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Honeycomb Composite Lightweight Panels

aluminum-honeycomb-panels-lightweight-panels-honeycomb-coreSing Aluminum honeycomb panels are different than other traditional-style aluminum honeycomb panels, though visually they appear to be identical. Sing Aluminum honeycomb panels are based on the patented Sing Sandwich panel technology that produces an aluminum-clad panel that out performs any other panel material in terms of lightweight, high strength and is also Eco-friendly.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Compare Sing Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

When comparing Sing aluminum honeycomb panel to other aluminum honeycomb panels, you must start at the core of the panel. Traditional aluminum panels have a honeycomb core that could be made of aluminum, plastic, cardboard or paper material that provides more rigidity than a hollow core panel which would be extremely flimsy.

Traditional-Torsion-Box-DiagramSing Honeycomb Core

Sing Aluminum panels start with a vertical wood grain torsion box core (a handcrafted woodworking technology that has been around for thousands of years) that in itself is extremely strong and rigid. The next step is to bond to what would otherwise be empty voids within the torsion box honeycomb core a lightweight strengthening material (recycled foam) wall-to-wall using formaldehyde-free glue.

While traditional aluminum honeycomb panels may test-out at ten-to-110 PSI, standard Sing sandwich panels start at about 660 PSI and can be upgraded to meet your specific requirements. The resulting Sing honeycomb panels are literally stronger than steel pound-for-pound as confirmed by independent testing at the University of Washington.

2-people-carry-stack-of-5x8-honeycomb-panelsLightweight Panels

Architects, designers and high-end millworks around the world are reaching out for alternatives to existing lightweight panels that have little strength, are easily damaged and deteriorate over time. Sing lightweight panels compare in weight to other honeycomb panels for sale including plastic honeycomb panels, fiberglass honeycomb panels and cardboard honeycomb panels but only Sing honeycomb panels have the strength and structural integrity to sustain long spans without fail or compromise.

How Versatile are Sing Honeycomb Panels?

honeycomb-panels-for-furnitureBeing able to have high value and performance and solving structural issues that have plagued architects, designers and artisans for centuries – especially when confronted by the structural limitations of conventional building materials – is why you will find Sing honeycomb core lightweight panels at NASA, throughout the aerospace industry and used by the United States military.

Sing Honeycomb Panels for Furniture

Sing honeycomb core lightweight panels are world famous for high-end large doors, oversize aluminum honeycomb panels, post and beam and various building applications; it may surprise you that one of the most high-growth applications of this newly invented, patented technology is amongst the furniture industry as they are increasingly using Sing honeycomb panels for furniture building.

Earth-friendly Sustainability

sing-core-made-in-the-usaSing Core is one of the only honeycomb panel manufacturers that have a commitment to Earth-friendly sustainability manufacturing all Sing honeycomb panels, here at home in the USA and exporting to other countries.

Where are Sing honeycomb panels for sale?

Sing honeycomb panels are available at your favorite lumber yard or regular aluminum honeycomb panel suppliers.

How do I get a honeycomb panel price?

honeycomb-panel-price-honeycomb-panel-manufacturersIt’s easy to price your Sing honeycomb panels by visiting your regular retail outlet, or if you are a wholesale account, our simple online pricing method only requires that you know the length, the width and the thickness of the honeycomb panels that you want, making it convenient for you to estimate or bid using patented Sing honeycomb core panels.

Fast Delivery – Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

How to Buy

SINGCORE Honeycomb Core Lightweight Panels are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity.

Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

Metal Composite Singcore panels are true straight, light and strong.

Choose Sing for all your honeycomb core lightweight panels! When using Sing honeycomb core lightweight panels, you design your own finished product by adding the trim, paint, and hardware. Sing honeycomb core lightweight panels are great for millwork shops, door builders aerospace and marine applications.

Great pricing is available to distributors and retailers.

**Wholesale prices available to licensed dealers/installers.

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Honeycomb Panels


honeycomb-panel-torsion-box-coreHoneycomb Panels by Sing Core

Sing honeycomb panels are a sandwich panel composite material with built in structural grids. Our grids are made of vertical grain renewable veneer wood fiber, and foam. We construct our Singcore based on torsion box technology most commonly found in the aerospace industry. This technology allows our honey comb panels to remain strong, lightweight, and true flat without denting, cracking, and warping. See a comparison here. Inventor Peter Sing uses this torsion box technology, along with wood fiber and foam to create patented Sing honeycomb core: the incredibly strong, true flat, lightweight, renewable “true green” composite material of the future. Check out our products section, the applications are virtually unlimited!

The Sing honeycomb core is based on primitive torsion box designs used by high-end woodworking craftsmen, but is exponentially improved upon the basic design.

Sing honeycomb core is manufactured with LESS

  • raw materials
  • labor
  • equipment cost.

honeycomb-panels-planedOur unique manufacturing process requires LESS

  • energy for production
  • space
  • and makes less waste.

Sing honeycomb panels are

  • true flat
  • fully insulated
  • sound deadening
  • lightweight
  • extremely strong
  • last the test of time
  • and are earth friendly.

That is why the supplier of high-end custom-built oversize products to the

  • honeycomb-panels-any-dimensionPresident
  • Prime Minister
  • Kings
  • and the Pope

has sought out Sing honeycomb panels as their solution. Yet, we make this technology affordable, even to compete with cheap imports.

Sing honeycomb panels are available with solid wood edges, or without solid wood edges (photos show Sing honeycomb panels without solid wood edges).

If you are currently importing substandard plywood from off-shore, shouldn’t you think about being proud to say, “Made in the USA,” reducing your costs, delivery times and providing your clients with a superior product that is not only eco-friendly but “true green”?

Spend Less Get More With Sing Honeycomb Panel

Every Sing honeycomb panel is packed solid with insulation wall-to-wall within the patented torsion box-like structure, making it solid as a rock and stronger than steel pound-for-pound.


Sing Honeycomb Panel Core Structure
The secret of the Sing honeycomb panel is in the Sing core. Our Sing honeycomb core utilizes torsion box honeycomb board core technology to ensure strength, enabling our product to be extremely lightweight and high strength.

True Flat
Sing honeycomb panels utilize torsion box strength honeycomb board technology in order to ensure flatness.


Vertical Grain Wood Fiber
The heart and soul of Sing honeycomb panel is in our patented Sing Core invention. The core utilizes renewable vertical grain wood fiber and foam, to create our stronger than steel, lightweight, composite material.


High Strength
Sing honeycomb panels are stronger than steel, solid wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick, and concrete in terms of pound per pound comparison.


Sing honeycomb panels are high strength, flat, and lightweight. A 4’ x 8’ x 1 ½” panel with 1/8 “ Luan plywood skins, and solid wood edging weighs in at about 55 lbs. A standard sheet of plywood weighs in at about 96 lbs.


Lightweight High Strength Honeycomb Panels of Any Size

Any dimension for unparalleled strength and performance. Even when used as post and beam.

Rot resistant honeycomb panels

Even without coating, Sing honeycomb panels outlast plywood, solid wood, MDF, and particle board. Plywood and engineered wood rot crack because of the weak glue layers. Sing honeycomb panels last because underneath the skins lie Sing Core, which keeps the panels flat through torsion box technology, and therefore doesn’t allow the panel to crack.

Sing Core are the honeycomb panel manufacturers that can guarantee a lifetime of performance for a lifetime of uninhibited service.