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Butcher Block

Sing Core announces the first premium non-warping butcher block surfaces that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Butcher block sliding doors panels lightweight insulated stronger non warpingButcher Block Countertops

Our patented torsion box/foam composite solid core substrate is the secret ingredient to the world’s best countertops made of wood butcher block. The most high-end millworks and custom cabinetmakers from coast to coast use Sing butcher block as their source material, especially for clients who demand high precision and performance from their butcher block surfaces.

Not to mention the lightweight advantages of the Sing butcher block countertop in comparison to other butcher block countertops. Being so lightweight makes transportation and handling easy and convenient and less expensive than heavier weight butcher block countertops.

Sing butcher block countertops have all the majesty and beauty of traditional butcher block countertops without all the headaches associated with wood countertops. All premium Sing solid surface countertops can be guaranteed not to warp, allowing your trouble-free enjoyment of your butcher block countertop for life.

sing-wood-butcher-block-counter-topButcher Block Island

In the center of your kitchen is the heart of your culinary activities that can be ultimately highlighted by the natural beauty and elegance of a Sing butcher block island to showcase your work area. Our most popular natural wood surface area for upscale kitchen carts and islands is the butcher block wood countertop.

The best of all kitchen countertop materials is the Sing butcher block counter top featured on only the most high-end homes and television cooking television shows that will accept nothing but the best kitchen countertops. Why not use the best butcher block island top to create the best butcher block cart?

Butcher Block Table

Your guests will be impressed when you adorn your dining room with the natural elegance of a table that hosts a beautiful Sing butcher block tabletop. Like our prestigious clientele, you might consider using Sing butcher block as your top choice for all your butcher block table tops.

A Sing butcher block dining table leaves a lasting impression, and remains lightweight enough to be able to move your butcher block table with ease. The lightweight Sing butcher block table top will also help to protect an expensive wood flooring (which could also be a Sing product) material.

Your Sing butcher block kitchen table can be one of the best butcher block tables around.

Butcher Block Workbench Top

butcher block workbench top high precision lightweigh high strength heavy duty non warpingAgain, in the discriminating workshop, where high precision raises the bar for workbench surface areas, the Sing butcher block workbench top outperforms other table top materials.

Sing Core has the highest precision core material (+/- .006 inch) that maintains unparalleled flatness and takes a beating in terms of exposure, density and barometric changes in the environment over time. The advanced composite technologies at the disposal of the engineers at Sing Core’s true flat headquarters can guarantee high precision results under even the most rigorous conditions.

Think about using Sing Core at the heart of your next exemplary butcher block workbench top material for stellar results.

Problem: Wood Butcher Block Will Fail

Simply due to the natural wood grain material of the wood components of the butcher block surface area, there will be a natural bending, twisting and counter-torque that will keep the material somewhat straight, but when it warps, it is problematic to have to deal with.

Managing a warped butcher block countertop, island, table, kitchen cart or workbench can be a hassle; may require disassembly, sanding and refinishing.

Sing Butcher Block to the Rescue

Avoid all these ongoing maintenance problems by starting with patented Sing non-warping butcher block available in almost any size.

Accept no substitutes. Top architects are specifying Sing Core butcher block as their material of choice; maybe you should, too.

More Uses of Sing Butcher Block: Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Sliding Doors, Room Partitions, Flooring, Furniture, Lightweight Slatwall Panels and also makes the Best Cutting Board

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Lightweight and high strength is impossible for other honeycomb cores

Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Build the highest quality furniture that could be guaranteed for 50 years. Not like old, heavy antique furniture. Weight of furniture used to be an indication of high quality but high quality may have been a more accurate description of irresponsible use of natural resources.

High Precision Natural Wood Composite

True green Sing Sandwich panels use less than 10% the natural resources of the equivalent solid wood panels with definitive value-added benefits including the high precision doors laser accuracyhighest precision (within .006 inch) and will not warp, bend or twist even if using natural wood.

Lightweight High-Strength

The patented torsion box and rigid foam composite makes a lightweight, solid substrate that is stronger than honeycomb cores used in the aerospace industry rating at only 10 to 110 PSI while Sing Sandwich was independently tested at University of Washington and rated at 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound). See: Core comparisons

High-end Woodworking

Life today is full of burden; never worry about your wood crafting not staying perfectly straight, or being difficult to work with or move. Lightweight, high strength furniture components are hard to come by among the furniture world.

There is a an enormous interest in importing cheap furniture due to low cost with reduced shipping and transport costs, Paper honeycomb core used in doors will failbut paper honeycomb (like used in disposable furniture) is not manufactured to last very long, intended to be disposable and replaceable so that customers return to re-purchase products on a continuous basis creating a demand for repeat sales. Good business practice or not? You decide.

At Sing Core, we’re proud to help the top craftsmen and millworks to create the most high-end product that lasts virtually forever. In fact, we help artisans to create large oversize doors that are guaranteed to be John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington DCtrue flat and not to warp, bend, twist or cup for 50 years! Is it any wonder that these doors sell from $10,000 to $30,000 each? See: Clients list.

You Can Do This

You can use this same technology in your home improvement or fine woodworking – and you don’t have to order by the truckload to use it. All you have to do is contact your local Lowe’s Pro Desk and embrace sustainable woodworking by using less hardwood for wood furniture manufacturers.

Sing sandwich, packed with insulation, is the most affordable solution for lightweight and high strength without compromising quality or the natural beauty of solid wood by using less hardwood lumber. In fact, using Sing Sandwich panels you could make your own hardwood on demand.

Woodworking Revolution

Many manufacturers seek out Sing Sandwich also known as, “insulated torsion box plywood,” or RSIPs (Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels as opposed to sips which are not reinforced with torsion box) Sing standard doors tested lightweight high strength insulated guaranteed 50 years no warpto create masterful pieces of art and highly functional furnishings that will last the test of time. Sing Core is the woodworkers source assisting to create a perfectly flat, non-warping wood table, large doors and the antique furniture of the future.

Whether you’re building perfectly flat wood tables, the best kitchen cabinets, building a modular temporary wood wall, any of many applications or diy wood projects, incorporation Sing Sandwich panel may be the most significant recent improvement in your woodshop.

How to Buy Sing Core Products?

Use the convenient Lowe’s store locator to find a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse near you or inquire about Sing Core at your local lumber yard. See also: Pricing

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Torsion Box Assembly Table Multi-function

The torsion box assembly table has been the stand out project for the high-end wood worker. Regardless of the end-user’s specific application needs, there is no other method as effective as torsion box structure for building a table that can be lightweight and extremely flat.

Now thanks to Sing Core and Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, you can have access to torsion box plywood that is pre-manufactured for you. That’s right; all the hard work of building the torsion box core for your project has already been proudly made in the USA in the most Eco-friendly manner.

But wait; there’s more: Not only is Peter Sing’s patented torsion box plywood pre-made, but he’s taken it one-step further… Rather than leave the empty spaces inside the torsion box vacant, he’s bonded rigid recycled foam wall-to-wall for a solid substructure that is insulated, sound-deadening with unparalleled shear strength and stronger than steel pound for pound!

Finally, a lightweight high-strength building material that is the next generation of torsion box technology, empowering every woodworker to reduce costs and production time without compromising the integrity of the detailed craftsmanship.

Building your Torsion Box Workbench or Assembly Table is so easy now thanks to this revolutionary torsion box plywood from Sing Core.

Simply bond any surface materials that you desire to the Sing Core torsion box plywood with regular wood glue and you’re ready to go. No special tools are required, as you use your regular woodworking tools treating the torsion box plywood just as you would any other plywood building material. You can make a wood table, a butcherblock workbench, stainless steel work table or project table regardless of your table plans.

Need an instant flat 4 x 8 flat surface as a temporary workspace? No problem. Balance a sheet of torsion box plywood atop a couple of chairs for an instant torsion box assembly table.

Plus, your torsion box assembly table has so many functions.

With little modification (and without compromising your original work of art) you can instantly transform your Sing torsion box work table into:

A Composite Press

Create your own torsion box or composite panels, or even create Eco-friendly wood stave composites for effective, yet beautifully ornate wood project that look like solid wood but are incredibly strong and will last forever (Sing guarantees the products that he make using this method for 50 years).

Using this technology, woodcrafters can create wood projects with a high level of integrity that will not compromise or fail over time. Forget those disposable items from Ikea, when you can create one-of-a-kind works of art that will become valuable heirlooms for centuries.

Want to ship your creations from here to there? Now you can do so at much less cost if you use this lightweight building material, using less fuel consumption due to the lightweight attributes of your final project.

It was nearly impossible to get your hands on this revolutionary building material that is stronger than the lightweight composite material used in the aerospace industry and only a fraction of the cost.

Now, thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, you can get Sing Core torsion box plywood from the Pro Desk.

Get your hands on some Eco-friendly Sing Core torsion box plywood and help make the world a better place.

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