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Walnut Sliding Doors

Walnut Sliding Door 148 1/8″ tall x 53″ wide x 2″ thick. Solid 1/8″ walnut wood stave skin.

Looks matter! For a super light weight cutting edge modern door design, Sing Core is your best bet.

This beautiful walnut sliding door is  148 1/8″ tall x 53″ wide x 2″ thick. Solid 1/8″ walnut wood stave skin gives a natural look that is both modern and stylish. Yet our panel is one third the weight of wood yet stronger than steel by weight

Exterior Sliding Walnut Doors

Our panels look amazing outdoors and in doors. Strength of Sing Core panels include:

  • Core is mostly highly insulated foam with an internal wood structure
  • Sound deadening characteristics
  • Weather proof (when properly finished).
  • True Flat means door remains easy to operate and tightly sealed for the lifetime of the door

Interior Sliding and Pocket Doors

The beauty and sound deadening properties of sing core doors are doubly appreciated when used as an interior sliding. Furthermore, interior sliding doors can be frequently operated, such as closet doors or large room dividers. Such frequent use is facilitated by the light weight nature of the panels. Yet the dense and strong construction feels like a solid piece of wood to the user.

Walnut Double Sliding Patio Doors

If your are in need of a distinctive, one of a kind, custom made patio door for your project, look no further than Sing Core. Every one of our panels is made custom — to order — to meet your precise specifications.

Custom blocking, light cut outs, edging, and other features can be included or removed to meet your needs and pricing concerns.

Panels can be used in any door application, including sliding and double sliding doors. The same panel, with different internal support and blocking, works perfect for pivot doors, hinge doors, overhead garage doors, carriage doors, pocket doors, and hidden doors.

12′ Tall Walnut Wood Stave Door

Walnut Sliding Door Hardware

SingCore doors do not come with hardware, but are designed to work with the hardware of your choice. Any commercially available hardware or custom hardware package can work with our doors provided they support the weight required.

In order to match with the hardware of your choice, SingCore embeds custom solid wood blocking in the core of the panel around the edges, measured precisely to meet with your hardware configuration.

SingCore panels can be worked just like wood. And, will be familiar to millworks, cabinet makers, wood workers, and contractors who have experience with traditional doors.

SingCore is the best choice for your project!

Sliding French Walnut Patio Doors

Sliding french patio doors offer a distinctive look for the discerning home owner.

Sing panels are uniquely suited for french doors because of their ability to be cut in to any configuration of windows or light openings to suit your need without loss of strength.

Consider our panels to be the clay for your sculpture. We can form them to meet almost any need, any size, any thickness, and any surface material.

Contact SingCore today and request a free consultation and estimate for your project.


12′ Tall Walnut Door Only 177 lbs

Pivot Door Gallery

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Wooden Sliding Doors that Don’t Warp

When you need a large door that doesn’t warp, especially a sliding door made of wood, then look to Sing Core for you salvation.  No one is able to guarantee our wooden sliding doors don’t warp like we do, with a warp free 50 year guarantee.

How do you stop a wooden door from warping?

The easy answer is to buy Sing Core for your door. Our patented light weight torsion box material is able to withstand extreme conditions and maintain perfect straightness over the life of the door. Wood can always warp but sing core never will, despite being a wood and foam core. The aerospace inspired construction methods push the capability of wood to beyond the strength of steel pound per pound and lighter than an equivalent wood door of traditional construction

How do you straighten a warped interior door?

There is no easy way to straighten a typical wood warped door. But Sing Core’s patented and patenting pending aluminum stiffener technology, found in all “professional” grade wooden sliding doors we make, allows warped doors to rebound.

The process is simple to un-warp a Sing Core wooden sliding door that may have warped during transport or during storage before finishing and installation.

  1. Support the wooden sliding door on it’s side in a dry area
  2. Allow the panel to sit with equal circulation on both sides for 3-5 days
  3. Enjoy your perfectly straight sliding door panel

Once sealed and installed, perfect straight Sing sliding door panels will never warp.

JB Duke Hotel Doors Perfect Straight Light Weight Super HIgh Strength

Does staining wood prevent warping?

Staining wood does not prevent warping. Sing panels, once sealed with an appropriate wood sealer, will never warp. Traditional wood doors, however, are prone to warping even after sealing due to aging effects of the wood.

What causes cabinet doors to warp?

Traditional cabinet doors generally warp because of uneven moisture infiltration due to near by water sources such as sinks, showers, and steam from cooking. Everyone knows that wet wood tends to warp.

Similarly, if the wood used in the cabinet is not perfectly dry or has natural imperfections then the panel will warp no matter how it is treated.

Unlike traditional cabinets, Sing Core does not derive it’s strength from lumber, but from our patented core. This core is impervious from warping, is much lighter than a traditional wood cabinet door, and provides better insulation.

Barn doors that won’t warp

If you want a barn door that stays perfectly straight no matter what, you will have extra difficulty if you use a pure wood door. Barn doors only have 2 points of contact per panel, and therefor cannot benefit from mechanical stability of 3 or more points of contact.

Sing Doors, although not the cheapest on the market, can save time and money because you can be confident that our attractive natural wood panels are backed inside with a space age technology.

How to build a barn door that won’t warp

To build barn door that won’t warp:

  1. Order a sing core panel of your chosen length, width, and thickness
  2. Choose your skin thickness and finish
  3. Finish to you choice of color the raw wooden sing panel
  4. Mill out and install hardware

Why do doors warp

Doors warp because of uneven humidity causing dimensional change in the panel. Additionally, imperfections in the wood and stress on the door over time can lead to warpage.

Sing doors combat all these issues with out patented Sing Core material that is stronger than steel by weight and the times lighter than wood. All our “professional” grade panels come with a pure lifetime 50-year structural guarantee. Doors with excessive warpage will be replaced, with only minimal questions asked.

Order Today

If you have any questions about how Sing Core can help with your project, please contact us directly!

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Swing Out Garage Doors Fiberglass

Sing Core helps the most contemporary garage door companies break out of the mold of traditional garage door design and engineering to build new garage doors in ways that are leading edge, highly unconventional, lightweight, high strength, and fully insulated.

This new generation of garage doors features groundbreaking garage door technology allowing garage door designers and engineers to reimagine their garage door possibilities exponentially by using new garage door panel surface materials for evolutionary wooden garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, HPL garage doors, aluminum garage doors, or other metal garage doors.

Swing Out Garage Doors Fiberglass

Swing out garage doors of fiberglass are a rudimentary approach to creating fiberglass garage doors which swing on hinges anchored to the sides of the garage door frame. The most common format for side hinged swing garage doors is as a pair of opposing doors.

This double garage door configuration is traditionally considered as carriage garage doors as this was the initial design for carriage house garage doors. The only problem with these carriage style garage doors was that the doors were wide and being made of wood meant being heavy, putting a heavy weight load on those side hinges.

As beautiful a design as carriage garage doors were, the sheer weight and width of the swinging garage doors led to early deterioration of the hinges charged with trying to carry out the requirements of the garage doors over time. Carriage garage doors saw regular declines due to higher maintenance costs over time, only to be featured on the homes of those wealthy enough to see to their regular repair or replacement as necessary.

The use of fiberglass garage doors helped to overcome the weight issue, though the sacrifice was in strength, as the masses began to embrace less expensive roll up garage doors which could be easily operated by automatic garage door openers which also became available at value pricing.

Then, recently, the best garage door companies started to provide their high-end clientele with top drawer swing out garage doors in fiberglass, which excelled in being highly weatherproof as well as being insulated, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

The secret to building such a brilliant modern garage door is using patented Sing Core inside. For years the top contemporary architects and designers have been specifying Sing Core inside their large door designs, mostly in extremely large wooden or hot rolled steel pivot doors which were massive undertakings, where only Sing Core could solve the problems associated with weight and dimensional stability.

Sing Core has long been known for its unprecedented 50-year warp free and full structure guarantee, unheard of in the garage door industry today.

This is why Sing Core is the hottest garage door replacement in upper-budget-ranged projects in the garage door industry. Plus, while you’re replacing those old doors, you can make an entirely new fashion statement by using almost any garage door facing material that you like.

Bifold Garage Door

An alternative twist to the swing out garage doors fiberglass is the use of the bifold garage door which reduces the size of each swing out garage door panel to half its size with alternating hinge orientations creating a collapsible set of doors to either side of the garage door opening. This is highly effective in reducing the wide swing of carriage garage doors, to the dimensions of each individual panel.

For instance, the outswing area for a 16 ft garage door would easily be 8 feet, this could easily be reduced to only 4 ft by using a set of folding garage doors, a huge reduction of outswing footprint. In this manner, a 40 ft garage door opening could be reduced to 4 ft outswing foot print with the incorporation of folding stacking garage door panels.

HPL is a standout resource for industrial, professional, high trafficked hospitality, and government projects due to it’s being nearly impervious to damage even in heavily used areas. Imagine having HPL garage doors, which can take on the appearance of any available surface material, without the expense or fragility of those building materials. The is the beauty of exploring the HPL garage door possibilities.

Garage doors with Sing Core inside are not limited to any size restrictions and can be up to 50 feet or more in any or both directions, (50 ft. tall and/or 50 ft. wide) and still qualify for Sing Core’s 50-year warp-free and structure guarantee, and you get to select whatever surface material you heart desires (subject to availability).

Garage Door with Door

It’s not uncommon for those huge oversized garage doors to have feature another door built into the big garage door. This walk through garage door allows one access to the interior of the garage without having to open or operate the entirety of the garage door opening. You could feature this pass-through feature in any garage door of any size, simply by specifying that you want a garage door with man door access.

Currently, standard sizes of swing out garage doors fiberglass growing in popularity include 16×7 garage door, 16×8 garage door, 12×10 garage door, 12×12 garage door, 18×8 garage door, 10 x 9 garage door, and 16×10 garage door, in that order. But the Sing Core specialty is that large custom one-of-a-kind classic art piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most popular surface materials today at Sing Core include wooden garage doors followed by black garage doors, wood look garage doors (like fiberglass or HPL garage doors), aluminum garage doors, brown garage doors, metal garage doors, cedar garage doors, steel garage doors, and white garage doors.

How can you get swing out garage doors fiberglass with Sing Core inside?

It’s easy. Just go to your favorite garage door company or custom millwork and tell them your door’s dimensions, specifying the style you might like, and which surface material you want, and make sure to tell them you want, “Sing Core inside,” then leave the rest to us.

If you don’t already have a favorite garage door company, you could simply Google: “garage door companies near me” or if you’re a qualified do-it-yourselfer you might visit 247coop.com and source your materials and related services from there.

You can have your own swing out garage doors in fiberglass built to your specs in no time and have the pride of ownership which comes from having one of a kind garage door backed by the only 50-year warp free and structure guarantee.

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See Our Barn Door Rennovation At A Million Dollar Home

The Best Doors Are Made Here…

When looking for doors or panels, you should be looking for the best that your money can buy.  SingCore! Handmade right here in America, our panels can save you time and money.  For the most younique portal experience. you can expect the best of all worlds by using our panels.

Check out our video:

The best contract with SingCore for all of their large panels.

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Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door

Introducing Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door


Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Doors are your ideal solution for freight doors for your entire fleet.

Industry Challenges

The challenge with roll-up freight doors used in commercial applications is that they are big and heavy, which means they are difficult to operate and add significant weight to the load.  Since trucks loads are limited by weight capacity, a heavy door means you can carry fewer packages per load.  These types of doors also tend to be very costly.  Companies that manufacture roll-up doors produce products that are unnecessarily complex, resulting in products that are far too costly.  This can result in huge cost overages, which can severely hamper your bottom line.  Another problem with most cargo roll-up doors is that they are very difficult to install.  Because their products use so many different complicated parts, they can be extremely difficult to install.  This will result in increased labor requirements and cost overruns.  Lastly, truck doors have been highly susceptible to environmental damage from water and UV rays.  UV rays are an excessive problems for standard freight truck overhead roll-up doors.  UV rays will significantly decrease the life of your doors.  Another challenge is doors that are weak and won’t hold up under rigorous, industrial use.  Ever notice how most metal freight doors are dented, bent, and crushed?  Those types of doors do not have a pleasant appearance.  They will also not function well in the long run.


One-stop Solution

SingCore has solved all of the problems of large overhead roll-up freight doors with our Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door designed for heavy duty rigorous use in trucking and freight applications.  Your simple solution to easy freight loading and transport.

Super Light Weight
Ultra High Strength
Easy to Install
More Functional
Cost Effective
Better Safety
Universal Track System
Visually Appealing

Super Light Weight

Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Doors are the lightest weight truck freight doors on the market, our doors mount on universal truck roll-up door tracks, so you won’t need any special mechanisms that add weight to your installation.  Our door panels are lighter.  You will save around 100 pounds from your load, which means you have more capacity for your freight.  In turn, you will earn more money.  Lighter weight means our doors are less taxing on your hardware and your track systems.  They also require less expensive hardware to install and are easier to operate.

Ultra High Strength

Often, you will see truck cargo doors on the road and they are dented and bent.  This is because they are not built to tolerances meant to withstand the rigorous use freight doors must undergo to meet the needs of shipping and transport companies.  The secret to making the highest strength panels on the market has to do with SingCore patented and patent pending SingCore material.  With SingCore inside, we can make you the strongest Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Cargo Doors on the market.  Our doors are designed to hold up under the most rigorous conditions.


Easy to Install

Because our doors are the lightest weight on the market, they are easier to transport, lift, and install.  This means you need less manpower and less expenses to complete your installation.  Moreover, you need no special tools.  All you need is a wrench and a screw driver.  The panels are so light weight, they can be easily lifted with just one finger.  They require less hardware.  Thus, there are fewer parts to assemble.  All of this results in the fastest, easiest to install overhead roll-up freight door system on the market.

Weather Resistant

Our doors hold up far better than wood overhead roll-up doors because they’re skinned with aluminum.  Plywood doors tend to allow water to seep in and destroy the integrity of the door.  We also use a special design to prevent water from seeping in around the edges.  Sing Aluminum Overhead Roll-up Freight Doors are designed to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions.  If used carefully, these may be the only doors you will need in the lifetime of your truck!

More Functional

Because of the light weight, sturdy nature of our panels, no door on the market functions as easily as ours.  Our doors can commonly be opened with just one finger.  You will not find another one finger opener on the market.  They are so light weight, children and elderly folks can open them with ease.  Because of this, you will expend less energy opening our doors.  You will be able to save more energy to actually unload your cargo.

Cost Effective

Most overhead roll-up freight doors are hugely expensive ranging from $1,200.00 to several thousand.  Sing Aluminum Overhead Roll-up Freight Doors are more affordable and more functional than any other system on the market.  Our system is simple and uses less hardware, so it saves you considerable money on the expensive hardware used with competing systems.  Because our doors are so much more reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting than competing product, we save you from the high cost of replacing your doors on a frequent basis.  Moreover, our doors are less costly out of the gate because of our low price.  Lastly, with our special pricing, you will be able to outfit your whole fleet at a fraction of the cost from our competitors.

Better Safety

Lighter doors mean better safety.  Heavier doors are more difficult to operate, especially when used in overhead situations.  They can come crashing down and smash or cut off fingers.  They can cut off and crush limbs.  You can pull muscles, break arms or legs.  You can even break your back on large doors.  Light doors means easy operation.  It means you will minimize your chance of injuring your joints, arms, and back.

Universal Track System

Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Freight Door system works with standard freight door track systems, so you don’t have to install new tracks or seek any addition hardware for adapting to our doors.  Simply remove your old doors and install our doors on your existing tracks.  You can even use your existing hardware with our doors.  You can accommodate almost any hardware.

Visually Appealing

It has been said that our doors have a stunning appearance.  You be the judge.  For a low price, you can purchase our doors and see how beautiful they are.  They can be painted in any cover or treated.  You can even apply your own customer graphics to our panels.  We can even make you a door with an amazing aluminum finish or anodized aluminum for one of the most visually appealing overhead roll-up freight truck doors on the market.

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Jib Doors

Jib doors are also known as hidden or invisible doors because they are decorated to look like the wall with concealed hinges and hardware. It’s very important for your jib door to remain perfectly straight so as to maintain the seamless appearance in the wall hosting the jib door.

Jib doors must maintain the seamless appearance of just being a part of the wall, except in the instance of a bookshelf doorway, where the door itself is also a functional bookcase on one side of the door using the same concealed hinge and door securing mechanisms as the invisible or hidden door, like these classic hidden hallway doors.

Of course, it all depends on the size of the opening and the construction of the existing wall that will host the jib door, too. The hidden door will have two vertical seams which need to remain flawlessly straight and true to remain invisible to the naked eye. Unless the doorway will span from floor to ceiling, there will be a horizontal seam at the top of the door which may also need to appear the be seamless.

Hailing from the Old World, jib doors have made there way to the Americas. While no longer used to conceal clandestine activities, including one or more jib doors in your contemporary architecture design project is growing in popularity and is influencing the design, engineering, and building of invisible jib doors. There is no longer any suspicion or negative implications, or having to answer the question, “Why do you have a jib door?” Jib doors are a growing segment among modern doors.

If your jib door is warped, the seam will become visible thereby defeating the purpose of having a hidden door if it no longer appears to be an invisible door at all, and the door’s secret is blown. That’s where Sing Core comes in.

Millworks and high-end custom door manufacturers know they can rely on Sing Core’s ability to provide a warp-free job door blank which will remain straight and true enough to protect the hidden door’s secret of invisibility over time.

If you’re dreaming about having a very large jib door, like a floor to ceiling full moveable wall, Sing Core’s light weight (weighing-in at a fraction of other solid jib door cores) and high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) enables architects, designers, and engineers to realize a full articulating wall, which can pivot, swing, or slide open and closed easily via cell phone. Where there once was a wall, there is none and you have full access to the space.

Make a Whole Wall Disappear

Then there’s this case; What if you wanted the whole wall to be a door. Here’s a job where the client wanted to whole exterior wall converted to bifold jib doors. No problem, if they have Sing Core inside.

Just an ordinary exterior wall. Right?

Extraordinary exterior bi fold doors!

Plus, if your invisible door has Sing Core inside, you get the added safety and security of having a fully insulated sound deadening jib door which is also highly effective in maintaining consistent temperature control on either side of the wall door.

And if that’s not enough to make you insist on specifying Sing Core inside your next architectural jib door, consider this:

Your jib door could be backed by inventor Peter Sing’s unparalleled 50-year warp-free guarantee. Sing’s jib door cores are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure and delamination) for a full 50 years.

No other Eco-friendly lightweight high strength door can compare in terms of weight vs dimensional stability.

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Exterior Steel Doors

Exterior steel doors are becoming more commonplace in upscale communities where safety and security are top concerns. Steel doors are a strong defense against intruders and can withstand just about anything compared to other metal doors.

An aluminum door is probably the most economical way to approach a metal door, but exterior steel doors are in a category all their own.

Modern architecture and design are incorporating more exterior steel doors in their designs, though they could run the gamut from an architectural stainless-steel door to a galvanized steel door, depending on the nature of the project at hand.

Also note that the bronze door is now making its way into the minds of designers and are on the lips of those who want something particularly unique, to in a sense, stand out from the crowd. It is this uniqueness that has them coming back for more.

If your exterior steel door is fully exposed to the elements, you’ll want to take that into consideration when you’re designing the door. Your door engineer will know what challenges you will be facing, for if this is for a high-end project, then you don’t want to leave your client straddled with long-term maintenance at every change of the season.

Solid exterior steel doors are not practical as they are far too strong, and hollow core exterior steel door provide little protection from the elements or intrusion. And when that direct sunlight hits that steel door, look out… There’s no telling what shape it will take on.

The Sing Core Exterior Steel Door Solution

Sing Core provides the perfect solution by delivering a lightweight solid composite cored exterior door that is extremely high precision, impact resistant, insulated for both climate control and sound deadening capabilities.

And you’re never limited to the type of steel door that you want, as each Sing Core exterior steel door that they are involved in is more often than not a unique piece of artwork, the culmination of a visionary idea, with the engineers, in cooperation with Sing Core’s true Flat Team, which results in an unparalleled steel door that can be guaranteed for structural integrity and warp-free performance for 50 years!

For instance, stainless steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors, cold rolled steel doors, and diamond plate steel doors are among our most popular steel entry doors. Residential steel doors come in many shapes and sizes, but when your exterior steel doors are found as part of a multi-million-dollar home, these residential steel security doors could be enormous in size.

Large exterior steel doors leave the biggest impact on those who have cone the extra mile in contemporary architecture design, where the imagination and visualization of the architect is brought to life by creating large exterior steel doors, often floor to ceiling spans.

While your steel door could be in any style, shape, or feature any light opening cut out, these big steel doors are mostly operated as steel pivot front doors.

The whole idea about having steel security doors is the possession of a door that makes a huge security advantage with the largest number of features and benefits you’d be hard-pressed to find in other security steel doors.

Whether you’re looking for residential steel doors, steel garage doors, or commercial steel doors, Sing Core gives you the decided advantage because if your steel doors have Sing Core inside, they are,

• Eco-friendly
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Fully insulated
• Sound dampening
• Increased climate control
• Dimensionally stable
• Any style
• Any size (up to 50 ft.)
• 50-year structure
• 50-year warp-free guarantee

Isn’t it time you started specifying your exterior steel doors have, “Sing Core inside?”

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New Generation of Wood Doors

New Generation Wood Doors are the new generation of wood grain doors available with patented Sing Core inside.

The perfect combination of durable damage resistant beautiful wood grain surfaces and rock solid lightweight insulated vertical grain torsion box interiors, resulting in the most versatile Eco-friendly warp-free doors, guaranteed for 50 years!

There’s never been a better wood grain door to hit the streets with such beauty and grace with the highest precision and long-standing performance records, while being guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or delaminate for 50 years.

New Generation Doors are high pressure laminate doors which have incomparable value in comparison to other HPL doors available thanks to using patented Sing Core as the expert door core. Sing door core is the same product used in multi-million-dollar mansions, by the military, in the tallest building in the United States’ Freedom Tower, by Ivy League universities, and NASA. Now you can have your piece of the good life, and rest at ease knowing your New Generation Wood Door has Sing Core inside.

New Generation Wood Doors are perfect for owners and managers of high-end high traffic establishments such as hotels, government facilities, universities, schools, medical buildings, hospitals, and the health-care industry as double egress doors, or as patient room doors.

Nearly impervious to damage, New Generation Wood Doors have all the elegance of solid wood doors, featuring a solid composite door core material that is lightweight and will withstand the test of time. They make the perfect replacement doors for hospitality industries, and high traffic entertainment venues such as stadiums, and casinos.

In comparison to her shirt-tailed cousins, the natural wood laminate doors, which are prone to deterioration and easily damaged, New Generation Wood Doors are HPL laminate doors that are known for their long service life and are nearly impervious to surface damage.

In factories and intense production facilities, New Generation Wood Doors are resistant to heat, steam, moisture, and water, making them the hands-down door solution in industrial environments.

For use in Multi-family dwellings, condominiums, and apartments, cleanup is quick and easy business, as New Generation Wood Doors sport a smooth, non-porous surface which can easily be cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth for superior functionality and hygienic regular everyday use.

No other door has such superior performance in terms of durability and strength. New Generation Wood Doors feature unparalleled impact resistance and resistant to surface damage, shock, scratching, denting, gouging, or otherwise scarring.

In keeping with Sing Core’s commitment to helping to create a better future world for all earth’s creatures, New Generation Wood Doors feature HPL laminate made from renewable resources and manufactured in an environmentally friendly process, preserving precious timber for other applications, thus protecting domestic and exotic trees.

If you’re cost conscious, HPL laminate doors are a fraction of the price of their natural wood stave alternatives, without having to sacrifice a thing, in fact, you get so much more with New Generation Wood Doors designed and build to last for centuries, and,

“The first 50-years is on me.”

-Peter Sing, President and Inventor of Sing Core

New Generation Wood Doors, the new generation of wood doors with all the beauty and elegance of solid wood doors at a fraction of the price, which are lightweight, stronger than steel, and guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

Step into the next generation of wood doors with New Generation Wood Doors.

High-end clientele, see our authentic wood doors, which also carry our 50 year guarantee.

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Large Sliding Doors in Stable Renovation

Take a look at what our friends over at SHED Architecture did when they combined Eco-friendly insulated lightweight high strength patented Sing Core with a horse stable repurpose transforming the site into an elegant workspace studio and extra bedroom thanks to a few large sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside.