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Trade Show Wall Panels

Announcing the latest advancement in leading edge development in trade show wall panels to hit the trade show display industry. The Sing modular trade show display system is based on the same high standards that have been serving the most elite museums and art galleries in the United States and around the world.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

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Just like the Sing museum wall panels, the trade show wall panels feature the patented Sing insulated reinforced torsion box composite solid core that results in a trade show wall panel that is rigid, lightweight and high strength. Thanks to Sing Core, you can have a high end museum quality trade show display featuring this next generation of patented trade show wall panels.

To make things even better, they have developed a sustainable high end modular trade show display system that can be easily assembled with nothing more than a twist of an Allen wrench. The trade show wall panels feature Sing’s patented display panel that interlock with each other in a variety of ways with preinstalled cam locks. Cam lock panels are connected together by an aluminum upright which is pre-configured to be joining panels in any direction.

This makes booth design so much easier and flexible as you can change the booth configuration to accommodate special events throughout the show. Simply add the display panels you need to reconfigure your trade show booth’s design to build a conference room, office area, storage closet, or theater. Click, click, each display panel in place. Sing booth design also includes a door panel which you can place between two other display panels for even more convenience and flexibility. Just lock it in and away you go.

All modular Sing trade show displays feature easy to knock down and flat pack your modular display for fast packaging, transport and storage. Sing Core also offers a separate reusable shipping container to keep your trade show wall panels safe between shows.

How strong are Sing trade show wall panels?

So strong, in fact, that these trade show walls have been independently tested to rate at 660 PSI. Compare that to aircraft quality of 10 to 110 PSI, and you have a superior lightweight panel that is strong enough to be used again and again for years without failure.
Standard Sing trade show wall panels are only two inches thick, yet stronger than a custom 2×4 stick trade show display build out, yet weighing in at a faction of the weight. Sing trade show wall panels are stronger than steel pound for pound and are also

Warp-free Trade Show Wall Panels

Use your Sing modular display system over and over again without fear of failure. Patented Sing reinforced torsion box composite core material in combination with their anti warp stiffener technology results in an Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength trade show display panel that will not warp-bend, twist or otherwise fail. If a display panel is damaged (for instance, punctured by fork lift forks, etc.) it can easily be repaired without compromising the strength of the trade show panel. Even after repeated use in successive trade shows, over and over again.

This is why only Sing trade show displays can come backed by their,

10 Year No Fail Warp-free Guarantee

Your panels are guaranteed not to warp, including full structure warranty, for 10 Years! These are the only industrial strength lightweight display panels made in the USA that come backed with a 10 year life service guarantee.

Never buy another trade show booth

Modular Sing trade show display components are designed to interlock with each other and can be used in many ways.

Never outgrow your trade show displays

As your business grows, your trade show booth can grow with you. You can start small, like with our basic 10×10 trade show booth and add the modular trade show wall components you need to expand your trade show booth design to accommodate larger trade show footprints as necessary.

Our smooth, white Formica surface looks good and lasts without deterioration, or can easily accommodate your custom graphic vinyl wraps.

Say, “No.” to wasteful demolition and disposal of your one-shot trade show display builds. The Sing solution not only save you in construction and demolition expenses, but can be used over and over again, making it the Eco-friendly, sustainable choice for a better world.

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Pivot Hinge Door

Sing Core has been supplying the only warp-free pivot door substrates that allows the best pivot door companies to offer their high end clients an exterior pivot front door of any size that can be included in their standard warranty work (most high end millworks offer a warranty on their work for one year or more, with the exception of large pivot doors over 7 ft. tall which tend to fail at the first sing of climate change) because if your pivot hinge door has patented “Sing Core inside,” it is covered by our 50 year warp-free guarantee. This enables the millwork, pivot door company, custom pivot door manufacturer and their clients, all to breathe easier, without having to worry about large pivot door pivot hinge challenges.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Due to the characteristics of the Sing Core inside the best pivot doors, your pivot door can feature a pivot hinge of any type or style which may be problematic when attempting to accommodate a large pivot door without Sing Core inside. Attributes of pivot hinge doors with Sing Core inside include lightweight (a fraction the weight of other solid core pivot doors), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), high precision (+/- .006 in. tolerance), high performance (long life without fail) and Eco-friendly (made in the USA with formaldehyde free adhesives, very little energy consumption or waste, with the sustainable use of natural resources).

Large pivot doors made with the absence of Sing Core are likely to fail. This is why they are normally noted on the contract and excluded from the other items on the job covered by the contractor’s warranty.

The lighter weight of the pivot door opens more opportunities for creatively applying various pivot door hinges which make the resulting pivot door even more impressive or adding a commercial door pivot hinge. The offset pivot hinge is gaining popularity among pivot door manufacturers and by utilizing Sing Core inside your pivot door, you can save substantially due to the lighter weight of your pivot door as pivot door hinges are determined by the weight of your pivoting door. Heavy pivot doors require a heavy duty pivot hinge, while your Sing pivot door can use a lighter weight pivot hinge.

Heavy duty pivot hinges are expensive and can be many times the cost of your pivot front door. That’s another reason why building your pivot hinge door with Sing Core makes so much more sense. Pivot door hardware companies, such as rixson pivot door hardware are available in many styles including top hung, offset pivot door sets as well as the more conventional center hung pivot hinge.

Pivot entry doors can come in a wide variety of types and styles and can be made to outperform any other type of pivoting door including aluminium pivot doors, any available type of natural wooden pivot doors or even a stainless steel pivot door. Your pivot hinge door could be made from any available flat building material, including woods or metals.

If you’re tired of dealing with the constant maintenance issues with dealing with large pivot hinge doors over time, then maybe starting off at the right place would be your most advantageous move by specifying your door has, “Sing Core inside.” If it’s too late, and you’re already struggling with problematic pivot hinge doors, no problem. Sing Core pivot doors are the most in demand replacement doors in the United States and increasingly throughout the world, as Sing Core products are routinely exported worldwide.

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10×20 Trade Show Booths | Free Shipping

Here are our 10×20 trade show booths in your choice of side walls, and reusable crates and wiring and lighting packages. All 10×20 trade show booths come with free shipping in the continental USA.

Allow 1 week for delivery. (Extra charge and delivery time may apply to outside the continental USA.) Comes with 10 year no fail guarantee.

10×20 Trade Show Booths

10×20 Modular “L” Booth Package (Item # 10x20L)


10x20 trade show booth 1020L with single 9 ft side wall

10×20 trade show booth 1020L with single 9 ft side wall

Our base 10x20L trade show booth is stocked and ready to ship. This complete booth comes with a back wall that is created using 6x 36-inch display panels with 7x I connector stiles, 1x L connector, 2x O end cap stiles, and 3x 36-inch display panels out front on one side. All display panels come with adjustable feet. This kit comes with a standard 1-time shipping crate. An additional lightweight and high-strength transport crate is available for an additional $600. This kit comes with a white high pressure laminate (HPL) finish and is priced at $11,115 without the additional transport crate and $12,675 with the extra transport crate. All kits come with free shipping.

10x20L Parts List

  • 9 – 36″ Trade Show Panel “A”
  • 7 – Inline Standard Connector “I”
  • 1 – Corner Standard Connector “L”
  • 2 – End Cap Sing Connector “O”
  • 16 – Adjustable Feet
  • 1 – Single-use Shipping Crate


  • Additional Multiple-use Transport Crate

20×9-1 Trade Show Booth

20×9 Trade Show Booth Package
And Reusable Transport Crate



20×2 Modular Booth Package (Item # 10x20KB)

Our base 10x20KB trade show booth kit is stocked and ready to ship. This kit comes with a back wall consisting of 3x 36-inch display panels with 2x I connector stiles and 2 L connector stiles, with 2x 22-inch display panels out front. All display panels come with adjustable feet. This kit comes with a standard 1-time shipping crate. An additional lightweight, high-strength transport crate is available for an additional $600. This kit comes with a white HPL finish and is priced at $9,236 without the additional transport crate and $10,796 with the extra transport crate. All kits come with free shipping.

10x20KB Parts List

  • 6- 36″ Trade Show Panel “A”
  • 2- 22″ Trade Show Panel “B”
  • 5- Inline Standard Connector “I”
  • 2 – Corner Standard Connector “L”
  • 2 – End Cap Sing Connector “O”
  • 16 – Adjustable Feet
  • 1 – Single-use Shipping Crate


  • Additional Multiple-use Transport Crate

20×2 Trade Show Booth

20×2 Trade Show Booth Package
And Reusable Transport Crate


20×3 Modular Booth Package (Item # 10x20KD)

The 10x20KD trade show kit is exactly like the 10x20KB kit, but features 2x 36-inch front display panels instead of 20-inch front panels. This kit is priced at $10,146 or $12,155 with the additional transport crate. All kits come with free shipping.

10x20KD Parts List

  • 8- 36″ Trade Show Panel “A”
  • 5- Inline Standard Connector “I”
  • 2 – Corner Standard Connector “L”
  • 2 – End Cap Sing Connector “O”
  • 16 – Adjustable Feet
  • 1 – Single-use Shipping Crate


  • Additional Multiple-use Transport Crate

20×3 Trade Show Booth Package

20×3 Trade Show Booth Package
And Reusable Transport Crate

10×20 Trade Show Booths with Lights

For example, here’s what’s inside a 10 x 20 trade show booth with lights:

20×2 Modular Booth Package w/ Lights (Item # 10x20KA)

Our base 10x20KA trade show booth kit is stocked and ready to ship. This complete kit comes with a complete back wall made of 3x 36-inch display panels with 2x I connector stiles, 2x L connector stiles, and 2x 22-inch display panels out front. All display panels come with adjustable feet and electric/ cable channels. This kit includes an overhead beam with electric and cable channels, plus our standard lighting package. The electrical and cable channels are located on top of the panels and in the overhead beam for running power and/or additional lighting. This kit comes with a standard 1-time shipping crate. We offer an additional reusable, lightweight, high-strength transport crate to transport our kit to and from trade shows for an additional $1,200. This kit has a White Formica finish and is priced at $12,031 with no additional transport crate, or $13,591 with the transport crate. All kits come with free shipping.

10x20KA Parts List

  • 6 – 36″ Trade Show Panel “A”
  • 2 – 22″ Trade Show Panel “B”
  • 5 – Inline Standard Connector “I”
  • 2 – Corner Standard Connector “L”
  • 2 – End Cap Sing Connector “O”
  • 16 – Adjustable Feet
  • 7 – Wire Management Trough
  • 1 – Overhead Track
  • 1 – Light System
  • 1 – Single-use Shipping Crate


  • Additional Multiple-use Transport Crate

20×2 with Lighting Package

20×2 with Lighting Package
And Reusable Transport Crate

20×3 Modular Booth Package w/ Lights (Item # 10x20KC)

The 10x20KC trade show kit is exactly like the 10x20KA kit, but instead features 2 36-inch front display panels instead of 20-inch front panels. This kit is priced at $12941, or $14,501 with the additional transport crate. All kits come with free shipping.”

10x20KC Parts List

  • 8 – 36″ Trade Show Panel “A”
  • 5 – Inline Standard Connector “I”
  • 2 – Corner Standard Connector “L”
  • 2 – End Cap Sing Connector “O”
  • 16 – Adjustable Feet
  • 7 – Wire Management Trough
  • 1 – Single-use Shipping Crate


  • Additional Multiple-use Transport Crate

20×3 with Lighting Package

20×3 with Lighting Package
And Reusable Transport Crate

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Large Cabinet Doors

Sing Core’s patented large cabinetry panels make it possible for cabinet makers to build very large case goods which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Large cabinet doors in hallway, custom home cabinet doors
Hallway Cabinet Doors

Now, no job is too big for the best cabinetry shops, custom cabinet builders or millworks if their work features, “Sing Core inside.”

Low VOC Large Cabinet Door

That’s why you find Sing Core inside some of the most glamorous locations, including museums, scientific research facilities, and everywhere else from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA).

When lightweight, high strength and high precision are paramount in your upcoming project, having Sing Core inside can make all the difference.

The number one resource for large 3/4″ panels for high-end cabinetry and case goods, which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.


Mount Vernon Woodworks, LLC.
Concealed Hallway Doors Hinge Doors Cabinet
Mount Vernon Woodworks concealed hallway doors.

These beautiful concealed hinge hallway doors were finished and installed by Mount Vernon Woodworks.  Look how precise the reveal is.   This door is thin, light, and warp free.  This is the kind of door Sing Core specializes in! 

The best doors are made with with Sing Core inside!

Large Cabinet Hallway Door

Cabinet Door Gallery

Custom kitchen cabinet doors, modern design
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Wooden Sliding Doors

Wooden sliding doors are the most sought out sliding doors in the marketplace today. Increasingly, among contemporary architecture design the latest designs feature not only wooden sliding doors, but wooden sliding doors that are larger in size. Even though these large wooden sliding doors are highly sought after, the nature of the natural wood in wooden sliding doors does present some challenges.


Wooden Sliding Door Problems

Wood is Beautiful but Unstable

While we all appreciate the natural beauty of wood, the fact remains that this material comes from a living tree and naturally adorned with grain that is unique to each variety of tree giving it the elegant design feature of natural wood grain. The nature of the wood grain when we are so drawn to is also the most problematic feature when trying to create a sliding door which can remain straight enough to function properly. Natural wood grain, while it appears to be elegant in every way, moves as if the tree were still alive. In the sliding door industry sliding door manufacturers and those servicing sliding door accounts, there are specific words used to describe the conditions of wooden sliding doors when they fail, such as warp, bend, twist and cup.

Allowable Wooden Sliding Door Warp

Due to the nature of wood to warp, the AWI standard allowable warp for a door up to seven feet tall is a quarter of an inch of warp. ¼ inch warp in a 7 ft. door is considered a straight door. For wooden sliding doors over 7 ft. there is no limit to acceptable warp due to the nature of natural wood and its tendency to move subject to changes in the environmental conditions on either side of the door. The most problematic wooden sliding doors are exterior sliding doors because one side faces indoors, while the other side faces the elements. Interior doors have fewer problems with sliding door warp, but if they are over 7 ft. tall, will continue to present problems with sliding door warp.

Wooden Sliding Doors Are Heavy in Weight

The weight of natural wood is another issue to take into consideration when entertaining the idea of including a large wooden sliding door in your project’s design. Heavy wooden sliding doors will create added expenses very early on in the inclusion process, such as the added cost of shipping and handling. Moving the door from point A to point B will incur expenses based on the wooden sliding door’s weight. After the heavy sliding door arrives on the job site, installers must manhandle the door, and use heavy equipment to help maneuver the door on site. Additionally, a heavy wooden sliding door will require heavy duty sliding door hardware, which may cost many times more than the wooden sliding door itself.

Warp-free walnut wooden sliding door

Warp-free walnut wooden sliding door

Wooden Sliding Doors Have No Insulation

Large wood sliding doors vibrate, like a speaker, transferring sound from one side of the door to the other, which may not be a problem if your location is in the remote wilderness. Besides sound transfer, loss of energy is significant as wood is unable to maintain climate separation from one side of the door from the other, which is also many times more problematic for exterior sliding doors or doors separating two spaces that may have separate activities occurring on either side (such as office, meeting or recreational spaces).

Wooden Sliding Door Solutions

Warp Free Wooden Sliding Doors

The true flat team at Sing Core has a proven track record of providing warp-free sliding door solutions of any size (up to 50 ft.) based on its patented reinforced torsion box composite core and patent pending stiffener and straightening technology that enable them to make the only large sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the most dimensionally stable Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) sliding doors made in the United States of America.

Lightweight Wooden Sliding Doors

Thanks to the Sing wooden sliding door solution, wooden sliding doors can be made lightweight without compromising strength. Hollow core doors are lightweight but are relatively useless and insecure but better than leaving the doorway empty. A lightweight door does not have to be weak, thanks to patented Sing technology that enables door manufactures to create a lightweight door that is stronger than any other known door core material, and weighs a fraction of the weight of any other solid core wood-based material.

Insulated Wooden Sliding Doors

The patented Sing Core wooden sliding door solution creates a one-of-a-kind sliding door that is as unique as your thumbprint. Every Sing wooden sliding door is an individual work of art, specially designed and built to meet or exceed architectural specifications, regardless of size or applications. One of the unique attributes of the patented Sing torsion box core is that it is pre-insulated. The empty spaced of the torsion box voids are insulated which imbues the wooden sliding door with characteristics of an insulated sliding door that offers climate control R-vale and well as sound dampening.

Sing Wooden Sliding Door Styles

Your patented Sing wooden sliding door solution can be applied to any type or style of wooden sliding doors, including but not limited to the following sdoors made of any kind of natural wood or any available wood-based skin material:

Sliding Front Door Sliding French Doors Sliding Security Doors
Sliding Wardrobe Doors Sliding Barn Doors Sliding Double Doors
Sliding Patio Doors Internal Sliding Doors Automatic Sliding Doors
Sliding Room Dividers Sliding Barn Style Doors Sliding Interior Doors
Sliding Wall Systems Exterior Sliding Doors Sliding Doors Room Dividers
Barn Door Sliders Hangar Doors Sliding Pocket Doors
Sliding Folding Doors Hanging Sliding Doors Modern Sliding Doors
Sliding Patio Doors Kitchen Sliding Door Large Sliding Doors
Custom Sliding Doors Sliding Panel Doors Commercial Sliding Doors
Sliding Partition Doors Steel Sliding Doors Triple Sliding Door
Multi Slide Doors Concealed Sliding Doors Sliding Front Door
Sliding Back Doors Sliding Restaurant Doors Sliding Industrial Doors

Types of Warp-free Wooden Sliding Doors

These revolutionary warp-free wooden sliding doors can be made of different types of wood to make the strongest wooden sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist and remain structurally sound for 50 years. You can have the following warp-free wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside:

Ash Wood Sliding Doors Beech Wood Sliding Doors Birch Wood Sliding Doors
Cedar Wood Sliding Doors Cherry Wood Sliding Doors Fir Wood Sliding Doors
Fruitwood Wood Sliding Doors Hard Rock Maple Sliding Doors Hemlock Wood Sliding Doors
Hickory Wood Sliding Doors Knotty Pine Wood Sliding Doors Mahogany Wood Sliding Doors
Maple Wood Sliding Doors Oak Wood Sliding Doors Pine Wood Sliding Doors
Port Orford Cedar Sliding Doors Red Cedar Wood Sliding Doors Red Oak Wood Sliding Doors
Rosewood Wood Sliding Doors Spruce Wood Sliding Doors Sugar Maple Wood Sliding Doors
Teak Wood Sliding Doors Walnut Wood Sliding Doors White Oak Wood Sliding Doors

… Just to name a few, as warp-free Sing wooden sliding doors can feature any wood surface, including rare, exotic wood(s) when available.

Patented Sing Core solid wood stave sliding door blanks feature the newest technology in the door industry for composite sliding doors yielding the only eco-friendly, lightweight, fully insulated, high-strength sliding doors with wood blanks of any size (up to 40 ft.) that can be guaranteed true flat and to stay flat for 50 years.

Large sliding door versus regular-size sliding door challenge (i.e., over 4 feet wide and over 8 feet in length):

Large sliding doors are heavy, dimensionally unstable, require more strength due to the heavy weight, and are a challenge to manufacture, ship and install.  High-end jobs require precision and true flatness to please the customer.  A homeowner’s architect, general contractor and mill worker must solve the problem of warped sliding doors.  The solution to the challenge is to use patented professional Sing door blanks to make your sliding doors.

Sing Core wood stave door blanks help door manufacturers to create the only solid wood sliding doors that will not warp, bend, twist or cup following installation.  This means no more continuous service calls for maintenance of big sliding doors that cannot possibly stay straight due to the limitations of solid wood – or any other sliding door core – that is subject to failure.  Sing sliding door blanks have a patented honeycomb/torsion box interior which gives lightweight yet unsurpassed strength (pound-per-pound stronger than steel) and stability to any door, and allows Sing Core to provide a 50-year guarantee

Interior Wooden Sliding Doors:

Sing sliding door blanks make amazing designer doors in any style.  With Sing sliding door core, fragile sliding doors such as French doors are made lightweight yet strong, not warping or breaking hinges, which will last for many decades.

Exterior Wooden Sliding Doors:

Sing sliding door blanks make sturdy exterior doors in any style.  With Sing sliding door core, exterior sliding doors are lightweight and strong, even when oversized.  Our professional wooden sliding doors are guaranteed to stay true flat and not warp or twist for 50 years

When is a door not a door? When it fails to function as a door.

The problem is that all sliding door core materials are either not high precision, too heavy or will move when exposed to moisture, humidity or change in temperature resulting in sliding door failure.

Heavy solid metal or steel will not warp, bend or twist, but is not high precision due to welding (sing core tolerance is + or –  .006 inch!) and is often impractical due to the overweight issues causing excess strain on both the hardware and structure, causing continued maintenance issues.  The solution is our patented lightweight yet strong Sing core wooden sliding door technology.

Finishing a wooden sliding door blank:

There are two types of finish for door blanks:  paint grade and wood grain.  Paint grade includes such finishes as domestic and marine plywood, etc.  Wood grain finish includes such finish as solid wood stave and/or thin veneer.

Why Use Solid Wood Instead of Veneer?

Never settle for substandard veneer sliding doors again. Door engineers prefer to use inexpensive veneer as opposed to real solid wood facings because veneer is thought to be less likely to warp, bend or twist.  But thanks to the super-strength of patented Sing Core technology, you can use solid wood stave and wood blanks with confidence knowing that your wooden sliding door can be guaranteed true flat and will stay flat.

How can a solid wood-faced sliding door stay true flat? As every woodworker knows, when using a solid wood surface, the grain will move according to moisture or temperature change causing the door to fail. When using our patented Sing Core as a substrate you can safely use solid wood because the patented solid torsion box composite material is continually keeping the wood grain straight and true.  Whereas wood stave has more wood fiber giving it more of a chance to warp than thin veneer due to the unbalance of the both side of the door moisture contents, patented Sing technology solves this problem by combining patent pending stiffening materials throughout our Sing core.  This warp-free Sing wooden sliding door technology eliminates the troublesome movement of the sliding door blank — warping is no longer a concern when wood stave is combined with reinforced patented Sing core.

In addition, solid wood is easy to work with, install (no need to hot press), repair and remodel.  That’s why professionals trust Sing Core’s years of expertise in helping to design the only wood stave sliding doors (that look just like solid wood sliding doors) that can stay straight and true for many decades while respectfully honoring the beauty and elegance of solid wood, which far outlasts easily-damaged veneers, yet can be sanded and repaired if necessary.

Celebrate your real wood!

Our Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength alternative is the best   solution for combating the issues associated with weight and size,   especially large doors.  Only our patented Sing torsion box/foam   composite core combined with our years of experience provides   guaranteed solutions for oversize sliding doors.

That’s why this technology is found everywhere, from beneath the sea   (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in-between.

Sing sliding door blanks may be made using almost any wood species, like   mahogany, redwood, teak wood, cherry wood, walnut wood, cedar   wood, Ipe wood, sapele wood, poplar wood, ebony wood, ash wood,   oak or any other hardwood or exotic wood types available.

This same wood sliding door blank composite technology is also a common solution for high-end projects like engineered hardwood flooring, shiplap, wood furniture, wood shelves, decking, shed doors or any other application demanding high precision and exemplary performance over time.

Domestic Wood Grain Plywood Sliding Doors

As an alternative to wood stave, domestic wood grain plywood could be used to create a nice wood grain surface, even for large sized wooden sliding door applications.

Note the seam is tight but visible when joining two pieces of domestic plywood together to create a large panel.

How is wood stave/veneer added to Sing panels?

Wood stave is added directly to the metal or wood skin of our patented Sing cores.  Wood veneer may be added to an 1/8-inch mdf attached to the metal skin.  Call us for a free consultation on the best option for your project.

How to vacuum-press (video) with Sing Core

Wooden Sliding Doors

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Thank You for Supporting Sing Core

Thank you for supporting Sing Core and patent pending professional Sing door panels from coast to coast including the only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

You may be one of the many people who call everyday about how you might like to have patented Sing products to call your own.

Serving trade professionals only

Unfortunately Sing Core is not available to home owners directly. We only support trade professionals, like architects, millworks, and the entire door industry. We do everything we can to support these industries, especially when facing problems with issues concerning large oversized doors, which is a challenge with high-end big doors.

Available locally

While you may not be an architect, millwork, or door company, you may contact any of the professionals in your area and tell them you want your product (large door, trade show booth, conference room table, etc…) made with, “Sing Core inside.” We will work with them to provide you with the patented Sing Core product you want.

We humbly solve many problems for trade professionals who face challenges associated with large scale projects, such as large doors, modular trade show displays, retail fixtures, insulated floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, etc., when they are looking for a revolutionary new building material, such as:


Only 10% the weight of other solid cores, like wood, LVL, plywood, MDF, etc…

High precision

Sing Core is high precision (+/- .007 in.) which increases the strength of bonding and adds even more to the overall structure strength of Sing products.


The manufacturing process for Sing Core consumes very little energy, does not create toxic waste, structure is made of 100% renewable wood fiber, while supporting our local labor force using less energy resources to manufacture, transport and handle.

Made in the USA

You can have your Sing door or other Sing product and rest assured that you are doing your part to make the world a better place. Sing Core supports your local economy by working with professional in your area, and you can have confidence in knowing Sing Core is manufactured in our factory, here in the Pacific Northwest.

Plan ahead

Due to the increased volume of people wanting Sing Core products it is recommended you plan ahead leaving enough lead time to have your materials ready to meet your production deadline (standard turnaround time is 4 to 8 weeks) avoiding unnecessary rush charges.

Free consultation

We offer free large door consultation for industry professionals who may be potential clients in search of the best oversize doors (or other Sing products) in the USA.

Even though patented Sing Core is highly sought after for solving critical problems associated with large doors throughout the world, you will also find this revolutionary material in high end trade show displays, museums, and many other industries, including our providing an Eco-friendly alternative for metal fabrication.

Want more?

Feel free to look around our site, and take a look at this

To see more about the 48 million dollar Beverly hills home featuring Sing doors through out, Click Here

Here are some photos for your consideration

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Museum Display Panels and Walls

When you’re looking to showcase the most important artifacts, you need to do so with the high performance of high precision quality components. When you’re planning you next exhibit, you acquire the best craftsmanship to build an outstanding museum display for showcasing your special presentation.

Museum quality requires the highest standard in both appearance and performance. The last thing a curator wants is to have his museum exhibit fail due to warp, bending, twisting and/or delaminating. That’s why they seek out Sing Core products.

Sing Core supplies museums with lightweight, high strength, high performance museum walls and modular museum display components that are easy to install without requiring highly skilled labor, bringing your museum exhibits to life. Most curators have a skilled craftsperson on site for building and maintaining displays, using Sing products makes life for the craftspeople so much better using lightweight (10% the weight of solid wood, LVL or MDF), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger that steel pound for pound) materials that can be reused over and over again.

The modular components of the Sing museum system can feature an interlocking system with our cam lock technology that makes assembling your next special feature almost as easy as building with Legos. No special tools or equipment necessary to assemble these perfectly straight museum walls, except for an Allen wrench, with unskilled labor.

Our new patented museum wall design and system is lighter in weight and higher in strength with superior precision and performance compared to offshore museum systems.

Museums and art galleries are always looking for a better gallery wall. Whether the gallery wall in question is a semi-permanent structured wall or one of many temporary walls and/or wall partitions used as moveable walls throughout the museum or art gallery Sing modular wall panels will help you to build the best exhibition wall manufactured in the USA. Plus, we stand behind each museum wall with service and support.

The high precision (+/- .007 in.), lightweight, high strength, insulated temporary wall panels, can easily be retrofitted for use as movable walls on wheels, making them easy to maneuver around your museum or art gallery as temporary exhibition walls, no matter what your wall display design. Now, you can have the movable gallery walls with high performance that exceeds your expectations, even in a side by side comparison to foreign temporary wall solutions.

Made in the USA

All Sing Core museum panels and cam lock hardware are made in the USA. Keep America green with Eco-friendly Sing Core museum displays and support the local economy in the United States by keeping jobs at home.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, we offer sales and support to maximize your exhibition wall project while supplying museums and art galleries with the demountable walls that exceed the expectations of curators and we offer the only temporary wall systems with the extreme high performance in both design and display backed by our 50 year guarantee.

Sing Core is building relationships with curators across the nation, and for the staff that deal with us, they know how we support our clients and stand behind each and every Sing product to make sure we have the highest relationship with our museum curators. This is good Guanxi.

50 Year Guarantee

Made in America Sing museum walls, interlocking museum panels and components can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty.

Free Repair

In the event that your Sing museum panels get damaged to no fault of yours, we offer free repair for your professional Sing museum wall system components for the full 50 years.

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Sliding Room Dividers

Want to have complete control over a large space, in your home, conference center, hotel, museum or art gallery? One of the best ways to accomplish controlling your large space is by using sliding room dividers to divide and conquer your space. What’s more, if your sliding room dividers are insulated for sound deadening between spaces all the better. Sing Core makes the best sliding room dividers that are Eco-friendly, lightweight (10% the weight of wood), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) and fully insulated for sound dampening and climate control between spaces.


When architects are designing a space with the inclusion of sliding room dividers, they want to be certain to imbue the sliding wall with the characteristics necessary to deliver the results the client wants. While the style, format and layout of sliding partition walls vary across the board, the key characteristics of a sliding room divider are functionality and performance. If the job is a very high end job, the client also seeks to find high precision and maintenance-free longevity, as well as insulated sliding wall divider.

You have the flexibility and control to create a massive sliding wall or a consecutive series of sliding room divider doors, sliding barn doorslarge sliding doors, even a full line of folding sliding doors, for easy opening and closing, either as a single man door for access between the adjoining areas, of slide all the sliding partition doors aside to completely open the area altogether. You will find Sing sliding wall partitions used not only as sliding room dividers, but also as art gallery walls and museum exhibit walls, like in the Museum of Science and Industry design.

Imagine being able to ship your sliding room dividers to any location at a fraction of the cost. How? Since Sing Core sliding wall components weight a fraction of the weight of other sliding doors room dividers, you can ship wooden room dividers at a fraction of the cost by reducing the weight by 90%. The lighter weight sliding room dividers makes them easier to work with on site and allows you to use lighter weight hardware, which reduces the cost immensely (sometime due to the weight of sliding door room divider the hardware can cost many times the cost of the sliding partition doors themselves).

You want your sliding room dividers to operate with ease without being a threat of potential injury. Other types of sliding room dividers can have painful consequences. Not only are they lightweight, but your Sing sliding room divider is no slouch when it comes to being every strong. The inventor says you can kick through any other sliding door dividers, but if you kick a Sing sliding wall divider you will break your leg.

Folding sliding doors , also referred to as accordion style room dividers, add an entirely new charm to the idea of sliding room dividers in that they are easy to operate and stack conveniently to either or both sides of the space being separated. Sing Sliding folding doors are the perfect match for your sliding stacker doors and can feature any flat surface material including any available natural wood species, aluminum, ceramic tile, cold rolled steel, copper, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, stainless steel or veneer, just to name a few.

Sing sliding door dividers are pre-insulated with insulation packed throughout to imbue your sliding door partition with added sound deadening characteristics which greatly enhances the overall performance of your Sing sliding dividers. Now you can enjoy both sound dampening and effective control of heat or cold on either side of your sliding partitions.

So, if you’re looking for the best sliding room divider doors for your museums, mansions, high rise condos, especially if you’re looking to incorporate large sliding doors room dividers (up to 50 ft. tall) then Sing sliding room dividers are going to be the best bet for you and your clientele.

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Room Dividers

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Sliding Barn Doors

Contemporary architects and modern designers are increasingly coming up with unique approaches to design features in modern architectural design mashups, like mixing contemporary designs with the classic look of sliding barn doors. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

About Sliding Barn Doors

The beauty of modern sliding barn doors is in the melding of new and old technologies and adding Sing Core into the mix of your sliding barn doors takes your project to an entirely new level. Known for their rustic barn door appearance, now barn doors do not need to be heavy, flimsy, or inaccurate to maintain their charm if they have Sing Core inside.

Inventor, Peter Sing has advanced the entire scope of the interior and/or exterior sliding barn door industry to new heights, starting with reduction of weight (1/3 or less), incredible strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel lb for lb), and ultra-high precision (+/- .006 in. tolerances).

And we’re just getting started.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything and still get a sliding barn door that is easily 20-times the door of any other barn door ever made, and let it be know that to date, there is no other way to do it. The biggest and best door companies, architects, engineers, millworks, and custom barn door manufacturers already specify and use Sing Core inside all their large sliding barn doors.

Additional benefits of having Sing’s core inside your sliding barn doors include (but are not limited to) fully insulated for sound deadening and increased climate control, weatherproof, and build to remain perfectly straight forever, which is guaranteed by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free and Structure Guarantee

No other large sliding barn door is so sustainable with superior dimensional stability, high precision, high performance, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.



Sliding barn doors are an unexpected surprise when they are featured in a high end multi-million-dollar home, mansion or estate. Only these high end sliding barn doors aren’t your run of the mill DIY sliding barn doors. Though they may look the same, don’t let that simple appearance catch you off-guard. More often than not, you’re likely to find Sing Core inside.

Interior Barn Doors

While barn doors are customarily thought of as being used only in exterior applications, it can be a charming addition to the country feel inside the home that features interior sliding barn doors. These barn style doors hang from sophisticated rolling barn door hardware which is exposed to add to the character of the modern barn doors.

Interior barn doors can add all the country elegance you could possibly desire while being delighted at the visual appeal with a safe and secure sense of feeling at home with your interior sliding barn doors. Having insulated indoor barn doors, especially if they have Sing Core inside, you can have hands down the best barn doors for homes available that can be made of any material you like, even wood barn doors.

Interior barn doors for homes can feature any type of available natural wood grain, exotic wood, or any other flat building material to create the most unique and impressive indoor sliding barn doors that will easily outperform any other barn style interior doors in terms of weight, strength, high precision and longevity. Your Eco-friendly and sustainable interior barn style doors could be the only sliding indoor barn doors that come with a full 50 year guarantee protecting all your inside sliding barn doors from warp, bending, twisting or otherwise failing (including full structure warranty).

You can save on household injuries by taking advantage of the lightweight (even if they’re really big barn door style interior doors) which also keep your modern barn doors interior hardware and maintenance costs down over time. Interior barn sliding doors are noticeable as a unique feature in any upscale home, especially, if you’ve gone all out and have interior double barn doors, the envy of anyone who has modern interior barn doors.

Once you’ve got Sing Core inside your sliding wood barn doors interior, you can be proud to say your decision to invest in such a desirable sliding barn door for interior functionality and lovely appearance. Barn door interior doors do require a flat surface wall for the barn sliding doors interior to matriculate to the expansion of the high end representation of barn doors for homes interior.

Interior doors barn style room dividers are the next generation of sliding barn style doors for interior design. Sliding barn doors for inside house can easily outperform any other available decorative interior barn doors. Since your internal sliding barn doors have Sing Core inside your barn doors sliding interior can have sound dampening qualities and climate control characteristics which add to the satisfaction and accomplishments enjoyed by the creative craftspeople that help to beautify our barn doors for interior use, even as a barn door room divider.

If you’re considering barn doors for house interior decorating and high performance, make sure your barn door interior sliding doors have the secret ingredient of the best sliding barn interior doors. If your barn doors for inside homes don’t have Sing Core inside, you could do better and have interior sliding glass barn doors (featuring custom lite openings/window cut outs) and have our rock solid 50 year warp-free guarantee.

How to Make a Barn Door

When you make sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside, the resulting modern barn doors are imbued with unique characteristics which are what sets these unique sliding barn doors apart from any other barn style doors available.

For instance, by building your sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside, you can have a sliding barn door of any size (even extremely large and wide barn doors, up to 50 ft.) made of any flat building material, such as natural wood grain, exotic wood or materials like Kevlar, metals, like aluminum, copper, galvanized, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel that are Eco-friendly, lightweight (10% the weight of wood), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound-for-pound), high precision (+/- .006 in.), insulated (R 3.5-6.5, STC 30+*) and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

All these attributes can be realized in your sliding barn doors by simply architecturally specifying your barn style doors have Sing Core inside. With the unique qualities of Sing Core you can exercise your imagination fully when creating ornate barn door designs without limiting your barn door ideas, while we work with trade professionals building a barn door that will exceed the expectations of anyone considering inside sliding barn doors , without limiting your barn door style doors.

To get Sing Core inside, just contact your favorite custom door manufacturer, door company or millwork, tell them what type and style of door you want and make sure you say you want, “Sing Core inside,” and we will work hand-in-hand with your trade professional to deliver the high end product our clients expect.

Note: We do not sell doors, we only supply the wholesale sliding barn door blanks to the manufacturers and millworks that finish, add hardware and install the doors. We do not respond to retail inquiries.

Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

We help the best high end door manufacturers create the best exterior sliding barn doors that can withstand the rigorous regular use in any climate conditions, even if used as an industrial barn door. Outdoor barn doors can be problematic due to being on a building’s exterior, meaning one side is exposed to the elements, while the other side faces the interior space. This particular type of circumstance will end up with doors warping due to differing conditions on either side of your sliding barn doors.

High performance sliding barn doors exterior is impervious to warping because you have Sing Core inside your barn style front door. Now, you can be confident in all your exterior barn door designs, without having to worry about failing sliding exterior barn doors as your outdoor sliding barn doors can be backed by our 50 year guarantee.

No other barn style exterior doors can have such a guarantee, as well as being insulated, lightweight and high strength, even if used as exclusively exotic sliding stable doors.

Metal Barn Doors

Metal barn doors are readily available, though they are commonly very heavy in weight causing the need for much maintenance and added expense both in the handling and are not high precision due to toxic welding and construction methods. Sing metal sliding barn doors are made in a ecologically sound way that maintains the highest precision (+/- .006 in.) creating the only sliding barn doors of any size that will not warp.


Even our steel barn doors weigh a fraction of the weight of other steel barn doors, while remaining Eco-friendly, and outperform any other sliding metal barn doors. All Sing metal barn doors are proudly made in the USA and exported world-wide.

Sliding Barn Doors with Glass

At Sing Core, we do our best to bring out the best in your sliding barn door designs by inserting custom blocking, framing and providing custom lite cut outs to feature windows or other glass inserts at any location, in any size or shape, regardless of what material your sliding barn doors might be made of.

A sliding barn door with windows can be very impressive as well as adding to the sliding barn door’s overall functionality. Another trend we’re seeing as an alternative to clear glass inserted in your sliding barn doors is the use of mirrors. A sliding barn door with mirror insert can have the appearance of a glass insert with a twist, when you make a sliding barn door with mirror inserts.

Think about updating your sliding barn door with glass and turn it into a mirrored sliding barn door.

Large Sliding Barn Doors

You want ‘em big, we can make your sliding barn doors so big, no one else can do it. If your sliding barn doors are 40 feet tall or as wide as hangar doors, we can help you create the large sliding barn doors in any size and still have the high performance standards of all our other Sing large sliding doors, that you all have come to depend on, know and love.

We still make the only large sliding barn doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (even including full structure warranty) for 50 years, even if it’s an extremely wide barn door.

With Sing Core inside, you will never have to worry about your large barn door being too heavy or not performing up to standards no matter the size of your big barn doors and you get the advantage of having fully pre-packed sliding barn door insulation inside all your wide sliding barn doors.

* Note: STC rating varies according to size, thickness, skin, and other factors. Sing Core does not rate doors, although we are fortunate enough to have one of the best sound testing labs in the world, here in the Pacific Northwest. If you require a specific STC rating, Sing Core can build a door to your architectural specifications and have the resulting door tested at our rating facility for an official rating.