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Sing Core’s 50 Year Guarantee

Sing Core’s Famous 50 Year Guarantee

At Sing Core, we are well known for the high quality door and wall panels we manufacture. Their many qualities allow them to speak for themselves, though our famous 50 Year Guarantee is what really sends them to the top. Our panels are strong, lightweight, and make beautiful doors, but without a warranty those traits are far less valuable. Sing Core panels, however, come with a 50 Year warp-free and structural guarantee. This turns those fancy words into a real promise, which is more than most other panels on the market can claim.

Why 50 Years?

50 years is a long time, longer than any other custom panel manufacturer is willing to claim. It comes with significant risk, as over the course of 50 years, a lot can happen to the product. Temperature and weather exposure can cause it to warp, frequent use can cause faults in the structure, and more. With Sing Core panels, this isn’t a concern. We don’t just promise 50 years and hope the panel survives, we promise 50 years because we know it will. In fact, Sing Core panels are designed to last far longer than 50 years, though we feel 50 years is a good amount of time to prove the durability and quality of our product, and is far more than what the rest of the industry is willing to offer.

Warp-Free Guarantee

Part of the 50 Year Sing Core Warranty is a promise that our panels will never warp. Warping presents a huge concern for doors and walls, and particularly large doors are at higher risk of warping just due to their size. A warped door can lead to all kinds of issues, such as sealing problems, difficulty opening and closing, and even up to full failure of the structure or function. Sing Core panels are built using our patented and patent-pending designs that guarantee they will never warp, so this completely eliminates the risk of your door or wall failing in that way.

Warping may seem unlikely, but it is incredibly common and can happen for a number of reasons. In areas with volatile temperatures and harsh weather warping is more likely to occur, especially when regularly exposed to moisture such as rain or snow. Even in regions with calmer weather, warping can happen seemingly for no reason. Sing Core panels will never warp, and that is what our 50 Year Guarantee is built on.

Structural Guarantee

In addition to never warping, our panels also come with a structural guarantee. This means that if the door fails in a way related to the manufacturing process, we will make it right. Our panels are crafted of high quality materials in a controlled environment and are solid as a rock, while still being lightweight. We also inspect them all before sending them out, so they should never fail. However, while we are confident in our product, we want you to be confident in it, too. That’s why we offer a structural guarantee as a part of the warranty, so that you know you’ll be covered if your panel ever does fail.

How to Use Your Warranty

In the unlikely event that you need to make use of your warranty, the process is very easy. All you have to do is contact us with the information about the initial panel order and what went wrong, and we will get the process started. During the process you may be asked to provide pictures and information, but rest assured that we will make it right.

Thank you for using Sing Core!

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Lifespan of Sing Core Panels

The Lifespan of a Sing Core Panel

Sing Core panels are strong, lightweight, and built to last, but people often wonder how long they can expect their Sing Core panel to hold up? Whether you use Sing Core for doors, walls, or any other creative purpose, you can trust our product to stand the test of time.

50 Year Guarantee

All Sing Core panels come with a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee, though we do not consider this to be the limit to their lifespan. While we guarantee our panels will not warp or fail for 50 years, we build them to last much longer than that. Sing Core panels are expected to last hundreds of years in proper conditions, and even in severe conditions where their strength is tested every day, we still promise 50 years of quality and structural integrity. No other comparable material can compete with that.

What Makes Them So Durable?

Sing Core panels have many features, and one is the incredible durability that inspires our confidence in our product. This durability is achieved in many ways through our manufacturing process and patented designs, but I will touch on a few here.

Strong Design

Sing Core panels are carefully engineered to be structurally sound and fail free down to their core. Our patented Sing Honeycomb Core allows for an incredibly lightweight panel without compromising integrity, and evenly distributes weight, impacts, and strain throughout the door or wall. In addition, we finish our panels with high-quality hardwood to ensure the exterior is just as resilient as the interior.

Skins and Finishing

The strength and durability of your door or wall panel can be enhanced further depending on the skin you choose to finish it with. While even just vinyl or wood skins can greatly extend the lifespan of the product, if you choose to finish it with a metal skin, that is only further solidifying the panel and providing additional impact and surface protection.


Another major advantage of Sing Core’s designs is that they will remain warp-free for their lifespan. Warping is bad in any use of our panels, but especially when it comes to doors. A warped door panel can have a wide range of complications even from a seemingly insignificant warp. Sliding doors may not follow their tracks, pivot and hinge doors may never seal properly again, and more. That’s why we’re proud to share that our panels will never warp on you, and that is included in their 50 Year Guarantee.

Easy Repairs

In the event your panel does end up damaged, even then, it’s not all lost. It is often possible to repair the panel through a few methods, and when the repair is complete, the panel is returned to full strength.

Our Promise

We don’t only promise to deliver the best lightweight, strong, and resilient door or wall panel on the market, but we also ensure it will last you a very long time. If your Sing Core panel warps or fails on you at any point within the 50 years, we will make it right. But don’t expect to cash in on that promise, as you’ll find that panel simply doesn’t want to fail.