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Sing Core

singcore sheet 2Sing Core:       Gallery

Sing Core is the foundation of the newest lightweight / high-strength eco-friendly building material that is taking the world by storm. Sing Core is at the center of that storm that leaves a greener more sustainable planet in its wake.


Purchasing raw Sing Core


  • Sing Core is sold by the block
  • Each block is 12 in z 12 in x 50 in.
  • Wt. per cubic ft range from 4 lbs to 7 lbs. per cubic ft.
  • Compression strength: 2 inch x 2 inch x 3/4 inch App. 660 psi


wholesale-raw-sing-core-available-in-bulkWho can buy raw Sing Core?
Examples of those who purchase raw Sing Core include:

  • Small one-man shops
  • Largest furniture,
  • Building material mfg in the world.


lightweight-university-logoHow do I get started?


  • All buyers are required to go through Lightweight University training program following your certification as a licensed Sing products mfg.


Applications of Sing core;


Sing core is the fundamental building block of all patented Sing products and can be manufactured with basic woodworking tools.


All patened Sing products are start from this simple lightweight high strength core see Sing products


You can use Sing Core as filler core to increase the void bwtween two panels or beams to build any structure with increased density using Sing Sandwich Panels and by adding solid edge and solid wood implant to create Sing Panels and Sing  Beams.


Sing core could solve the problem of strength, lightweight and dimensional stability of panel, post and beam structure components for many industries.


Sing products are simple to make; likewise, our pricing methods are simple and unique.


singcore sheetWhich industries use Sing core?


Sing Core has greatly impacted and modified the methods by which many products are made, affecting multiple industries and product categories.


For instance, Sing Core is providing solutions for aluminum fabricators for a stronger end product with superior strength while still being extremely lightweight, eliminating excess welding and fastening to the frame, using Sing Core’s press technology.


The result is a better eco-friendly sustainable result that looks better when the job is complete, that requires less labor, increased production output with less high-skilled labor (aluminum welders and fabricators).


Sing Core technology provides you with more strength, much lighter weight in comparison to other building materials and an aluminum panel that is true flat.


The surface of any Sing Core panel can be any substance that meets your requirements greatly enhancing the broad spectrum of industries across the board.


Can I use Sing Core blocks to build curved designs?

Sing core can be cut into any flat shape. Sing Core is versitile and can be sanded or planed to any desired thickness.


Sing Core Drop-in Processsingcore drop in 1

The technology of Sing Core is a “drop in” process. This process includes, laying a bottom skin of any flat material, then creating the solid outer edges that could also be made of any material, i.e., wood, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, cement board, etc… implant blocks may be placed at this time at desired location if necessary.

The empty container, hollow interior, is filled with patented sing core (dropped in) that is sliced to the desired thickness. The interior surfaces are glued prior to securing the top skin then cured.

Now you have a completed panel of any length, width or thickness that can be used as a wall, modular furniture panel, cutting board, nearly anything completed and ready to go.


Sing Core block could also be used in a variety of applications, and can also be manufactured into Sing Core Panels, Posts and Beams.


Sing products are simple to make; likewise, our pricing methods are simple and unique.

Singcore Drop 2

The surface of any Sing Core panel can be any substance that meets your requirements greatly enhancing the broad spectrum of industries across the board.




Remember, Sing Core technology is completely customizable to your specifications as they are available in any length, any width and any thickness and bonded to any exterior finish.


We are so certain that Sing Core is the solution to your green building challenges that we offer a 100% refund for any prototype order, for those who want to test drive any form of Sing Core products for use in their applications, so you have nothing to lose. Click Here for our convenient online order form.


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Lightweight Green Patented Plywood Export to Asia

Monday, July 18, 2013    For Immediate Release

The first container of green patented plywood exported to Asia is the start of something new. Inventor, Peter Sing from McCleary, Washington, invites Americans to join his grass roots eco-revolution.


This might be the first container of a new, lightweight plywood manufactured in the United States of America’s Pacific Northwest exported and received in Bangkok, Thailand.

In a world where little is exported to Asia, especially in the way of wood products, like manufactured plywood because the end product can be manufactured more inexpensively outside the USA, it is interesting that one American company would find an open market in Asia.

SingCore-above-Bangkok-ThailandWhy would Asia import this particular product from the United States?

These finished panels are extremely unique and meet increasing demand for new manufacturing standards being adopted overseas and are now seeing the light of day in America.

The first concern is that the construction industry is seeking more eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for building projects.

In this case, one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok was seeking to find a solution that met the biologically sound agenda with superior strength. The solution to the problems faced by the Thai engineers was discovered using a simple Google search for “lightweight panel” solving not only the ecologically friendly problem, but was also extremely lightweight, super-strong and has a longer lifespan than similar plywood-type products.

The patented Sing Core honeycomb panels were manufactured under the guidelines and supervision of inventor, Peter Sing in McCleary, Washington, who also holds the patent on the Sing Core technology.

According to Inventor Sing, “Sing Core honeycomb panels are lighter weight than paper-core products; stronger than any material including titanium with the same size honeycomb grid for maximum compression; made using less energy and raw materials and less waste than any other similar materials; are manufactured from natural and recycled materials that are renewable and earth friendly… plus,” says Sing, “In a society that has become accustomed to most everything being inexpensive and disposable, we provide Sing Core as a solution that will last for centuries.”

While Asia has been accused recently of dumping plywood solutions (providing under cost in order to decimate the market) to the Americas, resulting in a mandatory 25% duty to offset their economic impact on domestic products, the American-made Sing Core solution is launching a grass roots revolution to return pride to the United States, while providing local jobs, supporting local communities and economies while reducing the greenhouse effect at home.

The unconventional strength is achieved by Sing’s patented design utilizing a vertical-grain wood honeycomb filled with a foam core, that when sandwiched between two laminates is 10-times the strength of traditional plywood solutions, maintaining straightness or flatness over a large span of material.

Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-ThailandThis project represents less than a tenth of one percent of the solutions that Sing Core technology provides. Peter Sing says, “Sing Core can be used in thousands of applications from furniture manufacture to huge structural challenges. One practical application that we are known for in the USA is for large doors, because ours are so lightweight, stronger and more eco-friendly than anything pound-for-pound and maintain their integrity while lasting hundreds of years.

“We supply to the companies that build products for the President, Statesmen, Prime Ministers, Kings and the Pope, because,” Says Sing, “This is the only eco-friendly solution that solves all the problems of oversize integrity, strength, lightweight and will pass the test of time.” Although high-end clients are currently using this technology, Sing says he wants to bring it to every household stateside; then he plans to take his invention to the rest of the world.

Sing core is an improvement over existing wood components due to its use of less than 10% wood product with the grain perpendicular to the surface of each panel to form the honeycomb matrix sandwiched between two skins of any desired material; it is this design problem/solution that led to the development of his invention which Mr. Sing expects to be a common household name used to describe a new level of quality standard in manufactured products.

Sing Core technology can be applied to nearly any building material including (but not limited to) concrete, metals, fiberglass, plastics, even bulletproof skins can be used, like Kevlar.

Inventor, Peter Sings, wants to take his patented technology to the streets in a grass roots revolution to support working class America, as well as manufacturing facilities across the United States via his virtual training facility, “Lightweight University.” The intricacies and possibilities of Sing’s patented innovations can be shared on an equal platform by participating Americans, whom Sing regards as “consultants” rather than students.

The University is open to all Americans who want to help us build a more sustainable future while shoring up local economies. He says, “Of course the University is open to the manufacturers that we work with, but they are large corporations. My goal is to put this technology into the hands of the people, to put them to work so that they can support their families while making the world a better place.” In making his program available to, “everyone,” he is offering scholarships to those who might need a helping hand in embracing these technological advancements.

one-man-beam-carrySing explains, “I want to help the one-man operations, mom-and-pop shops and small businesses get back on a profitable track in life and help them achieve a better bottom line by producing products that are superior quality, at a lower base cost than conventional materials, including, scholarships, grants and subsidies for Sing Core for low-end solutions enabling them to compete with lower-quality inexpensive import products.”

What does it take to start up a Sing Core manufacturing facility? Peter Sing answers, “It’s easier than you think. We show you how to set up your manufacturing facility in less space than a single car garage, how to make your own Sing Press with our materials; and we even supply our students with Sing Core at their location on consignment. That means they only pay for the product that they use, as they use it, on demand.”

And it takes less time to learn this new green technology than you might think. Sing explains, “There is no need to go to school for four years to get a job. I can show you how to do this in two weeks, and I will even give you the material that you need to get started.”


For more information, visit: and/or respectively.

Contact: Peter Sing

Sing Core

P.O. Box 1691, McCleary, WA  98557