

Cherry cabinets
Oak kitchen cabinets
Knotty alder cabinets
Maple kitchen cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your kitchen is in a mansion, or industrial kitchen setting, metal kitchen cabinets and surface materials may be the optimal solution both for aesthetics and kitchen work surface materials.

Of all the Sing metal kitchen cabinetry that we assist craftsmen produce, stainless steel cabinets appear at the top of the list, though we have also helped to create kitchen cabinetry and kitchen surface areas featuring aluminum, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, and copper kitchen cabinets as well as stainless steel.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A new trend is emerging amongst design aficionados and artistic architects who along with their project managers are reinventing exterior spaces to include outdoor kitchen areas. Of course this introduces a whole new set of challenges to which Sing products are well equipped to tackle.

Exterior kitchen environments are a perfect match for Sing torsion box panels because unlike other materials, the sing solution is a solid material that is insulated, severe weather resistant and can easily configured to be waterproof.

We have helped millworks deliver outdoor kitchen cabinets that are guaranteed not to fail for a full 50 years even though exposed 100% to the elements.

Eco-friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Having access to Sing Core products puts this revolutionary, Eco-friendly new building material within reach of anyone who might consider building a more sustainable kitchen.

Lowes Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Design

Lowes kitchen cabinets cabinet hardware countertops kitchen design