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Sing Trade Show Displays



How to Order Your Sing Trade Show Displays

#1 Order a Trade Show Kit

Sing Core has a number of pre-designed and configured kits.

#2 Build Your Own Booth

Once you have a general understanding of our modular trade show display components, including basic panel sizes and connectors, you can design your system yourself according to our components and directly order the pieces you want a la carte.

#3 Custom Trade Show Display

If you have an idea of what you want, you can submit a custom price quote request with the basic size and surface material you want. Be sure to attach a photo or drawing as well as your thoughts and ideas in the comments section because custom trade show displays can come in any possible number of configurations. Thanks, in advance, for helping us better help you make your custom trade show display dreams come true.

Order a Trade Show Kit

Kits are available in 10×10 and 10×20 configurations, with an optional slatwall.

See Sing Trade Show Walls at the California State Fair For More Information on Sing Core’s Trade Show Kits: Click Here

Click here for more trade show kits, 10×10 Kits, or 10×20 Kits

Build Your Own Booth

Once you understand the Sing Modular Trade Show System, you can build your own trade show booth by creating any design you like using the Sing modular trade show components in any combination or way you see fit. This is an economical approach to designing your own trade show displays. It is easy to select the number of components you want (see preview image to the right) once you have your design and have figured out what you need. This is a self-serve “a la carte” option for DIY (design-it-yourselfer). For more information on building your own booth: Click Here, or if you’re already acquainted with all the Sing Modular components and are ready to price out your own creation, use the following form:

Click here for more Build Your Own Booths

Also available: Full Size Sing Slatwall


Custom Trade Show Displays

If you have a vision of your perfect trade show display system in your mind’s eye, Sing Core can help that dream come true. There are some things that you have to do prior to submitting a custom trade show price request. You must know what size of a display you want, the length, height and thickness of the walls that you want for your trade show display system. You will need to provide us with a layout of your trade show display, where all the components will be placed. This will help us help you take it from vision to drawing then to reality. For more information on custom trade show displays: Click Here, or if you have your drawing ready to attach, you can submit your price quote request now by using the form below:

Fill out my online form.

Click here for more Custom Trade Show Displays

We at Sing Core want you to be able to have the perfect trade show display system that is perfectly suited for your needs and your budget. And when you’re one of the proud owners of a Sing Trade Show Display, you know you have the best system that can be easily assembled in a snap quickly due to it’s light weight and nothing is stronger (Sing Core is rated at 660+PSI, stronger than steel pound-for-pound).  

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Trade Show Booth Pictures California State Fair


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Trade Show Displays

You can email us direct at info@singcore.com, letting us know what you’re looking for. Include your phone number and we will call and talk to you about building just the right trade show booth for you, or call (360) 495-3577 and you can work with us directly.

Sing Core has all the tools necessary to make your wildest dreams come true in terms of your best trade show displays.

There are so many ways you can have just the right trade show display that you’ve always wanted with patented Sing Core inside. For instance,

Trade Show Booth Kits

These are our pre-packaged 10×10 Trade Show Booths and 10×20 Trade Show Booths. These are our most popular 10×10 and 10×20 trade show booths, that can come with your choice of surface material (choose from birch plywood or white Formica).

You can design and we can help you manufacture the best trade show system. There are a couple of ways you can achieve your highest and best trade show system.

Build Your Own Trade Show Booth

The most economical way is to use our convenient Build Your Own Custom Trade Show Booth online system. With this DIY trade show display system, you can select the components you want to create your own trade show booth to your own specs.

This will take a little understanding of our interlocking trade show system, but many of our best customers enjoy this cost-saving method of creating their own custom trade show displays.

Custom Trade Show Booth

Then, of course, you can go all out and design your ultimate custom trade show displays and have the Sing Core team make all your trade show dreams come true by delivering to you a custom-built trade show display system, built to your specs, with all the advantages of having patented Sing Core inside.

To start your highly custom trade show display project, click on Custom Trade Show Displays.

So What Do You Get by Having Patented Sing Core Inside Your Trade Show Displays?

Cam Lock Interlocking Trade Show Displays

Modular Sing interlocking trade show display panels are the easiest full size trade show display walls that are easily connected using our tried and true cam lock panels. No special tools or carpentry skills are needed, simply lock them together, with the simple turn of an Allen wrench and your new trade show displays are ready to show off your wares.

Easy to assemble, disassemble for fast knock down, flat pack, transportation and storage.


First off, you get the lightest weight Eco-friendly trade show system that outperforms any contractor-stick-built custom trade show displays in the industry.


Lightweight Sing Core trade show displays not only have a very small carbon footprint, they are also build to be used and reused again and again in rigorous trade show environments, can easily be assembled and knocked down for flat packing, transportation and storage. Your sing Core trade show display system is build for convenience, longevity and sustainability.

High Strength

No other Eco-friendly lightweight trade show display can compare to Sing Core’s strength, independently rated at 660 PSI makes Sing Core stronger than steel pound for pound and super resistant to deflection, warping, bending, twisting or otherwise failing. That’s why your trade show system can have the only

10 Year No-fail Guarantee

Your trade show displays with Sign Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail, including full structure warranty, for 10 years of faithful service. No other trade show system can compare in terms of longevity.

Superior Expandability

Under normal circumstances (unless you’re using new construction and demolition for each trade show), if you change the footprint of your trade show space between trade shows, for instance, if you have one trade show in a 10×20 and a 10×60 space in the next show, this would require a completely different trade show system. Not so, with your Sing Core Trade Show Displays. Simply get the components you need for your expanded trade show booth design, and we can even ship to the trade show directly.

Sing Core Grows with You

As your success at trade shows grows, so likely is your trade show booth size. No need to buy a new trade show display system when you grow to the new trade show space size. Just get the pieces you need to accommodate your larger space and you’re set to go.

Add lightweight slatwall to your trade show displays for the ultimate trade show booth

Add lightweight slatwall to your trade show displays for the ultimate trade show booth

Eco-friendly Sing Trade Show Displays for Long Life and Sustainability

See our latest Trade Show Booth Pictures

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Portable Trade Show Displays

Take note, portable trade show displays have gone to a whole new level, raising the bar for the trade show industry around the world. If you don’t already know about them, Sing Core’s portable trade show displays are increasingly gaining traction at your favorite trade show.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Why are Sing Portable Trade Show Displays so popular?


First of all, Sing trade show displays are manufactured differently than any other tradeshow displays. Your Sing Eco-friendly display system is made in the USA by hand in our factory using less energy, formaldehyde free-adhesive, with little or no waste, has a very small carbon footprint, and are reusable. This portable trade show display uniquely sustainable solution for all your future trade shows.


All Sing portable trade show displays are very light in weight, weighing a fraction of the weight when compared to stick built trade show displays. This reduces the amount of fuel used to transport your portable display, as well as the manpower necessary to assemble, disassemble, or reconfigure and store your trade show booth.

High Strength

Your portable display units are more than four times stronger than stick-built trade show displays, thanks to having patented Sing Core inside, which is an insulated torsion box composite core, independently rated at over 600PSI, making your tradeshow booth stronger than steel pound for pound.

Easy to Assemble

Once you’ve seen any of Sing’s portable trade show displays assembled, or assembled one yourself, you would never want to going back to trying to create your trade show booth any other way. Each display panel is lightweight, easy to handle and requires no professional skills or specialized tools to set up or take down. In fact, the only tool you need to either put together or take apart your portable trade show display is a simple Allen wrench.

Highly Versatile

No other Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength trade show booth design is so flexible. All Sing portable display components are designed to interlock with each other, so your trade show booth can grow with you. You’re not locked into a one-time purchase, which requires a purchasing a separate trade show booth to accommodate a larger display area. Not so with your portable trade show displays which are nearly a one size fits all solution, because all you have to do is to add the modular trade show components to accommodate your new space or improved trade show booth design.

How do I get a Sing portable trade show display?

There are several ways you can go about it, you can start by selecting from one of our pre-configured and prepackaged Sing

Trade Show Display Kits

in your choice of trade show booths 10×10 or 10×20 trade show booths. Which for a limited time, come with


to any street address in the continental USA.


Alternatively you could build your own booth, exercising your creative genius and creating your own trade show booth design by acquainting yourself with our various standard modular trade show display components and

Build Your Own Booth

Or, for those who know what they want and demand nothing less than the very best trade show booths, you can design and we can build for you, your own

Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom built to your specifications bringing your most creative booth design to life.

And don’t forget, when you have one of our Sing portable trade show displays in hand, we partner with you into the future, supplying you with any of the trade show display components you need to expand or redesign your display system. And each Sing display panel is fully guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or structurally fail at any time for ten years. That’s an unheard of

10 Year Guarantee

that isn’t available anywhere in the trade show industry for any Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and versatile, sustainable display system, bar none. We guarantee it.

See our latest photos of trade show booths

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Tradeshow Displays

We at Sing Core are honored to partner with our trade show vendors, trade show display manufacturers and trade show rental companies to provide what has been referred to as the best trade show booth.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

What makes your Sing Core trade show booth different from other tradeshow displays?

Well, that depends on what kind of trade show booth you’re comparing it to, as there are so many ways one can show their wares at trade show exhibits. If we look at one end of the spectrum, we find companies who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on each show by hiring skilled union contractors to build their custom trade show displays, to only destroy and discard the materials following the trade show. While a new one is being built at the next trade show location.

That on one end of the trade show display continuum. On the other end, you find the small independent starving artist with his PVC pipe constructed frame with curtains to simulate an exhibition booth. In terms of sustainability and responsible use, the PVC curtain portable display makes much more sense than wasting of energy and resources on the other end of the spectrum, because of its low cost and reusability of these portable trade show displays.

Of course there are many variations along the continuum of tradeshow booth possibilities, some better than others… Then there are Sing Core Modular Trade Show Displays.

Tough to compare to any other tradeshow displays in the industry, because of the use of patented Sing Core and warp-free sciences resulting in a trade show panels that is lightweight, stronger than steel, that can be guaranteed for 10 years not to fail.

Sing trade show booths are getting all the buzz because they are the Eco-friendly sustainable solution for trade show booth displays, not just because they have, “Sing Core inside,” but because they are more high precision than stick built trade show display booths, and built to be assembled, disassembled, transported, stored, and assembled, disassembled, transported, stored, over and over again for ten years without fail guaranteed.

Imagine if all your marketing displays could be assembled in minutes, and reused over and over again for years and years. Your Sing portable booth can be purchased for little more than it costs for a trade show booth rental, but it’s yours to keep and reuse as long as you like.

And for that bit of extra flair, you can stand out from the competition by appearing atop you custom trade show flooring.

Trade Show Design Options

We have some trade show displays in stock and ready to ship to you (allow one week for freight delivery) that can be bought with one click and for a limited time include Free Shipping.

For those who are a little more particular and would rather not have a pre-configured boxed trade show system, you can Build Your Own Booth, by selecting the modular trade show components you want, and create any design you like for your modular trade show booth.

Then there are the custom trade show displays designed by the visionary trade show vendors, where the sky’s the limit (unless they’re NASA). We help them to create the best trade show displays, which are reusable. If not for the next trade show, then back at the showcase, warehouse or gallery to be repurposed as elegant in-house marketing displays.

So, whatever your needs or concerns are about your tradeshow displays, we have the exclusive high end knockdown rebuild solution backed by our uncompromising 10 year guarantee.

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Trade Show Wall Panels

Announcing the latest advancement in leading edge development in trade show wall panels to hit the trade show display industry. The Sing modular trade show display system is based on the same high standards that have been serving the most elite museums and art galleries in the United States and around the world.

Click Here to Price Your Custom Trade Show Display

Just like the Sing museum wall panels, the trade show wall panels feature the patented Sing insulated reinforced torsion box composite solid core that results in a trade show wall panel that is rigid, lightweight and high strength. Thanks to Sing Core, you can have a high end museum quality trade show display featuring this next generation of patented trade show wall panels.

To make things even better, they have developed a sustainable high end modular trade show display system that can be easily assembled with nothing more than a twist of an Allen wrench. The trade show wall panels feature Sing’s patented display panel that interlock with each other in a variety of ways with preinstalled cam locks. Cam lock panels are connected together by an aluminum upright which is pre-configured to be joining panels in any direction.

This makes booth design so much easier and flexible as you can change the booth configuration to accommodate special events throughout the show. Simply add the display panels you need to reconfigure your trade show booth’s design to build a conference room, office area, storage closet, or theater. Click, click, each display panel in place. Sing booth design also includes a door panel which you can place between two other display panels for even more convenience and flexibility. Just lock it in and away you go.

All modular Sing trade show displays feature easy to knock down and flat pack your modular display for fast packaging, transport and storage. Sing Core also offers a separate reusable shipping container to keep your trade show wall panels safe between shows.

How strong are Sing trade show wall panels?

So strong, in fact, that these trade show walls have been independently tested to rate at 660 PSI. Compare that to aircraft quality of 10 to 110 PSI, and you have a superior lightweight panel that is strong enough to be used again and again for years without failure.
Standard Sing trade show wall panels are only two inches thick, yet stronger than a custom 2×4 stick trade show display build out, yet weighing in at a faction of the weight. Sing trade show wall panels are stronger than steel pound for pound and are also

Warp-free Trade Show Wall Panels

Use your Sing modular display system over and over again without fear of failure. Patented Sing reinforced torsion box composite core material in combination with their anti warp stiffener technology results in an Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength trade show display panel that will not warp-bend, twist or otherwise fail. If a display panel is damaged (for instance, punctured by fork lift forks, etc.) it can easily be repaired without compromising the strength of the trade show panel. Even after repeated use in successive trade shows, over and over again.

This is why only Sing trade show displays can come backed by their,

10 Year No Fail Warp-free Guarantee

Your panels are guaranteed not to warp, including full structure warranty, for 10 Years! These are the only industrial strength lightweight display panels made in the USA that come backed with a 10 year life service guarantee.

Never buy another trade show booth

Modular Sing trade show display components are designed to interlock with each other and can be used in many ways.

Never outgrow your trade show displays

As your business grows, your trade show booth can grow with you. You can start small, like with our basic 10×10 trade show booth and add the modular trade show wall components you need to expand your trade show booth design to accommodate larger trade show footprints as necessary.

Our smooth, white Formica surface looks good and lasts without deterioration, or can easily accommodate your custom graphic vinyl wraps.

Say, “No.” to wasteful demolition and disposal of your one-shot trade show display builds. The Sing solution not only save you in construction and demolition expenses, but can be used over and over again, making it the Eco-friendly, sustainable choice for a better world.

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Trade Show Displays Exhibition Booth

The patented lightweight structural high strength trade show displays exhibition booth made in the USA from Sing Core features modular trade show panels that are creating the best trade show displays featuring standard modular exhibition booth components which interlock and are reusable over and over again for 10 years guaranteed.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Available in standard trade show kits with a variety of available options for your modular tradeshow displays gives you the ultimate flexibility in your trade show booth design as all the components can be interlocking trade show panels which can be reconfigured on site at your trade show. And by using this trade show display technology, you can change or alter you trade show booths by adding components or buying two modular trade show exhibits and combining the pieces for even more flexibility and expanded custom trade show booth displays with many configuration options.

Click Here – Free Shipping – Buy Now

Imagine having a reconfigurable booth display, that you own and don’t have to rent, that flat packs for conveniently for easy transport and/or shipping to and from your office, shop or home. Plus your custom trade show displays can be packaged inside a patented Sing Core reusable crate, which can house all your trade show supplies when purchased with optional trade show lighting kits for the most efficient convention displays.

Sing Core supplies trade show display companies with the modular trade show components for use as portable exhibits that high concept and performance ready, including our most popular 10×10 display booth which is leading the industry in modern trade show displays which are stronger than any other 10×10 trade show booth displays, yet lightweight and the most affordable trade show display which is reportedly the best exhibit booth making more and more appearances at the best trade show booths and exhibits.

Isn’t it time you stopped renting a trade show booth, by owning your own stunning trade show booths which can be easily stored as a flat packed system, transported, assembled and disassembled in no time without special tools (the only assembly tool required is an Allen wrench, which is included with all our trade show displays using our interlocking system).

Click Here – Free Shipping – Buy Now

What If I Need an Exhibition Booth Now?

You can have it now. The unique ability and style advantage of Sing Core’s modular tradeshow displays allows you to get your trade show booths delivered in now time. Back when each one was an indivual work of art you had to wait at least 4 weeks for it to be built. Now that each trade show booth design is preconfigured with standard modular booth display components, your trade show exhibits are ready to ship (allow 1 week for shipping to your location). No more waiting for weeks for your trade show booth displays.

You can have your trade show display kits complete with lighting trade show supplies and optional reusable trade show display crate delivered to you in one week.

Custom trade show displays are the foundation on which our convention displays are based. Although custom trade show displays are still available through Sing Core and our partner trade show display companies, you can now buy a complete affordable trade show display with one click, and have the best of modern trade show displays in days, not weeks.

Click Here – Free Shipping – Buy Now

Free Shipping of the Best Trade Show Booths and Exhibits

Now you can have your favorite 10×10 display booth delivered free of charge to you for a limited time only. Any of our complete trade show display kits can ship to you fast and free in either 10×20 or 10×10 trade show booth displays. You can rest assured that you will have the most sustainable portable exhibits that have been referred to as the best exhibit booth at many trade shows across the USA. Now, you can own your own stunning trade show booths and enjoy free shipping if you order now.

Click Here – Free Shipping – Buy Now


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Truss Trade Show Booth Alternative

Use t slot embedded in t slot panels for trade show boothsOne of the most popular solutions for building a flexible trade show system has been the trade show truss displays. This has offered a degree or flexibility in altering the layout and design of a trade show booth that was unavailable in previous traditional trade show booth systems.

The popular conundrum in trade show design and management is that of lightweight and high strength. In most cases, the engineering and design staff will have to sacrifice either weight or strength having to choose one over the other depending on the expectations of the exhibitor.

This led to success of trade show truss systems that weigh less than a stick-based carpenter-built trade show display that would be disposed of following the trade show because it weighed less and could be knocked down and re-assembled for use in the next trade show event.

For many years the trade show truss system has set the standard for portable trade show displays; that is until Sing Core introduced the best trade show booths imbuing trade show engineers and designers with a whole new level of prolific design options without sacrificing due to the limitations of materials lacking in either lightweight or high strength.

one man easily assembles 70 ft x 10 ft trade show display booth lightweight high strengthThe Best Trade Show Booths

This new generation of trade show displays has made a decisive impact on trade shows and the trade show designers who are always on the lookout for leading edge trade show booth ideas. Imagine a modular building material that is lightweight yet stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound, taking trade show design to a whole new level.

These exciting new components for portable trade show displays consisted of the most advanced high precision display panels that are also the key component used in making the best trade show tables, trade show flooring as well as trade show walls.

These new trade show booths were completely modular, could quickly and easily assembled, disassembled flat-packed, transported and stored ready for the next trade show. See a 70 ft. trade show display including two offices, assembled by one man in less than an hour. See the video.

But the technology did not stop there. The unbridled savvy trade show engineers and designers pressed Sing Core through to an even greater level of high precision composite technology…

t slot wall panels and t slot sliding door as t slot componentsT Slot Trade Show Booths

A staple in high-end industrial applications is the t slotted aluminum extrusion when enabled engineers and designers to create high precision projects. Still, with all the benefits of the aluminum t slot stiles and rails, the project could (and probably would) fail due to the instability of the other structure material that was weak or had the potential to warp, bend, twist, rot or otherwise fail over the lifespan of the project.

Sing Core is the secret ingredient in the most high performance t slot projects industry-wide. The lightweight high strength attributes in tandem with t slot empowered the most advanced architects specify the most complex components that would not have been able to meet the most stringent performance specifications.

It was no surprise to see this new technology spill over into trade show booth design, which faced the same design limitations of trade show truss displays.

Now, trade show designers are able to use the most sophisticated modular trade show structure system to build the ultimate trade show booths, including multiple stories and mezzanines that are lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years!

If you’re ready to have the best award winning trade show booth at your next presentation, contact us, for more information.

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Modular Trade Show Displays

Sing Core is proud to announce the first modular trade show display system that is lightweight, high-strength and Eco-friendly for a better world.

Trade Show Display Components

This unique material allows you to build a trade show display without requiring a 2×4 frame and is many times stronger. Even though your trade show wall will be 2 inches thick it will have the strength of a fully framed wall because the structural frame is built into each lightweight high-strength trade show panel.

Sing modular trade show displays are available now by clicking here with free shipping. They feature a lightweight white HPL exterior surface material that is easy to work with and ready finishing or adding your custom vinyl surface and/or graphics.


Modular Trade Show Displays Free Shipping 10 Year Guarantee


Build Your Own Custom Trade Show Booth

Take a look at this custom trade show booth that was designed and built by the company using our modular trade show components.

How to create your own trade show booth design system is easier than learning your ABC‘s. So, come on and do the Sing creation with me.

A. Decide what you want and the components you need

B. We give you everything you need to create your custom trade show booth

C. You are proud to have the best trade show display


10x10 trade show booth layout with 6-5 48 inch lightweight high strength trade show display panels 10 x 20 ft trade show booth 11 48 inch lightweight high strength wood panel configuration

10 ft. x 10 ft. Trade Show Display Example

10 ft. x 20 ft. Trade Show Display Example

10 x 10 ft trade show booth 6 5 48 inch sing honeycomb wood panel configuration 10 x 20 ft trade show booth 11 48 inch sing honeycomb wood panel configuration

Each Sing Sandwich panel can be used as many different trade show components and in a variety of trade show applications, like

1. track wall
2. slatwall
3. movable wall
4. partition wall
5. two story trade show booth
6. trade show floor
7. trade show roof
8. floating shelves
9. museum cable hanging shelves



For high end custom trade show displays, Click Here.

Options include adding exterior surface materials, like any wood species, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass/FRP, galvanized steel, HPL, metal, plastic, stainless steel, etc…

Now available in affordable lightweight slatwall trade show display.

We Welcome Custom Trade Show Ideas

How to Make Your Own Design

Now that you know the components, you can easily design your own custom trade show booth… For instance, you could provide us with a drawing, like this:

In the drawing (above) this 15 foot wide trade show booth has a left wall depth of 4 foot for display purposes. The white panels represent Sing Trade Show Panel “A,” the blue represents the Sing Trade Show Display “L” and the salmon colored Sing Trade Show “T” is in the middle. In this example, the client requested vertical grooves be pre-cut for installation of track for trade show display hardware. Sing trade show displays can be configured to your specifications. The order would reflect 5 Panel As, 2 Display Ls and 1 Display T. Here are the results: 15 ft x 4 ft custom trade show displays with track for hardware installation Another example is this drawing for an implant modular office for use in a trade show display based on the customer’s drawing: trade show displays 10x12 ft implant modular office The order for this office space included 7 custom (C) 30 inch magnetic whiteboard panels. This order would reflect 4 Panel As, 2 Panel Bs, 7 Panel Cs, 1 Panel D and 4 Display Ls. The resulting office space as follows was assembled in minutes with our lightweight, high strength, modular cam lock design: 10x12 ft implant modular office for trade show displays Note: Prices are subject to change due to material cost and prices do not include shipping. Final price (especially in case of customized specifications) is not final until agreed to and authorized by purchaser and Sing Core. For accurate wholesale pricing, industry trade professionals are encouraged to inquire directly by contacting us direct.

For our more discriminating clients who prefer our premium trade show display components:

70 ft trade show display modular walls flat pack easy set upTo see your ideal trade show displays come to life, simply design your display using our lightweight, high strength trade show components as listed below.

Once you have decided on how many panels, in what sizes and how many Ls and Ts will be in your system it is quick and easy to order online by clicking the buttons for the products that you need.

After you’ve received your Sing Trade Show Displays you will discover that assembly of your trade show displays is as quick easy as ordering.

Plus we have, “Try before you buy,” leasing program and economy discount options for our clients looking for the best price (contact us for prices and availability).

Get the upscale trade show display wall panel components that you want:

Sing Trade Show Panel “A” key-36-inch-trade-show-wall-panel-modular-component

Modular trade show displays 36 inch wall panel componentThey key component for designing and building your trade show display walls is our “A” trade show panels. These patented display panels measure 36 inches wide. They are lightweight and easy to handle and come complete with Frost White MDF exterior finish. 36 lbs. Panel “A”

Sing Trade Show Panel “B” key-22-inch-trade-show-wall-panel-modular-component

Modular trade show displays 22 inch wall panel componentOur alternatively-sized component for your custom trade show display walls consists of our “B” trade show panels. These patented display panels measure 22 inches wide. 25 lbs. Panel “B”

Sing Trade Show Display “L” key-14-inch-trade-show-wall-L-panel-corner--modular-component

Modular trade show displays 14 inch corner L wall panelThe Sing tradeshow display L is the key corner component. The standard dimensions of this corner connector is 14 inches by 14 inches and can be used as booth corners or in combination with trade show panels to create free-standing offices or storage compartments. All Sing trade show display components feature cam lock connectors for quick, easy and secure fastening and joining. 37 lbs. Display “L”

Sing Trade Show Display “T” key-14x26-inch-trade-show-T-wall-panel-modular-component

Modular trade show displays 14x28 inch T wall panelThe Sing trade show display T is the component that joins two trade show wall panels together. As you determine your design keep in mind the dimensions as it measures 28 inches wide by 14 inches deep. The patented Sing T can be used as a wall footing to add stability over long spans or to add a perpendicular wall or add other components. 53 lbs. Display “T”