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Engineered Wood Lumber and Building Suppliers

The best consumers of Sing products are millworks, door manufacturers, store fixture manufacturers, sign companies, cabinet shops, boat suppliers, composite material distributors, lumber yards, etc…

custom-lightweight-panel-laminatorsPotential consumers all over America are looking to buy Sing Panels via local distribution channels, saving crate, shipping and handling costs.

We provide retail outlets and building material suppliers with our standard 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.52 inch standard Sing Panel (other standard thicknesses include 1 inch and 2 inches). These Sing Panels are made with 1/4 inch Luan skins and are routinely used as door substrate, table substrate, floor substrate, trade show wall panels, tiny house floors, roofs, walls, sign board, stair threads (wrap around with any type of 1/8 of inch hardwood wood stave), store fixtures, bulkheads for boats, concrete forms, etc…

Please see: / applications depicting the endless applications for Sing Sandwich panels and Sing Panels.

The patented Sing Panel is lighter weight than Balsa wood but stronger than balsa wood – even stronger than steel lbs for lbs – and costs less than Balsa wood with many more times the applications of Balsa wood.

Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels are specialty engineering composite panels and our aggressive marketing plan enables our distributors to make more profit than selling plywood.

stack-of-honeycomb-panels-with-solid-wood-edgesProudly Made in the USA, all Sing products are manufactured in our facility, here in Washington State. Even though Sing products weigh a fraction of other building materials, huge cost savings can be enjoyed by bulk shipments to distribution outlets. (For instance, just to send a few Sing Panels to California could add $250 to the raw cost of the material in shipping and handling costs.) It makes more sense for us to work together to serve local clientele who already rely on your expertise.

We have customers in your area eager to find Sing products locally saving on crate and shipping costs, plus not having to wait for delivery times, virtually on-demand if in-stock in your warehouse.

For more information on Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels, see / products

Our web site is your selling tool, making it easy and effective for your sales staff to learn about and promote Sing products.

With our simple pricing method your staff can easily sell any of the myriad Sing products as all are sold by board ft. Regardless of the product (panel, substrate, post and beam, etc…) all that is required to establish the price is the length, width, thickness, plus any additional skin options.

All the information that your sales staff needs can be reduced to the size of a business card.

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Sing Core is making appearances at the most discriminating construction project sites, and you might even know that we are there, as we seamlessly upgrade the performance of the entire project do to the lightweight and superior strength of all that is Sing Core.

You might be surprised to see Sing Core in high-end barricade systems, not just in the panel representation as you might expect, but increasingly you will find more Sing Core components being used as post and beam structural material.

When speed, economy, high performance and fewer on the job injuries are considered, Sing Core can help contractors keep their costs to a minimum.

P1050129Here are some other Sing Core job-site applications:

  • Concrete forms
  • Cross-bracing
  • Debris panels
  • Decking
  • Girder
  • I-beams
  • Joists
  • Races
  • Runners
  • Scaffolding
  • Sidewalk shed
  • Temporary floors
  • Crane leg support

In ongoing construction projects sing core can be found as construction facades in malls, airports, retail renovation. You will also find Sing Core in aerospace industry, offshore drilling platforms and nuclear facilities.

hoist-high-rise-construction-elevator-access-entry-doorsIn high-rise construction projects Sing Core helps to increase the efficacy of every construction canopy, sidewalk shed and provides better overhead protection with increased safety and security. Construction hoist systems and elevator access points are secured with Sing Core hurricane-proof* doors.

All components can be broken-down and flat-packed for easy transportation, storage and continued re-use.

Imagine being able to assemble and disassemble an entire structure in a few hours with just two people and no heavy equipment.


*Customer will need to perform lab tests to certify hurricane rating for local code compliance.