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Sing Panel Q & A

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1) Are Sing Panels like other honeycomb core panels?

· Only in appearance. Other honeycomb panels do have a grid system, but generally the grids are left empty.

· Sing Panels feature vertical wood grain torsion box to form the grids. The voids are bonded and filled wall-to-wall with resilient recycled foam (a variety of foams are available to meet your specifications).

· Only Sing Panels are solid as a rock. (Warning: Do not kick a door made with a Sing Panel, you will break your leg before you break the door.)


2) What is the R-value of the Sing Panels?

· The R-Value of Sing Panels using EPS Foam is 3.5 per inch. The R-value of Sing Panels using Urethane Foam is 6.5 per inch.


3) How strong are Sing Panels?

· Very strong. In fact, they are the strongest affordable lightweight building material.

· They have been independently tested by the University of Washington to exceed 660 PSI, and can be custom designed to achieve over 1,000 PSI per your specifications.


4) Do Sing Panels have solid wood edges?

· Yes. Sing Panels feature solid wood (or other solid material) edges. If solid edges are not necessary, consider Sing Sandwich panels.

· The wood edge is visible between the exterior surfaces (or “skins”) on the edges. Edge-banding is available at extra charge.


5) What surface materials are available for Sing Panels?

· Our standard surface material is Luan (lightweight plywood).

· Sing Panels are available in basically any flat exterior building material and is limited only due to availability.


6) What thicknesses are available?

· Standard thickness of Sing Panels are 3/4 inch to 8 inches thick.

· Custom thicknesses are available to meet your required specifications, up to 12 inches and beyond.


7) How big can you make Sing Panels?

· Standard sized Sing Panels are 4 ft. x 8 ft..

· They are available in any dimensions, up to 22 ft. by 40 ft. or larger.

· Note: When ordering oversized Sing Panels be certain to confirm that the panels that you order will meet your performance specifications.


8) Are Sing Panels weather resistant?

· Sing Panels are lightweight, high strength and weather resistant only to the degree of the surface material.

· Sing Panels can be manufactured to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, and are even used in underwater applications (consult with Sing sales staff prior to ordering waterproof Sing Panels).


9) Can Sing Panels resist the heat of powder coating?

· Yes. Sing Panels can be designed and manufactured to withstand the heat of powder coating.


10) Can I bond other materials to the surface of Sing Panels?

· Yes. Many of our high-end millworks adhere other surface materials to Sing Panels when used as substrate.

· Standard Luan (lightweight plywood) surfaces are easily adhered to with regular carpenter glue and cold-pressed.

· If your intention is to laminate other materials to your Sing Panels, you should check with us first, to make sure that you are using the proper bonding agents) to achieve the results you desire..


11) Can I use Sing Panels to make furniture?

· Yes. In fact many leading edge furniture manufacturers are joining the Sing Panel revolution. See: Sing Furniture.


12) Can I hot press Sing Panel?

· Yes. We just finished up a 40 run of hot-press veneer for one job. Tip: When using a wood veneer, some warping could occur. Our expert staff encourages adding a thin later of aluminum between the core and the skin.


Sing Core mission statement: To make life easier, Sing Panels are simple to build with, simple to use and are built to last and this makes them beautiful, so Simple is Beautiful.