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Door Sliding Glass

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Sliding Patio Doors & French Doors, Glass with Wood Frame

SINGCORE-The new generation of sliding door making is an alternative to the old stile and rail door which has dominated the market for the last 100 years.


torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel

Patented Sing Core: We put a torsion box in the SIP panel to make it better. The other names for our panels include sandwich panel, honeycomb panel and lightweight panel.

The new technology developed and patented by inventor Peter Sing makes doors stronger, more lightweight, saves more energy and is more dimensional stable than any stile and rail door. Best of all it is more affordable due to the reduction in labor used to produce Sing Doors and that savings is passed down to you and your customers.

The entire glass cutout of the door is cut out of our solid Sing panel to create a seamless torsion box frame to replace the conventional stile and rail door, which is typically held together by dowels.

The new Sing torsion box door frame is labor saving, earth friendly, the best of all it makes for a long lasting sliding door lock.

Our door cores fill a need in the sliding glass door niche because our cores are not only lighter than standard solid wood, fiberglass and composite door cores but our cores are stronger providing a longer lasting door core with a structural guarantee of 10 years which is about 9 years longer than the standard guarantee out there.

Glass options include frosted glass or tempered glass for glass replacement.

It’s so easy to use Sing Panels to make beautiful doors of any size. Sing Door Panels have a ten year warranty for interior use. For external use, we offer marine grade plywood. If you need strength, lightweight, insulation, and true flatness, Sing has the answer!

How to Buy


Sing Door Panels are easy to order.  You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within two business days.

Sing Door Products

Carriage Doors

Sliding/Pocket Doors





Get custom doors without the custom pricing!

Sing Honeycomb Panels are available at a fraction of the price of conventional sliding door panels, and require half the work. Sing Door Panels are insulated, lightweight, strong and more dimensionally stable than solid wood panels!

Choose Sing for all your Door Panels!  When using Sing Panels, you design your own door by adding the trim, paint, and hardware. Sing Door Panels are great for millwork shops and door builders. Special pricing is available to distributors and retailers.

The typical 1.5″ solid wood edging is adaquate for door hinges but add solid wood blocking to your door core for added hardware or door knob needs.

Order the typical flat panel door or add trim to the panel to achieve the raised panel look.

Skin Options

To see typical skin options click here.

How to Order

Stock Doors Available:

Sing Door Panels (4’ x 8’ or smaller) just fill out the order form.

Order Custom Sizes:

To order custom doors sizes, submit an order form. We’ll respond with a quote within two business days.

How to Install the Glass



SINGCORE sliding glass doors can do anything a traditional stile and rail door can and more. Making window glass replacement easy and convenient.

Glass inset doors even with dual or triple pane can be notorious for allowing in the cold or heat because the actual portion of the door isn’t insulated but with our patented Sing Core, you’ll know that the entire door is insulated.

Sing Core’s door panels are available as a single purchase or bulk ordering

7′ long and 30″ wide door that is able to be carried by 1 person, lighter in weight than similar doors made of solid wood but stronger and longer lasting

Whether you buy 1 or 1000 doors you can be sure they are made to the same quality and standard each and every time

Insulated Sing Honeycomb french door, ready assemble

Lightweight, insulative, true flat, high-strength, eco-friendly are just some of our doors’ qualities

With Sing Core you will have a stronger lighter weight door with excellent insulation qualities. Door will stay true flat, built using torsion box technology.


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