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Wholesale Blow-Out

It’s that time of year, where we need to clear out our warehouses to make room for new inventories, so enjoy the huge cost-savings that you will realize with all the items featured on this page at drastic price reductions. Here is where you will find all of our overstock or clearance items on sale now.


Click HERE to get pricing.

Buy today and save. All sales are on a first come, first serve basis and limited to stock on-hand.

A wide assortment of panel products containing our patented Sing Core are in-stock.

Call (360) 495-3577 or email info@singcore.com to see if we have a surplus of the panel products that you desire.

This is a great opportunity to build your inventory…

An inexpensive way to get the best panel products in the world.

Only while supplies last


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Sing Core is the revolutionary concrete substrate that supersedes all other concrete reinforcement while being lightweight, stronger than steel and eco-friendly.

Working hand-in-hand with architects, designers, contractors and end-users, Sing Core concrete substrate helps to solve the structural challenges often associated with concrete-work, while maintaining the highest levels of structural integrity and minimizing construction and maintenance costs.

Applications include:

  • DSC_0240Blocks
  • Doors
  • Fence
  • Floor substrate
  • Footings
  • Foundations
  • Parking/garage
  • Lofts
  • Marine
  • Pivot doors
  • Posts
  • Tile floors
  • Refrigeration floors
  • Roof systems
  • Art & sculptures
  • Stairs
  • Structures
  • Walls


Other Sing Core concrete solutions include cement board applications.



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Industrial Material Handling

Sing Core,Sing sandwich panels and Sing panels  are the  solution for many of your industrial material handling problems—-avoid damage of expensive veneer and plywood in such applications as dunnage and plywood support base.


Using Sing Panels in your warehouse can protect your important inventory… a small investment that can save hundreds of dollars in material loss.



Keeping your materials straight and flat… that’s what true flat Sing Panels can do with your stored materials.




Don’t put your valuable inventory at risk, so they don’t warp.




Sing I-Beams are amazing!



Sing I-Beams are so strong and lightweight, we’ve had people make their own custom lifts and cranes out of them!


Basically made of 2 pieces of 14″ I-joist sandwiched with patented 3″ thick sing core…
Abracadabra! You have the strongest lightweight beams! Want to learn how to do it? Come to our School.