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Paint Grade Doors

There are 2 of the most popular types of paintgrade options available for your architectural door specs from Sing Core, and each includes patented Sing technologies to maximize the potential of these formats, ensuring you can enjoy the only

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Sing Core Paintgrade Door Blanks

  • Warp-free MDF is lighter in weight and stronger than other MDF.
  • Average 1.5-inch to 3-inch thick MDF paintable door blank weighs approximately 1.5 to 3 lbs.
  • The surface of MDF is very smooth which makes it great surface for painting.
  • MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.
  • Because of the smooth edges, you can use a router to create decorative edges.
  • Warp-free MDF is excellent substrate for applying .020-inch wood veneer or other thin laminates. (see below)
  • Made from multiple layers of wood veneer, AB plywood is a strong wood fiber material.
  • AB plywood is water resistant and good for use in exterior door applications.
  • AB plywood face grain can be easily stained.
  • AB plywood holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give the screws something to hold onto.
  • AB plywood is an excellent substrate for applying natural wood stave, wood planks, or other materials. (see below)

.020 Walnut Veneer over extremely smooth Warp-free MDF

The most popular and least expensive is AB Ply.

Warp-free patented and patent pending Singcore AB Ply door substrate

Our AB Ply is used in oversized exterior door applications and is constructed using water resistant adhesive using an A-grade veneer face, C-grade inner plies, and a B-grade back which is used for securing patented Sing Core. AB plywood, is a better grade of plywood, commonly used in cabinetry, where the backside need not be presentation quality.

16 ft Tall Billionaire’s Teak plank front Door on Warp-free AB plywood

The 16 ft tall door (above) is teak wood stave door for a mansion in Beverly Hills with Sing Core inside and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Generally, “AB” designation means that it will be free of knots in their outer layers, though color variations and a few healthy intergrown knots may occur infrequently. If there are any pin knots, they would only a few mm in diameter.

The A refers to the best side which is a furniture grade veneer and B the opposite side. Plywoods with grades A and B are used for finishing purposes.

The A-grade side is the highest quality veneer and most sheets will be free of flaws resulting in a plywood surface that is smooth and can be prepped and painted easily.

Warp-free MDF Guaranteed True Flat for 50 Years

The above picture shows MDF substrate ready for paint grade or laminating thin veneer. We work with millwork companies and high end door manufacturers to provide the most strong, lightweight, non-warping door with best guarantee in the USA.

Warp-free MDF

Sing Core’s MDF is not your father’s MDF. Inventor Peter Sing has developed a method or creating a perfectly smooth surface, which is a well-known characteristic of MDF, which is lightweight MDF and will not warp. Moving due to lack of strength, especially amidst long spans, is also a well-known characteristic of MDF.

Sing uses a combination of patented and patent-pending technologies which result in the only large warp-free MDF door blanks in the door industry. That’s why Sing Core is known for creating the highest grade MDF in the door industry.

When making big doors, like the large oversized doors which Sing Core is famous for, to try to use MDF without Sing Core inside would be like building a door with a giant noodle, granted the surface would still be smooth as can be.

Because MDF is not water resistant it is not recommended for exterior applications, so avoid specifying MDF for large entry doors due to its inherit weakness, instead spec AB plywood as your base material instead.

Due to the smoothest surface area material, MDF can easily be painted, or used as underlayment for thin veneers, vinyl, or other laminations.

16 ft tall White Oak veneer pivot doors on warp-free MDF top floor World Trade Center

The above doors are 16 ft. tall feature .o20 white oak veneer. Door substrate made of patented Sing core with MDF substrate for the tallest building in North America, on the 86th floor’s Sky Club atop the New York World Trade Center.

In fact, all the most high-end veneer-work done by Sing Core uses this warp-free MDF solution as underlayment for the perfect veneering for which they are known. See: How to Make the Best High-end Veneer Doors. Likewise, their high-end millworks and door companies who apply their own laminates, they order this material as their gold standard.

On the other hand, if your intention is to add natural wood planks, then AB plywood is preferred substrate, especially for exterior doors.

While AB plywood and MDF are the most popular there are many other skin types for plywood, paintgrade, and others.

Now, maybe you have a better idea about why architects spec Sing Core

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Pivot Door Manufacturers

Pivot door manufacturers are the backbone of the success behind the impact patented Sing Core is seeing in contemporary architecture design and modern pivot doors around the world. Where the power of these emerging technologies really shines is in modern pivot entry door, but none of this would be possible without the support of the biggest and best high-end pivot door manufacturers.

Patented Warp-free MDF Door Core for Pivot Door Manufacturers

The growing trend of modern pivot doors is often pushing the boundaries of size, where it is generally assumed that the bigger the pivot door is, the greater the impact it will have on those who encounter such a giant articulating pivot door.

It gets more complicated the larger the pivot door is because you are attempting to surpass the limitations of the materials used to manufacture these highly customized pivot doors, especially if you are working with a modern pivot front door.

A modern pivot front door is more far more complicated to manufacture due to its having one side which faces the project’s interior and the other facing the exterior, and could be exposed 100% to the elements, and as they change, the materials begin to move. Given enough movement as the door adjusts to the environmental changes, will cause the door to fail. It may not operate freely, adding stress and strain to the pivot door hardware, compromising the pivot door’s ability to seal correctly, and it may become impossible to secure as locking mechanisms may not line up properly.

This is the plight faced by the best pivot door manufacturers, and that’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented modern pivot door solutions come in, which have been changing the way modern pivot doors are made.

The Sing Core Solution


Pivot Door Manufacturers

Pivot door manufacturers rely on Sing’s ability to match up the perfect modern pivot door core substrate to both the size and materials to create a pivoting front door that will not fail. Backed by Sing’s True Flat Team, his factory, located in the pristine Pacific Northwest in McCleary, Washington, they are able to provide these high-end pivot door manufacturers with the exact door core to match supplication, size, and materials.

The result is a modern pivot front door which will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full fifty years. (No, that is not a misprint.) The modern pivot door cores with Sing Core inside can deliver a large pivot door made of nearly any flat building materials which can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

This is an unprecedented warranty that can not be achieved without having patented Sing Core inside.

Sing’s patented technologies enable modern pivot door designers to expand their horizons and to exceed high performance standards which would normally be limited to what was previously possible using existing technologies and materials.

What makes Sing’s core so special?

Sing’s core is a hybrid composite technology which combines traditional woodworking craftsmanship and space-age technology to accomplish this feat.


Sing starts with a torsion box grid structure, which has long been known as an effective way to make a large lightweight door with increased dimensional stability. Sing multiplied the strength of the torsion box by making the torsion box grids smaller (2 to 3 inches) and achieved even more strength by flipping the grain orientation to vertical. Then he fills the vertical grain torsion box voids with recycled foam. Sandwiched between two stress skins and cold-pressed with formaldehyde-free adhesive, results in a solid modern pivot door core perfectly matched to the specific needs of the most discerning pivot door manufacturers.

Since the inception of Sing’s core, he has also developed patented and patent-pending anti-warp mechanisms which can be inserted into the core at precise locations to prevent warping of any modern pivot door surface material.

For instance, wooden pivot door manufacturers know that they will receive a one of a kind sing solution for a large wooden pivot door that will be unique and different for each type of wood featured on their warp-free in wooden pivot doors. Whether the doors are white oak, walnut, mahogany, teak, cherry, or cedar, the core will be different. And if it is to be used as a modern pivot front door, even more specialized.

When people hear about Sing’s special technologies, of course, everybody wants a pivot door with Sing Core inside, and they may reach out and contact Sing Core for such a door, but Sing does not build the doors for which he is so well known. Sing only supplies the top pivot door manufacturers with the components which makes these doors possible.

Believe me, you wouldn’t want what he ships to the pivot door manufacturers, it doesn’t much look like a door, but what the pivot door manufacturers do, is to create the most beautiful and most magnificent modern pivot doors using Sing’s core as their canvas.

It is the perfect synergy between the pivot door manufacturers and Sing’s core, resulting in an interior or exterior pivot door that is lightweight, high strength, fully insulated for sound deadening and increased climate control, and can be guaranteed warp-free for 50-years.

And remember, Sing core can support nearly any available flat building material, including but not limited to, aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, magnetic white board, stainless steel, and of course, any type of available wood species.

Sing’s core is stronger than steel pound for pound, rated at 660+ PSI and features the highest precision, which is also very highly sought after by the most prestigious end users.

That’s why you could find Sing’s core anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and anywhere in between.

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Sing Core’s response to COVID-19

Sing Core, Sing Square Log Homes

P.O. Box 1691, McCleary, WA 98557 (360) 495-3577

RE: Sing Core’s response to the evolving COVID-19 Outbreak

Monday April 6th, 2020

The last two weeks have been a challenge navigating a temporary shutdown of our operations.

After much discussion, we have decided that we will begin to partially re-open our operations in limited capacity as an “essential” business under Homeland Security’s and Washington State Governor Inslee’s published guidelines as, “Workers who support the manufacture and distribution of forest products, including, but not limited to timber, paper, and other wood products.

Unfortunately, the current business & health climate does not allow for us to return to full operations at this time, so we must re-open in phases. Departments will continue to open progressively as they are more essential to operations.

Some Office and Warehouse staff will begin to return tomorrow, Tuesday April 7th.

Our re-opening will be done in strict observation of the Washington State Health Department’s and CDC’s health & safety guidelines. All employees who will be returning to work will elect to by their own choice. Sales staff who have chosen to stay home will remain working from home.

All warehouse and factory employees will be required to wear additional company provided PPE including gloves and face masks at all times. 6-foot distancing will be enforced at all workstations, time clocks, and break rooms. Meeting rooms will be limited to two occupants at a time, while bathrooms will be restricted to a single person.

Thanks to our large inventories we see little to no affect in our supply chain capabilities. We do not foresee shipments being extensively delayed and we hope to service all of our clients as normal.

This is a difficult decision for us trying to balance the financial and health safety ramifications, but we believe that the two of these situations can be addressed together with proper precautions and support from our whole team.

Thank you,

-The Sing Core Team

Sing Core, Sing Square Log Homes

P.O. Box 1691, McCleary, WA 98557

(360) 495-3577

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Wide Front Door

You think your customer is asking for a wide front door when it’s 42 inches wide, but what about when your architect specs a door that is 25 ft. wide and 10 ft. tall? If 42 inches is a wide front door, then a 25 ft. wide slider would be considered an extra wide front door at the very least.

According to the millwork that installed a pair of these 25 ft. wide warp-free wire-brush-finished white oak extra wide doors, they weighed-in at “a couple hundred pounds apiece,” and like so many other millworks and door companies proclaim,

“We couldn’t do it without Sing Core.”

Sing Core is the place where contemporary architecture and design of the wide front door comes to life, and you will find wide front doors all over the most amazing locations throughout the USA and the world, even atop the highest building in the United States, the World Trade Center. And they just don’t come here for ideas and inspiration for their next wide front door, they’re looking for a way to make it happen. And by “make it happen” we mean,

How to build a wide front door that will not fail

We bring the visions of those modern architects and their architectural door creations to life in a way that will not embarrass them down the road (like at the next climate change), when doors will warp, twist, bend, cup, otherwise compromised or become completely inoperable.


There are optical illusions which make a front door look wider, such as adding sidelites on either side of the door which makes it look much wider, but the part of the door that opens, is a normal width door. What if that entire area articulated like one wide front door. That’s a solution provided by Sing Core that can be an option for you or your clients, such as the Sing Core Side Light Door. It’s quite impressive when the whole area, including the sidelights open with the door, moves when the door is opened or closed. This is a most impressive effect when used as a wide pivot door.

Another idea which is gaining traction in contemporary architecture is to use a wide pivot door but include an embedded man door which articulates via side hinge. Man door access doors get used for normal egress use and when you really want to impress your audience or guests, operate the pivot door and the whole front area pivots.

If wide doors were not wide enough, consider that modern architecture designs are adopting a double wide front door approach to standing out and making an artistic and attention-grabbing presentation with elegance for your extra wide exterior doors.

In this respect, when your wide doors have Sing Core inside, you can express full creative expression as virtually any custom contemporary wide front door could take on the look and feel of any artistic representation.

Your project, for instance, could feature an extremely wide front door made of nearly any available flat building materials, such as acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper, cold rolled steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, HPL, hot rolled steel, Masonite, Stainless Steel, or any available natural wood species.

Of all these types of doors, normally, natural wood grains present the greatest number of challenges associated with warping, especially with wide front doors. Yet, if made with Sing Core inside, these doors can be guaranteed to remain

Warp-free for 50 Years

Only doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.
It’s no surprise that you will find Sing Core beneath the sea (US Navy) in outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, from coast to coast, though admittedly, more than 70 percent of all the wide front doors we ship, from our serene wilderness factory in the Pacific Northwest, ship to the greater New York area, mostly New York City. We lovingly refer to NYC as our sister-city.

Get a Price Quote today.

Lots of Photos of Wide Front Door

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Custom Sliding Garage Doors

SingCore specializes in producing the highest quality sliding garage doors on the market. Our patented and patent pending core material is ultra-light weight yet super strong. Choose any style of door, skin material, or hardware arrangement that you desire. We building custom door panels to match your specs exactly.

How to Build Sliding Garage Doors

Our sliding garage door blanks come “unfinished” but made to your exact specifications in terms of size, hardware blocking, and surface material. SingCore surfaces include the possibility of —

  • Wood stave – white oak, walnut, cedar, teak, cherry, and more
  • Wood Veneer – white oak, walnut, cedar, teak, cherry, and more
  • Metal – aluminum, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, and more
  • Paint grade
  • High tech laminate or fiberglass skins

Bypass Sliding Garage Doors

Bypass doors are just one of the many specialty sliding garage door types available for production by SingCore’s crack team of door manufacturing experts. Bypass sliding door, sliding door with man door, accordion doors, and so much more is possible with our state of the art door production technology.

There is no door too small or too large for SingCore’s aerospace inspired “honeycomb” wood and foam core construction. We guarantee your panel will be perfectly straight (to AWI standards) for 50 years or more! This makes SingCore the perfect companion for your high insulation value sliding doors, where exact straightness is the key to a great seal for a sliding door.

Side Sliding Garage Door Cost

Our custom production line is capable of making custom doors in any quantity. Whether you need a one off door for a remodel project or custom high end home, or you need 1000 doors for your development, SingCore can be you supplier.

Because we make every door to order, the cost varies quite a bit based on quantity. The best way to get an idea of price is to submit a quote request with your project details.

Our estimating team, with decades of experience in custom sliding door design and manufacture, is standing by to answer your questions and to help you design and custom door that meets your needs and fits in to your budget.

DIY Side Sliding Garage Door

For the DIY or home gamer, SingCore may just be the perfect fit. We are not a finished door provider, and we do not provide pre-hung or similar products. Our bread and butter is the production of unfinished door “blanks” designed and built to your specifications.

Because of this, we only sell to individuals with the skills and equipment to properly finish and hang our doors. If you are a homeowner without construction skills, we recommend that you contact a millwork or finish carpenter in your area, and tell them you want “SingCore inside”!

Manual Sliding Garage Door

Because SingCore is exceptionally light, less than 1/3rd similar solid wood doors, they make great manual sliding garage doors. Easy to operate, highly insulated, and perfectly straight for your lifetime, SingCore siding doors are practically unparalleled on the custom garage door market.

Get A Price Quote Today

The fastest way to get feedback on your project and your questions answered by a qualified sales person is to submit a price quote request. How can we help you today?

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Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House

Our Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House is pre-built and ready to ship in an emergency support response from headquarters of patented Sing Core in McCleary, Washington to any Coronavirus disaster location with preference to New York and Washington State, which are two of the most severely affected Coronavirus pandemic areas.

As the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads to various Americans, more and more people are experiencing the coronavirus symptoms and in an effort to affect some control, the answer is quarantine.

Quarantine can be a brutal approach as families can be fractured and broken due to separation of those infected with the virus.
Inventor and president of Sing Core, Peter Sing, is offering his Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House at a huge discount to those most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. This is the best way to establish quarantine at home without having to go to an away-from-home location to establish quarantine.

Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House

Dimensions: 8’6 x 14’5, 10′ tall
Sing Core Price: $19,500
Previous half-off Sale Price: $9,750.00
Coronovirus (COVID-19) Quarantine Price: $7,750.00
(contact Ivan at (360) 495-3577)
102” x 173” exterior dimensions 117” sloping to 98” tall

Includes: Two double-hung windows (30.5” x 39.75” window in front, 35.5” x 47.5” rear window). Mahogany trim, both interior and exterior. Ondura roofing panels installed on top of synthetic roof underlayment. Sing Core door installed with mahogany trim and aluminum threshold.

Interestingly, New York is a Sing Core sister-city, that is to say that more than 70 percent of all patented Sing Core products ship to New York regularly. New York is by far the number one destination for Sing Products, and we are honored to help to share the load in responding to the coronavirus outbreak State-to-State, from Washington State to New York State.

Coronavirus updates from the CDC and Washington State Department of Health indicate that the coronavirus symptoms and COVID-19 is spreading across other areas of the United States of America and the entire continental USA is at risk of being placed on lockdown in an attempt top establish containment and stop the spread of the Coronavirus disease.

In stock. Sold first come, first serve to the following areas in descending order:

Areas receiving preferential shipments of the Coronavirus Quarantine Tiny House include, in order of preference (1) New York, (2) Washington, (3) California, (4) New Jersey, (5) Massachusetts, (6) Florida, (7) Louisiana, (8) Colorado, (9) Georgia, (10) Illinois, (11) Pennsylvania, (12) Tennessee, (13) Ohio, (14) Virginia, (15) Michigan, (16) Texas, (17) Minnesota, (18) Maryland, (19) Utah, and (20) Oregon.

Other areas, please allow time for fabrication and shipment.

Washington State is the home of patented Sing Core, the lightweight high strength building material enabling tiny house builders to assemble tiny homes in less time than any other building method, and the area of the USA where the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) was discovered.

See also: Sing Emergency Quarantine Capsules


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Emergency Quarantine Capsules

Co-vid 19 and other strains of Coronavirus are sweeping nations, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake.   The more we know about this particular illness, the more we recognizing quarantining and isolation as some of the most effective techniques in lowering the rate of transmission.  In light of increasing global need for biological containment and “social distancing” procedures, SingCore is offering up our technology for free or at cost for the benefit of the entire planet! Our patented core – when combined with veneer faces – is capable of creating simple, low cost, portable, insulated, fast built, temporary and semi-permanent structures. We envision expedited construction of emergency villages in fields or stadiums, where every quarantined individual is provided with a comfortable and economical tiny house “capsule”.

Our Newest Building Material

Inventor, Peter Sing, is offering his latest technology for building emergency quarantine capsules to help fight the battle against the coronavirus and the increasing complications associated with quarantine and looming shelter in place directives. What is this new technology?


Imagine being able to assemble an insulated weatherproof concrete mini fortress in just minutes. You can do that with Sing’s newest technology which utilizes the full potential of Sing’s patented core as well as new patent-pending manufacturing techniques.

Sing’s modular concrete panels can come pre-fabricated with pre-installed wire and water chases built in and ready to go.

Easy to Assemble

As with Sing’s other modular building systems, everything assembles quickly and easily.

Just layout the panels around the floor, tip them up and lock them into place. Slide on and anchor the roof, and you’re done.

These structural concrete panels can be easily stacked and shipped from one location to another, assembled, disassembled, and reassembled as necessary, and flat packed for storage when not in use.

Our Proposal

SingCore is capable of mass producing 2’x8′ veneer panels in quantity.  At less than 1/3rd the weight of wood, our ultra strong panels can be easily transported to sites in need of emergency shelters.

With simple tools and some basic skills, such as the ability to nail or screw 1″ thick wood together, volunteers or construction professionals will be able to put together a single capsule in 10 – 20 minutes.  The modular nature of our designs means you have the ability to make structures exactly the size you need.

SingCore is willing to provide economical panels at the cost of producing them at our facility in Sunny McCleary, Washington. We are also willing to share our proprietary technology with other manufactures or volunteers, provided they furnish us with a written contract limiting use of SingCore to disaster relief situations.


Low Cost and Environmentally Friendly

SingCore’s veneer panels are so cheap and effective because of their sparing use of natural materials. Less than 10% of the actual panel is wood, yet the total construction is stronger than steel pound for pound. Using an aerospace inspired patented and patent pending design, we are able to maximize the natural strength of veneer. And, at the same time, allow maximal room for internal insulation.

Sing veneer core leverages the ultra efficient production methods veneer manufacturing to reduce waste. Unlike lumber, which is sawn and produces mountains of saw dust waste, veneer is shaved from the log, by a saw that works like a giant pencil sharpener. Veneer produces almost no waste, and is very energy efficient to produce.

Internally, our 3.5 R / inch to 6.5 R / inch insulation value comes from recycled and recyclable light weight foam.


Fits the Need at Hand

For production efficiency and speed to the field, SingCore proposes to mass produce 2′ x 8′ panels as a raw material. These panels are suitable for fast construction on site in to a number of much needed structures, including:

  • Modular external emergency shelter
  • Indoor or outdoor “quarantine capsules”
  • Privacy walls
  • Examination rooms
  • Room within a room

SingCore quarantine capsules allow you to turn existing factory space, sports arenas, fields, warehouses, gyms, or literally any indoor or outdoor space in to an instant network of private rooms. With the goal of preventing infectious disease, the lightweight, high strength nature of the panels means safe and strong structures can be assembled with no structural engineering or construction skill.

Accessible by the “every man,” a great option is to choose SingCore quarantine capsules for families with one or more sick individuals.  A family could then build a mini room in or outside of their home to quarantine the sick within the family unit itself.


We Need Your Help

SingCore is ready and waiting with the technology and the ability to put our panels in mass production. Our hope is to use leverage our ground breaking technology to save our children and our children’s children, from undue suffering and sickness.

But we can’t do it alone! We need your support to start production. This includes:

  • Direct funding for panels at cost
  • Donations of materials
  • Volunteers to manufacture panels and construct quarantine capsules around the country
  • Manufactures willing to implement an emergency capsule production line

No contribution is too small. Contact SingCore today, and see how you can help mitigate this pandemic, and all future pandemics to come.


What Separates Sing Panels from Competing Products?


[table id=8 /]

Lightweight panels allow for easy transport

Lightweight panels allow for easy transport

Uncompromising Portability

Virus outbreaks and other unforeseeable crises often require fast evacuation.  Because Sing Panels can be customized to fit nearly any footprint, yet they can be assembled and disassembled with little to no effort, they are the ideal building material for structures that can be moved and transported in a moments notice.

Tiny houses using Sing Panels are so light they can be transported anywhere even with the smallest vehicles on the market.

Whether floods, hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, the Coronavirus, or other viruses, you may need to pack up and move in an instant.  We have the solutions you need to get out of a crowded area before disaster strikes.  For building small living spaces, our panels offer you the strongest, most stable, lightest weight, easiest to work with system on the market.  And because our panels are so light compared to any competing product, you can stack, pack, and rack them for the most hassle-free handling, whether you are assembling, transporting, or storing them.  Now, with Sing Panels, you can accommodate living situations that would not be achievable with any other building material.  There has never been a better time to carry out your tiny house plans than now!


Better than an RV

The standard go to for getting out of town in emergencies is the RV.  In side by side comparisons, Sing Panel methods come out ahead every single time.  First, an RV can’t be modified.  The original footprint of the RV is what you are stuck with for life.  Since Sing Panels are modular, you can build any size, any shape to fit in any area, for any number of residents.  Second, customizability is king.  No system is more customizable than Sing Panels.  You can have any skin.  You can paint them any color.  You can also adapt them for any sort of hardware.  With an RV, you are stuck with only what is available from the manufacturer.  Sing Panels go where no RV has gone before.  RV’s are limited to traveling on roads.  Because Sing Panels can be assembled and disassembled with ease, you can take them places you could never reach with an RV.

two story foldable tiny house

two story foldable tiny house

Beating the Coronavirus

The only way to beat the Coronavirus is by maintaining the appropriate distance, 6 feet or more in social settings.  But there are many people with compromised immune systems who must take even greater precautions.  They may have to maintain greater distances and live away from people who are potentially affected.  It is also important that people who become infected live away from others in an isolated setting.  This is called “isolation” and there is no better way to experience “isolation” than in a tiny house built with Sing Panels.  With these panels, you can build any size structure to accommodate all of your needs.  You can install running water or electricity.  You can combine structures to create bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.  Just because there is a virus outbreak, does not mean you have to stop living.  You can still live in style while this whole problem blows over.


Help Where it is Most Needed

Because our panels are lighter weight, thus easier to handle and transport, you are able to ship and transport them to various areas, across the country, even across the world.  They can also be moved to remote areas where larger vehicles can’t even go, by using 4-wheelers and trailers.  They can even be carried by hand.  This would be nearly impossible with many other types of building materials.

In many cases, the Coronavirus has pushed people into taking drastic measures.  People are advised to flee the most crowded areas and dwell in spots where they have little to no contact with other people.  This means constructions sites might be further off the beaten path, even in remote areas of the forests or mountains.  Because of the increased strength, dimensional stability, durability, and lightweight nature of our panels, they can be much more easily brought into those areas for assembly.

When you use Sing Panels, you have the peace of mind that you can build your structures wherever you want to, whenever you need to, allowing you the absolute best possible projection from Coronavirus.


100% Handmade in the USA

What’s even better, all SingCore products are 100% Handmade in the USA by our skilled, dedicated workers.  This means anything you purchase from us will go 100% toward helping the US economy.  Instead of sending money overseas or helping to outsource the jobs of hard working Americans.

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Why Architects Spec Sing Core

Why Do Architects Spec Sing Core?

16 ft. teak wood pivot front door in billionaire's home with Sing Core inside

16 ft tall architectural teak door


In order of importance:

The number one reason architects specify Sing Core is for oversized doors of all kinds.


Any door over seven ft. tall and three-and-a-half ft. wide is going to have a problem with warping. Having Sing Core inside is the only know way to make a lightweight, high-strength door that can be guaranteed not to warp and includes a full structure and lamination warranty for 50 years.

warp-free 9 ft tall walnut veneer architectural door lightweight high strength insulated 50 year guarantee

9 ft tall warp-free walnut veneer door with Sing Core inside


Beauty is not only Skin Deep

If it’s an available flat surface material, Sing Core has the expertise to apply it to patented and patent pending Sing Core technology in a superior high precision manner which will not delaminate following proper finishing.



Wood veneer is the popular choice for use in architectural doors. Application of veneers in large door projects can be very tricky, and Sing Core utilizes the most advanced comprehensive lamination methods to laminate large veneer doors.

highest precision .020 walnut veneer on Sing Core (tolerance +/- .006 in.) the bigger the better

Perfectly smooth walnut veneer


Applying solid wood stave (natural wood grain planks) is the hardest material to feature on large doors due to the wood grain’s nature to shift and change in response to changes in the environment. It is hard enough to keep a standard sized wood plank door straight but building an oversized wood stave door is exponentially more problematic, unless it has Sing Core inside.

warp free wood stave sliding door 25 ft. long wire brushed white oak insulated 50 yr guarantee

25 ft. wide wire brushed white oak wood stave sliding door


Sing Core has a unique method using their patented and patent-pending technologies to create the first super smooth high-precision MDF surface area that will not warp. This “smooth as glass” material is ready to paint, add vinyl graphics, or other materials such as veneers or wood stave via cold press in your own shop or millwork. Hot-press-ready version also available. We know how to do it. Just spec it and see for yourself.


20G steel is the most popular grade of steel used on architectural steel doors with Sing Core inside. Why 20-gauge steel? Because even though Sing Core is lightweight it is stronger than steel pound for pound. That means you can use a lighter weight steel, without compromising the door’s integrity or visual appeal. Most popular steels are cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and diamond plate steel, among others.

lightweight hot rolled steel sliding door with sing core inside stronger than steel pound per pound

Lightweight high strength hot rolled steel slider easy open & close


The most popular synthetics used on architectural doors are FRP, Masonite, Formica, fiberglass, and acrylic. The lamination experts at Sing Core know exactly how to deal with these hybrid and synthetic materials to qualify them for their 50-year fail-free guarantee.

lightweight high strength teak Formica large sliding door 50 year warp free and lamination guarantee

Large insulated impact resistant Formica door for added safety and security


The less expensive yet durable metal skin, aluminum or aluminium is an excellent choice of architectural door skin, and as with steel and other metal doors skins, thinner is better due to the high precision and superior strength of Sing Core.

Note: All door skins have exponentially increased adhesion, as the surface area increases, so does the bonding agent, due to Sing Core’s true flat nature and high precision at +/- .006 in. tolerance. Other honeycomb cores, like aluminum core, is only +/- .03 tolerance, and has very minimal surface area for adhesion, whereas Sing Core is solid surface.

insulated aluminum sliding patio doors stronger than steel superior climate control 50 yr guarantee

Insulated aluminum sliding patio doors for added climate control


Sing Core is a high precision solid surface substrate material sporting .006 tolerances. It is this degree of precision which is necessary, along with extensive proprietary knowledge and patent-pending anti-warp materials, to create the high definition bonding which is necessary to join and two flat surfaces with unsurpassed results. This enables Sing Core to create laminated panels, posts and beams which are created to last for centuries without failure.

What happens if you don’t specify Sing Core inside your doors?

IF YOU DON’T SPECIFY SING CORE inside your door, you are likely to get a heavy LVL door core, or if you specify “lightweight” you are likely to get an aluminum honeycomb door, which may look good on the outside and may hold up following installation, but not for long. Low tolerance (+/- .03 in.) and tendency to move are just too much of a sacrifice to make for discerning clients, like those who are increasingly looking to Sing Core to solve the problems associated with large oversized doors.

lightweight high presicion insulated large warehouse doors one finger push open ease 50 year sing core guarantee

One finger opens large warehouse doors with Sing Core inside


This is an added benefit enjoyed by contemporary architects who specify Sing Core inside their modern doors, but for those in search of insulated doors, this patented and fully insulated substrate is the only way to achieve lightweight high strength and superior insulation throughout for sound deadening and increased climate control.


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Wood Pocket Doors

Wood pocket doors are similar to wood sliding doors in that they use similar sliding door hardware only a sliding pocket door disappears as it vanishes into an adjoining cavity within a wall (a pocket) and is therefore invisible when in the opened position.


Even though most wood pocket doors are interior pocket doors and not exposed to the weather, they do tend to warp due to changes in the environment which may render wood pocket doors useless and inoperable as they are not freely sliding in and out of the pocket for which they were designed.

By definition, sliding pocket doors should smoothly glide in and out of the cavity provided for storing or hiding them when not in use. Signs of malfunctioning wood pocket door would include not freely gliding, sticking, rubbing against the frame (damaging the finish), or getting stuck altogether either inside or outside the pocket.

The AIA and industry standards in the pocket door hardware manufacturers channel allow for a certain degree of warping to accommodate a wood pocket door’s potential to move according to changes in the environment. For instance, a 3-0 7-0 wood pocket door is considered straight and not warped, if it has a 1/4-inch variance in it. Anything over 1/4-inch is considered a warped pocket door.

That is to say that your pocket door contractor, builder, installer, and the hardware provider have taken all of this in account, and everything is built to accommodate this quarter-inch variance. These would not be considered high precision wood pocket sliding doors.

If you want high precision wood pocket doors, there is hope for you thanks to new patent and patent pending pocket door building technologies introduced by inventor and founder of Sing Core, the revolutionary Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength, pocket door building material that enables the biggest door manufacturers and best millworks in the world to create pocket doors of any style, shape, or size that can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

The only way to build an Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength wood pocket door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, is if it has Sing Core inside. In fact, the biggest door companies in the world know this, and are already doing it, thanks to Sing’s core.

Wood Pocket Door Problems

It’s all about overcoming all the various challenges associated with wood pocket doors, especially if they are large oversized wood pocket doors.

We’ve already determined that keeping your pocket doors straight and true is a huge concern. In the past, the insertion of heavy material, such as a steel frame, could be built into the door to help keep it straight, or it has been assumed that heaviness was associated with strength.

Not he case with Sing’s core, which is both lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound (independently tested at 660+ PSI). Next up you have the relatively low precision of other heavier materials, and the more you work with them the more compromised the precision is. Not so with Sing Core.

Sing Core is one of the highest precision lightweight high strength building materials in the world, sporting .006 in. tolerances.

This is how to make high precision wood pocket doors.

This is the perfect way to approach a double pocket door project, which, as you may have guessed, could present twice as many potential problems as a single prehung pocket door.

As you can see, Sing Core is an integral part of high-end pocket door construction and now you know how to build the best pocket door in the world.

Keep in mind that while Sing Core helps to build the best sliding pocket doors which provide added safety, security, privacy and superior function, your classic custom pocket door project would not be complete without utilizing an entire team to yield the best results.

High-end pocket doors are used for architectural effect, and to pull off the kinds of results exemplified by the best wood pocket doors with Sing Core inside, you will need to have the other artisans in place as well.

10×12 ft 3″ thick warp-free 1/8″ oak 520 lbs

Sing Core does not actually make doors. What they do is to provide the biggest door companies in the world, the finest millworks, and top manufacturers of custom wood pocket doors with the best patented lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free base doors which are used to create the one of a kind masterpieces that Sing Core is known for.

“We could not do it alone,”

says inventor, Peter Sing, whose factory only supplies the basics to others who turn his substrate into art. And likewise, the door companies, millworks, and custom wood pocket door manufacturers admit,

“We could not do it without Sing Core.”

Because there’s no other way to build a fully sustainable lightweight, insulated, and warp-free wood pocket door, unless it has Sing Core inside.