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$50 Reward Lightweight Insulated Torsion Box Non Warping Door

lightweight high strength engineered plywood exposed torsion box coreThe invention of insulated reinforced torsion box helps woodworkers solve the mystery of warping wood eliminating the problems of warp, bend, twist, cup, cracking and even rot.

Sing pre-built torsion box can be used to manufacture a lightweight true flat workstation. It would take hours – even days – of work to build an 8 inch thick torsion box assembly table that wouldn’t be as strong or straight as Sing torsion box panel now available from Lowe’s Pro Desk.

torsion box animationNot just for torsion box table, the Sing Sandwich panel is a revolution of all paneling and can be reconfigured to any size, shape or dimension, even lightweight structural post and beam.

Buy Sing torsion box panel/honeycomb-panel/Sing-panel to build a butcher block workbench or anything inside your house, outside your house, even your entire house. Floors, walls, portable partition, roof, ceiling, cloud ceiling, etc… See: Applications


The cost is affordable due to mass production made in the USA, patented and shipped worldwide.

This is good news for the woodworker, contractor, millwork, cabinet and furniture manufacturers. Yes, you can even make lightweight, super-strong furniture components.

Lightweight Sliding Door or Pivot Door

Sing Core Panel Watertight Church Door

Sing Core Panel Watertight Church Door

No more heavy sliding doors or pivot doors weighing in at 1,000 lbs. or more. Now you can make a sliding door or pivot door – even floor to ceiling oversized large door – that can be less than 20% the weight of a traditional sliding or pivot door, which means longer maintenance-free performance and less expensive hardware (and less door and hardware repair).

High Precision Accuracy and Solid, like a rock

Your lightweight door can now be solid (not like hollow or honeycomb core doors) insulated, sound deadening, stronger than steel (independently tested at the University of Washington at 660 PSI compared to other high-tech aerospace cores at 10 to 110 PSI). High end architectural millworks enjoy the highest precision building material within .006 inch tolerance.

New generation no fail sliding door 50 yr guarantee50 Year True Flat Guarantee

Say, “Goodbye,” to your warped door. Only patented Sing Core enables door manufacturers to create doors that are true flat (far exceeding AWI standards for flatness) and are guaranteed to stay flat – not warp, bend, twist or cup – for a full fifty years.

Tiny House or Insulated Shed

Quickly and easily erect a tiny house or insulated shed using pre-built torsion box panels (aka Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel RSIP) and never worry about damage of loss due to mold or mildew.

50 Dollars Lowes Home Improvement Reward Sing Core$50 to Share Your Sing Project with Sing Core

Submit drawings and photos of your project built with Sing Sandwich (available from Lowe’s Home Improvement) and receive a $50 cash reward for sharing your project (with full credits) to help make the world a better place and a certificate recognizing and honoring your sustainable efforts.

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How to Build the Best Large Pivot Entry Door

How to Build the Best Large Pivot Entry Door

Of the many features that are most appealing about using a large pivot door as your entry door is that they are not only visually attractive and inviting but the large size is impressive and commands respect, especially in terms of the first impression appeal.

This new generation of entry door can offer affordable elegance to the homeowner who desires to

Bring the Inside Out and the Outside In

By teaming up with patented Sing Core, you can build the best affordable oversized pivot entry door for 4 ft. x 8 ft. door opening.

What makes it the best?

Large Pivot Door 126.5 x 60 x 1.75 White Oak Strong Straight Light in Weight

The Biggest and the Best Pivot Door 11 Foot x 5 Foot x 1.75 inch White Oak weighs only 173 pounds

1 Lightweight

2 High strength

3 Insulated/sound deadening

4 Resistant to warp, bend, twist

5 Can be customized

a Skinned with any flat surface material for exterior finish

b Duplicate look and feel of any door style

c Glass lite cutouts in any shape style/placement

How to Build the Best Pivot Door for Less

1 Start with 4 ft. x 8 ft. Sing Panel

Large Pivot Door 126.5 x 60 x 1.75 White Oak High Strength Straightest Lightest in the Industry

Look at how straight this 11 foot panel is.

Standard Sing Panel measures 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.5 in. features a 1.5 in. with solid wood frame for attaching/installing hardware and lightweight .25 in. lightweight Luan plywood surfaces for easy bonding of any other exterior surface material to solid torsion box composite core.

2 Apply exterior finish

Door companies or millworks apply exterior skins, sand finish, seal and/or paint to specifications.


One Man Can Carry This 14 Foot Door With Ease

3 Customize your door

You can easily CNC cut out lite openings in any conceivable configuration and by applying molding; your door can take on the appearance of any style door including stile and rail.

4 Install lightweight hardware

Your Sing Panel-based 4×8 pivot entrance door weighs a fraction of the weight of any other traditional solid core. This saves time and money in the area of hardware (which can be as much as half the cost or more of a traditional pivot door) reducing the overall cost of the door.

5 Pre hung pivot doors

Low profile pivot door hardware can be used to provide your end users with a pre-hung pivot door. Simply pre-hang your pivot door in your door shop and your customers can install this new generation of pivot entry door in minutes.


Want a large oversize pivot entry door of any size any thickness that will not warp, bend twist or otherwise fail – guaranteed for 50 years?

Sing Core teams up with the best custom door manufacturers and high-end millworks (see clients list) across the United States to deliver the only large pivot doors that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

How Does It Work?

Sing Core has been solving the complications that are inherent for doors that are over normal size for many years, designed for otherwise impossible solutions, and exposed to the most rigorous conditions. Architects, designers, contractors and millworks have come to trust patented Sing Core to solve their problems, but the solutions are not just as easy as using the core material.

Solving the difficult challenges of weight vs. strength is overcome by interjecting composite materials into the structure design enabling Sing Core to provide unmatched lightweight, high strength precision and performance with the ability to be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

To this end, Sing Core offers a Free Consultation to all qualified clients who seek to solve difficult issues, especially when faced with oversize, overweight or extending long spans without much exterior support.

The Largest Pivot Entry Doors

Now architects and designers can have the largest pivot entry doors without having to compromise the project, increasing customer confidence and satisfaction by providing a solution that is affordable and reduces shipping costs, installation costs, and maintenance and energy consumption.

How to Get Sing Core to Build Your Best Pivot Door

  1. Know what you want
    1. Have at least an idea or drawing of what you want your pivot door to look like
    2. Determine how many and what size of panels you will need for your pivot door project
    3. Know what exterior material you want on your pivot door panels
  2. Decide how you will manufacture your pivot door project
    1. Seek out a professional
      1. Door Manufacturer, Architect, Designer, Design/Build, General Contractor, Mill Work, etc…
        1. Give them your drawing, specifying Sing Core inside
        2. They will deal directly with us
    2. Do it Yourself (DIY)
      1. Fill out your advanced order form and take it to your local Lowe’s Pro Desk
      2. Pick up your panels at Lowe’s when they arrive
      3. You will do the finish-work
        1. You have good woodworking skills to complete your pivot door finish and installation
        2. Lowe’s can help provide you with the finish materials and pivot door hardware you need
  3. Congratulations!
    1. You are the proud owner of the most advanced pivot door in the world that is
      1. Eco-friendly
      2. Lightweight
      3. High-strength
      4. Insulated
      5. High-performance (non-warping true flat doors, walls, furniture, etc…)
      6. Will last longer than anything made with any other material with these benefits

See also: Preliminary Pivot Door Industry Report, and Affordable Pivot Door Evolution of Entrance Doors