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Sliding door room partition

Sing Core is honored to be a part of creating an intimate space inside restaurant Osteria Mornini in Miami, FL.


Nusla Design helped imagine this space and spearheaded the design. Following Nusla’s design, Sing Core fabricated four stunning door panels to be used in the Osteria Morini restaurant.

Watch the video below and hear the difference Sing Core’s true flat doors make.


These Sing Core sliding doors are used as a temporary room partition for private parties or meetings.



Sing Core doors naturally dampen the noise of the bustling restaurant. These doors were designed without the addition of acoustic skin layers or acoustic seals. Miami crowds can be lively, and this sliding door room divider creates a separate space to break up that sound transference.

The doors stack up flat parallel against one wall when not in use. Then each of three doors slides independently to the far wall to line up in a perpendicular position. And finally, the fourth door is a fixed pivot door that can swing in or out to completely close off the space. When completely closed the sliding doors and pivot door create a completely flat wall that is camouflaged to blend into the background of the restaurant. And with the use of the pivot door can still be used to serve the guests in a private setting while maintaining the look of a flat wall.




Notice how flat and straight Sing Core’s sliding doors are, even after two years of heavy use in a commercial space. Sing Core doors are created specifically to remain flat for 50 years using our patented and patent pending door technology.

These look like one single panel, but are actually to perfectly straight flush panels next to each other

This sliding door and temporary wall system was made using four Sing Core professional door panels. The panels are each 38.875” wide by 108” tall and only 1.75” thick. Each door was hot pressed with .020 vertical grain oak veneer. A professional millwork then received the true flat door slabs and stained the veneer to match the various other wood details throughout the restaurant and installed the sliding door hardware. Sing Core is able to provide solid wood blocking in our customers’ specified locations to suit their hardware requirements. As in this case where no blocking is needed for door pulls to keep the illusion of a flat wall when in use.


Each panel can be slid on the track with only one finger. Sing Core’s lightweight door technology keeps the weight of each panel down to less than 150lbs.



Sing Core is proud to be a part of the continued evolution of door technology to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable. Whether that be in pivot doors, sliding doors, hinge doors, pocket doors, or any oversize door. We enjoy the challenge. We invite you to GET AN ESTIMATE and see for yourself how Sing Core’s true flat door cores can help you make the doors that your customers are asking for. Here’s to a Happy holiday for you and yours from the entire Sing Core family.




It was a pleasure to visit this breathtaking restaurant in Miami Beach, FL. And we encourage you to have a meal at this New York Times voted best Italian restaurant in Miami, FL.

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How to Build a Sing Door

There is no doubt that Sing Core is responsible for the best doors in the world that can be built in any size for any functional purpose that can be guaranteed to not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full fifty years of regular use, even though Sing Core does not build doors.

Some individuals can be confused when they visit Sing Core and expect to just buy a pre-hung door that is the best door in the world, only to find that Sing Core does not actually make the door. Sing Doors are made of Sing Core, although we only supply the pre-configured base door material to achieve the results sought by the most demanding clients in the world.

Standard Size Sing Door Blanks

By popular demand SingCore introduces patented door core in economical and easy-to-use standard door width door blanks.

How does it Work?

In the real world, an architect, engineer, designer or the client conceives of the concept of their desired door. In many cases the high concept doors are problematic; some of them are large doors, which tend to fail due to their enormous size, while others may feature exotic materials that are susceptible to warp. Sing Core has the technology to create a lightweight substructure that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound and can be structurally guaranteed for 50 years under normal designed and manufactured use.

It might be helpful, for you to follow us on a journey through the making of a Sing Door.

A Day in the Life of a Sing Door

Door idea dream door concept any size any material any shape any design1 STARTS WITH THE DESIGN

The first step is the idea of the door, that beyond conceptual design is reduced to its most simplest form: The height, width, thickness of the door and the exterior material that is to be featured on the exposed surface(s) of the door.

Custom door design specifications sing core insulated torsion box door core2 SUBMIT TO SING CORE

The idea is then submitted via trade professional (possessing wholesale privileges) via our online quote request. The doors’ specifications are reviewed by our Non-warp True Flat Specialists, who can help determine what materials will be used inside the door to achieve the results expected by the end user.

If the client’s expectations include trouble-free high performance over a long life, the resulting design will be given special treatment resulting in a professional door base.

Exterior door guaranteed custom doors no door warp blank3 CREATION OF BASE DOOR

The resulting specifications are sent to Sing Core’s factory to custom assemble all the substructure components and composite materials necessary to achieve the results sought by the client.

This includes interior framing, insertion of Sing’s patented torsion box core material, solid inserts, lock blocks, fusion of other inner and surface materials plus any specified lite cutouts for installation of glass windows.


Exterior door handmade custom doors any size large door torsion box coreAfter the Sing Core factory has created the base door (door blank) it is sent to the door finisher; this could be a door manufacturer, custom millwork, industrial engineers or high end craftsperson specializing in ornate doors for elite consumers.

The door finisher applies the final finish to the door (trimming, edge routing, painting or other finish treatment), drilling, preparing the finished door for hardware and will likely install the glass (if specified, though sometimes this is done on site depending on the project).

The door finisher may (or may not) pre-hang the door (install all hardware and attach frame).


Then the door is packed up and sent to the job site, where the attending licensed contractor installs the final door.

Sing Crowd Manufacturing

In this sense, each and every Sing Door is a crowd manufactured project; it is a cooperative effort of many individuals from concept-to-installation, without whom no Sing Door would ever be made.

So, How Can I Get a Sing Door?

The process is simple; if you are a door company or qualify for a wholesale account, you deal directly with us, otherwise, you must seek out a professional anywhere within the Sing chain who will contact us and deal with us directly and they will partner with us by submitting your request to make sure you get the best door in the world custom-designed for the high performance that you demand.

If you are seeking out a Sing Door, we know who you are; you desire only the very best and will not settle for less and we are proud to be the only door partner in the world who can help to make you a door of any size using any material and meeting or exceeding your expectations, guaranteed.

Sing door blanks are created at our factory

Then they go to the door shop

Delivery to job site for installation

Non warp door blank for building non warping doors of any sizeYou could be one of the best door builders by outsourcing your OEM non warping door blanks.

Sing Core has served the building industry by providing the only Eco-friendly, insulated non-warp high-strength, lightweight door. Contractors who build Sing Homes (entire homes built of Sing products) want the added strength, stability, insulation and non-warping doors in all egress points for added safety and security.

First, we have to talk about what makes the best door in the world; it has to be:

1 Non Warp

Even the very challenging doors, large doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, all can be professional SingCore warp-free guaranteed for 50 years. The secret of the best door makers in the world is that they can use the Sing solution as their door’s base material to create a warp-free door, which is the best solution to the problem of warping doors, especially large doors which would otherwise be extremely prone to warp.

2 Lightweight, high strength, insulated and Eco friendly

The strongest lightweight door in the world is made with Sing Core inside. This revolutionary Eco-friendly building material is based on patented technology that is the best of old wood craftsmen’s technology (torsion box) and new composite technology (recycled rigid foam insulation) fused with advanced adhesives and enhanced with patent pending non-warp stiffeners. The result is an extremely lightweight panel that can span distances without deflection that has not been accomplished before in any affordable manner.

3 Easy to Install

Even the largest strongest sound deadening door can be installed in half an hour. This 500 pound Sing pivot door panel measures 10 ft. tall x 12 ft. wide x 3.5 inch thick and took less than half an hour to install in the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design.

Then, we will explain how to build the perfect door, step-by-step, showing the pictures of the entire process (even the most complicated French door, sliding door, pivot door, exterior door, etc…) with all types of skins/surface material.

How to build a patented Sing French door

Here’s how it’s done: Purchase a Sing door panel decide on custom lite cutout design and hire a pre-hung door company or millwork to install lite, hardware, sand and finish, then deliver the resulting door to your job site or customer.

Photo Tutorial

How to create lite openings for glass installation

How to Get Sing Core to Build Your Best Door

  1. Know what you want
    1. Have at least an idea or drawing of what you want your best door to look like
    2. Determine how many and what size of panels you will need for your door project
    3. Know what exterior material you want on your door panels
  2. Decide how you will manufacture your project
    1. Seek out a professional
      1. Door Manufacturer, Architect, Designer, Design/Build, General Contractor, Mill Work, etc…
        1. Give them your drawing, specifying Sing Core inside
        2. They will deal directly with us
  3. Congratulations!
    1. You are the proud owner of the most advanced door in the world that is
      1. Eco-friendly
      2. Lightweight
      3. High-strength
      4. Insulated
      5. High-performance (non-warping true flat doors, walls, furniture, etc…)
      6. Will last longer than anything made with any other material with these benefits

Mini Large Door Gallery

The size of the average non-warp guaranteed Sing door is 9 to 14 ft tall and/or 6 to 8 ft wide.

How to build a hinged door – How to build a non warp hinge door – How to build a sliding door slab with glass – How to build a pivot door panel – How to build a flush door – How to build a carriage door


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Large Modular Non-warping Doors

New Garage Building Material frameless insulated torsion box panels from Lowes Home ImprovementAlways on the leading edge of large door technology, especially in terms of lightweight, high strength and say, “goodbye,” to your oversized warped door forever and enjoy your Sing solution in any size, type or style of door.

Challenges of Oversized Large Doors

When considering a door larger than normal (that might be referred to as an enormous door) many challenges arise for the architects, designers, millworks, builders and installers. Some of the most common problems associated with big doors include:

Warped Door

If the door is taller than seven feet tall and wider than four feet then the door will warp. Warped doors are a common occurrence associated with large doors. This can be annoying for the end user due to the constant maintenance calls required for dealing with the warping door (though it is good for the door service business).

Big Doors Are Heavy

If a door is large you are going to have a lot of weight to deal with. This excess weight causes many issues associated with the building, transporting, installing and maintenance of the door from inception and throughout the service life of the door.

Big Doors are Expensive

Heavy building materials require more time, manpower, resources and equipment to make the door and the result is a big door that is overweight. Heavy doors are expensive to deal with; expensive to crate, ship/transport, offload, finish, store and install.

Overweight doors require more expensive hardware, and the added stress on the frame and the structure requires more regular maintenance over time.

sitting on large 12 ft x 10 ft mahogany pivot door in factoryThe BIG DOOR Solution

Sing Core has been the top-rated guaranteed solution for large doors used by the best architects, millworks and door companies nationwide (see: clients list). In fact, Sing Core can deliver the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength insulated large doors over seven feet tall and 4 feet wide that can be guaranteed to be true flat and stay flat for 50 years.

The only non-warping large door guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years.

20 ft tall large non warping pivot door no more warped door

20 ft. Tall Door

Modular = Newest Development in Large Doors

Sing Core technology has advanced to a completely new level by introducing the modular large doors for combating even more challenges associated with large doors; by creating doors that are shipped as individual components and assembled on-site.

These extremely large doors would cost thousands of dollars to ship (if not impossible due to their large size) but if made in modular components, the large door can be shipped flat-packed and sent by traditional shipping methods reducing shipping costs tremendously. And, the resulting big door can still be guaranteed not to fail!

True Flat Technology Goes Modular

Long known for the largest non-warping doors, Sing Core takes modular huge doors to the next level while still making their 50 year non-warp guarantee. The components are shipped separately and assembled on-site for the biggest doors that can still be fully insulated, operable and manageable without the heavy maintenance required for other big doors. Many connection methods are available for these large door projects including making components using our T Slot Panels as individual components that can be perfectly aligned on site.

Free Large Door Consultation

Of course, building such a door up to 50 feet wide is an art in itself. Each door is designed for its intended purpose. Some of the questions our specialized doors creators ask might include: Will your large door be underwater, in outer space, exposed to extreme weather, need to be bullet-proof, waterproof or soundproof? Also, “What kind of door will you need?” A large sliding door, pivot door, French door or other type of door, etc…

Commercial trade professionals are encouraged to contact us for a Free Large Door Consultation, so that you, your clients and the world at large can know what it is like to own an non-warping large door of any size.

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How to Fix a Warped Door

Many people struggle with how to fix a warped door. Nothing is more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a nice door, only to have it warp, bend, twist or cup not long after installation.

This problem is magnified exponentially especially if the door is a large oversized door. Some of these high-end large doors can cost tens of thousands of dollars only to discover failure due to warp when the season changes. This can mean job security for door repair services, millworks and contractors serving the account, but can lead to dissatisfaction and frustration for the client.

Patented Sing Core

Patented Sing Core

Dealing with how to fix warped wood doors is considered standard maintenance for high-end applications; that was until the invention of patented Sing Core. Only large oversized wood doors made of Sing Core can be guaranteed true flat – and to stay flat – for 50 years. See: No More warped Doors.

Sing Core solves the issues with warping and eliminates the mystery of the warping door. By integrating Sing Core into your door’s composition you can have an elegant, maintenance-free long-lasting door that will not warp, bend, twist or fail regardless of size or application.

Free Door Consultation

The most prestigious clientele around the world seek out expensive door professionals (Certified Door Consultants) to help design doors that meet or exceed the performance standards. We provide free large door consultation to trade professionals to assure that the door that your client receives delivers the high precision performance that they expect.

architectural-door-specs-illustration-torsion-box-coreClick here to see how patented Sing Core door planks/panels/blanks are made providing the only 50 year non-warping guarantee.

Demystifying Door Warping

There is no longer any need to be frightened of doors warping, due to our extensive experience in providing doors (even huge, enormous doors) that are guaranteed not to warp for 50 years to the most proficient building designers, contractors, mill works and high end door manufacturers.

The biggest problem for doors is warping (especially in large doors) used n high-end home building projects and commercial projects when building sliding doors, pivot doors and big interior doors.

Most door manufacturers and millworks avoid building doors over 8 feet tall or offer a very limited one year warranty with many exclusions/restrictions to prevent exposure to damages due to warping. Click here to see

When you buy your door, and even following installation, it may or may not be flat. Most doors begin to shift and move following manufacture. By the time your door arrives at the job site, it may already be warped or beginning to experience separation between the exterior surfaces and the core material.

Certainly after years of regular use (paper core, foam core) will warp and/or delaminate.

lightweight high strength engineered plywood for making large sliding doors aluminumNo matter what kind of standard core a door is made from, whether paper core, foam core, SLC (Stave lumber core), particleboard, SCLS (Structure composite lumber), LVL (Laminated veneer), mineral core, MDF, cardboard, etc… warping is inevitable. Even a solid wood door will warp. A sliding or pivot door will have unbearable warp at only ¼ inch due to the reference next to a straight wall or door jam. This warping is even worse in a door over 8 feet because of the strength of the movement. So far, the best solutions have been to only make 7-foot high doors, or to make excuses (i.e., no or very limited warrantees) for doors over 8 feet, or to use gaskets to hide the minor warping, but these are temporary solutions that require costly maintenance and replacement and tarnish the reputations of the building trade professionals involved in the projects. As such, most doors usually do not have warranty protection against the inevitable warping. Even with SCLC (Structure composite lumber core) and LVL (Laminated veneer), commonly used in high end large door will not remain true flat due to the wood fiber constantly moving.

Finally, Sing Core provides a guaranteed solution to the challenges of warped doors and it is the only affordable lightweight high strength solution that can provide 50 years of high performance, remaining straight and true without fail. Plus, Sing Core offers insulation qualities that cannot be found in other strong (heavy) building materials. Only this unique patented torsion box/rigid foam composite can offer the superior strength – bridging long spans, or towering heights – while insulating and providing sound deadening benefits.

Sing Core helps door manufacturers and mill workers build doors which satisfy even the most challenging high-end door market. (Click here to see our client list.) Doors made with our patented Sing core panels are true flat and may be guaranteed to stay true flat for 50 years. In addition, our patented Sing Panels (door blanks) are:

1. Dimensionally stable with a high precision tolerance of +/- .006 inch. This is laser precision which produces the smoothest and most true-flat panels.
2. Fully insulated for temperature control and sound-deadening qualities and which are 3 to 5 times more insulated than solid wood-based door cores.
3. Lightweight so that even a 4 inch thick door will weigh only 2 to 3 pounds per square foot. An average wood-core weighs 8 to 10 times more than our patented Sing core.
4. High strength which has been verified by the University of Washington at above 660 PSI, making our Sing panels pound-for-pound stronger than steel. (You could drive a 12,000-pound forklift over them without crushing them!)
5. Water-resistance/waterproof doors made of patented Sing core panels can be completely exposed to the weather without warping. (Click here to see our exterior door gallery.)
6. Eco-friendly and non-toxic structure glue for bonding skins and Sing core.

Aluminum skin only for paint grade or wood stave.

Add MDF skin or plywood for paint grade and wood grain.

Click here to see how patented Sing core door planks/door panels/door blanks produce true flat stay flat (non-warping) doors in any size, shape or design with a 50-year guarantee. Call us for a free consultation at (360) 495-3577.