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Sing Core is making appearances at the most discriminating construction project sites, and you might even know that we are there, as we seamlessly upgrade the performance of the entire project do to the lightweight and superior strength of all that is Sing Core.

You might be surprised to see Sing Core in high-end barricade systems, not just in the panel representation as you might expect, but increasingly you will find more Sing Core components being used as post and beam structural material.

When speed, economy, high performance and fewer on the job injuries are considered, Sing Core can help contractors keep their costs to a minimum.

P1050129Here are some other Sing Core job-site applications:

  • Concrete forms
  • Cross-bracing
  • Debris panels
  • Decking
  • Girder
  • I-beams
  • Joists
  • Races
  • Runners
  • Scaffolding
  • Sidewalk shed
  • Temporary floors
  • Crane leg support

In ongoing construction projects sing core can be found as construction facades in malls, airports, retail renovation. You will also find Sing Core in aerospace industry, offshore drilling platforms and nuclear facilities.

hoist-high-rise-construction-elevator-access-entry-doorsIn high-rise construction projects sing Core helps to increase the efficacy of every construction canopy, sidewalk shed and provides better overhead protection with increased safety and security. Construction hoist systems and elevator access points are secured with Sing Core hurricane-proof doors.

All components can be broken-down and flat-packed for easy transportation, storage and continued re-use.

Imagine being able to assemble and disassemble an entire structure in a few hours with just two people and no heavy equipment.

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Hurricane Door

Applications -> Building Components -> Doors -> Hurricane Door

Sing-Core-Hurricane-Door-Exterior-InteriorThe Sing Core Hurricane Door is the best extreme weather condition door designed to be hurricane-proof without compromising the beauty and elegance of a solid hardwood door.

The secret of the Hurricane Door is in the utter strength of this special door. Certainly there are other hurricane-resistant doors, but their strength comes at a high price: Heavy weight. Sing Core Hurricane Doors are lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound.

Simple Elegance

Steel hurricane doors are extremely heavy, and frankly unattractive. The beauty of the Sing Core Hurricane Door is also incorporated in the overall design of the door. The French door design is sleek styling that is inviting as well as attractive in appearance.

There are unique interior and exterior views of the door. The Sing Core Hurricane Door’s exterior surface is weatherproof fiberglass (FRP) and the interior hosts the natural solid hardwood surface of your choice.

Superior Strength

Breaking down the Sing Core Hurricane Door design, we begin with a core of patented Sing Core material, endowing the door with both lightweight, super-strength and anti-warp attributes. The core is then sandwiched between two wood skins.

The exterior surface is covered in weatherproof fiberglass (FRP) and the interior surface made of a beautiful, natural hardwood in your choice of Maple, Cherry, Oak, VG Fir or Walnut.


Your Sing Core Hurricane Door is avalable in the following Hardwood Species:

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

Other hardwood species or interior surfaces are available upon request.

Completely Customizable

Your Sing Core Hurricane Door can be modified to your specifications. The interior surface of your extreme weatherproof door can host nearly any material. Some of our more popular variations include aluminum, steel, plastic, fiberglass and concrete, amongst other special requests.

Any Size Door

The Sing Core Hurricane Door is available in any traditional size, and we manufacture hurricane doors up to 50 feet.