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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Sing Core is the number one source in America for Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength aluminium sliding doors made in the USA. Architects, millworks, artisans, industrial engineers, and door companies are raving about Sing Core being the only way to build lightweight large aluminium sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

No other aluminium sliding door made anywhere in the world can compare to all the revolutionary characteristics of aluminium sliding doors with patented Sing Core inside, such as,

Lightweight Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors with Sing Core inside weight a fraction the weight of other solid core aluminium sliding doors, thanks to the combination of new and old technologies fused into a lightweight solid substrate that is lighter in weight without compromising strength.

High Strength Aluminium Sliding Doors

Sing Core imbues any aluminium sliding door with the strength that is far superior compared to any other lightweight structural building material. So strong, in fact, it was independently rated at 660 PSI; stronger than steel pound for pound. Not to mention,

Insulated Aluminium Sliding Doors

As if all the lightweight and high strength attributes were not enough, Sing Core comes along and ramps up the features to include packing the aluminium sliding door with rigid insulation material which adds both increased climate control and sound deadening qualities which are all the rage, adding even more value to any sliding door with Sing Core inside. But wait, there’s more…

Warp-free Aluminium Sliding Doors

One thing all architects and engineers agree on when it comes to large aluminium sliding doors, is that they tend to fail by moving (bend, twist, cup) due to warp, especially in an exterior sliding door application. Aluminum will bend according to sunlight and/or climate difference on either side of the sliding door, rendering it useless. A warped sliding door is a problem, that can now be fixed and backed by Sing Core’s

50 Year Warp and Structure Guarantee

Sing Core is the only aluminium sliding door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail, including full structure warranty, for 50 years, making Eco-friendly Sing aluminium sliding doors the most long-lasting and sustainable sliding doors in the world, proudly invented and manufactured in the USA.

Other Metal Sliding Doors Available

Not only limited to our best selling aluminium sliding doors, you can have metal sliding doors made of any available flat metal material such as

Steel Sliding Doors
Stainless Steel Sliding Doors
Galvanized Steel Sliding Doors
Cold Rolled Steel Sliding Doors
Hot Rolled Steel Sliding Doors

Keeping in mind that any steel sliding door with Sing Core inside will be a lightweight steel door, which are also available in any other materials, including, say, a copper sliding door, or any other lightweight metal sliding door.

See Sing Core for all your sliding metal doors, if you’re interested in the next generation of lightweight metal sliding door.

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Metal Pivot Door

Metal pivot doors are gaining in popularity among high end homes, government agencies, scientific laboratories and elite commercial establishments. So, whether your interest in a metal pivot door is residential or industrial, Sing Core can help you build one of the best metal pivot doors in the world.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

metal pivot doors with waterfall edging

metal pivot doors with waterfall edging

What makes Sing Core’s metal pivot door so special?

Metal pivot doors with Sing Core inside exceed the expectations of door manufacturers around the world in an Eco-friendly manner excelling in significant reduction in weight while remaining high precision, high performance, and stronger than steel pound for pound. No other lightweight door can deliver such results in terms of lightweight and high strength. That’s why only Sing professional metal pivot doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years.

What’s the number 1 use of Sing Metal Pivot Doors?

No matter whether the installation is in a high end multimillion dollar home, or a commercial application, the highest and best use of your Sing metal pivot door is as an impressive pivot front door.

Pivot Front Door

Pivot front doors are more impressive when they are stylishly finished, but even more impressive than the exterior material used, the size of the metal pivot door is even more important. The emphasis on being large and oversized plays an important role in the first impression of anyone viewing a large pivot door the first time you lay eyes on the project.

The most significant highly memorable feature of any structure is the visual impact of a large, oversized pivot door. In fact, the bigger, the better. The height, the width and the thickness of your pivot front door makes all the difference.

Metal Pivot Door Detail

The detail of the metal pivot door is invaluable, and every detail will contribute to the success or failure of your pivot front door. A large metal pivot door, while it is very impressive, does pose a number of problems associated with such a large monolithic structure. The first hurdle is in the managing of the weight of a large metal pivot door. To make it out of solid metal, is generally not practical, because the sheer weight of the large pivot door will create problems for the pivot door hardware as well as the frame and structure surrounding the big metal pivot door. The answer lies in Sing Core’s ability to build a

Lightweight Metal Pivot Door

Reducing the weight of your metal pivot door significantly reduces the cost of the pivot door hardware (as it is calculated based on the weight of the door) which can cost many times the cost of the pivot door itself. This also reduces the cost of shipping, handling and installing an otherwise heavy pivot door. While there are other options for dealing with the issue of weight of a particular pivot door, none are more dimensionally stable or

High Strength Metal Pivot Door

Sing Core is the only method of creating a lightweight, high strength metal pivot door. The strength is achieved by starting with a patented torsion box substructure where the otherwise empty boxes are filled with rigid insulation and sandwiched between two sheets of plywood to provide a solid composite structural core which delivers unparalleled warp resistance and strength (660 PSI). Not only are these metal pivot doors lightweight and incredibly strong, they are the only metal doors that can come with a

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

That’s right. Your professional Sing metal pivot door can be lightweight, high strength and guaranteed not to warp- bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years, including a full structure warranty against any other potential failure.

Metal Pivot Entry Doors

Your metal pivot entry door caries along with it a great deal of responsibility, which makes it a security door, either as an intentional specification, or implied as a security barrier. So, it is imperative that your pivot entry doors are strong enough to ward off security compromises as well as being fully

Insulated Metal Pivot Doors

Every Sing metal pivot door is fully insulated to deliver the best climate control and sound deadening capabilities. This insulation is important because in most, if not all cases, your pivot entry door separates two extremes, one being the exterior surface area facing the elements as in the case of an exterior pivot front door, while the other side faces the structure’s interior, which could be vastly different, especially in terms of extreme weather conditions.

Metal Pivot Door Prices

We have a very simple method of determining the price of your metal pivot door. All you need is the height, width and thickness of the door as well as the type of metal and gauge desired on the metal pivot door’s surface. Click Here for Pricing.

Aluminum Pivot Doors

Aluminum pivot doors are the most popular of all large metal pivot doors, which we specialize in. Aluminum pivot doors can be made in any size or style and can include specialty finished aluminum or anodized aluminum pivot doors. And while all Sing Core products are manufactured in the USA, the finish-work is only being completed by the millworks that we work with hand-in-hand to deliver the best metal pivot door results. Although aluminium pivot doors are not the only pivot doors we make, we also provide other metal pivot doors, such as

Hot rolled steel pivot doors

Hot rolled steel pivot doors are increasingly taking the stage in industrial and artistic installations, hosting their signature heat marks as part of the design feature of hot rolled steel pivot doors, or alternatively painted to minimize the heat marks.

Cold rolled steel pivot doors ~ Galvanized steel pivot doors ~ Stainless steel pivot doors

Diamond plate steel pivot doors ~ Anodized aluminum pivot doors ~ Brass pivot doors

Bronze Pivot Doors

As well as copper pivot doors and copper plate pivot doors, just to name a few.

Submit your price quote request and find out how Sing Core can assist in making all your metal pivot door dreams come true.

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Metal Sliding Doors

See the Sing Core Metal Door Gallery

Metal Doors Hot Rolled Steel Doors

Huge Hot Rolled Steel Man Door

About Metal Doors with Sing Core Inside

Metal doors which are made using the patented and patent-pending Sing Core technologies are celebrated around the world as being the best metal doors in the world.

Why Do You Need Sing Core Inside Your Metal Door?

Metal Door Problem

Its well-known metal doors are neither Eco-friendly nor sustainable solution and they have the potential to fail more often than not for a variety of reasons. Metal doors warp when hit by the sun’s rays, or exposed to heat or cold, and if there are varying environments on either side of the metal door, such as an exposed exterior metal door, you know trouble is not far away. Also metal doors are extremely heavy which causes hardware or the structure to fail due to added stress and strain due to the heavy weight. Plus, the bigger the metal door, the more likely it will fail and require expensive maintenance calls to repair or replace.

Metal Door Solution

THAT is why you need Sing Core inside your door. Using Sing Core is the only way to build an Eco-friendly sustainable lightweight solid core metal door that is stronger than steel and comes with a full warp-free and structure guarantee for 50 years.


What makes a Metal Door with Sing Core inside so unique?

Only metal doors with Sing Core inside are lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, available in vast array of skin types such as  aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, or any other available type of metal including metal hybrid or composite flat surface materials. Any size large oversized metal door up to 50 ft. Best metal door guarantee in the world: 50 years!

      1. Lightweight
        1. Sing Core weighs a fraction of the weight of other solid metal door cores
        2. Being lightweight saves the overall budget of the project
          1. Reducing shipping cost
          2. Reducing the cost of hardware (which is based on pivot door weight
          3. Reducing heavy equipment costs on the job site
          4. Reducing risk of injury during installation
          5. Reducing maintenance costs on the door/frame/structure over time
      2. High Strength
        1. Sing Core is lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound
        2. Independently tested at University of Washington
        3. Rated at 660+ PSI
        4. Able to span longer distance with little deflection
        5. Able to support unsupported load stress
      3. Fully Insulated
        1. Patented Sing Core is pre-insulated
        2. Insulation for climate control
        3. Your choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 insulation value
        4. Insulation for sound deadening (used in sound proof doors)
        5. Insulation for added privacy, safety, and security
      4. Vast Array of Skin Types
        1. Metal Door Skins
          1. Any available flat metal building materials including responsibly sustainable use of
            1. Aluminum
            2. Brass or bronze
            3. Cold rolled steel
            4. Copper
            5. Diamond plate
            6. Galvanized steel
            7. Hot rolled steel
            8. Stainless steel
        2. Not limited to metal, could include other flat sheet goods
          1. Veneer
          2. Plywood
          3. Marine grade
          4. Generic
          5. Domestic A/B plywood
          6. LVL
          7. MDF
          8. and any others available per architectural specifications
        3. Alternative and Hybrid Skins, such as
          1. Cement
          2. Concrete
          3. Fiberglass
          4. Plastic
          5. FRP
          6. Kevlar
          7. Formica
          8. Masonite
          9. and any others available per architectural specifications
      5. Any Size Door Can be Made Better with Sing Core Inside
        1. Any door up to 50 ft. tall, or more
        2. Any door up to 50 ft. wide, or more
        3. All attributes are imbued in any size of door made with Sing Core inside
      6. The Best Guarantee in the Pivot Door Industry
        1. 50-year warp-free guarantee
        2. 50-year structure guarantee

Cold Rolled Steel Large Metal Door



    It’s very important that sliding doors be operable, especially in the arenas of bypass sliding doors or double sliding doors, and if your sliding metal doors are large in size, or in use as steel security doors, then other challenges must be taken into consideration in the architectural design and specification of your metal sliding doors.

    Architectural specifications requiring Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength metal sliding doors must be spec’d with, “Sing Core inside” to achieve these specifications. There are other benefits of having Sing Core inside your sliding metal doors, such as being pre-packed wall-to-wall with sound deadening and climate controlling insulation, and so much more.

    Metal Automatic Sliding Door

    If you’re dealing with a metal automatic sliding door, you can have virtually hassle-free installation and very little maintenance over time is your metal sliding doors are lightweight, high strength and warp-free. When sliding metal doors start to fail, bend or warp, it causes undue stress on both the automatic sliding door hardware as well as the structure that houses the hardware. This can cause expensive maintenance issues over time. Unless your sliding metal doors have Sing Core inside.


    Warp-free Metal Sliding Doors

    Only metal sliding doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. This means your sliding metal doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including the full structure warranty of the door. Plus, the lightweight and high strength characteristics of the door, means less maintenance necessary over time, truly a breakthrough in architectural metal sliding door design specs.

    Any Type of Metal Sliding Doors

    We, at Sing Core, specialize in creating metal sliding doors that weigh a fraction of the weight of other metal sliding doors, as well as providing all the extra benefits of having Sing Core inside. Some of our most popular types of metal sliding doors include aluminium sliding doors and steel sliding doors, but we also provide the top metal sliding door manufacturers with the best sliding metal doors of different metals, which could include any available flat metal door skins. We make brass sliding doors, bronze sliding doors, and copper sliding doors, built to architectural specifications.

    Aluminium Sliding Doors

    In our support of architects and the custom metal door artisans, sliding door manufacturers, millworks and metal works companies who dare to deliver only the best aluminum sliding doors available. Sing aluminium sliding doors are made to the highest degree of accuracy and precision. Many types, styles and weights of aluminum are available, including anodized aluminum sliding doors, which are visually compelling when specified by the architect or custom aluminum sliding door manufacturer.

    Steel Sliding Doors

    Next up, our most popular metal sliding door are made with a variety of steels, to get that extra special, high-tech and ultra exclusive visual impact that can only be enjoyed if you have your cold rolled steel sliding doors, diamond plate steel sliding doors, galvanized steel sliding doors, hot rolled steel sliding doors, or stainless steel sliding doors manufactured to architectural specifications with Sing Core inside.

    Metal Exterior Sliding Doors

    Metal exterior doors can pose additional challenges, especially if they are large metal sliding doors that have one side 100% exposed to the elements. That’s just asking for trouble due to warp, but nor for your Sing metal exterior sliding doors, because they can be made not to warp. You also have the quandary of having one extreme environment on one side of the door and the other side facing the structure’s interior which also contributes to door warping. Now there is a solution to large metal exterior sliding doors, and the solution is having Sing Core inside.

    Metal Kitchen Sliding Door

    Besides exterior applications, interior metal sliding door applications include application specific metal sliding doors, such as metal kitchen sliding doors, and cold storage metal sliding doors. Whatever your application whether it is interior or exterior, Sing Core can help your favorite metal sliding door company to build the best metal sliding doors to your specifications and expectations.

  2. Huge Cold Rolled Steel Panel

    This Huge Cold Rolled Steel panel weighs only 178 pounds.

  3. Serving the Top Metal Sliding Door Manufacturers in the World

    Sing Core provides professional Sing Core metal sliding door core to the top four metal sliding door manufacturers in the world (with billions of dollars in annual sliding metal doors) enabling them to create a high precision, high performance custom metal sliding door that can be Eco-friendly, made in the USA, lightweight and high strength sliding metal door, that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

    See also: Metal Sliding Door Gallery

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Aluminium Pivot Doors

Metal pivot doors are our specialty, especially large oversized pivot doors, that are Eco-friendly, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound. Our best-selling pivot doors include hot rolled steel pivot doors, as well as any other type of metal, but aluminium pivot doors are most in demand as the shift to the very large pivot front door is gaining popularity for high-end pivot entry doors.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Aluminium pivot doors pose several challenges for architectural pivot doors designed for use as an exterior door. The biggest problems are associated with size, weight, insulation, and high precision long life, without the need for a pivot door company or millwork to provide ongoing maintenance of your aluminium pivot doors.

Luxury homes are more apt to feature large modern pivot doors due to upscale curb appeal, as the large pivot entry door creates an immediate visual impression sure you be remembered long after seeing such a large aluminium pivot door as the main access point to million dollar homes, like this one in Beverly Hills.

Large high end pivot entry doors are subject to varying environments on either side of the door, which creates movement of the high end pivot doors according to exposure of one side to the elements and the interior of the structure on the location’s interior space. This can compromise the oversized pivot door system seasonally, requiring regular maintenance and repair over time.

The Sing solution for aluminium pivot doors is to incorporate patented Sing core insulation-packed vertical grain torsion box grid technology to provide an aluminum pivot door that can withstand the changes in exposure on either side of the door to prevent compromise. This is how your professional aluminium pivot door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. (You will receive written guarantee with your professional aluminum pivot door.)

Of course, besides aluminium pivot doors, Sing Core can also assist millworks, door companies and custom door manufacturers in creating pivot doors made of any flat building material. Our most popular large pivot door materials include all species of natural wood pivot doors, cold rolled steel pivot doors, hot rolled steel pivot doors and fiberglass (FRP) pivoting doors.

Sing core can provide matching interior pivot doors for million dollar mansions. In fact, you will find custom Sing modern pivot doors NYC in the most upscale luxury condos throughout greater New York, NY area. New Yorkers love Sing aluminium pivot entry doors. More than half of all the aluminum pivot doors that Sing Core ship to the greater New York area.

All Sing Core aluminium pivot doors, as well as high performance pivot door systems made of other flat materials (including wooden pivot doors), have built-in insulation and can be guaranteed for 50 years of high precision enjoyment backed by the best warranty in the pivot door industry.

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Modern Steel Doors

When architects and designers are looking for the best Eco-friendly modern steel doors, even if they are exceptionally large steel doors, only one company can assist in the creation of a modern steel door that is fully insulated, lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

A large modern stylish steel metal sliding door made with warp-free SingCore matertial

Modern steel doors take on a whole new set of characteristics using patented SingCore as the composite component material inside a modern steel door imbuing this new generation of steel doors with the highest precision (+/- .006 in.) and performance standards ( a fraction the weight and stronger than steel pound for pound).

Modern Steel Doors

What makes modern steel doors so unique? When you create a modern steel door with SingCore inside you can have any look, any contemporary design you want. You’re not selecting a design from a limited number of standard options. You modern steel door with SingCore inside is custom built to architectural specifications in any design that you can imagine, without risk of failure.

Whether you want a truly unique modern steel door with custom lite cut outs for intriguing window openings or your choice of steel, such as cold rolled steel doors, diamond plate steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors, stainless steel doors, and more.

Large Modern Steel Doors

With SingCore’s history of Eco-friendly metal working higher precision modern steel doors are possible with incredibly high performance even if your project includes oversized large modern steel doors. Patented SingCore helps to overcome the challenges of heavy weight and tendency to fail by using a unique combination of insulated reinforced vertical grain torsion box core, along with patent-pending modern steel door stiffeners to create large steel doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, cup, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years regardless of size (up to 50 ft.).

Modern Steel Exterior Doors

No more worrying about the failure of modern steel exterior doors which present challenges due to one side facing the exterior elements and the other side facing a climate controlled interior. If you want to possess a modern steel exterior door that will not fail, then you need modern steel entry doors with SingCore inside to meet or exceed your performance expectations.

The high performance true flat team at SingCore is on standby, waiting to help you design the modern steel exterior door you’ve been waiting for, guaranteed.

Modern Door Design

Architects and custom modern door designers are able to exercise their creative skills, empowering their imaginations with the most unique one-of-a-kind designs. Modern door design is allowed to go beyond that which was previously possible thanks to the strength and lightweight of patented SingCore.
In terms of strength and weight in large moderns steel doors, now a very tall, very wide modern steel pivot door can be massive as well as being an impressive thick steel pivot door, without compromising the project or structure due to heavy weight and can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Modern Metal Doors

The Eco-friendly metal door division of SingCore is not restricted to just modern steel doors, your custom modern metal doors could be made of any available flat metal surface materials, including (but not limited to) modern aluminum doors, anodized aluminum doors, brass doors, copper doors, lead doors and modern tin doors, just to name a few.

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Doors

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Metal Fabrication Metal Door Panels

Galvanized Steel + T SlotWhen it comes to metal fabrication, one metal company is making an environmentally sustainable impact on the manner in which metal is handled in America today. Eco-friendly lightweight and high-strength metal panels are replacing solid metal sheets and metal honeycomb panels in a safe and responsible manner resulting in a patented metal fabrication method creating metal panels that weight a fraction of the weight of solid metal but are stronger than steel pound for pound.

Stainless steel has been problematic for steel fabricators to work with due to being a highly hazardous occupation, until now. Exposure to toxins and high-skilled trades-people make for an expensive end product. The extreme heavy weight of steel presents other problems in terms of safety on the job site and expensive transportation, installation and maintenance costs. Eco-friendly SingCore is the perfect solution for these problems.


21 ft tall metal ivot doorAluminum is a lightweight metal and can be used in a variety of methods but needs a solid substrate or assorted framing to increase performance. While adequate for smaller projects, when the dimensions of the project expands so do the challenges. Sing Aluminum is the next level of high precision and performance due to its ability to offer:

High Strength Aluminum

Where other aluminum panels fail due to unavoidable weakness, Sing Aluminum relies on a solid substrate comprised of natural vertical wood grain torsion box/recycled rigid foam composite to achieve strengths stronger than steel (660 PSI, and more) enabling long spans without deflection or compromise, even under loads.

High Precision Aluminum

Due to the extreme precision (+/- .006 in.) of the solid SingCore composite substrate, the resulting Aluminum material (available in aluminum panel or aluminum post and beam configurations) is extremely flat for high precision applications, while remaining lightweight and Eco-friendly.

Stainless Steel

Lightweight High StrengthThere is elegance to stainless steel that cannot be denied, though problems appear especially when dealing with projects of large size because stainless steel is so heavy. To reduce the weight, stainless steel plates can be sandwiched with some type of lightweight core to reduce the weight, but strength is compromised; that is, unless you have SingCore inside.

Lightweight Stainless Steel

Thanks to SingCore, you can achieve outstanding results using Sing Stainless Steel panels, weighing in at a fraction of the weight of solid stainless steel, but maintaining the structural integrity of solid steel. Even though the weight issue is addressed by using honeycomb or other type of core substrates, they fail under stress or strain. Only SingCore has the ability to deliver the strength of solid steel at a fraction of the weight, while maintaining its high precision.

Galvanized Steel

20 ft span galvanized demoLong known for its ability to offer substantial weather resistance when exposed to the elements, galvanized steel is one of the most effective and long-lasting coating options for steel with a long history of success in all climates and weather conditions.

Super Strong Lightweight Galvanized Steel

Add to the long term success in exterior exposure, the lightweight and high strength of sandwiching galvanized steel around patented SingCore, and you have a panel that is impervious to the elements that could be interconnected using cam lock technology or other methods to build a modular exterior building or shelter in minutes, besides other applications.

You could build modular Sing galvanized steel panel components that could be guaranteed fail-free for 50 years.

cold rolled steel doors available as stainless steel doors and hot rolled steel doors lightweight stronger than steelCold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is readily available in flat sheets and perfect for creating high precision and high performance custom steel doors when applied to patented SingCore. Cold rolled steel is one of the most popular steel surface materials in making Sing steel doors, which are steel doors with SingCore inside.

Besides doors, other popular cold rolled steel products include cold rolled steel panels, posts and beams with SingCore inside for lightweight high strength high precision and long life performance over time, unlike any other cold rolled steel substrate known.

Eco friendly hot rolled steelHot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is similar to cold rolled steel, though is less strong than cold rolled steel. This can be overcome by crating high precision and extremely strong hot rolled steel panels with SingCore inside.

We are seeing an increase in hot rolled steel in both wall hot rolled steel panels and hot rolled steel doors due to the industrial look of the heat signatures that are unique characteristics of hot rolled steel and often part of the aesthetic design of the architect or designer of the project at hand.

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Doors

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Stainless Steel Doors

Eco-friendly Stainless Steel

The patented Sing metal fabrication process produces an Eco-friendly metal panels by using the best of metal materials on the surface areas and the best of mother nature (vertical grain wood torsion box) and recycled materials (rigid foam material used to fill the torsion boxes). The culmination is metal panel that is made using natural low-tech methods without welding, while using formaldehyde-free adhesives.

stainless steel door diamond plate steel doors

Imagine lightweight Stainless Steel that will retain its form and function for years, with long spans and little deflection for sleeker, more modern steel work with lower installation costs, requiring less maintenance, substructure and may incorporate lighter weight steel door hardware. This emerging leading edge stainless steel technology comes from the pristine Pacific Northwest’s Washington State and ships these new stainless steel composite materials all over the world. The most popular destination of this revolutionary stainless steel construction method is NYC, New York City.

Stainless Steel Exterior Doors

Long the large exterior steel door manufacturers, Sing Core has created this one-of-a-kind Eco-friendly stainless steel solution solving long-term problems associated with large steel doors that are heavy (even if not solid steel) requiring expensive heavy duty hardware and continuing maintenance on the steel door, frame and supporting structure. This is why the military, science and industry sectors rely on Sing Core for the stainless steel exterior door solution that is insulated lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

13 ft tall lightweight steel sliding doors stronger than steel doorsSing Steel Doors

Sing steel doors are available in sliding door, swing door, pivot door, bi fold and accordion door configurations.

A growing trend in large window openings in Sing steel doors is making its way into the architectural door specifications for many contemporary architectural designs. This steel French door style features large lite openings being cut into the solid composite steel slab door for either full- or half-glass panel installation.

Multi panel steel French doors can be configured as sets of steel double doors or a series of articulating steel doors in accordion door fashion using a combination of pivot and sliding door hardware.

High Precision Steel Doors

When industries demand high precision steel doors that also meet high performance expectations, Sing Core is the answer because this insulated solid steel door core material is so high precision (+/- .006 inches) which exceeds the precision of any other steel door core material for a solid extremely flat stainless steel surface. The welding and interior framing used in other steel doors causes inconsistencies across the surface of the stainless steel door resulting in variations that compromise the architectural specifications of the steel door.

Types of Steel Doors

The Sing steel door solution is available in any type/style of steel (depending on availability) including (but not limited to) stainless steel doors, galvanized steel doors, cold rolled steel doors and hot rolled steel doors.

Galvanized Steel Doors

Lightweight high-strength Sing galvanized steel doors are found in both exterior and interior applications. The scratch, rust and corrosion inhibiting characteristics offer advantages in exterior door installations.

20 ft tall span galvanized steel lightweight high strength perfectly straight steel doors

You will find Sing galvanized steel doors installed in industrial locations as well as commercial, hospitality, office buildings and high-end homes.

Having a high-end high performance and precision insulated galvanized steel door that is stronger than steel delivers added benefits including more security for impact resistance, sound dampening acoustic qualities and a longer life galvanized steel door with reduced maintenance over time.

cold rolled steel doors available as stainless steel doors and hot rolled steel doors lightweight stronger than steelCold Rolled Steel Doors

Sing Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) doors are the most popular of our Eco-friendly steel doors suitable for interior steel door applications. Like all of our Sing steel doors, cold rolled steel doors are pre-insulated, high precision and high performance while remaining lightweight and pound for pound stronger than steel.

The most popular cold rolled steel doors are as steel flush doors, though there is a growing trend of cutting large lite openings for glass installation for that steel French door style. Custom glass openings can be cut to your specifications.

Cold rolled steel is also a popular material for combinations of doors and interlocking cold rolled steel wall panels for fast and easy creation of temporary structures and in plant offices.

CRS is uncoated steel and requires a coat of primer.

Hot Rolled Steel Door

Sing Hot Rolled Steel doors are made from solid steel sections (made from 100% recycled steel) that were hot-rolled from new billet steel into shapes used to create our Eco-friendly insulated hot rolled steel doors that are lightweight, constructed using our patented solid torsion box composite core for a steel door that is stronger than steel (independently tested at 660 PSI) pound for pound.

hot rolled steel doors insulated lightweight high strength modern steel doors stronger than steelOut hot rolled steel doors are the hottest new material being specified by upscale designers and architects in contemporary projects who want to make an artistic statement using the unique industrial feel of hot rolled steel modern French doors in cutting edge commercial establishments, contemporary homes and mansions.

When a contemporary architect or designer can custom design hot rolled steel doors to accommodate the look and feel of any door, even sporting large glass openings for that hot rolled steel French door visual impact.

No other hot rolled steel door is more versatile in design or application.

Steel Sliding Doors

The importance for steel sliding doors to be lightweight and high precision makes Sing Core the standout product solution for all your steel sliding doors.

Sing steel doors are also available in swing door, pivot door, bi fold, accordion door configurations and is only scratching the surface of the endless applications of patented Sing Core.

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Hot Rolled Steel Doors

Large hot rolled steel panels being finished for installation in winery

Hot rolled steel panels high precision

Sing Core brings an Eco-friendly approach to working with large spans of hot rolled steel with less weight and more strength than plain steel pound for pound, revolutionizing the steel fabrication process. In fact, we are best known for our large hot rolled steel metal doors and hot rolled steel wall panels.

Our patented rolled steel panels feature custom metal fabrication uses high grade formaldehyde free adhesives instead of the more destructive welding process and your Sing Hot Rolled Steel Panel can host an exterior hot rolled sheet metal thickness of 16 gauge or more.

Sing hot rolled steel takes metal working into a whole new arena that is being embraced by steel companies making huge hot rolled steel products without having to use heavy steel framing.

These lightweight high strength hot rolled steel accordion doors (see video above) are 10 ft tall, each door panel is 3 ft wide and (brace yourself) only 3/4 inch thick… high precision and perfectly straight! (Try that with anything else… Only possible with patented Sing Core.)

Hot rolled steel accordian door panels quote request form example

Click for order example

One of the primary functions of Sing hot rolled steel products is in the area of commercial steel entry doors. If you are new to metal manufacturing, you will find that raw hot rolled steel has a more primitive or industrial feel to it, it has a less smooth surface than cold rolled steel and requires finishing to avoid rust or oxidation. The unique appearance of hot rolled steel panels appeals to designers, architects, museums, art galleries and often used in steel wall art.

Sing metal wall panels lightweight stronger than steel pound for poundEspecially if you’re considering utilizing hot rolled steel for your large doors, Sing Core can help to mitigate the damages caused by the heavy weight of hot rolled steel doors with interior steel frames that require welding. This allows you to build hot rolled steel doors of immense size that are high precision, just like other types of Sing metal.

The Sing Core material is extremely high precision (within +/- .006 inch) which keeps your hot rolled steel door straight and flat regardless of its size. The advantages of the straighter and truer big metal doors come in handy when you multiply the door’s required integrity by two when dealing with steel double doors. Double steel doors, especially if they are large and oversized, are fraught with additional challenges.

Sing hot rolled steel can be used for upscale industrial steel doors and in commercial metal door replacements for increased performance and high precision which also supply the project with built in insulation and sound deadening qualities.

Galvanized steel modular wall panel 20 ft x 5 ft x 1 inch strength demonstration

20 ft x 5 ft x 1 inch strength demonstration

Our hot roll steel solutions are changing the scope of architectural metal fabrication because the nature of hot rolled steel is predominantly restrictive due to the weight and framing required to support the raw material. Having access to a lightweight, high strength alternative, like Sing Hot Rolled Steel Panels, opens doors to unencumbered creativity.

Sing Core’s hot rolled steel doors are just some of the best doors that are among the many types of doors that have put us on the map as the best door featured in the most high end jobs across the country and the world.

You will find Sing hot rolled steel panels used not only as a standard swing door but also as hot rolled steel flooring, hot rolled steel counter tops, hot rolled steel wall panels and room dividers, hot rolled steel pivot doors and hot rolled steel sliding doors.

Let Sing hot rolled steel set your creativity free. See also: Steel Fabrication

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20 ft steel door steel metal building

21 ft. tall Sing Steel Pivot Door (right on building)

Contemporary Architecture Design Hot Rolled Steel Wall Panels Industrial Architecture

Hot rolled steel panels lightweight stronger than steel

Hot rolled steel wall panels – stronger than steel

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Doors

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Sing Core Metal-Skinned Panels

lightweight panel honeycomb high strength sing aluminum

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Our patented Sing Core honeycomb/torsion box panels can be covered in a metal skin of either aluminum , cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc., depending on the desired effect and/or use.  (See applications.)  When covered in metal skin, our lightweight 2 x 2 inch grid panels include the following features to order:1)          Inch per inch stronger than steel (tested at 660 PSI);2)          True flat to 1/16” per 8’ (for 50 years with our professional guarantee);3)          Lightweight;

4)          Flutter/rattle resistant;

5)          Rust resistant:

6)          Non-combustible;

7)          Highly resistance to moisture corrosion/waterproof/water resistant/storm proof;

8)          Resistant to fungi;

9)          Available in a variety of finishes, thicknesses and densities with numerous panel edge options;

10)        Sound deadening;

11)        Insulated from R3 to R6.6;

12)        Standard panels come embedded with solid wood edges for easy assembly;

13)        Available in almost unlimited custom shapes and designs; and

14)        Many more custom features.

In addition, our Sing panel cores are made with our patented, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic eco-friendly glue and recycled foam.  Overall, metal Sing panels are the superior choice for strong yet lightweight building materials and are proudly made in the USA.

For projects requiring long panels, Sing Core’s special invisible seam technology creates extremely long/tall panels with unsurpassed strength and rigidity that still remains true flat up to 50 feet. Thus, metal-skinned Sing Core panels exceed AWI standards.  Our large Sing panels stay dimensionally stable regardless of temperature and moisture changes.

For projects requiring special features, our metal Sing panels can be specially upgraded. For example, Sing core panels can be made fire retardant, bullet-proof, radiation-proof, etc, according to need.  Sing panels can also be manufactured up to 6 inches in standard thickness (custom thickness available).

Metal-skinned Sing panels can be used to make projects ranging from kitchen tables to walls to doors to metal roofing to metal floors to truck panels to electrical towers to outdoor benches to magnetic panels to modern art.  The possibilities are virtually unlimited!

Rush jobs can be custom made within 24 hours with material availability and delivered within 48 hours if less than 5 feet wide.

To determine pricing and to order see our pricing page.

Compare the available gauge:

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Metal guage weight table