architects-material-suuportSing Core partners with architects to help bring their creations to life. In many ways, Sing Core would not have its place in the building materials industry, if not for concerned and creative architects looking to push the envelope of contemporary designs. Assisting architects is the backbone of the Sing Core model.
We are so excited to work hand-in-hand with our architects as they develop one-of-a-kind creations ranging from single-person dwellings to enormous skyscrapers; and when it comes to oversize, no one makes an Eco-friendly composite building material that compares to Sing Core in terms of lightweight, strength and true flat.

How Lightweight Is Sing Core?

Everyone knows that Sing Core builds the largest doors that are lightweight, super strong, will not warp or twist and are true flat. For instance our largest doors weight-in at 2 lbs per sq ft. Compare that to any other material that would be 3-to-4 times the weight, and would not have the structural integrity or benefits of the Sing Core door, including less added stress to the hardware & structure.

How Versatile Is Sing Core?

Think about it; a door is merely a plank. Lay it down and it becomes a floor, raise it up and it becomes a ceiling or loft, on its side a wall; all with built-in structural framing and insulation. Cut it into stair treads or rip it into shelving or any size lumber that you might need on-the-fly, and it is also available in posts and beams. Not to mention the wide variety of surface materials that are available to give you the aesthetic, strength or true flat attributes that you desire, leading to endless applications.

See: True flat 25 foot oak conference table as an example.

Surface Material Options

Speaking of the many skin options, we work hand in hand with you to get you the product that you want. For instance, if you want your project to look as though it was built using solid wood, we can cover the material in any wood species in almost any thickness to meet your expectations. We also have used other materials, like aluminum, ceramic, concrete, glass, fiberglass, metals, plastics, steel, even fire-resistant mag-board and bulletproof Kevlar. You dream it, we will help you execute it and bring that dream to life.

Easy to Spec

Lightweight Panel Architectural Design with Sing HoneycombUsing Sing Core in your spec is as easy as 1-2-3 using our online price quote. Price is based on three things: Height, Width and Thickness. And Sing Core can host any flat building material including (but not limited to) concrete, fiberglass, any metal or wood species, just to name a few. Other options include surface material (or skins) to help bring your designs to life as it can host any flat building material to acts as an external skin to provide the specific attributes that you seek to deliver.

How Economical is Sing Core?

Besides being inexpensive in comparison to other high-tech aerospace composite materials, Sing Core saves money in many ways, including shipping and transportation costs, reduction in labor costs and on-the-job injuries and saving on supporting structures and substrates because Sing Core has built-in structure and is also an extremely strong substrate material. There is no need to insulate due to being pre-insulated providing an effective R-value of insulation (depending on your recommendations or requirements) and also has inherit sound-deadening qualities.

How Strong Is Sing Core?

In fact, Sing Core is so strong that it is the only composite material with enough brute force integrity to create structural posts and beams. Compared to equivalent aeronautic composite material Sing Core is at least ten-times the strength of these material at much less cost per square foot.

10 Year Guarantee

Sing Core’s strength and performance is so superior compared to other traditional building materials, that it is confidently guaranteed both for structural integrity and true flatness for a full 10 years. Likewise, with any product that is manufactured by Sing Core, the entire item is guaranteed.

Sing Core Installation & Execution

Installation and use of Sing Core is trouble-free and your contractors and mill works will thank you for inviting them to work with this revolutionary material. Being so lightweight makes it extremely easy to handle and transport, and it is easily finished or modified on-site with no special tools or skills as it is treated just like plywood, yet is lightweight and strong.

Made in the USA

Sing Core is made in the USA, proudly manufactured at our facility in McCleary, Washington.