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Architectural Specification Substitutes

Due to being the newly invented and possibly the most significant improvement in building materials in the last century, it is not uncommon to see Sing products recommended as substitutes for products in the original specifications initially specified by architects. Even though Sing Core is new, we are not that new and have years of experience to assure or most demanding clients that they only deliver the best to their clients.

Why would you substitute Sing Core?


Lightweight high strength torsion box foam core varuiety of thicknesses and wood speciesIn this day and age, it is of primary importance to take into consideration that the impact of your project will have on the earth. Everything we do to help preserve our precious planet is a step toward providing a better world for all life for generations to come. Sing Core’s true green technology is a huge step toward responsible sustainability.


One of important advantages of sing Core is its lightweightedness when compared to other building products. Other traditional building components that can even come close to matching the lightweight characteristics of Sing Core are extremely weak and have little or no structural integrity. This might be acceptable for visual representation upon installation, but may deteriorate rapidly over time, something that you might need to consider in the design process.

Extremely High Strength

Sing Core is super strong, so strong, in fact, that independently tested results from the University of Washington revealed a PSI of 660-to-over-1,100 pounds per square inch of compression strength, which is stronger than steel pound for pound. This is why you see Sing Core substituted in extreme weather, under heavy loads, maintain strength over long spans, blast and bullet proof applications.

True Flat

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPrior to the invention of Sing Core it was nearly impossible – or extremely expensive and laborious – to build a true flat door (or any other surface desired to be flat over a long span with little or no framing). In fact, current regulations for flatness allow for a ¼” of deflection over a 6 foot span. Sing Core outperforms any other material and can be combined with wood and other products and still be guaranteed true flat.


You might be surprised that a building material that is made in the USA cost much less than other composite materials and is so affordable, that it is not priced much more than particle board and can end up being much more inexpensive especially when you factor-in savings in shipping, handling, installation and maintenance costs.

Guaranteed for Life

Sing Core is such a structurally sound building material that it is possibly the only material that can be guaranteed for life, but is designed and built to last for centuries, with little or no deterioration over time, when product is used as specified. When product is properly matched to application, sing Core will not warp, bend, twist or rot, like other materials.

And that only comprises the top half-dozen reasons that people are switching to Sing Core.

As the project owner, you may have just found us on the Internet and want to see Sing Core featured in your project due to all the added benefits. We work hand-in-hand with designers, architects, contractors and homeowners to make sure that you have the right Sing products to match your requirements and specifications. This makes the job safer and more efficient for your general contractor and your architect will thank you for being diligent and for introducing them to Sing Core which they will continue to include in future designs.

How to Specify Sing Core Inside Your Doors

When specifying Sing Core inside your doors, you can specify “Sing Core” as the manufacturer but note that the doors will need to be finished by a millwork or custom door manufacturer. This about how this might impact the price (important for contractor during price estimations). It would also be helpful to also specify weight ratio of “3 to 4 pounds per square foot” and “50 year warp-free guarantee,” to prevent substitution by the contractor. You don’t want your client to end up with a substituted non-Sing door and be unaware of it until it warps later (see example).

Does Your Door Have Sing Core Inside?

If your door has Sing Core inside it can come with a full 50-year warp-free guarantee. No other door can be guaranteed like that, unless it has Sing Core inside.

It is rare, but there have been occasions when a door has warped, when someone thought it had Sing Core inside, but it did not.

For instance, last year, an architect in Florida specified a large wooden door with Sing Core inside. The contractor contacted Sing Core and received an initial price quote.

Nine months later, we received a call from the architect who had been contacted by the building department that reported that a large wooden door with Sing Core inside had warped.

We searched our records and could not find any record of the job. We did discover the initial price quote request from the contractor who must have found a different way to make the large door.

Your large door with Sing Core inside comes with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee.

Be forewarned, if your large wooden door doesn’t have Sing Core inside, you can expect it to warp.

Make sure your large doors have Sing Core inside.

Not Just for Doors

true-flat-doors-in-quantity-fast-delivery-coast-to-coast-compareCertainly, we are best known for our door applications, and for many years, people thought of us as a door company because of how superior this material is in that specific application. While we have established ourselves as the perfect door builders – especially when addressing challenging door specifications for oversize, sliding or hinged applications – Sing Core has nearly limitless applications and is featured in many of the most high-end homes. We are the only door that can be guaranteed even after being exposed to weather conditions and no other wood door can be guaranteed true flat.

Rarely does a day go by where we don’t see someone versed in contemporary architecture design who reaches out to Sing Core to solve another issue of strength vs. weight, saving economically by reducing shipping, handling, installation, repair and maintenance costs, and upgrading the overall green value of a project.

If you have just discovered Sing Core, it is not too late to substitute sing products for the traditional products that were originally specified by your architect. We work with architects and designers to make sure that you have the right sing product to match your specifications, meeting (or exceeding) any expectations that you might have.

We can help you with the substitution submittal process and we have staff on-hand with the experience to make sure that your needs are met or exceeded, and the results can be guaranteed for life (per warranty certificate accompanying your guaranteed Sing product).

If you are like many of our users, you will find that once you discover Sing Core, you will start finding solutions to your dreams and ideas that may have been limited by available building materials of the past.

Join the revolution and see our clients list to see some of the most successful business staying on the leading edge of building technologies by embracing the Sing Core advantage.

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Storage Units

Sing Core helps you design, create and build some of the most energy efficient, lightweight, high-strength, long-lasting storage units with very little time, labor and/or equipment thanks to this revolutionary advancement in the building material industry.

storage-unitsThe popularity of storage units are on the rise. Whether you are a commercial self storage operation looking to expand your existing storage facilities or a home owner looking for an alternative to garage clutter by building your own storage unit outbuilding, Sing Core has the best storage unit solution.

Why not build your own storage unit on-site for the cost of what you would pay in monthly rental charges for renting storage unit space?

Sing Core is the superior resource for the do-it-yourselfer who wants a high-end storage unit without having to hire a huge construction crew to make it happen. With patented Sing Panels, your storage unit can be assembled quickly and easily with minimal construction skills.

Your Sing Core storage units will have all the benefits that come with this lightweight, space-age building material that is stronger than steel.

Don’t Be Framed

Traditional storage unit structures are based on 2×4 or 2×6 frame designs which are heavy, bulky and have the instability of lumber that has varying degrees of straightness. While Sing Core’s patented vertical grain torsion box core is the structure and requires no other lumber frame and will outperform any wood-framed structure in terms of straightness, flatness, strength and is pre-insulated for energy efficiency and maintenance-free longevity.

Choose Your Own Exterior and Interior

Your patented Sing Core panels can be pre-fabricated to your specifications. You decide what you want on either side of your panels. For instance, you can have luan plywood on the interior surface and aluminum on the exterior surface, or just about any flat building material that you might desire inside or out.

Your Sing Core Storage Unit is Guaranteed

Unlike other storage sheds, patented Sing Core is guaranteed to be the strongest, lightweight, affordable Eco-friendly building material, including FREE REPAIR FOR LIFE. In the event that any panel (or number of panels) is damaged so as to compromise the structure of your storage unit, Sing Core will repair the damaged panel(s) free (even if it’s your fault).


This Sing storage unit was built in 1 day

How to Build Your Own Storage Unit

Simply count up the number of Sing Panels (which can be any size, but come in standard 4 ft. x 8 ft. panels) needed for your storage building and have them delivered to your location (shipping cost is inexpensive due to being so much lighter weight than other building materials).

Make sure the floor platform of your DIY storage unit is built off the ground. Assemble your walls then add the roof panels. (Remember, no frame is necessary when building with Sing Core.) So quick, so easy, so fast.










Reclaim Your Valuable Space

When you build your own storage unit, you are able to reclaim the space that might be less accessible in your garage. This maximized outdoor storage increases your storage space without affecting your carport. And because you can determine which materials you use, you can decide whether you want a wood shed or metal outdoor shed.

You will be proud of your new Sing storage shed that is better than any other shed in town.


How to BuyMetal Composite Sing Core panels are true straight, light and strong.

To order Sing Storage Units submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE Storage Units are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.


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Architects Material Support

architects-material-suuportSing Core partners with architects to help bring their creations to life. In many ways, Sing Core would not have its place in the building materials industry, if not for concerned and creative architects looking to push the envelope of contemporary designs. Assisting architects is the backbone of the Sing Core model.
We are so excited to work hand-in-hand with our architects as they develop one-of-a-kind creations ranging from single-person dwellings to enormous skyscrapers; and when it comes to oversize, no one makes an Eco-friendly composite building material that compares to Sing Core in terms of lightweight, strength and true flat.

How Lightweight Is Sing Core?

Everyone knows that Sing Core builds the largest doors that are lightweight, super strong, will not warp or twist and are true flat. For instance our largest doors weight-in at 2 lbs per sq ft. Compare that to any other material that would be 3-to-4 times the weight, and would not have the structural integrity or benefits of the Sing Core door, including less added stress to the hardware & structure.

How Versatile Is Sing Core?

Think about it; a door is merely a plank. Lay it down and it becomes a floor, raise it up and it becomes a ceiling or loft, on its side a wall; all with built-in structural framing and insulation. Cut it into stair treads or rip it into shelving or any size lumber that you might need on-the-fly, and it is also available in posts and beams. Not to mention the wide variety of surface materials that are available to give you the aesthetic, strength or true flat attributes that you desire, leading to endless applications.

See: True flat 25 foot oak conference table as an example.

Surface Material Options

Speaking of the many skin options, we work hand in hand with you to get you the product that you want. For instance, if you want your project to look as though it was built using solid wood, we can cover the material in any wood species in almost any thickness to meet your expectations. We also have used other materials, like aluminum, ceramic, concrete, glass, fiberglass, metals, plastics, steel, even fire-resistant mag-board and bulletproof Kevlar. You dream it, we will help you execute it and bring that dream to life.

Easy to Spec

Lightweight Panel Architectural Design with Sing HoneycombUsing Sing Core in your spec is as easy as 1-2-3 using our online price quote. Price is based on three things: Height, Width and Thickness. And Sing Core can host any flat building material including (but not limited to) concrete, fiberglass, any metal or wood species, just to name a few. Other options include surface material (or skins) to help bring your designs to life as it can host any flat building material to acts as an external skin to provide the specific attributes that you seek to deliver.

How Economical is Sing Core?

Besides being inexpensive in comparison to other high-tech aerospace composite materials, Sing Core saves money in many ways, including shipping and transportation costs, reduction in labor costs and on-the-job injuries and saving on supporting structures and substrates because Sing Core has built-in structure and is also an extremely strong substrate material. There is no need to insulate due to being pre-insulated providing an effective R-value of insulation (depending on your recommendations or requirements) and also has inherit sound-deadening qualities.

How Strong Is Sing Core?

In fact, Sing Core is so strong that it is the only composite material with enough brute force integrity to create structural posts and beams. Compared to equivalent aeronautic composite material Sing Core is at least ten-times the strength of these material at much less cost per square foot.

10 Year Guarantee

Sing Core’s strength and performance is so superior compared to other traditional building materials, that it is confidently guaranteed both for structural integrity and true flatness for a full 10 years. Likewise, with any product that is manufactured by Sing Core, the entire item is guaranteed.

Sing Core Installation & Execution

Installation and use of Sing Core is trouble-free and your contractors and mill works will thank you for inviting them to work with this revolutionary material. Being so lightweight makes it extremely easy to handle and transport, and it is easily finished or modified on-site with no special tools or skills as it is treated just like plywood, yet is lightweight and strong.

Made in the USA

Sing Core is made in the USA, proudly manufactured at our facility in McCleary, Washington.

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Sing Posts and Beams

Sing Posts and Beams made from Sing Composite materials are the most strong, lightweight, eco-friendly posts and beams in the world. Sing Posts and Beams are revolutionizing the building materials industry while makeing the world a better place.

Post and Beam

Post and Beam

Sing Posts and Beams are more dimensionally stable and structurally sound than any other building material; maintaining unparalleled strength over long spans, while remaining lightweight. Sing Posts and beams are super strong and resistant to rot, weather and temperature variations, warp and twist.

In stock standard sizes of Sing Posts and Beams:

  • 4×4
  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 8
  • 6 x 8
  • 8 x 8
  • 8 x 10
  • 8 x 12

Sing Posts and Beams are available in any width from four to twelve inches, any thickness from 4 inches to forty-eight inches and any length up to 50 feet long.

Sing Laminate Beams replace oversize traditional laminate beams sporting superior strength and lightweight, while retaining all the natural wood beauty. For more information, see Sing Post and Beam


Sing Core is a veneer torsion box embedded in EPS foam. You can finish Sing Core with any load bearing facial material. In our core, we use the strongest material in the strongest form: vertical grain veneer! Our grid is stronger than other honeycomb sandwich cores because the veneer is arranged with the grain perpendicular to the skin.

Post and Beam Trade Show Display

The modular Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display is likely the best improvement in economical Eco-friendly lightweight high strength modular trade show displays.

See: 8×8 Post and Beam Trade Show Display

Sing Post & Beam Panel

Sing Panels come complete with solid wood edging sandwiched in between the skins.  Sing Panels and Beams are ready to distribute to consumers and businesses.  Sing Panels are ready to be stained or painted depending on order type. Just assemble, prepare, paint and enjoy.

Insulation value: The R-Value of Sing Core is 3.5-6.5, whereas that of solid wood ranges from .71-1.4.

Strength: Vertical grain veneer enables a 2”x4’x8’ Sing panel to withstand up to 600 lbs.

shipment-of-sing-core-posts-and-beamsPrecision: Torsion Box structure is no longer a dream for the highly trained craftsman. Our endless I beam construction keeps the surface of our panels flatter than solid wood (within .007in!).

Fire Resistance: Level 2


Remember, Sing Core technology is completely customizable to your specifications as they are available in any length, any width and any thickness and bonded to any exterior finish.

We are so certain that Sing Core is the solution to your green building challenges that we offer a 100% refund for any prototype order, for those who want to test drive any form of Sing Core products for use in their applications, so you have nothing to lose. Click Here for our convenient online order form.


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Mother Earth Trade Show Panels

mother-earth-iconWhen it comes to earth-friendly products, nobody knows more about it than Mother Earth News… So, when they are having their trade show(s)… who do you think they turn to get lightweight eco-friendly materials for their displays?


You guessed it: Sing Core.

Why Sing Core? The answer is, because Sing Core is the only source using the patented technology that is the future of renewable and sustainability in building materials.


Sing Core Building Material is:

  • Lightweight
  • Very strong
  • Bio-friendly
  • Lasts and lasts…
  • Economical to use
  • Easy to learn


Think about it… What if you could make something that has the strength of stainless steel yet was extremely lightweight, while maintaining its integrity over long spans?

Certainly, this is the conundrum perplexing the minds of many architects, designers and engineers at this very moment… Sure, you might find something that will give you the strength that you want and need for your project, but in most cases, the cost of that strength is extreme weight.

That heavy weight can compromise your project, sending you back to the drawing board.

I don’t know how many times we have received calls thanking us for saving a project that would have ended up in the trash, had it not been for our lightweight and super-strong technology.

But that’s not all that you get with Sing Core’s approach to design and production solutions…

Sing Core has other attributes that are very compelling, for instance, Sing Core is bio-friendly. In a world that is on the brink of over-using its valuable natural resources, it is important for all of us to do what we can to nurture our planet and take responsibility for what resources we consume.

Sing Core is manufactured with minimal amounts of natural resources and recycled material in a manner that requires less energy to create than any other building material, and produces less waste.

Sing Core is also designed with longevity in mind. In our increasingly disposable society, manufactured products are built using cheap material and components… and the best-selling items are built off-shore due to the lower cost of production, making it hard for Americans to compete.

Cheaply-manufactured imports have a life-expectancy of what? Two years? While Sing Core will last lifetimes without structural degradation, which means that we can build products that can be left to future generations that are not expendable or disposable.

Whatever happened to our Made in the USA pride in manufacturing that this country was built on?

Sing Core is fighting hard to bring back American pride and our economic infrastructure by making this space-age building material available to every woodworker who wants to build something meaningful and profitable. This will make the world a better place by supplying beautiful, high-quality products that are not so expensively made to put them outside the reach of the average consumer.

As a matter of fact, Sing Core’s inventor, peter Sing is so committed to rejuvenating the economy with his grass roots approach to a new, “true green” revolution, that he is training individuals in his patented technology via Lightweight University.


Scholarships and subsidies are available for one-man operations and artisans, as well as independent businesses. Training and licensing is also available for mega builders and manufacturing facilities, for those who truly want to make a difference for preserving our planet and producing a superior end product.